Is LSU really just a 7 point favorite at Mississippi State

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
Thursday, September 14th

WWL's Dave Cohen and Mark Menard look at the line for the Tigers and Bulldogs Saturday.


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Mark LSU is a seven point favorite in Vegas and most of the casinos over Mississippi State oddly one of them has. LSU as an eight and a half point favorites that's. West gave I don't know anyway seven point favorite generally at the casinos in Vegas. On the road at Mississippi State then the tigers of the twelfth team in the nation. Mississippi State is unranked are you surprised at Ellis is only a seven point favorite. It's a little surprise and but I think they're giving Mississippi State the benefit of the doubt because they are an SEC west school in the SEC west is one of the toughest divisions. In college football. They have shows some promise this season you know they they blew out Louisiana Tech last week so they have an officer can get some things done but against the tiger defense. I don't think they'll get much done at all. Pastor do you think that there will be a seven point victory for the tigers he think they're margin revenue Vick threw prod be larger than I I think it'll be larger than that for LSU the way they've played so far this season. If they're only giving up an average of five points a week so well. It's gonna be is to be tough for the bulldogs to score and I I think LSU's gonna win easily right even with the cow bells. Even with the Colorado what is that you know X in football in general and in college and the pros you're not supposed to bring. Exterior sound makers into the stadium it's supposed to be against the rules but for some reason. In stark Vegas it does look the other way anger yet bring your cow bells and argument and Aaliyah they grit they get they get grandfathered in for that but. I knew I give them a little better respect because it continued called them cow bells and not Bulldog bells. Thank you mark for that.