LSU takes on the Razorbacks and Saints are at the Bills

Will LSU be victorious over the Razorbacks? How will the Saints do over the Bills? Mark Menard gives us predictions. 


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Right now I need to predict strong for the LSU tigers hosting the Arkansas for a razorbacks. In Death Valley tomorrow at 1180. Am. I predict and it's going to be a very early morning for a lot of tiger fans and that's a U a it took a good coach Joseph said output something your coffee and nobody wants this to put our coffee Korean share I'm I'm sure that's exactly what he's about sugar yeah a little just a little salt than you don't get to go and they vilify or energy out of the but LSU I think that I think that they role in this game Arkansas has not been very good this year there early. Four and five on the season just one conference win. And they've really taken a step back from last season for a number of reasons. But I I think that this should be a win for LSU they should give back on the winning track and even when relics three touchdowns. We'll be that big blob and I think it'll be a handy way and I'll put it that way aren't they win by like maybe seventeen points and as miles running get some significant time undersized. I'm sure he will these guys have significant time in almost every game this season including last it is Alabama house who wanted stop now mark and our descent to three point favorites at buffalo Sunday your prediction on they're in my favor as well I think that they win I think they've mistress of winning streak to seven games and they just keep Earl. All right seven wins in around says mark Menard.