LSU preview with Jeff Palermo

Newell Normand
Friday, September 14th
Newell talks to Louisiana Network News Director Jeff Palermo about LSU's game against Auburn this weekend

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We're back there we were just talking about the the big matchup on Sunday between the saints in the Cleveland Browns and we also have a huge. Match up on Saturday 230. Central time LSU tigers at Auburn Jordan hare stadium. 230 start as I said the number seven Auburn Tigers are gonna host the number twelve. L issued tigers and I just remind everybody that. One game day starts at 10 AM here at WWL you can join Christian Garrick and herb Tyler one of the L issues all time winningest quarterbacks. For the golf cooks bank and trust tiger tail gaining show. And also you can on the pregame show with the voice of the tiger is Chris Blair and color analyst Doug morrow starts at 1230. Kick off 230 and then after the game L issues post game you can joined Kristian garic again for the purple and gold point after. And I'll go from about 730 to 10 PM it's all de L issue Saturday from 10 AM to 10 PM. One tiger radio here at WW Al. Joining me on the line now is Jeff Palermo. Who who's the news director of the Louisiana. Network in welcome to the show Jeff. I don't know. So we got two teams coming in kind of similarly situated right they both beat top ten teams in their first match up for the season. Than they play does someone of a little lower lesser level I will say and Connor routed both of those teams. And here we have number seven matched up against number twelve out of orbit. Yea your right. Alan you obviously opened up to see some of the big win against them. Miami Auburn opened up a big way and again open up the season with a big win against Washington and then. Both teams last week played in apps via its opponent LSU. Didn't look great that. Back they would ban on hand and media. Outside of a few big plays they related to much ostensibly against the alliance and now there base a good defense again in Auburn they're going to a place where Alan Hewitt. Struggled with games they've only won their three times the last twenty years and really please take a look at those times that they won. They BP some really bad Auburn teams are keen. That. Or teams or about ready to lose their head coach so that is a strong Auburn team. It was a cup now and and editor statement controls that the court back belt the code so. Typical big effort for the tigers get the picture but. Not that are that they really haven't seen the first two weeks so we'll see what that might be. Hey you know and nudge the Auburn quarterback. Arrested him had a big game against the Huskies 26 at 36273. Yards and one touchdown they have a great defense in the and he seemed to do a pretty good job handling it. He's good quarterback. Believe really throughout the southeast conference I think. The quarterback so much better than these in and well admitted it's been awhile since we've seen that quality of quarterback play and he's right up there with them. Analysts beat LSU beat that though. You have a feeling that they're going to be able to keep them in this game. I mean. Debate that's been shut out against southeastern Louisiana they had Miami on its heels for remote today agreement fill in the fourth quarter want Turkey to the couple big plays. So you know Alan you'll probably keep them kind of weird thing happened last year where well Auburn and Billups scored 23 point. I think LSU did. Hold on to around three touchdowns and decade. But it comes back down to the office and and whether they're going to be able to generate enough points and a big play. In order to. Two win that game and steal victories concerted airspace. I think one of the things and an and I heard you say this before they they really have to get the running game going in order to set up the pass correct. They currently do it means and a world that has grabbed the ball well. And I think really you're just give it the a couple of the upper right back out there it's either April that are Clyde or view there. Never thought Chris curry against southeast Louisiana he's a freshman running back that troop comparisons from coach endorsement to Marshawn Lynch. But he need to play against southeastern then he'll play this week against government that was they'll particular. Our public broke that he had a couple nice game that will be his toughest challenge I think. But what the passing game. There's there's a lot of things that are are wrong with that right now ability. Yet accord Beckett told them the ball too long on you have an off but the wind it's not really give them protection when he does apple but it. Yeah receivers drop and passes well rotated and it crested that needs to be probably the political. Sharpen up its well. And draw that the due to again and and for all it can come together here this Saturday. It's probably doubtful though. They'll probably have to rely that running game and until this passing game he didn't think here. You know I've been true but sure it's real issue games at Auburn. That is one of the toughest places to win in yes he says. Offer sure and if you actual bullets used and that's. Well Robert it probably their favorite trip out of all the different at these seed Andy and it's a great round great little college and stadium adopt them did to be inside watching games from. And it's wild and it's it's been rivals. Let Tiger Stadium can do when they get a 100000 and been there. And it it's a big game inside depth now though. It will be another challenge here for Joseph Berle I think he's looking forward to it it doesn't seem paid that well we've seen from him. Not much they advocate rights he's the he's not afraid to take contact callers. What things are really go abroad especially in the first quarter against Miami. He never see never lost its cool. And because of that level cabinet that he provided. And help deal if you pull off the victory against the hurricanes and he'll have to do that here. Alan mile at this on the up at the blind to tackle play has been the big question mark out again that the child back. Who might mean about the office supply the next speaker Brownfield. He's coming back at left tackle after serving a one game suspension but watch right tackle opted. Dracula look at the start there this week will be its first started of course as the right tackle. You really relied on. I'd watch in the after the ball because of the of how wild the that you will be the it will be a big game brought particular to be a big game for these wide receivers. Picture taken off the line quickly and give it to their routes cleanly. So it's is that it's a very tough task which is Lila is a ten point underdog. Any idea about the weather. As it looks like that might be that far last night. Have a look at what Perrigo. Actually you know looking at some of the forecast earlier. I don't think it's. Will be that you have a problem as far as Hurricane Floyd. And the impact of course we know hurricane force is really slowed down along the coast so it's taken its sweet time as far as getting in the in an impact in others these states though I think it it should be pretty good relative. Well good deal gentler road news director of the Louisiana network we really appreciate you insight have a great weekend look forward otter from. Big liability time appreciate. All rowdy will be right back we wanna hear from new what are your thoughts. On a blue runner opinion poll who do you pick to win this weekend saints L issue are both. Will be right back with the results when we return this is fuel and evidently.