LSU spring football and Pels-Wiz

Deuce & Deke discuss LSU spring football with Coach Ed Orgeron, then preview Pelicans-Wizards with The Advocate's Scott Kushner.

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And good evening and welcome Alleman to a sports all coming up. In just a few moments. LSU football coach had always drawn joins us as the tigers open up spring practice. This week in. Tiger's. Having practiced. In the end they willow. Wind things down in April with their annuals. Purple and white spring scrimmage 260187. Is in the regular yes do. Forward over. College just a little more in a film who's pretty and strayed it. Big boom. Traded for quarterback Mark Lowe. Power train and so EE 21 of the new additions. To be an important you know. In what I am seeing is. Racial ball clean it traded water sector or outreach to jar was leg injury it is not a record rockers. New ground so you probably talk about what should sit clips are you upper ground. Yeah they're this year and probably your error or four. Next year so they still have made tolerable and munitions or street circuit serve better you are Cleveland or. Trying to right. The overall for a lot of years a lot during. Yep I you know reduce that they've got some options that you know that they they made these moves already and they still have one in four. I mean they've got dobbs and if they feel the need it still put triple the quarterback. They've imposition. All they really wanted to like boasted that defense I mean they they can they compile a bid defense single Warner authority they got after the when you got that many peaks. In this draft. And you'll wan and four men who gave bet a lot quick. Week status bugle corps of correctly it's vehicle Barkley random yeah you can go really all I mean is. Two. What they could literally probably move back. And in a piece to play a company and it contributes current Alain so. The big props in the like there is always to scrape. Again Tyrod Taylor. Comes in and he is. Now a member of the clean the braille so would do would take a quick break we'll come back and LSU coach it always drunk joins us next to talk about the tigers' spring practice that begins on Sunday here on tiger radio WW. Is LSU tigers open spring practice this Sunday and as you've about coach Joseph drawn joins us now tiger radio WW goto thank you so much for joining us. Got to be excited about spring ball. Well. War portals news. Troll pastor. There were to open a practice also animals. Coach so you know wit with spring bow down different than it was let's say a decade ago where it used to be you know you'd go out. April when I don't index finished up right before a school ended. It dead shot amount of time is that enough town that there really did that bigger and as strong this is only been you know based zillow low almost did you last play. You dog org or. We're program. Portable game I'm involved a great plan. You can see the extra aid and go it's got bigger opus I'm Eric. The direction we're ultra programs regulatory. Coach when you talk about just burning ball quarters on Google or you want a cheap. We know that you will be a couple meetings here in all it did beat players getting more counselors you know keeping those. So you can rate could go all all source. Oh. Could be running we've got. Walt actually bolt. Escalation we will install. Well appointed by suitable don't smoke basically you know. Will be a big improvement on tour Rachel. Opens wore portable bell mobile work shortly. Mean. Obviously weeks. Revealed a portable so he was quarter but incredible. Are we Rios and again it's. I can't wait to watch and country. Coach when you look at it that these quarterbacks and and you say three what about the other rotations that out there is there any other guys out there that you think a metal might have a chance and and get up in his legs or do you think is just a three you can talk about. The record reflect the ultra right there. No problem bring. Miles or. It is what he almost sees the tremendous talent on the ball. It a dual everything there you'd be leader. But he won't street chip should dial dual quote well on the side of people are pretty emotional way. Coach week where you had a remote corner based company and maybe for the sum of sort of follow. You know we are loved and well but gold quote. I am very credit. Well French or comet we've we've now we Greg. An issue for Tokyo but it was Iran's special guest here on tiger radio the tigers opened up spring practice Sunday embed group do. About or transferred in that market. Feel certain market just shortly know the due due to old scholarship. Short and it shouldn't. Say. Probably object is going to be court ordered going to be. Oh PP took. Cordoba and well. We at least. Well. Able. Oh. Well. Oh. Coach now when you look at this and offensive line. That may issue it is time coach the big question mark and David distant in the follow like most of the season. It was kind of worried about you know you had to be coverages and his sorrows because you wanna get to fewer bodies you have Baghdad during practice. Although all those young guys coming to fruition at one time we have for fresh on the offensive plan. They brought to Florida to come up big and its client against Auburn. You've got big group Banco which and you handsome junior Thomas did to it. And talk about there's also it's a lion king and now eighty and in and less way less than a year and a Simmons a handful almost six most it is seemingly has become restrict the UT. Yeah exactly right big couple moved out right Wii and sober for war. Are told them out pretty good bit of local poultry. Are looking at a guy like should be Joel's. Quote store in front of ups and able. To get a guy like and what it is real or second round. Told tremendously. Both Puerto most of directly. India some don't go baby. That's the appointment should be district as a Brit regular. Camera. Apples because it you know innocent brutal cold grip but door troll or six recruit being. Shall we look at it this. Opens line as you should be. Global ports and more comfortable operable to. Also noted. That. A coach out. And I realize you know 2% in the news and Andy did you recruit from nineteen going you you can't what we're coming home but. What does it mean coach. Personally at least they're when you see Europe crude I don't think you know it ain't. I'm committed I'm shut it down yelled anti adult in me. But I tell you weigh down on. I'm getting focused on my senior year Bayer and what does it mean do you just days when we use GTA elected they come down like that. Whitman. And muscle between my school doesn't mostly as well one would go. A war represent the state it brings it brings tremendous leadership total. It'll also sold or bought this was gonna go well just war but across the country. And although rove also do that are we have to keep the Gaza in Louisiana. And nonstop focus this year. Coaches and the governor scheduled to come on day on Monday dearest friend Brad is dot I used to be as personal manager at navy has Kuo was seen you there. And into early eighties he was quarterback yelling at forcing his own a team coach that you. Do. You or bulbs. You you. On the program ought to be able. Practices that we need to and. You know coach is a small worth until does this all the time there will force easily had he would the government has become. Close to the program one of them with a gentleman by the name of Michael Bennett. Who is the father of Michael minute and Martellus Bennett do pro basketball played here as a is as a as a smaller earlier in the. Well. The elves live out there and I was yellow bugs yet. I'll I'll how to handle stroked in Austin got out. What will coach now. Spring bow it is it really an opportunity. Even with the with the way things had changed for you to be more physical this time a year that you would be a follow can. Yes we're going to be coastal. Real well greet. I'm abilities. We have to go to jobless report to a critical situation. And it will go principal goal to give the break we all it's that would contribute a group political yeah. Mortal political ridicule. We can find out who is to complete domestically it is futile and so politically. Shall go get out of this or. It coats obviously if it's an opportunity to whereas. You know all over the course of the last policy does little more than a decade. The beasts bowl like games to start off this season has become wanted. Seems generally get a spring and they get excited about. You are in one that is if it's not just featured games don't disease and it's one of the feet game it's it's on a night when nobody else is Diane. You have Miami so out of madness a motivation in practice for that game as well. No question nuclear program but coached and well. Put a little extra weapon used to gold rope Sobel tremendous challenge. We. Won't see a country. Just Q. Are all well and went to work out also. 00. Ball coach and silent man you got Jake DelHomme coming in and Joseph Gibbs the only coach in history to lead. Three different quarterbacks on quarterback to three Super Bowl title. Apart the best. Political team in the street Louis is much earlier as well coached well we agree I would. LSU football coach at north from the tigers over the spring bow on Sunday. Goto paid for joining us so well with seal candles at a clinic. I don't care advocate. Would get more. We did a little. I. Are right LSU football coach it'll draw the tigers Obama spring ball on Sunday and of course their first game a much anticipated contest against the universe of Miami in Arlington. The first week in the in the football this first weekend in September he's dues McAllen said Deke Bellavia. Still yet to come see you right tiger may dot com brown was odd joins us and Scott cushion of the advocate in the advocate dot com the new I was pelicans tonight at home. At smoothie king senator against the Washington. Wizards would talk about Bentley got a big matchup in the association a night of next but first. He is a CBS update. Deuce McAllister here with a is talking about. Log on May bet basketball right now March Madness southeast of winning torn in 120 in the first half. That is a semi semi final contest and the shot link counter memo Nicholas in southeastern with a top two seeds those two teams played twice this year. It's southeast of mumbled meetings that's why they're the number one seed they tied for the conference championship however. And it's not going to be an automatic qualifier only out of this kind of mitigates the end. And now both Louisiana teams are facing Texas teams. Southeast and is an action right now in the Southland Conference championship in the semi finalist. And if they win they were face. Nichols all of takes his teams in the finals which ought to moral. Here in New Orleans at the Lakefront arena erasing gains a reason Lafayette they win today with no problem with takes a state. UT Arlington does the same all the Arab states so those two teams were faced each other the law that's 11:30 AM at every championship game is televised on national TV. Via Sun Belt Conference championship will be at 1 o'clock on Sunday on ESP union. To do just that time a year and it's you know when you think about it. What is there a deuce between two and three billion people I think it in the US. Who wanted to induce one in ten Americans. Will have a bracket. With their next week that's unbelievably in the that's I mean that's the NFL was they had don't know. I mean when we talk about war production as well I mean because low millions. Of dollars lost Olympic club yeah that looks like there's Samoan users are. More production geared dull and it in my particular bracket and you know. There at all out of conference record you look at what a perfect for a kid and I'm just talk about it at two between Google. The chip chip and on talk about it jewelry we were. That's all our. Alia and you gotta have I mean you you've got ahead to write really. You don't have to have the right digs you gotta be thrown off. So typical led to do really like when those contests and is generally people who don't know what did doing I mean come on. And we've never seen a sixty deal Warren not often as is you would think. All four number ones to the final four we've seen in a few times saw in the last decade. But as always there's always some upsets in and you know one day news is gonna have been a sixteen is amazing mobile war we see the fifteen over to rule we never seen the sixteen being a war. Well in their talk if I don't take somebody hurt in the first quarter yeah. But that bubble once cheap and you know archived changes there are. Now corrupt and dirty normally they don't care how it would match up the run would change. You know make it count are what not you know when you talk about to play him as a matter warriors so. We captured in the open like after our report star players getting hurt. Or take a timeout welcome back talk about the pelicans in the MBA yeah Scott Custer joins us as we won't. Either tonight's game it's movie takes another New Orleans pelicans in obtaining the Washington Wizards. He's Deuce McAllister a big Bellamy LSU baseball vs Hawaii tonight is 630 air time a 7 PM cards this. Here on tiger radio WW. I as Louisiana alone he's frank. I'm back foot and a local flavor there. Welcome back has put itself in this info beautiful weekend everybody coming to town what deuce it gets harder and I thought they get into the city on a Friday. At a moment to a clock and I got here at three CD seven. I mean it is just something about the weekly during this in particular that's why my my disease CC doesn't like a holiday of good news is all of a traffic. Committees just something about a Friday is it a matter what time you leave you're going run into some dread it some people commit to visit. My. Bear bear and normally be users during our bingo got to operate corporal yeah yeah same tajiks the stamina known as communities we are so what are operating income also cited as usual will be performed there so yeah they've made they've made it but I robot. You sort of element. Including owner calls that are solid and doesn't mills. Mandate there's did purple and go from all bring great quarterback and so. So there's three there's three big starting latest data and paving column today in like the last. And in the hour Arctic that urged are so and so jobless later you are incorrect how not to Indian economy from me. Yeah grand old quarterback immediately traded or who was a quarter sequestered Richard Gere to green. So about Dorsey got bigger part where it Eric Green birdies. Stay out there out there to rub Edward what you objects. That's our program is concerned and so he can move toward you have to combat that so rewards do it needed to do. It can move complete. Think will be no warning and an end in 32 as an easier on polishing then I think it's. If not I cannot remember labour far off as the good the same every week reminded sixty day it's. Let's reject a new YouTube Hubert at least. Paul wing. Oh yeah visual I think get a new bit in the net dish you where do we see the community as a putting up a lot of Illinois right now to them simply just got cushion of the attitude in the advocate dot com joins us now. Scott details riding a ten game win streak unfortunately their prime downplay any VP candidate dancing Davis out. Realistically he's got what what do you think is something feasible for AD to get back to where he's okay but it's not jeopardizing. The future of the season though it could we point to Sunday maybe a little later than that. Valedictory he's probably not gonna play tonight. A year ago. Sign pre game in I think. Between the line out like is that it is he is. Unlikely. To go based on our shot you want play. But it sounds like beer you think about kind of cautionary. And they've. A lot of these and that he opted mystic up on that will that that will make a large difference. If you look at Sunday that the very minor. Setback is that all year but other major. When you talk about just PR field. It is impact on the game we we we still are true to strip club near you can't just simple. What are well where else could get so according to as far as the beer try to make up some local sports their EP. Read this mean working on two in a porch. Others that makes the shot Newt I don't see anywhere and it. A big job on you know one died trying to pick out for that mania appoint this thing and really did not distort the a law that silence through him so I'd expect it to be like back. I play even faster now which side they give the possible all of Rondell but it is. Get a kick E'Twaun Moore who figured Spiller. Eco all record at least it. Shop today and try to get back. Developed that forty plus percent report percentage that you would want to possible. I think over long short losing. It'll be there but for one night I'd argue. That that the bulk of that he currently. Oh. I'm looking at maybe Chico for bill and I'll beat him is it that well victory in range. You know it made its outlook for guitar maker so mobile sports spiritual people get greedy. And I have Boozer made article thirty. 3040 general outsider the board starters but it'll be some old bench didn't feel a little bit. Absolutely I think Gary on borders color cheer leading candidates that all the he would make it got to connect you out by Ian Clark. Absolutely or that bench unit. We'll see how they dagger. I'd holiday and because they're just keep them to gather which is you know kind of what their efforts are being or they backer on the try to play. You know how or at least what the court old dog could not that that lineup is done pretty acquitee there's no. Now a lot of contract that there at the badge. You know civic they're trying to keep the holiday spirit which. Sky when when you're relegated you know a lot is made about pelicans come home you know this welcome him in a reward him for you know two game win streak but you know when you look at it these latest seventeen so games and the bulk of them home if it's it's about the remainder of the home games mean it is team minds up. With Britain one of the top seeds and let's say they want to beds full and and you're at home when you have home court. You know what is home court. In it doesn't mean anything and New Orleans is it has proven in 08 and then the last time when they were in the playoffs. Particularly that playoff game to get in the rails against the spurs it was a difference maker. But right now is not a difference maker it idiocy is going to be different maker it is can be summoned the team is fighting get. To head aches and gain immediate this is got to show needs remain home and a great season. I agree and if they think it. Higher clip that may have been it's clearly not going to be you know. While so it kind of war booklet is that it well now. You know doesn't really matter oh playoffs are. I don't I don't really know I don't want to get atop she that is a clear vision out that he. I think court about 38 or 9% the bank the playoffs even though it's streak by the appropriate after an advantage to that ninety. They really want that top four validate them a lot of ways out but he gave it all. Get home court. And it shows that you know there's another piece to try to track. It does show that fail our they're close to that upper ash on. The western copper pick out all together the next couple people. Scott what are you what you live for my eight you've seen you've seen firsthand. What. This franchise has on the with. Causes that Lamo with Andy Davis had to land hip now both of them out the last number would you would you expect to see album due to nighttime anchor TO there on a makeshift some winds while he's about eighty. Cracked the board. Let's leave that they'd be. Which fighter transitional with a lot of it all on the Korean they're going to be a war. But when you got the side that watchable now out to to be at play. Because really if you lose your whole Lotta panic while back or a lot of beer dish grab rebounds and indeed. The cards that connect your holiday. Did not leak out and not try to do it that's for. App and back there Tunisia Egypt session that it it's going to be critical. Keep it out of order or go to not W breaks guys that came crashing cracked sport and are are difficult to crack down toward. Scott commissioner of the attitude and advocate dot com Scott always opposed that man thank you so much for the time Adobe gave tonight. All right thank you Scott. Boy mark Morin go atop that that is a dad deuce did do you know he's kind of plaza below the radar he had more when he and Nene were paired together. A few years ago wasserman drew close to get into the eastern conference of finals they will make it a bush stated joke Paul Pierce. And they had different courts say god Todd is one of those tough. Dow stages EE DS don't always points got a soft shot. And he could crash the boards as a BP united they did just neutralize him and not lunch let him go off then update at the B key in their favorite spectator neutral court. School board to not want those players been used to make you double Lilja is an easy. Eight Q you're asking is you call. You're always Porsche and and and and he's gonna be trying to do also look at the world. What you the good double tour. Note that it's all doctors are now. Argue that capsule about it like our darker you eat that ski boat. Well alt border and they attributed lecture on me because. But he they have an interest in served as well. Obama just just wall or not playing so. Our lows orchestra to beer pull about two I mean it would be even better job. We EB playing limited and it sort outplayed in all around in the would be huge. That Deuce McAllister Hugo reduce onto an at. 62 down and I have to go. And here we're leading into LA shoot sports network the tigers and Hawaii game one that if three game series right now have time of the semi finals of the Southland Conference tournament. Men's basketball and Katy Texas animus one seat southeast in 36. The before c.'s Sam Houston thirty to do what a moves on. Tomorrow's some ranked conference championship against either Stephen F Austin all nickel steak we'll keep you posted. He's dues Sunday this is puts up and till six studded night in LSU baseball hero tiger radio WW. Loud Hammond as we DN. Including denies basketball and as a basketball says come on a Sunday to his little. Selection Sunday. With a special. Show at 10 o'clock Sunday morning. Said Dunlap has got Alexander. We'll bring you comprehensive tenement coverage they'll break down at March Madness and you. Who is likely in likely now that talked area coach zealous you go to real wage you know coach mark Schlesinger and more. That is coming out Sunday morning 10 AM until noon. Yeah dues this is a mid. Good music goes over Domata grow bowl. A few weeks bag I think Q would the keys frank plane manned. Who's getting down a bit amble in as good Louisiana low washing Borneo they think the spoons. In the squeeze box I think they used to collect and they're caught in the Downey were called the squeeze box. Man in black male way as they do they whiz kids seeking ways everywhere we was Janet. Had a damn good terror groups as they. Radical looked global and all of our. All men and yeah was it Roy good food Godzilla is de Louisiana stuff right here. It and know it in the boot he's do's my gala Sunday Miller they would talk about LSU baseball next against Hawaii this is quote suck on WWL.