LSU Spring game may unveil who will start

Newell Normand
Friday, April 20th

Dave was joined by Jeff Palermo, Columnist, to talk LSU Spring game and will this team shape up to beat the Crimson Tide. 


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Joining us from Baton Rouge is WWL dot com LSU columnist Jeff Palermo happy Friday just. Are. Doing great glad you can join us tomorrow big day for LSU fans in for the tiger football team. As it's the spring game when LSU will play. LSU. Innocent and I could scrimmage is verbal against gold. The apple over the gold and of course saw a lot of the attention will be you know three quarterbacks that have been battle and now. Here and displaying mile Brandon Justin McMillan. And of course solo album art these from a Beijing perished. Those story have been battle about you know based on. Indications that even though the coach that sustained it's a quote competition and a dead heat I don't know they've used the word dead you at this point but they've they haven't named a starter at least for the 2018 feet and. Whether they're really no reason to do that it would help them to tell other teams that are preparing to face them. Who discerning quarterback's going to be so I kind of like the idea of keeping it on the down. If you remember last year when everybody in the world do that there via claim was going to be the starting quarterback and they tigers took the field against BYU could be in the 20s17 campaign. Coaches or rod did not name them officially as the starter until. A week and a half before that he's an opener and women have the same indication that time aren't we may have the same situation this time but. Yeah lack of indications that. The day tablet. At least you can understand why because. These you would think that just civic melody and low oil art piece. Should be battling for Myles Brand and that this starting job should not be given to him even though it's not peace spent last season. Low weld RC's. He's a talented player and just in the bill's been in the program now for a while. So they should get had an opportunity at added as well by. It's still you would think it would be miles brought it would be the starter what the tigers played Miami in Dallas for peace and. Opener is simply using that's who the Smart money is right now. It is is on Brett. Thought I would think though and if you look at the statistics. That Ellis who has been able to provide India's score pages. They've had during spring applaud me Etsy dot net portal for what that's worth and I don't think there is made up as they were one last smile was ear but it's. And I. They'll think you know based double B and and hearing him Myles Brand should be guy but. We get at it firsthand ourselves tomorrow and that's the night they plot the new opposite of coordinator was Steve and bigger. You know go until last spring game we all want to see what may candidates. Formation. And motion offense was going to look by game and we got a bit of a glimpse of it. So now what do we can at least from Steven bing and I think you're gonna be a little bit more play action pass and I think you're gonna TDs quarterback Aaron the ball out downfield a little bit more. And their play of wide receivers that wrote to. Whether any of them are really good well that still remains to be determined. Yeah often a wide receivers though only as good as the quarterbacks coach in golf course starts with who's under senator. And how are you thinking that. Myles Brand would be the best choice and do you think he is the kind of quarterback they can return LSU. To the kind of football fans grew accustomed to seeing. In years past. Well it. A guy who has standout quarterback of the state of Mississippi during this prep career being. He in fact I mean he he holds the Mississippi high school career records for total offense and pass. Passing touchdowns passing yards so. He put up big numbers in Mississippi. Now whether he's able. Is that translates to India start here Ellis view we have to wait the I think. There he is more talented they did indeed via link. But I thought the idea what was a really Smart quarterback and paid Bentley and a lot of guts and it'll yeah a little bit of Boxee to him as well. That cabinet. That kept LSU and a lot of games now he couldn't make the big wrote that he you'd need to make. To beat teams like Alabama. Filed bright and at the arm strength to do that but again. It all remains to be seen other. He's got the does this Smart to do it and he can make the right place at the right time. Saturday's spring game at Dallas news tailgating starts at 130 either or musical performances. Gates to the stadium opening at 3 o'clock admission by the way is. Three he and then there's going to be a whole bunch of festivities inside the stadium leading up to kick off just after 5 he am. You can go on out there and enjoy it. For free also free is just limos analysis here on WWL ended WWL dot com. Just how do you feel about this team right now how do they stack up in the national rankings and more importantly against the SEC and of course against the Alabama Crimson Tide. Well I think one even though there is no area guys Leonard for that on often and soul or really at this point we don't know who's the primary wide receiver will be even though we think it's going to be jobs and Giles story being given the number seven Jersey which go to the top. Playmaker on the galaxy football team for that seat any a transfer from taxes packed. Until there. There's question mark there but the question mark that quarterback I think for the team it's going to be better then a bit and in the last few years is the law office and defensive lines. I like the defensive line and outlets shaping up I think Rashard boards could be a potential first round pick on at the line. Rated poco Texas Tech transfer were here a lot of good things about him. Are you that you saw a lot yeah offered the blinding to complain time last these and now those guys are your older and are much more depth. I'm Neal line. And I'd do addition to the roster Damione Lewis a guard Cogent or rod is really raved about enemy. Really that the first guy ever talked about what spring football started with him they'll. There's blood there's just could chatter about himself I think the operative in the pet supplies if we do it because it linebackers. And add quarterback by. I mean. DB US senate. Order now that buried there and economic agree late coming back to these and they are. They're moving guys around he would have taken bill you know they lose Dante Jackson and they lost Kevin towel over. Donors there's been the other guys that the last couple Beers you've transferred out what they thought that they were gonna get much playing time. So there really there and at quarterback and that they didn't recruit a or they did but dated dying a true quarterback. In this waited cyclops literally pin there. I got to answer questions I can pass. I can honestly see this team B and talent wise better than they were these days ago. Of this. But because catalysts top. I can honestly you don't have a worse record at last year and I think evidence faceoff against Miami who. What lit not I don't know last year won their first nine games ten games. Did they start this season with that and and. On a neutral site in Arlington Texas yeah. Exactly. Had a two week later have to play Auburn on the road. They got Georgia and hole they play at Alabama. So you're playing the two teams that or indeed tell us DuPont national championship game you gotta go back to Florida that is what stand on who. As kind of figured he's he's he's had relatives number here in two the last what four years I think. I think this scheduled incredibly hard and even they even know they maybe. Better luck B offensive and defensive lines which endorse products targeted as far as improving it. Building that. I think this schedule can really be a grinder form I mean ESP and there are. There and it ESP at recently as far as a computer models had Ellis is going six and six outlets that I don't think they'll do that. By he had maybe seven maybe eight wouldn't be able yet I think. You don't see double digit wins out of this thing I don't I don't beat double digit about it so I think they are they even atop Tony five seamen have they're not. Where they finish in the SEC and they have any prayer against Alabama. Well I think the thing gets hurt them against Alabama has been because they haven't played well on the operative defensive line that's. I think they'll always operable part I think to always play. Tell our I should say oh I think back to play without them a booklet. This is well this year now we're not always down there are now. But by Alabama has just been the superior team for sixty minutes. And eventually. Don't make the big play in the fourth quarter that'll Wear down or. Or an article disputed what we mean for the most part of either nowhere now ballots you or they'll they'll make to keep plays in the fourth quarter two winter games so. Because of that I think. You know it it'll be tough will be tough for them. Pull off a victory against the. I was Daria savor everything you just said put in a column will put a WWL dot com then we'll have the coach is printed out and hang it up in the locker room for enemy is the Fed will be some fodder for this Taggart seemed out perform that six in six. Or seven and five record and I. I dated a correct myself that they're going to Alabama they do you have Alabama on this year but still. Very typical schedule. Face the tigers have one EDT. Well we know he'll be there for every game cover that forest here on WWL. Jeff enjoy the spring game as much as one can enjoy a scrimmage and chance and we will read second. Which you think about the tigers' all season long thanks for joining us here on WWL. Oprah.