LSU Falls To Notre Dame In Citrus Bowl

The Tigers fall to the Irish in Orlando plus the college football championship is set between UGA and Bama. We talk to SEC Network's Peter Burns and's Cody Worsham on the latest from LSU.


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Howard assumed. Web site a lot of college football coming up for LSU's loss in the Citrus Bowl and orange when he won the seventeen. And their fallout now. With us their coordinators. And I say coordinators plural because the news tonight about Dave Moran beginning possible interest from the Green Bay Packers. To throw their defense of cornyn or job vacated by Dom Capers he joins of course Matt Canada who. All the reports target it's Canada outs as there is a huge rift between. He and coach at or drama just wasn't able to be repaired sept eleven Kristi Erica Kane and ourselves dug in saints too if you want to say it's against Tampa's in the NFL playoffs phone lines are open. 50426018785042601878. We're gonna talk to Peter burns of the SEC network in nine's one inning Cody worsen the tiger rag. And 940. About the LSU. Tigers and well let's start off and your fired up about this Chris and I heard you induced talking about it. On Friday. That's this rift between Matt Canada and in Georgia Iran. Is. It's unacceptable. It's it's surprising it's it's mind boggling there's so many ways is described this phenomenon are good for LSU envelope lastly here haven't you go ahead in the media and general Wesley during and then go right in here. This is a coach would what what what we're last. And inexpensive I knew AG two young hot coordinator you're gonna be the savior of LSU's office to be so had been rather it's gonna suddenly you've never seen the. Or the best offensive coordinator that that it's in the Lee and in the country in. Would be yet. A Mandelson head coach would resent what we hear all I I'm here at LSU because I'll learn from my mistakes. From moments I'm not to medal I'm not I'm elected coordinated through the coordinators Amylin I'm a B I'm going to be the CEO Obama on the head coach governor will you know let them do their thing. What we find out that after Detroit lost he and Joseph Oliva and Matt Canada had to sit in the office and haven't who buy on sale now. I'm not doing that let let's let's settle our differences okay. And now we saw yesterday where Steven smear was supposedly column plays over Matt Canada Hoosier offensive coordinator. And it just tells me. That this is a a program that's going through what their fifth or sixth. Offered a quarter or six years some like process I believe for a day what ever. There's no stability in this offense there's no identity in this offense because the head coach wants to play a power running style. Pro set offense which doesn't work in the SEC. A lesser Alabama because you don't have the athletes that Alabama hats. And what does a dozen or college football. Will tell you beat Alabama in recruiting. You're not gonna play that style offense you have to play the quote unquote. Gimmick style offense which I can't stand anyway act eat the idea that something's gimmick. When is proven in and tried and true and oh by the way there's so much on imagine of crack offenses that scenic college football. That there they're so afraid to lose to go against what is what is. You know Alabama's offense they don't wanna go against that because it looks boring. But it works for Alabama because they have athletes but. Oh it looks like a gimmick now does it work or not at IU is a head coach and those Iran willing to go against the grain is sounds like you not and you as a coach and knows Ron. Will say I'm not. Kennametal of their offense you said that but he will live up to that and then not doing that it. It makes me go all right fine you said that. You delivered you did not deliver on something you said you'd deliver on and now you go through an offensive coordinator again that you paid three million dollars for. And you payless miles seventy million dollars so as a university you're paid twenty million dollars and who's at fault here too. Not just coach Joseph but Joseph Lima he signed off on this OK I think the program's headed in that very very bad dark direction. Yeah well I so I do agree that Oliva despite coming out come out of this smelling. Like roses he's had his hands and a lot of these tires and yes he approved this news certainly in their own discussions of Mac candidate of course the Iran as well on. Putting up all the money mean these coordinators that highest paid Corning duo in the entire country. Why it's and Dick wiley Deke Bellavia wrote a deplete a piece about this and he blames a lot of this Sunday Miranda as you Rihanna Jolene have now come out tomorrow morning on WW dot com. But I got to push back that I don't really claim Miranda for this this seems like Canada aren't. Sorry. Oliva only I don't blame Joseph Oliva. For this one by all indications and everything that ivory and everybody who I've talked to has. Severe ear inside of that program said that he'll leave. Did everything he could to bridge the gap between these two and he was not happy with how this unfolded. That he's not going to give the money to coordinators again like he has before. That coach Joseph in his hiring is going to be under a much stricter in shorter leash. Then he was that a bit Rupert and I and the idea episode of real quick I also Christian. I don't know that Mac candidates completely blameless here I was don't I think that there's obvious is an ego but we haven't gotten into with Matt Canada and maybe his best serve somebody somewhere it's. Maybe so but. Casey's did you leave isn't it isn't really that I don't think Jolie in my book and he's digital watch though right NCAA DT so go to digger don't agree that there's some. Degree of culpability from for Jolie because he hired coach though. Right it's on his watch who then in turn hired Mac and a so he's not totally off the right not completely. I don't think it's with but let me put this in the business census what I think and right so Joseph Levi is your CEO. And your department head to break easily was over all these programs in this department if you department head your program directly say is is that north. Right when he hires the talent that he thinks can begin in May have friction and an hour drama once you're done is that really the CEO spot. Yes you know like the CEO Ali had to do was open checkbook and trust the guy that he put in charge of that program yep enemy at the same time I think that. If you're if you're first time AD. Go through your first coach and then your file vocal of the more but. Joseph earlier Majoli who fired last miles. He hired is on he missed on Tom Herman he missed on a couple other candidates he missed on off on a few guys so I think at this point it's. All under the microscope I think it's all fair to examine the bigger issue to me though is. They are nine win season. Right for relishing the loss to Notre Dame that the better team than Notre Dame. They look like an ill prepared team special teams can't convert on third down on imaginative offense Wyatt wise it on imaginative. Because and those Iran is meddling in that so much to so as I heard. Earlier this week today and be separated. And goes on in Mac Canada had to be separated in bowl preparations because they didn't agree full philosophically. So how do you as a head coach. Go out and hire the best coach and then on an interview room and then I like what he says I like where he's laid out because I Mac candidates said. Hey I'm gonna run this pro style offense this I formation offense and they totally changed in spring practice. Why do you think you and I went crazy doing this morning. When when we were like hey why they closed us out why can't the media go to it because and it goes wrong Saud said I don't like go on CNN it. So at that point you go wait a minute how can you say that how can you be this. Against it when you hired under the offseason. And look at the tape look you knew what kind of offered deported you're giving and they used to Ohio I don't but many still have a problem with it you run a different style fine. Don't tarmac Canada to run the style of offense that you want we know he's not a run off and yeah. And and there was obviously a huge mistake made at the point of higher. Here right Christian a massive mistake questioner George Iran and and by proxy and mr. Olivera. The thing now is. If you have that much friction and again this ride don't think Canada is blameless I did you not care how much you disagree with your boss' decision. On the offense read this goes and any level at your boss. Once too. Knots motion is much not throw the football as much and a certain game you all that I'm voicing displeasure you don't get into a fist fighter near fist fight. In pregame preparations that does not happen right and again I. And here's the thing Christian poet is because a limit because we haven't been able to talk to coach or run a court Georgia Iran. Is maintaining a pretty tight lipped about this and he's not really doing interviews and talking about the said he really shouldn't you may candidates likely still employed. We don't know the full story we may never know the full story must we get some amount of the players in the staff once they moved on. I really would love to get a sit down with coach shown people inside isn't sick. What really happened because this is all hearsay that we're talking about now and I agree with you almost everything he said the coach Joseph does not come out of this were very well it looks like he mismanaged the higher it looks like that he. He wasn't able to settle differences with a really good top flight coordinator one of the best in college football are at least one that we thought was an up and coming and be the best in college football. But I. I kind of and this is maybe I'm I'm flip flop and an Ambien a little cross fishy here and I just wish that. I could larger reserve judgment on this until I hear from coach Joseph after this firing after he moves on and I hear from other people on the program because. It just smells like to me and I think you would agree it's smells like there's more of the story the morning. Nady OK so I'll flip on you mean. We watch on this show that do we want to tell you hey. This is what we wanted to be. This might have to be. No we set right you you told in our interviews. Is how I see it is how I'm gonna be Miette bankers that are exactly so it's nice if Alan okay with that should I have been like always. What you what do you value and on top of that no I'm not okay with that and if a one okay that taken restore the other. And it's sort of a no by and large did you and a compromise I would compromise so. I think it's completely hit it centers around coach I know it's centers around and those Ron who said. I'm not gonna metal I'm going to be that I'm I misstep when I need to tunnel at Dave granite run the defense amoled Mac generally offense. I just think this smacks of the hole I learned my lesson and moment. Yeah I look look I know a lot of coach shows people in his ability to buy what. We blood to have coach Joseph on here and just explain this as soon as Matt Canada officially moves on my you know next week where our bread and come on tomorrow arched up toward a set beside Peter burns of the SEC network and talked to him about his great semi final games yesterday double coverage on WW. I'll welcome back. Perfect I am not for us to bring in Peter burns ESPN SEC network. Studio anchor doubly important that Christians Amir timeouts and there was that person. Mean I think there's as coach shows an idiot three back less miles no look here's the deal. Hate I hate to say like this until mcsame retires. Alice she's not Armenians and there's not yeah. He dominates the SEC in will as evidenced by his what his nineteenth. National title in apparent I don't know if I Nomo over exaggerating but it just won't matter that's what's frustrating is there's nobody can compete. Was less mildly with what we knicks' David in the S seeds can happen and Peter burns slocum on an app Peter burns ES TM thanks for taking some time now what do what do you make of this. And George Ryan Matt Canada fiasco we are going down. Elegant they don't know two Kirby Smart real quick that nobody again akin can't compete with knicks' David though will will see that on Monday night we'll welcome to the table they walk like nobody can. Annually compete and nobody can I. And and that's and that's the and that's obviously why did you both Fisher just got paid that by the bill that's why gamble could jump the border that's why. You know it down and happens they're hoping that not only this season. Is that recruiting class the the bowl coaches had to beat everybody's commitment to the king and become the king you not that that arena from the wire that that whole screw it nick Sabin. And that I mean look the David look the fact that you've got a bunch of vehicle that it. Coaching because you know look that you'd you'd you'd beat the students you can beat the tar like get what eleven and no it is the shift that that means. You know at that thing in the moment and thank you yet it may be while ago because everybody tries to build not what look out now. And at LSU because he kept being stubborn about that so here come back Canada at that great hire everybody's all that excited about it. And there's just been this kind of the force. Between I think kinda too headstrong men in in in an overdrawn and in in Canada and that's all there is never click to like a lot of people bought they would run off. Peter out on some of your rant and rave about how coach goes wrong last year when he. Took the full time jobs and I'm not coming hire the best OC and invest DC in the country anomalous data and everything else. And we saw a metal in this do you think he's truly the reformed coach that he says he is always that kind of car hyperbole. I think honestly it's it's funny because I Ackerman went oh took over as general electorate if you pay changer up we're gonna have a lot more on. And in it it was the agreed that that all kinda came together under and anger and whatnot it. In LSU football this kind of thing different between two French and I remember talk and oh this spring when a Democrat Perugia in that would that. Minute ball that the guy that I could tell it was already. Okay let's get them hatches this is not the buck will be fun. I was pupil ball that that we saw in the election here or not I think. I understand that because that's the big job with his dream job diplomat about. But I will say this is no different than me forty years ago that this job the anchor for that network I would spear. Blankley no and I'd do it and ever on television. Now. I at least I think I. Vicki good enough by house on in in everything couple buddies your will be. Yeah on the road I think that's not to what any person whether it's hosting radio or television whether it's coaching. SEC west Opel in in the greatest conference in college football so. I like burn them honest I wish what would happen at this. Is LSU won that game ball and look good oh and Canada took a week off they went electric couples retreat somewhere they just hatchet now. Because I think Ellis you'd better would Beckett and I think packet has better it would they'll issue. I just so vote that will be the case. Yeah all reports are it's Canada gonzo and maybe in the next 14 hours or so talking to Peter burns ESPN SEC network studio anchor and look it was look pretty easy for the SE not easy but I gotta tell and the SEC in the college football playoff. And an absolute classic between Georgia and Oklahoma. Georgia scores 24 straight in the middle part of that game to come back to win in double overtime that was a special football game Peter wasn't. I mean look that I I go back and thought you know USB. And taxes with the bench yelled ironically the gain up a ballot the L game the Rose Bowl pad. In in I didn't know if it ever beat top that it it came pretty close to being. Just the adjustment that Kirby in the bulldogs' date second half of baker mayfield and you're not talk to some people are sort of ball ball that day at favor rep for the planes in. And I asked what like what do you know what what turned. In the end they all they all respond with the same thing they say it if Oklahoma that would kick. Right before out and they're not able to get the is that the beat five yarder from like in ship I don't think they went back today I mean that that change he says it changed the middle. It changed due to boot in the locker room all but the appointment as the two score game we just stop well we score which state did. In the way that they play in the second app was was incredible. Pia burns night. One's own pita pita bird Peter burns at university as a New Orleans for guys out proper report. That called me. But mode of course pago Peter guards at Peterborough easiest paean. Overall do you think the college football selection committee got a right here with the two SEC teams and because Alabama was the pork. It with a four items a lot of debate whether it was going to be Alabama or Ohio State and Alabama beat them one team in the country. Did you know idea of how to write a threat at L yet they got to write in in that's what they should've done and and mean let the guys who have been a whole lot easier politically for the committee because you know what it. Ohio State won their conference at Ohio State we we have a team for all. Other major conferences not the pac twelve which is make it easier. They said no I mean they all looked at each other do we have a job to do the job at the but the that's fourteen in the country in the play off. And they did imply Alabama. You know destroying Clinton the weight that they did. If they prove themselves right I mean that look and a lot of ingesting at all but Clemson. You know defeated Alabama especially if they did Italy but Alabama with the help BP there. They they look scary and again that's why would you brought up earlier everybody chic and surely been in now Corey Smart stuff. I'll speak gonna say men what are you making him bring up the B scheduling here. Of the college football playoff he was out today Al whining about only a week between games and cement. This is this just seems like can make it a little pre excuse Siri knows he's going to alana. There we a lot of Georgia fans there he's injured more injuries coming out of that game it seems to mile I've we've seen this from Saban before or right when he goes into a gaming you know as he might be a little overmatched. He starts to auto before what do you think. Yeah I'm I think with the device at anybody that complaining it's Georgia because that they're going to not get it done. When L game again in Pasadena. Like cross country and now. He's ready for Alabama who basically. A quick 45 minute jaunt to Atlanta Lola Moore are from from Tuscaloosa so I don't think anybody do word about it I think. This is typical they've been that no matter how good things are happening there be soak it all upset with the the it works for and ultimately everybody has different motivating. And I would wanted to talk to writers and studio earlier today we showed. And I think Kirby reminds me if you put capital Sweeney. And you put Nick Saban together mixture into the yeah that to Kirby Kirby Smart is Kirby at the fun of oh the players but he also has the cure is that. Well Nick Saban I think. That that's a perfect fit you know I think they applied their goal I think monster now. Peer of Israel equipment. So what should Ellis should fans expect from coach him going for like what's the expectations. Expect the unexpected and I think that Google could thing you know what what what can tell that you do right now they do that's why. I'm not upset about the candidates which which and they they have to find await a quarterback in in his while spreading going to beat the guy I'm too old he is by. But I'm not sold that and I just looked objects from eighty or the Rose Bowl with everything on the line and guess what. And they just elated just feel the top were crude in the country I mean everyone's story a cheat quarterbacks. That's which beat LSU but at. At one and paralympic team you know and so. They have to find so one so now so let the court to change a quarterback position in baton route in killed in a political matter. Peter burns slower thanks so much for joining us Manuel seal Ron SEC now Argyle basketball season Jim Hunt him announce who LSU against Kentucky tomorrow. I better get back on their operatives abroad wonder where I'm. At bat or not at Arkansas. Are people. OK glad there goes Peter brand DS in SEC network studio anchor always a pleasure at Peter burns ESPN. On math on Twitter. Man he kind of aggressive that's everybody's is that I kind of shaken their heads in this important I'm Canada's ailing wall for here's Bill Clinton hate to say like this but. Do you see coach will compete in the MP knicks' David. And here I don't see any moto knows anybody OK right but Klamath rivers orbit at a and a Wii yet and we get the break but. Hot topic about the break I just feel like. There's been an there wheels manager sir tale CBS news you wanna join us final four to six so 187 the phone lines open. I know coshow that's fine in all the bravado is great it's easy this day. But OK so that was coach O after the LSU lost to Alabama this year. Do you do you see it team when I wanna know from you LSU fans do you see a team that is headed in the right direction for twenty feet. Do you see a team that is quote unquote bombing. For Alabama and end the answer to me is no there. They're not any more competitive against LSU now than they wore four years ago three years ago two years ago. Last year when they fired last miles. No they don't look at that. What are your expectations here that Christian. If they play Alabama on the expectations. OK so if you go by the talent they can recruit. What they should go recruit I think play Alabama six times split with a what was the last time they beat Alabama I know I get what was the last gonna beat Alabama chance when he Antonio lemon. Torre eleventh so was it six years so there Owen six meetings against them lately OK so fine here's a deal. Being competitive to the point we can beat them three out of six times or 50% of the time. I just think the idea of. Oh we got close like I heard this Milledge things that drove me nuts how can you say oh we got close out the goal is not be close to beat them. Is to beat them. I beat them. And then out recruit him and here's the deal you're not going to you're just not so for the next ten years five years however long that save his coach in the Tuscaloosa. You're not doing that used not so it really doesn't matter it doesn't matter who you hire to just go that's. Why agree with that hard because there's only one Nick Saban. There's not you're not going to hire a guy. That's going to be Nixon was not gonna happen race he's a once in A generation. Football coach so I am for right here's my view on us. For LSU fans. They get upset that they're not winning national titles every other year like Alabama is just unrealistic. Now it's flat out unrealistic. Why aren't I going to do you are not going to. Magically out of a hat hire the next Nick Saban here. He got real lucky it happened the first hour and Randy got Michigan State comes and we know he would be Nick Saban you have them. For half a decade he won the national title in basically recruited to a second. Right but free you know and I'm talking you Ellison is my personal view. If your expectations. Are they use should be beating Alabama every year and you should be winning national titles. Every couple years in my humble Leo here. You're going to be very unhappy fans in the next decade and you're setting yourself up for unrealistic expected now that said. I don't think they're consistent third fourth place what bush is in the FC West Coast is also X that's why I think there's a happy medium there that we exam found it. So now you dial back your expectations right yes so unless Alabama has a really off year really off. Bad recruiting you're tenancy analyst nick saving it's the place in which she may or may not how things in his DNA. So now might be and I think you're right Seth where because of how dominant this guy is. You might have to reevaluate your expectations for a program where you're playing in New Year's six not necessarily maybe your plan for possible playoff. But. This sounds like a defeatist attitude. But you really think you know beat nick statement consistently. The answers no bright and now so he retires and they need to remain a retirement there to win one out of ten to that and 20%. Be happy with. So now it brings us to a bigger conversation which is is there truly parity in college football. Look at the last we talk about the trilogy clintons and in in Alabama right Clemson lost Alabama to a three times. Yeah I did last year the national title game. But two out of the four teams. Have been there for awhile now. So it seems like it's Alabama. Clemson that is everybody else so is there really parity accountable. Is there really isn't really about coaching our players in college football and the answer is it's clearly about coaches. Because you have a great coach Nick Saban I think you have a really good coach in it in Davos we it's becoming and by the way I think when it save a retired guest is going Alabama. The guy who played there guys go to Clemson has dabbled Sweeney. And here I look ally down a lot facilities makes him. No I don't think he's going to be a guy that's gonna when you're five titles and connected. I don't either but I think that those two guys are the Echelon at the upper Echelon with I think. Urban Meyer and and and Jim Harbaugh to a degree right below of but there's no parity in college football we should you throw a fit about no parity and and pro football. There's more parity April football that are a 1000 political I'm I am the spoke at length about my issues with the current system and cultural while degree there is there is not parity and Ina but I would probably the system have outwit. I have a problem with. The illusion that there's. This college program out there that can knock off Nick Saban perennially oh this is the year come because we heard that this is the year of Alabama falls back. It's the three yeah. There have Aaron event GM Brian and everybody else on the phone lines sort of gets Ian national talk about coach oil issue in this SEC. 504260187. Is number also talked could worsen coming up on doubled errors. And I cutting horse I tell about books yet you did I don't think that was sub Manassas on the promo. By Red Sox and a happy new year. Hit it unlock doors or just to bet this message tenement socks the G inside Errol quickly G go ahead. Have premier. Let's. You know I think you'll leave. This got a lot to do this problem. Searchable. And I'm not not pretty coach show but he did this whose dream job to. Show. Why day department. Data model one. That might charges did Torre's job. And Angie you're out of that I hold Ali finish but I got a break and it is now now you're in your hit in the spot with me. Just because a guy says it's his dream job doesn't mean he doesn't deserve fair compensation and by the way. Coach goes paid a round very modest amount compared to the rest. A big time college football right if if I had my dream job was a landed a major network in May hire me. And all the sudden I just say yeah this is my dream job come work for you guys I mean they can pay me pennies on the dollar come on that's not fair. Gee nothing else no the other thing that's our debt hole on rear hole at a polo. Cola. The other thing is that that I heard this week is always a local boy from a by the Haitian people form I don't care v.s from organ. Park or four slaughtered well war. Nova Scotia okay well Nova Scotia if he can't win the good thought differently I don't know but he's not the guy out here he's local and gee let. And they were saying. What can. Watered Julie debris off Sid you too. Except. So these differences. Will surely we are actual money. We are he'd. Jim but they are that looked thinks of the collier could worsen getting a bit what they did he'd. This is Jolie is a local mall here yes because he was certainly approve the higher. But I'm still on this defeated Jolene. Oh we've added that mid season. He brought that you guys into his office said this is unacceptable as a ridiculous figure out there and get a figured out. Us three encoding portion near editor for tiger red dot com covering LSU football on Twitter activity or some Cody. While a whirlwind about. Let's 72 hours yourself. With this and that what your thoughts on this that wholly owned unbelievable and I know we've on the line with just spots on this Canada order your on fiasco the Japanese man. Almonte first sir you continue on. To. You know I. How would I found like two and a half for too long sent them to accept the fact that that but that. I look at all the information on all those those two guys than. My my my thought our one year and that's this. We called tiger at the grand experiment where you're depending head coach Lester in the court that more is gonna take more active all rooting. The coordinators and take a more active role in guiding their side of the ball and what year and your priorities. Cutting off one of those coordinators and and probably pretty constantly. And it was via in the book that the other coordinators. And the guy that you aired at a bus on fire so. It's not a good start. It's not a disaster about it bouncer fired when you're. Well I mean if you ask me a year ago tea act in the last year doesn't really. They pentium believe is that its success does that help so a couple right now is that. Things certainly are going the way it. In east policy think would hope but that doesn't mean it's it's beyond repair. Like Cody you've got your ear to the ground this program a lot more than I do is. What they were trying to figure out is how culpable as Mac candidate in this is there an ego thing with him that he came in May really weren't entirely aware of his ambitions and and his zeal and again this is a gorgeous and talking here is nothing verified but I'm I just want to know from somebody inside the program. What's above Matt Canada house how much easier fodder. Or oh from what I understand that you know he'd you know I keep your back adults at all possible. I'll. In as per and correctly the player speaker Hialeah. And that's not just prom with service of media think on that I do think earth so. They're market ego yet again urged he hardly great college coach police at all. And unity here were backing. It could beat up on. That we just don't know about. Between two minute treatment Tom but here's what I do now. Candidate for the job you have that occur it's Pittsburgh where he was. Very well respected. He turned down a job that he turned down job at UCLA. The Condo that you want it all end. War games that experiment. Utility in the long run all the way to eat salt. I beat forget that he and again it could start that. He really want point five million about it you just about anything but. If I had the other options and I had turned them down because I had been promised something and then. What an article in the neck problems has broken community predict it. I'm not that much. And it will probably take it back pretty good. I'm. So is their me you're there may be good I think it it's impossible to work a little bit and you're already been hired back by byte code before. You know he had that he's at them stated that stop important the last. But if you're these kind of doctor Albert pat argues the bigger. And Pittsburgh they're completely get along and so. You know he may have meego unity that the battle. People. You. Cody war smack Cody worst month what are editor for tiger rag dot com covering else football Cody so okay fine if it. It thinking get along and make it work but does an oh draw allow Mac Canada next year to implement. What makes is often the best that is some of these. You know these exotic formations the shifts the center of that ever would so love with for the BYU opener. Here's the thing and I think as part of this it's so publicly. Broke with with that order in order to. Quick practices quick hi in your heart of Oprah. Calm act Canada's all it takes our new doll he's. I did on all these ships all the practices but problems like stroke earlier year. That's like a complete Phillips tropical met and probably some that you that it now. Well you four point five billion dollars though. From what we see here dale won before deciding iron he basically went down operated job. Why is that conversation I had before you give them or happy in your he'd one day. I would view it on the proper or would be practical things if you're gonna do so they're them. It is probably some other than personality written so. A. So gone for it here and minister reality recruiting season signing period in the next off season. Its edges LSU how does you fix the problems that they have is a C program with the direction the arrow pointed op. Or have they fallen another step behind the Auburn in the Georges along with the Alabama here and SEC. Yeah the waiter at an earlier in this community kind of a year of stagnation pros you and that means that your and at that awkward. In that probably didn't altitude that background and it. Stagnated popular for a program that great progress or are they did back. You know that it went six. And yet these yet Moses did out well. But the combined record of the team they beetle he's in 46. Core so they weren't exactly winning a game that you all are now get. You critic in the problem with that aren't that they don't want them at a water department contract and the often called me. But you know it it wasn't what a great year I don't think even really good year you are unacceptable. Brunt of the middle. You know second here SC he titans beat and he's got all YouTube. I in recent years so typical get back in PD magic you brought it closer. The finish recruiting class well right now there are critical in terms of rankings it's well. It's probably better and the ranking it does address the needs but. You know that just objective fact that that it ranked very highly. You know they got our ultimate coordinator and quarterback in his class right now there are some issues it hurt the global. Don't mile Brendan and them being really good quarterback that pretty much fixes everything I mean look at any comparable program in the country you've got a good quarterback. And in Pelosi could have really could be as picture I think. I think get everybody back they'd be pretty much it. Com he got a quarterback and a defense that mutual long lines so it. It feels like negative further away than that something so but they're also kind of right on the link to one. And not this unit of the Beirut in either direction and closer to open up or either. Could endorse him happy and a cameraman and it'd be a very intriguing next 4448 hours see what happens Mac Canada. Our I had Cody worst months what are you an editor for tiger rag dot com covering. LSU football go ahead and break here we've got its. Couple of the people on the phone lines and its your calls and text online's final four to 60 when he simply what do you think about this. Matt Canada and or your on. Tough tough fiasco. S a fiasco of strategies to whereas that gas at three times I'll say it fiasco so colorfully awful proposal. And the best day. Coming back here in zairians say they lost this year iron I Mena. And Julien fired up about. Coach Joseph here. But the coach Sean who gets taxed out there hear his side of the story in I guess since I. We don't know how to spell think I there are slim fast. I come at me on Twitter yeah. To go to the phone lines dissident at this pace and desperate Kendall like what the plot subjects and. Oh come on guys like I'd like to Asia and from two years ago because on the acting in from Coachella. But I thought what smiled and governments cannot make changes on offense. In an unwillingness to. That's different now. Less growth less miles refused to fire coordinators she refused to. Admit that he was wrong and those lines at least on that when I have an issue with is not that he's willing to admit that. That's fine that's what good I mean it's a good leadership does however believes it also. Doesn't say how much higher coach let him on the offense and then four game or two ago I like this shifting now like this on that okay. Look out they likeness. When they hired me here. Menard sent here they don't tell us what we can say it'll say hey you should say this you should say that they they turn the Mike over to us say. You paint the canvas however you want. That's leno's chair. I understand India to bastion but there are boundaries right there are guidelines set minds because of because of what could come about if we say something stupid is that I don't think that anybody would amend or repeal back this cardinal little bit right there's some times when we stay out of the political zone because. We're kind of drag that. Probably about a sports show yes absolutely I completely agree I'm not. Mad about it I mean like in the Ramos sports and that's our expertise yes yeah they tell us hey it's it's you it's your it's your playground it's your sandbox play in it however you want. Throw the standup who cares if it's yeah I mean it that so I think that that's what good leadership does well that's a good management does that you'll pay. We're hiring you to do a specific job doing your job. And if you do poorly denying commitment if you do it it's not poor but you don't like it because it's philosophical. Differences then that's rout pushed back eight. Operations manager boss whenever hey look you hired to do this job I'm I'm producing so what's the problem now it becomes king is is it about. The production a Mac Canada or is it about that philosophical differences between those were on and that can't and Jason go ahead we're step hollering parents that. But I think it's about to quarterback I think becomes an candle want to make change. Because yeah India Italy couldn't throw the ball only mechanical. It's wrong. And total woodland. And it's missing because Cotto took over at the coach Pete in his record acting and Albania. And everywhere like decree move we keep it all will be immediately been per. And static kill realizing that he didn't progress and you see that and just trying to open. Because for women won't like it anywhere. That's him. And I think handle it to do I think killed. Like we're gonna keep doing that. And that's why I think it happily. I have seen in the second quarter. I would now and you. Are hearing to. Senator senator my license corner we miss Santa or eight weeks Beijing's. Critics who want to see him go Jason. You'll coaches you know where the coaches make these mistakes these bowl games is on the ride or die with the seniors it's their time. They got us here they should they should go up. I don't agree with the philosophy. You're job your charge is to win it though bowl game I don't care by upset a senior. Whose outgoing I don't care if he's Lehman the program so why. There's nothing that makes that that that bowl game and obligation of Brcko. Well Lucknow this works both ways if you have players now saying you don't wanna play in the ball game because it'd be and he might your engine costs you money. Then darted it works both ways in the coaches don't have to have loyalty you either apps or I could sell our small. List OK but don't you agree though that. Okay Dini a link is that the quarterback that he collected the best match up watching good don't go the other guy. I'd done a sir I do blood diamonds out it's obviously coach Joseph handle. In my view a little bit of Andy here responsible affinity down ailing Bret stubborn. Sought to Jeffrey on the west bank of stock but the coaching carousel Jeffrey go ahead. A Jeffrey Jeffrey. Yeah he's got to play in will be used to know that sometimes and Jeffrey Jeffrey. Yeah when I have to say about coaches. Figured if you got a vehicle to write that their delegate your authority and so also because coordinated. Their protest. Right you'll system that can be that the kid can't have mixed messages because I was I was not work. But okay well this up there OK so when Lane Kiffin was brought in Alabama. You and me and Nick Saban had never run that spread new system in Alabama. This is where Nick Saban separates himself from everybody else. Because he'll out Lane Kiffin to come in there and completely reinvent the Alabama offense. And won the title and got him to another one Jeffrey. Board where it and that. Have you ever seen nick they've. Served two tours the development coordinator. Of. Yes yes he do last night okay. Went and religious and when you don't want that it is but certain have a party over at all. Find that that's that's not over overall scheme it's over it's over hey now we're on the play here I wanna I wanna I wanna throw the ball here wanted look. I don't hire I'll call the plumber and say hey Clinton called my house. Fix my pipes and by the way I'm gonna show you how to fix my fight I go hey come over here I got a bad leak I got back up. Please fix it. That's the deal and I don't necessarily agree with the knicks Ayman sideline demeanor. But to say the union matters corners is is an umpire with his demeanor I mean it works for him and I'm gonna do obviously you know obviously doesn't work I SH that's not how I would approach that that's fine I now we're gonna go to break and yell at each other current. What do you do and so I thought we go to break. I'm sorry I was on record.