Is LSU Football on the Decline?

Kristian takes your calls on LSU Football.  Will they win more than 7 games?  Do you think LSU is on the decline...can they recover?

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Rolled out along an hour to welcome and hope that I had a great fall Thursday. Full I drove an F 50426018. Semi text 87870. As promised you guys were patiently waiting Kerry Joseph from last hour let's go right to miles on the road what's going on miles you're on W him. What are you you so. I am. And I am I'm one. Point that out would like take away. Years. All the binder. When I minor. And fumbled ball right at at. You know it on the ground. That are. Yeah I'm watching the game as a kid. He saw in him a number he had in the ground to think back to back years ago Campbell. Oklahoma memory here but it back to back years you saw the fumble in the dry. And it in Cleveland the Cleveland. And it. Egg lately and back and sort it out there you know I yet. That happened. That year or more at stake boy yeah. And Ellie you. Go. Here nine. Yeah. You see the nine wins. Mean. So you're back so you think I think only two losses are Georgia and Alabama. That would probably be that we. Yeah and go on the road and beat Auburn. And they've done before park. I know they've done before but can only do they do this year I know it's the SEC but the talent disparity. And I. But he. Opened its score back entrance urgent is going to be. Oh yeah opener but it's a pretty neat and did you eat. Out and you know we ate Cole. And we ego and that joke when they did we ever. Now evil. Print. Out. Miles I've been on the there are different varieties over here for ten years I and every year we're asking the same question. Who's going to be Ella she's quarterback it will be Joseph borrow but it's been this narrative which is. If they just get a quarterback I think just get a quarterback and have anti had a dollar for every time I heard that I know I got. Dear all we all be rich they need to get they need to go out and really. Recruit. Need. What while out or whatever and I went to court Gator coach whatever. Roma and that's what we you know we just know. It's easier said we don't know that he's just a done and what I know some Cotto fans will say well. The quarterback development was a less miles promised not fair to put it on coach though until his guy hits the field well we'll keep dry he recruited Myles Brand Llewellyn are cease. Have a feeling. He's Eric. And why recruitment. Well my point though is that. You had for you had it you've had two quarterbacks you've recruited but yet you have to take a transfer. In to be the starter. So how good are corduroy. Look toward eat that ultimately. At. All. It's frustrating Delis defense I give it. And a year. And miles thanks meant. I agree a bit Louis and Dallas was gonna lose your on WW well. If the number one bank. Belichick when nine games. I think Vietnam. It can be deprived yet but he might be opt I'm pregnant and leave it. Two days. What is the dog and operable quality that you think there and do. Why would you say Auburn and Georgia not Alabama is Alabama should be the first lawsuit should dial up first want. Because. If you. And particular members. From all the law and eat it pretty Alabama all of them chant and that they re. Hold if it's not. Out of the. So what are they and they haven for the last five years haven't they haven't done squat against them. And all they've hated. My dad's overrated Lewis as far as a player a player and our players hatred of another team doesn't make that. Team. That will live to victory that is make of all we hate him so therefore we can beat who we're gonna go to. And I have been hard independent patient about not looking to walk. I still think that they work hard they don't like him and that but they're just not better than. Alabama now this year I haven't been for awhile. It argued about illegal. Every good coach. People not bona a great deal I want to break open. To want to put more added I am. He went to US GE. The team that. At double gave the brickyard turn them do you bowl eligible. But of course like that. Because of this it will become from hot. And what did you make a call to got our our poll do. So they aren't and you talk about you come out they overlay that millet frank Wilson go. So you're saying that they should look at him to be the head coach. Popular issue apparently there's been put them on what we got him at all but quantity of elected big. Picture approach. Op out to the pollution. The public about coming to do it because at that you'd have was. Arms cut and that big big. Ball workload like you have. Been what god not a good ball come. I had an opportunity to be a head coach. An opportunity to be a head coach I don't know that just putting and as the OC. Would've. Tempered that enthusiasm that opportunity he had to be a head coach of a football program. Well you can bet that more people would be those. Trinity I'll predict it. Became. And I got to Google play what is sell off on that Barton looked the whole Matt Canada experiment went. Oh you know when amok and it it was just bad and it now that the relationship between you Cotto was sour. After a year and after coach who's drawn when he got the job promising that they're gonna have the best offensive coordinator in the country and and he hasn't delivered on that and I think that's what that that's what the honeymoon ultimately ended. Where is the LSU fans and Cotto is that we here's the problem that a lot of coaches that's why a lot of coaches. In these press conference settings introductory settings in general. If he if you hear that he paid to some they're not promising anything. They're not that that they'll be very very low key they're going to be boarding. They're not supposed to be except that that's mostly rock rock and as we get rob rob this is what this what happens you end up making a. Thomas that you ultimately probably can't deliver on and we don't biggest draw in your face for the next two or three years. Such a coach who did most of his first misstep hours on village up promising that the best offensive coordinator in the country and in deliver on and. I'll see nine wins Lewis I just don't. Messier sure. And I give it Alabama. They hate Alabama right. That's got assigned to make a difference and how much they hate him as an immediate difference to whether they can beat him. But the difference will be a coaching to I think nick savings about a coaching goes to a drawn. He Al coach less miles for years yet recruits everybody in the country he's got more talent than anybody else in the country. More than LSU. Cal wins. Alice she's not and not the more talented team I know upsets can happen get that. But we've been done by that for a couple years. But I don't see how see LSU upsetting Alabama should dolce. There's one loss. I'll see nine wins. Calcium being George. As a loss how Symbian arbor. Florida. We stand on that Arkansas on the road. Math I don't see I think bases got to write seven Wentz. Relishes this year Marty Metairie was going on Mardy on WW up. Christian what which sent to members and they claim it make props or did he never. He brings them on board charger award you brought on board never told you what they're gonna do you gotta give in never doubts. Oh. Most coaches in their inner introductory press conferences when they're just taking a job are going to. If anything under under sell there and I don't play the car allowed I don't know what got to work it out force debt that's an issue got a resolve etc. etc. That's right that we decry. That debt than they look much better ones work and actually you know most of our little on. On the court sense and hopefully I'll buy you get rid. Our affiliate for me it's the one not chilled by now I can get that aren't I we're sure that machine. Our our remember like yesterday ever want to wobbly open about their talk about injuries but I doubt that. Like you probably I watch that our community and then I'll never seen anything quite there yet if I could eliminate. The there was any of the one. Jail by now. Alia previously lost in the salt yeah those console ought to get there. One way and Martin mention to you as compensation occurs what are the ball let you know so. Mean that's the war in. You go. I'm sure that we get certain ones like the war. It's going to be. Seven want to get enough of those seven wins get enough for you Marty. We know this coach Joseph stick around if they get seven wins. Now. I wore a lot of people that while like you're like 00. What rule come however I got on board K between new but from what I actually. It all comes in the improve in many ways. Bringing on they're like you should and other transfer to me. It. It gets to be. In our guys about what you call or point out and we would sign in the albeit one we did. That we did Coke job. Compensated for ten years. Junior 10101010%. Ten years and years. It's that we could use incarcerate people for two years and years. In and we just our dialog mentioned we've done and it's been a long term. Zack and arm was around he was a transfer uses his Nestle transfer I get that. Thanks to the phone call Marty preach it to be stranger got a text here dates and mates and I knew this was coming and knew this is common where did you go to school Christian doesn't matter. Doesn't matter where I went to school I did not go to LSU but I didn't go to Alabama. It does not matter the point is that if you're if you're upset at me for just telling you when I think as I see it. It's not against LSU static I'm I'm pulling for coach OI want LSU to have success. For a lot of reasons it's great for this region is great for us it's great for the fans. It's great for the university. One on the fail just telling how look at it. Roll away Christian amber writes mystery. Exactly. This is sports talk here on W two well enough and aka the other come after you pretty go on tax lines. Are. Fine I hope I'm wrong. Alyssa writes get on board Christian when LSU. I'm not gonna get on board when aisle seat. A bright future. Not a look out for and I don't have to be on board. I have to tell you what I think allies see it and you call me you tell me is this program. On the incline or decline right now for LSU. We know she Dirk there are people that are more excited about LSU basketball. Then they are about LSU football the more optimistic about how she Basilan and our football these days. Tell me that. Is this program on the incline on the decline right now are they stagnant. You tell me 5042601870. Text 878 cynics and I'll tell you. It's on a decline. And I got a text said. Oh well Christian could they just go the young guy after coach go and have a couple of rebuilding years. This is LSU. Nobody you'll rebuild. In it in the SEC. Especially if you're go I mean if you're going after the the likes of Alabama. Rebuilding. Means. And at that level. That means you might not ever get back to that while that's if you rebuild a college program you know rebuilt you can't can afford to. I mean look look at the Gerry DiNardo years. The program was. Garbage and exceeding came in and and resurrected it and bar to a really high level. He left less miles comes and maintains it for a little while he'd decline it's on it it's on another decline now. How many wins for LSU this year. Vegas has them at seven over and under be taken you over on the under and is this program tell me now that they are on the incline or decline are their stagnant. Kind of holding steady David Metairie was Blondie you're on W him well. They I have to agree with ya think they really going to be gone and it's been it's been for years now actually and you look at dot SEC teams. Building up and Powell ours is like Georgia. You know Texas is even gonna. Do well now in Alabama we can say about them. Thank you know I'll issue it is it is going the wrong way off even standing you know it's basically not we're not proven and anything you know we we losing ground. That he he's being insolvent include and so law. I don't know you know co totally nice guys every day by. Do you like music quarterback issues in jail in this day I don't see nothing change in there which had chance to maturing as far as you know being in. Come in and you know knocking them dead hopefully that happens but obviously the confidence in net. To bring troops aren't that I so. You know you gotta tell legged you know mileage Ukrainian but in you know you can't Turco were without did. Which is seen. I exactly you know you or you watch him you know you want to. Have a good game and they played amity and anyway tickets and it was in the game was you know. Look it's a realistic expectation in what Nick Saban down there and Alabama. If you go against Alabama. Ten times LSU should split them they should split. Five and five. May indeed they LSU fans last like it's a rivalry. When they save in Alabama. Get a win for to be a rivalry CBS news update our local news headline sports talk continues here on WWL good bomb go back there amber. Phone lines open a 5042601870. Text 87870. Is LSU in the in the program in the incline or decline or Connor remaining stagnant. How many wins for L issue over and under is at seven from Vegas. You taking over our the other. Final four to 6018 Sony tech state 7870. And have Raphael spark a spar as a professional handicap or with doc sports services join us right now rob Gil thinks that the time we so appreciate it. Not a problem. Rafa also over and under wins for LSU it's seven what's what's the reason you guys senate at seven. You can read it. Outlook I've pretty much optimism on immunity opened up with Miami near Miami that reporting privileges that we won. I think that mile anarchy in the back and put my money adamant look at me and feed every minute that we you know polished. But I just don't even go past. But in the background of Auburn Georgia Alabama. Ultimately that he's the he's going to be even better and it happened battling at eight which is right now L issue. Lot of young populate the quarterback could mean surprise a lot of people would do wonders. And I think it's going to be more of course about these builders so like that but that and being put him hard again. Where are they where they'd be favored if you if you look at week three against Auburn all over they before relish be favored nagging. I don't think of the paper cited. An immediate community and now there. I think it could be that the price meaning that you you know Alabama diluted. All of the main. I really as well as that app. I think all of cabinda and pride in it you know I'll be watching these. OK so there's in theory two losses right there right 33 games. In the the Ole miss in there which you never and I. Yeah that a quick look at what. Would omit it. And Asia begat the bigger question Mark Wood pellets used. Then obviously you got Florida the following week on eroding gains though they would be favored there either. We I think they're all we're doing appropriately. Right now and I think we had our Alex you elect war. Maybe a five spot on that impending on the schedule all of them before that game but yeah I think Florida Libya's popular right now. Three straight home games after the Florida game he got Georgia Mississippi State and Alabama. He get that do you think you'll be favored against Georgia or Alabama and how clear though they would be right. I don't know I'll be either one. Gentlemen we Olympic break up the middle middle of the schedule all coming up a ward and put a lot of be read. At Florida and a couple of tours that number could be he could deal with that important swing and I'll. How determined how would that. That alchemy against what I have that circled on my might it not because that went on tour and went that it is because I think that number could be that the template sweep. Depending on how LSU played. At the swamp. Down to sonic go down the list and and figure out where we're at a loss is Mike come and where the winds might come. That's Obama talked about Georgia Miami Auburn Alabama they're not beaten Alabama I don't care what any LSU fans says unless Alabama just flat out does not show up to the stadium. And forfeits that killer whale policies beat Alabama this year and aside from some crazy miracle. So. Who or who are some of the teams aside from Alabama. Course of the teams this year in the SEC mission Alderman who are some of the teams in the SEC that could surprise with with even bigger win totals and maybe a people thing about. The of course. What. Makers. That we have. Typical work my book it is ridiculous that you odd numbers and a mystery I'd like him at eight you could tell people that have an app. I was elected leaders he. I think it could be. And it he's been a lot better when I'm glad that there an app but I bet are I think in Arkansas is indeed. A potential I have a QB Arkansas. That you. Immediately available in November it went out on the speaking. I like him going to Arkansas winning tactic and me waiting it race. You'd Kremlin you know and again that the pigment they got back at that. I think Arkansas might get a team like that has greatly human blob. That it didn't doubts by your allergy meanwhile are the words he did. Rob hill spires of professional way to cap with doc sports services. Add VS I doc sports on Twitter. Run el Amin I don't know I don't know how how can LSU get above seven Wesley and others what what do you feel like could be at. The wildcard then getting above that seven win threshold. I think. That there are that they court them but it could be. A three point oh were pretty. Well at some point they're a totally different. But I'll that we mean eligible people at reading and I came at me. In Quebec community. We're out there were one run upon. I think that indeed the greens are about provisions of the quarterback in court at the side of the border in. Art and already seen them on a boat and get big ugly cornerback in puppet into little more. I mean. Log on to get in any. I get quarterback. David piper -- that the big. And maybe you'd. Like if they could beat tech is you know mental blow our own remote and on and amp. A minute that he Indiana lieutenant Pete that would be popular in the opposite commitment. Issues that they can I mean Internet. I think. Great quarterback into these immediate. Eight. The eight I think that relies on an impact and the only human. Eight wins her as the Max. ID but yet we waited until I mean that all of that and about Butler did you know members the polluted too but it did. Alabama and Arkansas. At the little in the buckled number. So late wins Coachella and those drawn. Can't survive that can't. I think you've gone this year I mean and that most of my reasoning is that nine. And I we've well I mean do you think it is and what it is still I think we're I think even in Wimbledon and Tuesday. Rob feel sparked professionally handicap with Cox sports services good insight appreciate. It. Will probably come back for Ryan Mitzi. Cobbled text here at age seventy eights and Christian. Is it okay. Where is it okay. To be LSU but now like she ends 9% go with their heart not with their knowledge of football and listening. And over the Seles you stuff let's talk World Cup soccer well and the words of mine now eleven year old he'll Lleyton. I know McGill. But just not for me. Ryan and his city what's going on Ryan you're on WW well. Irish. Wore a bowl game are all. All. Equity didn't. Yet what all so in ignorance that old Newt did you called. Please 02. And oh. That Joseph. We went. Bryant surely there's a theory that they can win but if you are playing Alabama today. Who you bet on who you put money on a few even if you don't gamble I'm just telling listeners who would you put the money on board. You read it LSU. So not to just take your money in the thorn street. It's great export. That's that's also weekly sports athletes also and I know I don't tell the team looks like I know the best. Better team looks like I know the better team looks like right now you can't tell me that LSU is anywhere close to Alabama. There's been there all whoa where you land between them. Both Oprah. Audience. You. Team on it's you know. It all go off but in the Olympic girl. But it would be donated honest Brian they did that just like saying Marcus Williams should have made at tackle. Yeah they should written. Bryant mean to say that any that argument of any time you line up you can beat anybody look. That may be a theory that might be true in some cases. But. LSU and Alabama they played today who won't put money on I'll gamble but a lot of money on. It's clearly Alabama and I know I'm not an online a look at the tax line right now and I'm sure there's going to be five on the coming to say Christians a closet Alabama fan no I'm not I'm a realistic LSU fans. I missed objective. And you can't tell me write you your leg near your leg and your your your phantom. Control your head. Don't what you don't don't let that happen don't let your emotions affect your judgment about the LSU team that he just heard from Vegas. Seven wins and Max eight wins. For LSU team maximum eight wins. The Owen Honors at seven. Go look at the schedule look at that schedule and Florida. Georgia Mississippi State Alabama that's a brutal stretch. Artist are up week three. How we want to start off against Miami in week three got Auburn on the road who wants look at it objectively please just. Like off the LSU last a little bit rail a cell phone what's going on radio on WW. Interest income and that and the let's see your national sportscaster. So here are true at other LA saying it. You. Can tell. What program. Option CD. And let you get. It all mean well. And. And push back real quick it was that. The blueprint from Alabama as we with a dominant defense and an okay quarterback. You don't need a star quarterback you don't need that. She had to deal haven't done it. College. And you wouldn't answer. The court match at. An option as she did. Now ray I mean look. I I wanna Rleal would love this and appear in look at the schedule in Saint Louis yeah. I think I'm not going to lie to you go I'm not going to lie and say oh yeah I think they get nine wins and ending get Terence I'm gonna do that. I hope they do. I hope they do but I don't know if you want that conversation. Go to a local watering hole were all on LSU fans will say that to you I'm just not gonna do it. How are coming to market our state work in 08. When an option important. Chatter apple. Finish in the top five every year it's a different school. Should try a little about its would be should be. An amateur in Europe grow. Which I'm sports I played well but what you want. George sports apple relish. Any it played Alabama but out here. Ray thinks of the focal thanks for the kind words are. He met. I come back for captain Alan Harvey the sports talk here on WWL IMF and aka I captain Allen Harvey was going on captain value on WWL please call on sports talk. I don't want. Well while back and I don't achieve based on the EU and Bobby and I can you batted in. I'll hold debt palace you don't get sick in victory she. They'll get above the six when special Dow down eight duo or not that I don't know. Housing that's just look at the I don't think there's still one. Totally against the grain there you're not please Obama when they know and under sudden. Nobody alive can you give me a lot but I'm about Japanese island. We will. And I city jail India out of our governor and now she. So you know what they would do that if and only sixteen game. They don't play sixty games that would be 79. Well long. It was date and by. Nine exists and it's not sane eight to 99 wins but even if it's. If eight wins in with eight wins and a bowl game has it goes on survived that can't. Oh. We know fans and look it would it would just be coach show. It would be the athletic director as well and that I don't care I know it's June and always to go but you know what to look and as a look at this roster yet and that's a talent at wide receiver. Quarterback exposed to be Joseph borrow he's not I'm not a miracle worker won Texas said oh he gets you two more wins he gets it to nine wins. I don't see LC a transfer quarterback coming in beyond that much of an impact in his first year just don't see. Just in his office. I hope I'm wrong on hope I hope I'm wrong. But USC right now will come October. Come October we can be having a conversation about who the next coaches. For relishes. A good. You can't convince me that the program is on the incline just can't. At best it's stagnant. Actually think is declining. Terry nuance you lead off next hour also veggies more and come up as well from direct the sports talk here on WW LA anathema daka.