LSU Host the Razorbacks in Baton Rouge

LSU takes on the Arkansas Razorbacks in an early kickoff in Baton Rouge. We talk to SEC Network's Cole Cubelic on the Tigers and the rest of the SEC.


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Mota back arts or the program assess Christian. Tim's there an analogy on our. Whose final with a minute drill yeah his order to root growth showdown yet you are the MC ought to be our three years so I still have a game to give. Him here this is Sam's final shot at final chance sale I've season two of human Agile technically Christian you are still. Our reigning champion you actually I went undefeated in season one and. There are any rather Chan. Who's. I just don't like you do you know through eight NASCAR questions and efforts in brands like ask that meant I act I can take this says. Arm there's certain degree of as well yeah I have to use that hosts a show with you everyday I loved him Zimmer. But if Israel might slip easily of that war in your favor. In this early via the NASCAR eleven tenths I'm missing a bullet guy that's a fair fight in Ireland Arnold the deck stacked with slick. So we stacked but it's going to be I guess I'm saying is that was an awkward way of saying. I don't care about anything NASCAR I can't have a house. I had did not sure a two minute drill is suits are two minutes of sports and it's tiny little pop culture trivia we have two minutes to answer eight questions posted tiebreak we do that. On her Thursday show every single week and at 10 o'clock hour so stay tuned next hour. For that one also just reminded of the road wrestle mania leads us back to New Orleans and we right here have your tickets join. The WW universe April 8 in the Mercedes-Benz superdome as New Orleans hosts the greatest spectacle in live entertainment. I will be going to and I'm excited wrestle mania today's your last chance to win with us was soon to us and now. Between now 11 PM for the match bill. And certainly got that match though forests here. Match Delray when you hear it you remember Colin and when free tickets wrestle mania 34 that's between now and 11 o'clock. Holtz talked to Jake Madison later in the program the pelicans they'll loosen actress Cecil road trip though. They won three lost their last one here to Toronto tonight one to 42 to 118 drew holiday. Sensational game with 34 points seven assists played really well. We'll talk to Jake about the loss in about this road trip they're coming home 500 team which. We talked earlier this year they got to 500 at the first dozen games show. Kind of where they needed to be in that is exactly right where they are with barrage on Rondo returned Lumet. This hour though we're toxin college football a little L issue. Arkansas battle removed partridge Kansas get a R&R Kansas. Well. A look RK Arkansas and red mile they've got to a crisis. At the coaching ranks here a lot of people think that this may be. Mobile is last stand he goes and gets embarrassed here in L issue. That's all she wrote for him over in Arkansas and maybe. He can't save his job anyway maybe they're just biting their time here in waiting for this thing to play out but Ella she knew. Again last week yes the loss to Alabama an expected loss spit. Not to get cliche I don't know if I'd really believe there such thing as global losses specially when your a premier program like LA issue bit. They showed signs of certain areas that games for us on the offensive line and the defense holding Alabama it's under 300 yards of offense the first time. And then that his happened I think in the last 45 years under Nick Saban. They're coming around quarterback play yes still an issue but the other parts of that team both sides of the football. Much improved here since that disaster is loss Detroit. A lot of things we've said about look yeah they cover the spread they work. If if nothing else I think showed Alabama that they have to going forward. The three yards and a cloud of dust it's going to be a different matchup wants Mac candidate gets the players he likes in his system that fit his system I think that Ellis used to be back on the map. With the Alabama and Hewlett Arkansas. He made some bread Yuma. What he's facing right now. I just don't see them match up well issue offensively tickets for the by the defense when there is bad there's not very good I think that. Ironically it's not just Massa will throw shooter is that it is talking. Yeah. Seventeen point seems like a lot that's the spread to me Christians. Man a whole lot AME yeah. I understand our inside says a win every amid a little bit of a thorn in the side of L issue. The last few years spent this just feels like he game than LSU is out to wrong man and it really does an L playing. This calls now from Myles Brand and Tim Zimmer doesn't agree with that. I think it's a real big game for him is obviously I think yeah I know everybody should know this is. It's kind of a game needs to put up or shut up or might be his last stand and that's starting quarterback job. Maybe they pick us up there and blaze and a Christian and they always Arkansas that's certainly had the only very here is over. Yeah look I can't think that they will they should opt out on the opposite camp if our coach though. I know that they are ultimately he's paid on winning games but I'll begin miles Vernon. Rep right now lots of and get him ready for next year's I think this team. Is loaded. For next year and you know be able to really make a run. Next your sophomore slice questions that have been played big roles relish use all of sudden going to be soft was next year in and be young team again but still young but experienced. I would be doing everything I can't give miles credit rating ago for next year even to even at the extent of considering starting him especially India bowling. Laser may. Against Arkansas on Saturday. Judea and Tim here is in my ear saying they don't have a quarterback next year in big games I push back on that we've seen freshman a sophomore quarterbacks Tim. In college football lot recently. Come and play very well in big spots I don't think this is your your father's college football system where young quarterbacks is usually struggle in the spots. I mean you're gonna have a quarter inexperienced quarterback mixer with no there is guys and not really running back behind him. I decide question marks right now with people they're gonna lose festival. We will have that's counterintuitive to what you're saying though because. You you talk about inexperienced quarterback will want to get an experience now he won't be inexperienced it unum experienced now and it's SEC foes at Texas am Arkansas. And a who's who's the other associate only announced Tennessee Tennessee and so yes and yes he got three SEC opponents. Get ready now that's why if there. I look at the guys this is why would love for coach showed us come out and say hey miles Brennan's gonna start for us this week. Because I and Tim's point I wouldn't want his first starts and I know it's bad tennis since the team but I I wouldn't want him to start in Knoxville. Have that first start being there on the road in the SEC. I'd love scene and at the start and maybe he will get a ton reps and yelling struggles the first few series and pull the plug on him and miles from the its majority of the snaps here on Saturday. But I agree if your coach go. You're not getting fired after this year right here Jews not you've got another season here next year is going to be where you're judged by your win loss record. Building to the future it just makes like you just said Christian a lot more since Ian Brennan snaps now Tammy Assam. Olson at ten win season won't look a lot better on the recruiting trail for coach showed them a six or seven win season if they let's they put Brennan and he wins two games out of the strike. A little bit at. Look Ellis is going to be favoured in these final three games yes the that would also be them winning. A bowl game you can't just in pencil it in our pen and ended Danny Ellington went four games here. I mean. He's good enough he's good enough to win against Florida he is good enough to win against armored I think he's deadly good enough delegates he's. No longer have with him he's no longer I mean he's playing now lame duck season semi sensibly. There's three games left and hit an in depth in his ten year that's it so if you're if you coach OO if you Matt Canada the go aren't that we get a look at the future. That is miles bread at her right now miles where did he committed LSU when he went back to put the full court press on him. And they got him back so that that's how much they think of him. As a future quarterback feels tired you have to get him ready for next year right now. If you takeaways that men burger Ellis who has had a quarterback he's finished the entire seasons and Matt Flynn every year you have to switch around quarterback every season. And you really have to. He's that statue stats on the old regime though that's just that's to meaningless number because. Who's in charge now in particular. The they have had really a quarterback to speak of anyway. I mean it L issue is that the big narrative around L issue in the last. Dickey and a half has been who'd they have at quarterback. JaMarcus Russell might be the only one that plane and that was a that mixes well open. I mean come on who they trotted out there that can go out there not just as a championship caliber team but what they're winning team like it to Shawn Watson. Like others that that. Often when they're not let themselves right to carry on their backs erected a seven and a guy credible evidence system in place really for the right to do that. Right and that's I mean OK so. In a game like. If you're facing an Alabama asked type type of team. You better have a quarterback that can make a difference otherwise not be that team is not in right now last I checked. The cultural chairmanship goes through Alabama and some way shape or form. Well coming up next we'll talk to call Q public about it college football analyst for the SEC network and former Auburn tiger. Right after this on double cover on W double. Iraq Jackson's second half of Thursday night football. Seahawks a fifteen to seven lead on Arizona what we didn't add really touch on was. Just how much the rest of the NFC. Our cardinals fans tonight they would love to see Seattle. Get their fourth loss of the season talk to a college football now little. SEC a little LSU vs Arkansas -- and a Georgia Auburn millions as well. Breathing cold Gillick now college football analyst for the SEC network in former Auburn tiger cold subsite. We're grace we're grade we've got a rivalry game here. This weekend LSU Arkansas over in Death Valley although most people expect this on to be a little lopsided Colin. Is it perhaps going to be the last stand for red mile. Good question. I think the cup prep. He can make the case against some movement on the speaker where there will be what computer at all. It is skip on. Pain at the athletic director and stay on our own that they grow into court she yelled. It won't give Brett another year. Is it that equipment gonna continue and I would probably expected to be a move. Let's talk about Notre Dame at three in the cal football rankings how legit on the Irish. I think their religion other equipment has grown at a certain outlook and intermediate or even on the night the all. Really non core. And to guide. Standard that was cool I'll call you understand how to make proper assistance. He's due to on the best profit on college ball got a big physical back. Combined with the ability to move the football athletic Erica did you have a year so. Not my concern with Notre Dame poured it on keeping on it and be physically they indicate the team. They could spread them now. And as much more athletic that they are. The problem that can beat comedy teams like that that he this year they're quite a lot of teams that sort grounded out. Article thirteen Georgia Michigan State in each day even though. Radio that there's still quick vote this mr. Eugene he'd played on so. I think the matchups that favor Notre Dame. This Miami team will be more athletic. Well they run the type of confidence they can truly give nobody beat it consistent and. And Allah for Auburn tiger Cole if you look at coal Hewlett onto her out small analysts. For the FC networking Cole on the top sixteen right now only softball playoffs Alabama Georgia Notre Dame Clemson Oklahoma along Wisconsin. Who's the biggest pretender of that group. Oh. Written again. Auburn and Alabama Alabama Georgia and Clinton Oklahoma Wisconsin. Well. Pretender and maybe not as good a football fever are pro critical when you're on I'll say they were content it is. Were counted at the rest of those teams by al-Qaeda. Are also a problem with the master next prompted but it. Maybe we may may be we think they are and we don't know yet to be approved yet a third possible. The local home with a bit fraudulent and I think your office is fantastic and their quarterback brilliant. And I think they have a really good offensive line and to defense is Hispanic and attic there in the football team overall so. If I'd pick one of those people to mention that a public trust the the sale all of look at us now with our commitment they are what they have to be successful. Connecticut the better person to be successful doing. Than Oklahoma does week in and week out there knocking at the principally between Egypt and the policy. Coke and we see a two loss sovereignty if they run the table now that's a big yes. They were on the Taylor going to be the first two loss team to make that top four in the college football playoffs. It's not debatable. You got a game it's gonna play. Out I can't vote into play two different number one that release. How they ever now that it happened in if they beat Georgia Alabama scored one that they beat with the state. And openly to double teams two different team we couldn't look at George. They don't have to win backing in the SEC title game right people. Especially when you look at the quality losses LSU on the road good off the injury control of in an epic that have been at all or having coaches. On a college football playoff committee in a look at it say it and cold like a bad decision that mr. Wagner that all the and the given to create the fact that the coach about it. As the backed up article the second epic game record holder in team and the Clinton beat you to support our partner for your seat so. I don't think there's any about it because you're essentially with those two little or not the sort out of it. That's one spot that now we get to those that came into play and other two teams that are right now that's a spot that actually grew up they beat Georgia. I think that it'll work itself well if you look at it two it's easy champion but played two really good teams it has winds of one country. I just don't people now I don't think it happens but I can about it but it. Hey Al co Q public tackle Q click on Twitter pals while analysts. For the FC network here on double coverage also for all of our entire coal subtle debate force here. If you're LSU and coach and goes on he got. Miles went in the future waiting in the wings Danielle in the final three games. Woody goes do you start to lean towards you get ready for next you'll Myles Brand or you stick with Danielle. Think you probably develop some sort of acted without pre game you can reps. It's probably. More beneficial for him to give more reps in practice and that didn't happen opinion of your quarter. I don't think you punish a guy. Because he's not having the ultimate success. Because he's older. And Danielle Page. In Iraq dumping right way. I don't think he'd just been two guys to begin ready for the next year they've agreed to meet at punishing someone in the tunnel program. Dumping the right way on a believer and understand a lot of bands he got there. Well known and Dakota are anxious that coach or a job I give it standard. By Cox also love the players and understand how to take care what you care about. Are gonna be executed just because he's not going to actively that they. To do a lot of the things he's been asked to do so. I think you'll get a pass its credit unions and equal reps even more practice reps which are probably more Bible right now is career. And you let them begin preparations dates for next all the Boca shall be just as important not. More important media that would appeal discriminate more appeal alive. He dubious that they practiced a little bit longer than what we're school that we could be an important. Cold wrote quickly Europe against the clock let's George odder and you think you're tigers get it done and home. I think there's an in February. He. I think the Auburn defense can absolutely keep Allred gave. They call the line can have success against order all on all of the order depends on you know as it's set in our offer on it. I just cannot force myself to trust what the offensive game plan and play calling will be. It's been too much rollercoaster I've seen this play. A steel Olympic Games and got out on yet I can call pork game. Look no pardon or in a year ago would the second apple. Village it's your own this game you go out. Here. Hate being on her opponents and in big games like didn't think it ties. And Georgia is just too beautiful ball seem to take back into the game and attitude that we can work. All really appreciate it man got to run thanks so much. I. Good stuff from coal Q will it cost the wireless for the SEC network and former Auburn tiger he can steer his in a tiger love there. Here's talking about. Is Auburn Tigers in my follow on Twitter at called Q local to have Monaghan Christian. Pretty much agree with everything he says leave Auburn does win out and the units BF they they absolutely deserve to be in that top four and it's just amazing to me. I know you and I talked about this in the pre season and everybody Santo at the SEC's down mr. there's not going to be very good outs I. Second of Alabama and those don't hold on here and is ridiculous Hussein in this. But that's is absurd and it's turned out to be now. Christian now I lost Christian Christian on the Thailand tonight. Aren't. I'm here look so I think that. The wanna say that it is how good Alabama is ultimately in the end on top of that you have teams that does cannibalize each other. In the SEC opposed to other other pop cultural balsam. It's it's a statement it does it make for 45 years than not they're not down it's just that are that good that they just beat each other the brutalized each look at. Alabama and Georgia the top two teams in the country. What conference they plan to somebody please remind you that right now it's the FCC's so don't tell me down. It's it's insane and I don't I don't understand where people would get that means in the best conference in college football for a decade plus now I don't know. What people would steer make them think that all the so in this conference who just beat down for no reason all the Big Ten the big twelve whatever conference. In new low right now. That's all of them go on it's kind of wishful thinking. That's wistful thinking you know what conference is down right now because the pac twelve and Oleg amber and I went to a pac twelve school whatever it is they go around this conference is going to be so good get out of your bats they're more bill Kooks bit. And I can get a team and a playoff. Badly USC should all I guess maybe if you SC wins out maybe that. None I guess and only a two plus lump Santana they had two losses on a sand now there's no no ligament and don't please don't put the Huskies. Stuff but this is America and thank goodness I can't do it. You know are being asked him called Q lacrosse guess your Christian do you believe in Notre Dame he did believe at Notre Dame. I disagree than what he's mean knows a lot more about it than me bit. They're schedule has to hand a minus they sought but hasn't been great and I just every time the last twenty years every time that they him and given a shot. On a national championship stage now the college football playoffs to Hage they have just utterly failed net. I still agree NC recreated I just don't think there on the same plane as an Alabama Georgia. And those claims in an Oklahoma of those Tennessee just don't sides I firmly believe it or not. Go back and look what was that three or four years ago they place when he faced Alabama meant high tail was on Saturday team they were hyped as old as the team that could be. One of the best golf ball history. And they got pummeled. My deal loses I think Notre Dame always its overnight. And they also have that one hiccup lost I think come this weekend it's it's Miami. Within that one hiccup losses towards the back in the season that ends up proving that the fighting Irish are. Just not that good they're overrated a lot of weights it's Catholics. First the topics this weekend in Miami. He asked going to be great. I think Miami this at home and Miami is an underdog at home here. Now speak and have a paper soft schedule as Miami certainly had went to this point it's gonna be there. Biggest test of the season and the rest of them aren't even close I guess you'd say Virginia Tech earlier in the year when they were ranked spit. Am I ever come back man they've got to go on Mark Richt there I'll have from Georgia. I think it's look it's last time last minute it stopped and as a blows a butcher. Which Jones there. About eight years in them. Now let's say four programs. I agree. I'd take a break here we come back we you'll update you on this Thursday that playoff game. Playoff game playoff game yet there's an apple ball game between the hawks and the cardinals. Talk a little bills saints taking your calls Bible for 260187. It's double coverage on WW. Things you know little wild and wacky. Out in Arizona. Outside registration so I get the intent of the rule that if you are hit in the head the officials seizure hit in the head he can. Basic order you off the field or you to go to the tense. And get checked smear test of the rule obviously with all that. The head and doesn't trauma than the CTE scandals in the NFL. They get the intent but what happened here was Russell Wilson roughing the passer was called against the cardinals he was kind of hit under the chin strap. So the official Walt Coleman sends a loss that was it was he sends you off. And Wilson who says I'm okay I'm okay says no you got your of the ten he'll literally runs into the tent. Car and then runs out of a tip like dat A the name's David ran and ran out random act on the field it's situations like that it just weeded out that. I get the rule but it makes it seem a little insincere and forced at best. Well look first off how about dangerous mean he's just that. What do warrior he's as tough as nails he took a vicious shot as I alluded to and that's Liederman that's what. It's a guy's that's the bigger thing for me a look at this go our yet maybe it's disingenuous or are. And tents intent of the rule it really isn't all that. All that being put. I just have so much respect for Ross Wilson meant I'd. But I love watching him play outlook watched him lead I think he's the best leaders and certainly what is best quarterbacks that football game. Tough as nails. Yeah you can think he's he's right there are Brady Brees. Wins I guess now are your boys Carson -- yeah well for best by the sort of actually giving. Yes. Excluding Aaron Rodgers put. To enter right now. The army car sequences he something else to men that. Hello I'm casino wins is go to Seattle here and in the 23 weeks sunny out glossy though what I wanna see for for a Seattle though. They have to help Russell Wilson. He's certainly rusher. That's their issues that's going to be there on doing all their penalties in the post mud and help the Duane Brown. The all pro left tackle went out with three sprained ankle so they're planning to make a fourth string left tackle him are there that shrinks they would show ran up and aliens. Gave a half induce Seattle career and sees entered. But you're you know what's funny you know it's funny yourself as we talk all the time that. You know the reason why the saints are competitive is because 19 rate means the only reason why Seattle as he Haney you know what. Is because of Ross was. I know their defense is really good. But their defense is that is kind of getting a little little apparently there are also pressing. That's what's forcing these are over because there offense can manifest enough points so there you've seen him give up a lot of yards. At times because they feel like their play hero ball. And I think that's what Russell Wilson the Seahawks team would be in these big trouble yet I just love. To go back and remind everybody who thought Russell Wilson was overrated just a product of that. You know I agree defense than all time great defense woman wants to rule said he wasn't really good news tonight tell you it both ways and now. That say about the Senior Bowl interaction I had and I I you mentioned amid the tell everybody what happened yeah okay so. The Senior Bowl Ehrlich about 2012 I one needs twelve is were here. Yes and here about when it's well. And the Senior Bowl mobile is informal and most guys out there or is there you know. They're college car there at their college years go our players' views with teams. Russell Wilson walked around the Renaissance Hotel. In the lobby in the second floor there in sports ensemble sports coat and jacket. And that's what's go to a sports jacket and tie it in aerials and he just struck you as a guy that was going to be different he just. He was used without saying you know what he's different he is something about him that he had to project the CEO kind of image that. So many teams look at and then if you sit down if you set out talk on union struck by. His passion for the game also his intelligence. And his maturity so. I spent about 45 minutes for them. At that time I was just curious about this guy Russell Wilson was for baseball player in the planet Wisconsin. In minutes stay. And eighties you were struck by how mature he was. Right away and I said it well watts amount attracts accidentally. That cat is going to be NFL quarterback in really good ones and people look at it he's undersized froze on me. He's you're crazy and all of bowl C Russell's turn it. Yeah it's. Mean his arm that. Hall of fame are kind of like a lot of these young quarterbacks are I know it's a long ways away from that. You know the thing that he does better than anybody else which is it still amazing to me with his height. He is statistically in these advanced analytic christened the best deep ball thrower in the NFL on it is your clothes yes he's the best out of the pocket and nobody knows that. Yes he's a great runner. He's great under pressure but you would think. A guy who is only you know 510 Anson changed any man those you know 6566 office flat they don't have to open on the ball downfield but. Best deep ball third in the NFL and kind of crazy to me. Still you know the whole time in mobile that your members specifically because. It was so obvious. All the scouts were saying I don't like how he throws. You know he's because he does have an awkward baseball on delivery he throws. A little bit differently than it whales how winds up right it will any push the ball that's what I kept hearing here was a kind of pushes the football out while. He's an extra accurate. And he's a winner that's where I think these scouts over think things way too much I go look go interview I think there's so much similar from a quarterback. By the interview by how much you talk to how you put won't choke or does he know that those can be read defense there's so many things that. Go unnoticed look at Tom Brady in the sixth round why because. Whose testimony is that the bill. But if you watch him throw to and a biscuit you do right away. He hit series arm down synching with with with Russell Wilson. He did look pretty throwing a football Italy John Elway and Marino. That look like you know a lot of the Joseph Montana and have it with throwing motion but he gets it done a lot of ways Russell Wilson. Comment on the opposite here like gush over it sounds covers over them put out the big fan of watching him play. Now it's the great quarterback she should watch flail I think you should gush over the same way I gush over Erin Rogers. I know he's an NFC rivals the saints and stuff like that but I would have we all know how much reload Drew Brees we talked about him every day here that. It's those quarterbacks who just do things that. Kind of make you'll wow like Rogers like Russell Wilson like Drew Brees those who doesn't which is kind of weird end to mean it doesn't do a lot and I think he'll look he's the goat right now is Tom Brady doesn't have those kind of oh my goodness had any makes a row. Kind of play are not take anything away from him but. Those other guys Christian answers. To some special really this reveal ahead and take a break here Richard Sherman down. In a lot of pain here for the CI access not good news it will come back little tick six action. I think what I'm two games up on 103 games up on Christian things tighten up a little bit to do that connect those of you close that gap there. Read back into double coverage. Seattle's a mash unit here in this came Christian rock there's football. They lost five players' injury for starters this game there left tackle brown they're starting quarterback Sherman and Griffin that they're defensive tackle chair and read it. And also CJ pro says to Tim's erratic picked up in Tennessee football. Now you didn't pay April's. Replicate government gather data are really behind a pick six and we push the next arsenal have two. Don't have to rush through it here text line is 87870. Here's some vital for I think England patriots fan that. You're out of your tree on Tom Brady his highlight reel is filled with jaw dropping throws. I don't know about that I would I I feel like it is said Summers ago in my line is no question with what he's on the post season he's the biggest. Are the best big game performer big moment performer I think we've ever seen in the league I'm not in one. Way back Tom Brady. I think what you mean sets is that. Like Aaron Rodgers for the goalies. Yeah out of platform throws a yes but you're right looking to Wilson thrower on the road and Drew Brees often drop in dives I think Tom Brady just mean he just lasers the ball in there he's very accurate but he hasn't had those moments were ego. Wow that was a deal. And through Leo he was rolled to his left throws across the field we see their writers do that stuff. Yes exactly that's it's a great point he's made a ton of big throws big moment throws. But I'm talking about the throws it like that nobody else on the planet can make like. Nikita said Aaron Rodgers makes those are some things Russell Wilson does a some things Drew Brees does that I just think many fits in in these windows the topic and you and your quarterback can. A little less now than he is last little arm strength but. Man it's it's it's got to leave the hide the pinnacle of quarterback play I know it is the NFL did you think it may were taken it for granted this is gonna continue. Now we see what probably 56 Altman quarterbacks are now playing in the league. I hope so. I hope so because I love what degree quarter play. Ice water so who. We upgrading of threes we got Rogers right who who's the next guys is Roethlisberger got. Roethlisberger. Is media Russell wilt and Russell Wilson now sees as well. But is it deck press got its car supports charity golf. We start witness that these efforts in between your between those generations. For organ down that way I just think it. It's going to be a few more mean we've seen him now that it operators start to emerge in particular consequences in the year ago. Tim says Jimmie graph below ones about steel lives as the two super wal Sweeney about Eli. Not now he's at least now he was kits they'll leave without EL I though yeah I mean do you also ambassador. Yeah that's he would choose a yes without any quarterback who has Stoops who rules often near. In my life yet put some numbers needed for Sherry yes the law first ballot easy. Now I'm I'm kind of I'm kind of split on him bail out like a Miami man feel I get some hall thing. Breaking your for news to come back lab picks six read the top of the hour and then we'll talk to Jake Madison about the pelicans lost today but pretty good road trip. Three the last four games sinden 500 after a dozen games played this year.