LSU QBs Considering Transferring

Tuesday, August 14th
LSU QB Lowell Nascisse announced tonight he would be transfering from LSU this season. It's also being reported that Justin McMillian would be transferring as well. We talk to Sheldon Mickles of the Advocate to get the latest.

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What some New Orleans what's up across the gulf south and what subs you listening or ever you arsenide sad WW dot com the radio dot com maps. 38 states across the continental US. Mexico the Caribbean let's go on time. Big news breaking news just minutes ago reported by. Joseph Nichols of the advocate low Weldon RC's. Indeed does. Intend on transferring and we heard last hour actually a couple of hours ago now. That just in McMillan who was absent from practice today he is also considering transferring from the LSU football program this is. Certainly a big bombshell today that happened here. Your quarterback competition happier quarterback room that apparently sees the writing on the wall here with Joseph Borough and at least one of the guys is gone and are awaiting to hear. Abouts McMillan let's bring on in Sheldon Nichols has talked about this right away recovers LSU football. For the advocate at Nichols advocate on Twitter. Sheldon I give us the latest here I just Saudia did a couple of minutes ago that in our ceased does indeed plan to transfer. Yeah. And we had. Late this and the track as we get. Some indication that there would be announcement sometime after seven or 730. And apparently just became they assure I think he clothes and then failed five. I think that's what the number was. Time we re just closed and so so. Yeah it did count those kind of crazy day obviously. When we you know when the practice we you know we're out there about twenty problems so. And the person notices because it where you all of yours quarterbacks and four and it's been six. A counselor to Richard I mean that to walk on. And everybody. And that in and I don't think anybody really at that point any thing. You know we thought it might have been just injuries are in and come close as coaches that vote. You know toward in the practicing sorted. And about it you know. I guess there ideas what was happening and we native people call. Locked in. I again it confirmed from. Source that's they're closed low oil policies. Situation. About property domain it was a pretty much a done deal he was still consider it. But he had talked to some of the people I guess the coaches made one more chance but one more time. He was pretty certain. It was gonna happen just you know any academic statement tonight so careless statement just came Manilow while. So middle of the advocate joining us again lol well on our cease announces just minutes ago that he is try answering from LA issue he was absent from practice today just McMillan also absent. And the word is that he also plans to transfer Shelton. Yeah we we are and then while. Heard from a source that maybe. Foley you know ready to go yet it may be might be Moline and options by. Affected me one that practiced Thursday and mean you know I don't know coaches told A take the day off and think about it. You know we have we have no idea what happened in Anthony bill bill. So what do everybody is kind of part. Albert promote people I would say that we've reached out and talked to. That McMillan is you know gonna going to be on the move. Although like etc. talk to somebody about fifteen minutes ago owns and maybe not quite the yet so. It will account conflicting reports on map and so went. Like that crazy day when you have you know war. Culture quarterbacks about it about midnight tonight you ought to at least practice Martin male student so. Not an ideal situation for them you want program but. Yeah. Where they expecting I assume they are expecting Michelle and how how. Out of the blue wasn't for coach Owen and the staff. You know. Much they listened rumbling stopped well you know there's been all. Pay and chatter since spring spring practice you know that Dorsey was gonna leave. Remember back it is early January. You know people are talking about him probably leaving. McMillan. You know I don't think you know from. He hit some tweaks when you know Jobe are seeing them up thing. Obviously he wasn't happy about the situation here where is it turned sportier program latest turn in. And then here to go to bring this guy in from honestly so. And not wait we haven't talked any of these quarterbacks it's practice started on August. Four. They haven't made any of them available to also we have the senate every term. Every time we tried that asked. You know other players about the situation you know who's used on Latin you know see a little bit of practice but as well individual drills that pecking order. Could take the first snapped no like running backs in the country handoff to running back in so is there I would say all these days of practice McMillan got the most. First snaps and anybody you know and that drill. And so it might have been comer surprise him that. And he is not in the mix and you know is that if you beat in the transfer but. I don't think you know. You know the way it that way it'll play out I don't think he you know probably thought he got the chance that he deserves you know being here for years so. You know it is if it does happen you know and dammit two quarterbacks and two guys that are you know one. A true freshman quarterback and you know one. Incredibly. A rodeo on his transfer from Tennessee tech so. Probably. I deal it. Yet not ideal situation or division on power by conference quarterback situation. Like assistant kind of hectic a couple of pre hours a year. We may not know until tomorrow about you know about just all of sure. Now Andy great work here as Sheldon Sheldon Mickelson covers osu football for the advocate I know you're busy thanks for the couple of minutes or Sheldon and will be Watson. Your work and read your work at the at the Thomas thanks so much. Are all right at Nichols advocate on Twitter again great work by he and also. The new Ellis should be reporter Brooks Covina bolts and believe. Cope tanning the first reports earlier today on this. They were among the first report this great job by Sheldon great job. By the advocates all over this story what do you think LSU fans like this is big news I know Joseph Borough. The writings been on the wall here since he transferred he was going to be the starter Myles Brand and and was likely going to be the primary backup. But when you lose to your scholarship quarterbacks happier scholarship quarterback rooms in one fell swoop in hours on one night. It is not good. Not my book not good at all what do you think 504260. 187504. 2601870. You can text us at 87. 87 to a squeeze and a call here from junior a New Orleans generic and hope not since last stroke. What's going on. I'll order no luck will be rolled. IR AI junior go ahead and Tim just a I don't know what analysts. Do you resolve forever the early to know is underrated OK a second break here will reset we'll take your calls on this and then coming back next. I wanna talk abouts. The transcendent. Athletes of our time. I want to do this topic after watching Tiger Woods and that gallery the sea of red on Sunday lay out my crates Syria for what I think. It takes to be considered a quote unquote transcendent athlete somebody who transcends sports their popularity. Their cultural influence. For current athletes today and I talked to Scott Alexander about this I use can be good conversation a fun conversation of course we'll keep you updated on this Ella she situation throughout the show just getting started here on double coverage I'm Seth Dunlap. This is WW. What do Max the show again the breaking news for LSU low Weldon RCC has announced his intention to transfer. And just in McMillan expected to follow suit although no. Official announcement yet so that is half of your scholarship quarterback groomed for LA issue gone in one fell swoop tonight. Rumors are this broke a few hours ago ball players were not seen at practice today. In in the advocate was all over this again great reporting by shall miracles and also. Brooks could be you know over there we will update you once we know more if you wanna talk about this. He gives call the numbers registered gives taxed also sort of the conversation you wanted to have today NS. Goes back to what I watched on Sunday open the show with a yesterday talked. The first half hour the program about it just how incredible it was to watch Sunday tiger mania return. And it proved to me. How important he is not just to golf. But to sports. And relics are American culture in general. I mean we have a a whole Kohler on one day of the week dedicated to the guy it was incredible to watch. So wanted to talk today. About it's my list of current athletes and I would consider. Transcendent. Type athletes. Transcendence. Meaning. That they're influenced their popularity. Breaks the boundaries of sports so here's my criteria for a mile west exceptional consider a success. And considered among the best in their sports that's obvious. Also they have a cultural impact. Again that reaches far beyond their sport so example is Mike Trout one of the best baseball players of his generation hall of fame track. This like cultural impact soon be on this list. Next a large diverse fan base Camby narrow casting here. A legacy imprint and by business by their charitable work. And finally it's in the title here their popularity transcends their sport can't just have this huge fan base it's just football fans you gotta. Have a popularity that reaches beyond the bounds of your sports here. So let's talk about this and I know somebody who would have. A big time opinion on this great insight to Scott Alexander a sticks him earlier today at some members doing this and as Scott you look at one of the program Scott host a primetime sports on CST in WL EE TBO sex nearly six. Man I know you can probably be up for this conversation you want enemies that you want in man outside. Well let me get bigger because. Art it at the market there today. At the pool when needed to. And have to work out knows it's altered. And I'm thinking there's no way of doing all consort and I. But let me beyond the this significant when I heard that immediately when I'm. When I got attacked oh out of five people compartment with within literally it intact. And then added that bad again because they came home it's more work is a dinner and then about three minutes ago I thought that. And that this is not a study saying I don't know I didn't your criteria let me just. I know it online comment is gonna tell you that things they Cano my first here on the tablet that a spot for couple minutes. And I'm not like it that there is no research no anything on though. The obvious one to me all the compromise not overlooked from a different error that you on although as a model you remember. The impact he had socially. But more prominently in in my purse for the for the guy that was. You know delighted to going to be color Italy for life different reasons Obama Ali came in as a a brash outspoken guy in the form some of what to 1979. Up on the line is we out stinks a willingness September. My dad are at the superdome. And he won his third and the only title that that was a record I'm so that's kind of my history in the little earlier he ought Frazier and Obama well those are. Back on regular TV. Did not know until later about the recipient and you know how we set up for an act over the trap he went to jail or he got a heavyweight title they are. There are a lot of Buehrle they could not an and I were from outside mine aren't quite honestly it. Kicking college at that point beyond. And and amid say this is the one guy. In my lifetime. That I I just immediately think of and in the second part about all of the ministry not just yell. Just bought a going to Munich and and in the Olympics was Hitler was in charge that Hitler having. To get in the gold medal and what that obviously you know you're labored but not really on does. You know the civil rights seeing moan you know what trick it yet or about the the magnetic. And that was not that was huge moment. Core Americans already in my opinion and that they do about my error without getting early. In the Christian guys. It just immediately came to mark for victories but they vote. Put there there's sport on the map in different ways one it was thought the ash you know white man's sport that began became a true champion a chill in the game. Who could not not. Game respective Maryland might just watching him I don't perform briefly on the court. Which is how he led the human being mean this was they got it just commanded respect. You know partner in that same error I would never soccer guide Elena the one my first memory. Is that Palin and going in New York Cosmos in the early seventies registered member. Woody present this band had in he was a worldwide crisis at a Mohammed Ali probably the biggest prizes in the world and then not start or or they advocate. Michael Jordan well he transferred because he's the first purse without the cable war why grant yes. And I was right in the middle and the work all these slim gains Craig Sager now. And then a historically it was Jack comment was the next guy doing that big gains in Tokyo and remember Utley in Tokyo we. We won game a year per game like security usually you know he the everybody is talking about check check check. In that they. Oh count up. As good a good thing about in the air that that but I respect the great. And Jack Nicholas. He transcended all you above the fray and went straight to Tiger Woods is tiger took rejected in just doubled it. He brought a whole new audience and he was the got people want to see on Sunday every Sunday when he dominated sport jacket more rival. The tiger there are equal as golfers in my opinion and I started they irritate my breakaway against Tiger Woods. Oh white man's sport in the and a Palestinian man what about. Women in tennis Williams sisters as a credible what they did you know they can okay. Okay and it just now on three more in Jackie Robinson got to be at the populist tea integrated baseball. But paper was transcended just as much paper it was weighed in shape like at the big guy. Look eat drink all about it real and the next day and he Euro will be a repeat it will be just what paper. And then a third thing about more recently I mean hockey in my hockey Wayne Gretzky transcended that sport means so well beyond the but the gentleman. Joseph handle it is crippled well in the holy differently in my last one is empty boat and we are way out the last bullet Tebow. Duplicate that here over Easter just. Brainstorm agreements in people Kahne immediately is his popularity. It's so cool with one. Segment of society. You know he was the phenomenal college football quarterback. But we all knew that he was an all court back but he still like all of them you. Got out be on the way trip that is. Wow that's great stuff I do I agree with every single one on your list here I don't remedy this I don't know I actually don't I don't think I disagree with any of mine might slightly disagree with Tebow at least from my creditor X and not sure he has that worldwide fan base and other Matt. Millen Canada on this is well first of all this is my criteria you can have your own Patrick it's over the gotten it. Follow my criteria on this. Scott I just leave it at that man that was I don't wanna I mean I was perfect. I was perfectly good car or a relative or. Are bad thanks man of great Scott Alexander given his take on this all come back. And I'll tell you might transcendent athletes. Of this generation get into that and your phone calls and 5042601870. Look there's not tonight I just leave an interview. That quickly because it is perfect so I didn't I spoil us got cell that was. Mosul done. We'll eight minarets by Scott Alexander and I couldn't I could not have said it better myself I won't say it better myself when I talk about a mile listeria was awesome. And we're talking about are the transcendent athletes that we've seen all time that might elicits just did this generation but I also want. So just open it up to be an all time who would be on your list and I. Sometimes these a list Ballou a little bit. I think this is a really narrow licences are really exclusive. Group here. You can call end user the number Ganassi text this. An 87870. Here's a couple of once. Now from the 985 Hank Aaron and Jim Brown cream Abdul Jabbar Magic Johnson Larry Bird. I don't think all and she impressed. Jack this Jim Brown would be on there for me. I don't. I'm leery. That's close. Same with Korean I don't know of Kareem and Larry would make my whispered it's close. We got I think is a joke of this generation Danica Patrick what do you think about that Tenet and the finish Aiken has said. So again here's my criteria. For what I consider and this gets thrown out this word it is becoming old cliche transcendent right but I think that means their popularity transcends their sport may have a large diverse fan base. Their cultural impact reaches. Far beyond their sport. May have a lazy imprint and by the business acumen or charitable work it's that legacy. In criminal lasting for very long time and also obviously exceptional success and considered among the best in the sports that smile. Criteria. So of the current athletes playing right now in this is a very exclusive list. First and I think the most obvious is LeBron James. He's the greatest player this generation. One of the greatest players of all time we got to go conversation I hate to go conversation. Talked about that for. There's no denying he's one of if not the greatest player of all time. I met his endorsement deals dudes everywhere McDonald's ninety beats founded blaze pizza. Instantly recognizable world why if I went overseas and I said you know LeBron James is three point Matta lineup. No no I bet. They sprawling. Diverse and fiercely loyal fan base I am not sure there is a more fiercely loyal fan base out there right now then LeBron it's. Incredible charity work. She talked about school last week. And here's thank you cannot right the cultural history. Of the United States in the past ten years without LeBron at choose you cannot write a history of this country the last ten years. From a cultural perspective. Without LeBron. Not a net worth estimated at over 500 million night beat far greater in that will be far greater in that maritime sauce and a LeBron James on this list that now one is obvious right. Another obvious one Scott mentioned this one. Tiger Woods net worth at one point over one billion dollars he's the greatest player of his generation one of the greatest golfers of all time. Let's be honest here he helps breakthrough that color barrier in golf. Golf what's thought of and still is a little bit as an upper class white guys sport for generations broke through that. People who aren't golf fans and this was proven again on Sunday who never watched around in their life. They know Tiger Woods is and they can instantly taken out think about this he has aid. Eight instantly. Recognizable imagery when you think of tiger what do you think ball cap. Talks in polo probably in red the khakis. Sunglasses naming. Just has that image. His popularity. Quite literally transcends golf. Like I said the open we literally have an entire color on one day of the week. Dedicated to tiger if you're wearing red on Sunday. That's tiger Sunday. Visually iconic as anything else in sports. Or some about that as it do we have any thing a day of the week. As iconic as that once were right now I mean it is red Sunday as tiger Sunday he also has and it's kind of unexplainable. And hard to quantify but he's got a charisma and magnetism that draws people to even through all the off the course deputies went through the last decade also has multiple charities including the Tiger Woods foundation the Tiger Woods learning center. Caddies for cure I think he's involved then. Tiger Woods on the slowest. Serena Williams. Absolutely. On any a list of transcendent athletes in just this generation she's the greatest female tennis player of all time it's not close. She is probably. The most dominant athlete of the past thirty years and that also isn't close. Much like tiger she'll break through that color barrier in tennis. Another sport traditionally thought of for the wealthy and a white upper class right she she'll break through that along whether sister Venus. She's visually iconic again just like tiger you're driving right now option homer every urged to think when I say Serena Williams are what do you think up. May be a midriff cut off the skirt that Dubai desert. The puffy hair in the back. Visually iconic. Instantly recognizable worldwide. And hack she stardom beyoncé video I did disappear she starred in a beyoncé music video. Which probably puts her in this category in itself rent. Football player on here current your current players in an exclusive list I think this is exclusive I don't like these Louis morning. Tom Brady. I think he's the only football player currently playing on this list. He's perhaps the greatest football player to ever live. He's the biggest winner. In the sport's history. And my goodness the dude has defied parity. In a sport where dynasties weren't supposed to exist. The salary cap the CBA's are all designed to make sure Tom Brady couldn't do the things he was Dylan. Everybody. Every single person football fans non football fans. They all have an opinion on Tom Britt. He's got his dapper good looks you know that his supermodel wife. Very nearly talked about that way as much as is his on field play. He wasn't the star of the sport one and that's for sure. The spore won and Peyton Manning to read the star. But he was the start it got any maximize every ounce of his value. During the last two decades it's incredible and you cannot. Write the history of American sports this generation without having. A very large chapter. On not just the play of Tom Brady. But the life of Tom Brady bolt on top the field. And he's one of the I bring listen the American sports bubble or we don't realize that football players for the most part aren't really popular overseas aren't really recognizable overseas Tom Brady one of the few. And that is Peyton Manning before him also one of the few Betty is. We all love drew you know my love perjury I am a number three on my list of quarterbacks all time my belief and use three or four when I did this couple weeks ago. Insane love perjury is an anti drew thing. But. If you go overseas. Drew Brees is an enemy nearly as recognizable somber separates. The final athlete current athlete on this list. It's not an American player but I think you listening out there if you're really objective about this you would agree it's Cristiano Ronaldo. He is one of the very few. International athletes that have penetrated. And mattered. To the American sports audience Pelé before him. One of the very few international stars that have done that. But he had us and you know why it. He's probably the most famous athlete in the world even eclipsing LeBron James. He's one of the ten best players and soccer history and you cannot sot I talked soccer right now. Without almost immediately thinking about Ronaldo. No I said think about sure you think about tiger when I say soccer when I say World Cup. I think a lot of people would instantly somewhere in their mine have a picture Cristiano Ronaldo float around. He transcends. That sport. Most popular athlete most likely in the world we took that poll everybody in the world. And I think that's it. I maybe I miss somebody. Did I miss anybody currently would you would have on this list current players current athletes. I got some other ones recently retired due to hear in just a little bit but I'm curious what really allow us what it's. Who would you have on this 504260187. And that's the phone number area code Bible for. 2601870. You also shoot me a text. And 8787. Need Tex. Night five what about Jerry Rice. I don't think Jerry Rice had been on my lowest. Greatest wide receiver in history when the best football players in history I don't think he's on this list. Many wasn't Tim points out as a great point here was the most popular player even honesty and no I think that was. And Joseph Montana. Now we'll take a break back to their calls and text I'm Seth Dunlap great conversation transcendent athletes read here on double coverage some stop Vick here. Cool are the transcendent. Stars the transcendent. Athletes. Right now the ones that are still playing and also are open or not the ones all time I think of ruthless is exclusive and this is a word transcended the kids throwing around their lot. A joke and a top Manassas today a little bit. About that or I think has become a little bit cliche but I do think in the true sense of the word. There are a few athletes and I am I mean a few there's only five on wireless currently. Where their popularity. Not only transcends. Their sport but their cultural impact their societal impact their social impact also. Transcends. That support I got five names on my list just went over and LeBron tiger. Serena Brady and Ronaldo. Exclusive list. I don't like these lists ballooning and that's my current list I think those athletes. Right now. Are just bigger than the rest. Watson Tex coming in on this here's on from the Bible for what about Roger Federer I thought a lot about Roger Federer. But with my criteria here. When I'm talking about popularity. That yen. Four breaks the balance of their sport if I went down on canal street here and hold ten people. I don't think that I would get more than two. We're so they know Roger Federer is if I go ask who LeBron isn't B ten for ten. If I go ask if you heard of run although I think he'd be more than half. Same thing when Brady of course obviously tiger reassured of Serena ever really certificate. By the way bring all those on mile list because he is the most popular athlete worldwide and he's one of the very few. That I have made an impact here. And broken abounds in to the American sports psyche unit to sat us everybody you're listening to the show your sports fan listening to the show. You murder and all. Released the vast vast majority of you have. Simmers on your listeria a couple of names on the board. Thousand ago wrestler is obviously the Holcomb I'm in a Hulk Hogan who Anna he's he's a former wrestler but all kogan. He you know transform this the state of wrestling. And he got to go with like the most popular wrestler of this century is well the rock I mean not right now with his movies and everything. Huge sheets are there no doubt. No idea would be on my list if I was in I will kind of talk a little bit here about all time. I was just keeping it current I have a text here how can you forget Jordan wall because my list was current athletes. Guys and gals that are playing right now and Jordan is. Undoubtedly. On this list. All time. Here's decks call on cap and change in Republican political discourse in America you thought about Colin cabinet to the way I thought about Tim Tebow. I couldn't put them on my list because. A term where you sit in the business narrow casting. They are incredibly popular. Among the slim. Demographic sets not so much outside of that. Also. Just didn't have the on field impact they think it takes to make malice. Also tech we are and I just not true yes plan. It's good up John ruler here ruler to knock. They're my true. Much treatment. I don't know. It. Serena settling on Ellison talked about her no doubt wide Jennifer clobbered science. At his name field. Well the reason like Jennifer Capriati. She gave the green. All she gave Serena although we gave our money's worth. Yeah I Cappy Eads Takenaka yet kept rerouting yeah that was our whoever I remember I mean you know what. Now that I'm remembering I remember her in big match after big match after big match in the middle part of 2000 famine. You go to court or. You know I mean I mean c'mon. If suspenders can you well that's not a that's definitely not a performance enhancing drugs there aren't any thing. Oh wow yeah you've got nine guys a guy. Good stuff ruler phone lines are open for you at 504260187. Median area code 5042601870. Tim hero and I'm I'm bored Derek Jeter so I'm talking about recently retired athletes. And actually got Derek Jeter written down here look you talk about the K if I say the captain of the Yankees or the captain. You know I'm talking about Jeter. He became is known for his smile and kind of is off the field bachelor life as much he was on the field. One of the greatest or shortstop to his generation and thank you what's deep face of baseball. I do you could argue that Derek Jeter had a big hand in moving. The sports through and pass the steroid era. You're talking about a guy the most he believed was no quote unquote clean and also known by one name Jeter. In a sport that lacks charisma he's got it did jeers on my list he is not current athletes obviously but all time Derek Jeter some analyst. It was also want Sesame Street so I mean that's big for and I didn't realize that she's on Sesame Street like when he used to freon. Like as a stars like one of the he talks on the big bird at all. Realized okay Jeter on Sesame Street 69851 about Michael Phelps yeah. Phillips is on my list is he a current aptly posing and play in the Olympics. Phelps one of the greatest athletes of all time high he'd be in my top five greatest athletes of all time. Is Michael phils because he's a swimmer. The CI a that worldwide appeal. So you have that worldwide appeal. Text in the Bible for. Following up you said transcendence there effects off the field he may not be popular being as. Impact society more than anyone else mention his conversation other than Jackie Robinson and Mohammed Ali he does. Talking Michael on cap and again that text. Does just didn't fit my criteria for my personal. My personal list here got a couple of calls and a couple phone lines open for you will get to those in just dissect it more. Spill this over the next hour if we have to I'm Seth Dunlap this is double coverage. Click update again earlier tonight LSU quarterbacks. Know well below oil and our season just in McMillan. And lulled our season did announce his intention to transfer Mel issue we're expecting just McMillan the policy bulls. Quarterbacks were not present at practice today we have the story online right now at WW well. Dot com a squeeze in a call you're talking about the transcendent athletes of all time high and the end of the current time our time rain now. Well spill this conversation in the next hour so if you're on hold hang around the let's go to Jean in Slidell junior on the BW well. Team what's going on your own. The outbreak cryptic calls you bet. I'm all arms severed the year ago I was. He attacks committed. In mention. So. Yes Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps in Villa and our lunchroom misunderstood here. 00 world. Appeal. But that law put. And everybody's eyes in the world or Olympic. Pointing toward your goal. Two point James. Two point Najjar said you know I think it's it's a fair point I think you make a good point here. I don't think he's easier current athlete so just talk and current athletes but two things with Phelps number one. He's in my top five greatest athletes all time no doubt and I guess we'd have a debates just because a swimming and I know the Olympic factor that you just mentioned. If I asked somebody and Beijing you know Michael Phelps is that they no maybe probably. Now maybe I'm wrong about Phelps could collagen.