LSU vs. Oregon State: Beaver breakdown

The Oregonian's Danny Moran joins Bobby & Deke to break down the top seed Oregon State Beavers ahead of tonight's matchup against #4 LSU.


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Obama's talk about the red hot Oregon State beat poets who have been the motive in red hot since the season began. Danny Moran a dog owning Indian Danny when you look at this ballclub tonight. I'm sure someone that has followed them like you had you can point out to the Omega four loss loosen tight games well. They weren't as shop here they wanted to show up there now to someone like us who's not being covering him they you know I. Eat your that you had it would be like man that record and do they have any weaknesses does this team having it truly is I glaring weakness at. Don't know that's the one thing that maybe could point to appear in the lack of us can really interest to power bat. But I had given apart you're like here you know we know we've seen a couple in outlook per couple days. At Providence and Italy is the you know that you have. They can play small ball can bond. They don't run off in the Coca production team B which I think really helps them defensively and running out field. You know pitched great all year they're cut and. There we its star on the mound tonight or travel by adequate Vanderbilt last week in the super regional clinching game in. Are complete game and strikeouts no walks in Tibet Cutera look show. There's not a lot of we it's one thing apple which usually. You know cricket defensive mistake or the wrong time. That's what got them back in April in a lot to Washington and Victor. Victory and winning streak. That magical actual player of the year and entrepreneur of the year. Made an error which you know a lot lets you content you can do that. You know they'll have to rely most likely so. It's pretty to complete teen. You know that they're working in one course in one run games. There are critically close. I think that's similar to how you. Oh lead with a achieved under their big wintry. If there are tight game or they're behind there's a general content they're gonna come out and get it done so. Lynch hardly consider critically. And daddy have to give could drag KCR credit. As far as any distractions and how the team didn't seem like it faces are its phases organ state. And coach Larry said the most underrated coach in the history of College Baseball. Is tag case you've been I want you to comment on. I'll he's been able to keep the team again that when you lose the pac twelve pitcher of the year longtime late meaning make your trip to all law. And their starting left field in my understanding Christian Donna you he was suspended violated team rules is truly enjoys it includes a next man up. But the just thought about how that that it is Selig has been a distraction at all to them. Looking back into talks and the uniqueness of this team this he says that a lot of the leaders of the true that stations you. He makes you closed they have a chance in the net development in. They treat a lot of freshmen. Who don't play an infantry in Welch. You could get in other credit package to procreate nor culture I don't be achieved what happened you appear I think he brought in some guys who. Are willing to sacrifice to win and at the big thing for them. The public critic case people who pay cut unexpectedly knocked from the civil term last year fully expect to the end. Are you that there weren't original post and didn't make in the hall and that should really fuel than they have been pretty open about title a year. But the article. Every Ottawa they've broken it's been one to normal optional. I think that will connection. And then that together control a crowded achieve big things that we gotten through losing I'm looking gonna be. And just from our perspective there pursued the and there are a lot of and versatility throughout Carolina and the you know part of that coaching are what count on it Beckel combination combined with the motivation from your bank has them where they are now. And Danny obviously always say great pitching beats great hitting. And the only once sub 200 team ERA in the country. But then you look at their bats he said not necessarily power hitting it. Let's follow along you make contact and you put pressure on the opponent. I was reading where it's six regulars hitting better than 300. You look at what Jack and there's and he went three for three. When they came back against cal state Fullerton and it is still like it pays him and were down five below but talk a lit about a little bit of more about their clutch hitting. And that from top to bottom it's a like really to put a lot of stress and an increase. Yeah I don't think I think he followed in Vanderbilt last week you know national cheery but it. Travel is creaking creaking and striking out what it was all right you know top prospect in the country are trapped on pick and it'll be draft. And did it shift there's no real hole to meet Donahue. What kind of guy who is it completely from yeah the cultural and want to use should have gone he's settled with a down year but. There's original belief you've got an item on our. Michael Grant her who'll get to Omaha and should in the regional. He's getting Keaton Grant here who shortstop. Hitting nine trillion patriot a second lead ultra that the current believe that a lot of the and great if you can there's nobody potential Opel power weren't you know having a year later at 400. Although and the natural clothes should. The action like you can. If your picture you get through the first it actually docket. Easier again because it knocked it really coached you know pro war. Giving guard because it Alter out until that fortunate. You know org is very peak the team to anchor our pitchers aren't strikes Alberta he continued and make mistakes until. I put Monday shall I think the patient and the steps there are two big thing you know I don't. Given us the latest on tonight's opponents LSU's top ranked top seeded Oregon State Beavers come in the big news for the Oregonian. Is Danny Moran followed Danny at Danny. Of course it is an immigrant I.