LSU Enters SEC Tournament

Monday, May 21st
The LSU Tigers enter the SEC Tournament as the #8 seed in need of a win to secure a postseason bid. Did the Tigers do enough this season? Hunt Palmer joins us and breaks down the upcoming tournament.

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In talking in our number two. What do Max the show while LSU this hour. LSU baseball entering the SEC tournaments. Meaning I think. At least one win. To make the regionals to get a bid to choose the College Baseball regional tournament from that selection. Committee we're gonna talk to hunt Palmer and just a little bit scandal playing in her before you Kristian garic cat. With pulmonary a little bit later this hour are Freddie a Mazda opinion poll right now WW dot com. How many games associate baseball need to in the SEC tournaments make the regionals 85 or any right now are saying three plus. I met as a make any sense to me. 15%. Are saying one. That is an -- vote here now here's what I will say here's why I think this this vote is just flat wrong side and disagree with my audience here I think together wrong out there. Whoever is voting on that opinion apple. Ella she's RPI right now is 44. So it's it's crept up from the low fifties we suffer mostly SEC season. They're tied for third in the SEC west. 500 reckon the SEC fifteen and fifteen with Auburn at Mississippi State now tie breakers make the number four and a of that trio. I believe what they need to do it they need to beat Mississippi State and they should be yet. That this could be aide de facto playing game for LSU. If they win that I think Marion. And RPI 44. When he came in the SEC tournament against the team with the 26 best RPI. In the nation right now. That's where Mississippi State is that by the way because that RPI Mississippi State is probably Carty locked up their bid. They're not gonna feel left out an RPI number 26 I think there and regardless. Now and I'm sure pulmonary never envisioned this season would hinge on a start from nick bush. Bush gonna get the start tomorrow. He's one and one is been good this year since he's been inserted in that starting rotation he's one and one what they three point 11 ERA. Now here's the rom for bush he's going to be its miss of State's best Fisher and chronicle intent. Who has been and a slew of these games and his crew member of the regional last year. Now she's record away from Alex box stadium right now foreign fifteen. Four and fifteen in a foreign fourteen and two road games are only one that neutral site game. Over ads. Zephyr fury takes him. Big about Mississippi State their resume they should give him. They're gonna play if they do win new play and nation's number one team in Florida. Yahoo!'s notation that one to now we're debating he doesn't think it's going to be Brady singer you're probably right probably all be Brady singer singer about a way to name pitch last week Florida. Bill with not rotations that everything locked up if they lost four games and her over the still the number one team in the nation because of the Smart voters there she would they without pitching staff. Social thinks it needs to happen here for LSU I is pretty simple. I think if you lose that game. Depending I guess on what happens around the country you may still have a shot but I wouldn't thinking yeah. Especially where that road record. If they win that game against the 26 the best team in the country according to RPI I think you're I think you're a lock to get in that point. Now the voters again at WW all dot com not agreeing with me 85% you're saying may do when the three games or more. And this is determined to get down about that. Took the phone lines here at 504260187. In talk about it Jarrett and shall met here on WW I'll go ahead. I'm good what's up. There they're there. Yeah I agree I mean I'll they're not citizens through the act they. Why. Pay. For it. Yet. That they. It's no. Yeah well I mean I great Jarrett. I agree that Allah I agree with you I don't know my audience is not democracy that is disagree with them this answered your wallet that's what makes an export stock fund. Jimmy take a lot of two lane fans voting on the point house was happening there than in some you know fans they definitely got involved in this vote here so. Right now let's see this is do you won baseball's projected field of 64. They have them in a regional. With Stetson. Yale and South Florida. You talk about a reason all that LSU wants to Vienna and the LSU fans want them to be and you want them to give him as the three seed in a regional with Stetson at Yale and South Florida. Now. That's the regionally you can win if you're LSU ball and to argue that point stance and scarlet course Carolina team and no one really knows about this year that could sneak up into the account authors but they're they're good team but Alex Hsu if they come to play they can be no absolutely right now do you want and have them is their eleventh best team in the country there's no doubt sets in scarlet. I'm just saying you're not going up against a brand name. You're not going up against a Texas. Or a North Carolina. Or at Minnesota somebody like that Minnesota littlest number there earlier this year to Texas tech's another one where they could go. I can almost see just ratings wise I don't know of the committee would do it this way and you wouldn't put him in Texas they played earlier this year. I can definitely see them in that Texas Tech regional. This Texas sect is going to be a top sixteen team. I could see LSU. Bear with somebody like will actually have a new Texas southern and UCL a shoo in Texas southern in that regional. Kind of like LSU's disparate views of basketball and as far as baseball goes they they you know sir excuse no matter what the record is they kind of get in sneaking on the matter what they make Iran. Kind of like oh she's that kind of scene where there may based on name brand they're gonna they're gonna get in because they're Ellis yeah. Yes you would think that and you would think they have a little bit of lecture really just because the fan base here. If you send this team anywhere within about 300 miles. You're gonna see that Syrian fill up the purple and goal. So yeah a little leeway here. And deal on baseball would think that is welcome right now they have LSU is a three seed not foresee but a three seed. Could they give in if they lose to Mississippi State's. I guess that I think they call lead they would need a lot of help though there are PI like we would drop low forties. A high forties low fifties. You don't want to do that you wanna assure yourself spot if they beat this is why you don't do we need to entry against. Tim if LSU beats Mississippi State. I'm gonna hammer this into our audience right now the 26 best team according to RPI in the country LSU is in the regionals period it comes down to this. You re agri I don't think jealous you would I don't there's no way they would out of the news you know it is they would have they would have a win and another road win I guess you could say and they would improve their RPI and resonate so I guess therein acting and I think they're gonna get three C I think no matter what a must then make a run it in and over again and beat Florida I think they're three C wherever they. I know I completely agree look I have to see the full fields. I'd have to compare everything for some reason LSU defeats mr. B statement doesn't get a bid I cannot see that happening. I just caps are projecting here in emerald the selection committee's going to do every single year we have snubs. And baseball and basketball whatever it is but it's pretty simple. I think oh she might be in the loss I think it's very Dicey and they LSU guarantees himself. A spot with a win what do you think he can text mediate 7870. Or you can give me a call 504260187. Coming up next who got hot Palmer host on the LSU sports radio networks talk about this. And then we'll hear from pulmonary talked with Christian Derek earlier today I'm Seth Dunlap is double coverage on WW. Put it back to the show old Seth Doan laughs with you talk a little. LSU baseball we'll sort the SEC tournament in Hoover tomorrow against Mississippi State. Quick update on the NBA Eastern Conference finals in the third quarter now Boston a chance to get single digits at the free throw line. Al more forward shooting to it's Sibley 67 Cleveland with the leads still over the Boston Celtics trying to even up that series. Let's bring in hot Palmer now hosts. Of the LSU are on the oh she Sports Radio network can't hunt Palmer 88 on Twitter about what's going on and it meant. Not a time the are coming here it will count as well as beating Craig and mark. Tech Yemen and there really is it's I had one of the best times of my broadcasting career last year at the regionals and super regionals out of the box it was just fantastic before you to that. Or talk about Zack guess here with you a little bit what's going on with tests ERA above six in his last five starts what you see him. Oh man it's not just not. Giving everything he and because we saw ago last year when you do that and be hearing that nobody could get well not denying that that in. Slider was light out and when he picked and down 92 with a fastball and injure hitting. And I don't know that there's a way to fix that he's not gonna development accusing her run because the pretty straight that all and the breaking ball is is good but. It's it's not born anybody that points so. Right now and Millard is the better option of starting pitcher number series the tomorrow on America handed with the media. But he might is that acceptable then in the game tomorrow. Because. I think he feels like one win in her. It did not begin LSU in the retirement and now would be instinct the what you look like it beaten come in there in the letter earning. Armored right now and and he just looked like a bullpen guy who's been asked to start because they don't have a better option and that's kind of what you seem when he gets out there. We've got to answer this question and pulmonary seems like he's lost face them as the starting pitcher can just kind of CNN's body language and when he talks about. Zack guess so do you think the Mikhail Hilliard now jumps tests as kind of the deceit teams de facto number one pitcher in a regional. Obviously the number one doesn't always go in game one but do you think that happens. Culminate never pitched it number one and first game all that includes wearing. TCU CL AQL. Pin. Did not use it here not a first game he held. Obviously you're the one against the 400. Years ago down final all under ground so. Oh the you know right now. That's not. Frontline they got a big winner and probably one game here senators McCain and in the ball game is when it. The acting EU would be kind of misguided it's you didn't think we interrogated at a point is it's better. Yeah I think so and so LII just argued putt. That if LSU beats me Mississippi State Mary lock to get in do you agree with that. Do I really a lot elected in a horrible piece that dvi and but a lot of bubble teams and you're looking like police attacked Michigan it'll only Iowa. Just don't have. Quality wins at all the conference records are better on state in in the big knock on I'll use the road record stinks the numbers seem that. Much better record records but there's teams are playing South Carolina Ole miss Auburn textainer on the road or in. Far lesser teams so it is. The committee wants to look at Peyton and say oh a few road record not a good iron will what we're gonna way to commit heavily then. Penalties in and about the trial where the metric. There are yet not awful migrated battle all compared with some of those scenes in. Conference records very strong you got it wherever Arkansas. Series whenever Texas won the big twelve. To me elegy threatening expects that better than a lot of it right there on the bubble with them by. Yeah I I think relative resonant strong enough and took on eleven it and and they were left now. Because I think they just wanted to get trained armed and and you know you'd be back in think they held on you being name brand. Article power against them and I think the resonant looks pretty good right now. It Palin tomorrow. It's gonna how and can't really Seaway regular. So it kind of sounds like you think they might even be in without a win I think that they'd be treading a very thin line that selection committee do you think maybe they'd get him out. Yeah rough rough week sleep Coleman area they'll stay thing in and they could look at a year. Sixteen in the comprehensive and accurate records and what ever born fourteen or sixteen wherever it is and that's. The worst among bubble teams that. So all the other metrics are in play at an and so it's going to be interest but it's it's it's a subjective deal they they look at a picnic and it's not something you can look at. It packs in an extracted out exactly so. When I look at the ball right now I think policies and by all eighteen technological bubble where it. At the ability do she's done some arms and lastly beaten. Go make a statement went for wrote on Europe via their spot and did you opt or more weight and improve that your team and that's a fidelity has made it happen and there are so. It's the picture not totally in May right now but right and gas utilities property. It's double covers on WWL I'm Seth Dunlap hot Palmer host on the OC sport radio network joining us on Twitter at hunt Palmer 88. For LSU fans Syria will be car Pilkington. Against nick bush and Pilkington. Not good against LSU in his career Owen three with a four point 09 ERA Ellis shoes for no against him now nick bush is you know. Pints he's been pretty good this year three point 11. Earned run average he's one and one on this year is this actually kind of a sneaky one or LSU might actually out of pitching advantage here I don't know I'll look at this illegal Pilkington. Amid cities it's got to have the advantage of an hour up. Yeah I don't know that I don't get that ball out on those records got a thing on air through his last year were totally different team. And in its original game you Corey. Or six innings and you finally got too late great it really yeah I mean did Katie waste oratory around 63. I was not well now outside the united. And elegy to match in the bats well against them but it is. Actually in the back in the earlier we weren't on the game he couldn't push this year. You read here the stretch out there. And pick and earned everything he's got tomorrow I think pulmonary. Allen on your paper you'd like to get one. Andrew Bergman in he put Florida next in that market archery law there are little more PR team that you can play tomorrow. When everything on the line look I don't know about goes or fail in taking advantage by. It seemed hooking penalties ring no. And Munich could sit on the ball really well last two times out. It's Caribbean area insisting game in policy generally on cougar with the ability to wait for insider played and so the new topic beat. Now a plane again and the pressure seems like it's a little greater. But it's going to be on and a lot richer. So we saw Zach Watson leading off the final two games of that Auburn series is that say the same or any other changes the line up here. Yeah I think you'll see in back in the leadoff spot and you know it's such a big deal would be if he's not on Friday. Watson and and the planet skip upper hand when those guys. They're humorous to proven hitters and those guys come through and play well look no job and the different beast and now you can count Cabrera has been. Fiddling her mind and I think if you think you can swing the bat well like that Jordan against really good pitchers he's seen here and easy seeing Ali gas or times. Oh top spot in the batting order is pretty strong but those guys that get it done. You're gonna count on how to use in Bradbury is so heartened and nick using those guys artistry and Allison needs their. Their best player out the order could swing the bat not the start ought. Post season College Baseball is here console I know it's your favorite time here like you just said don't enjoy him my friend. All right Ron Paul our host on mail she Sports Radio network at caught Palmer. 88 on Twitter again you can weigh in on the Freddie must defend people how many games as though she based on need to win in the SEC tournament to make the regionals zero. 12 or three cluster class leading our vote. If I agree with that here's the text in the final four and 8787 equipped ring and LSU Ballmer. Bad team wake up now it's not a bad team it's not a great team. And oh she had fortunately injuries have hurt we'll take a quick break for CBS news when we come back while pulmonary four in a threat pulmonary. Sat down with Christian Garrick earlier today. We'll do that next time south Dunlap this is double coverage on WW. Welcome back to the show. I'm Seth Dunlap it's double coverage here on WWL. Talking LSU baseball as they get ready for the SEC tournament. In Hoover Alabama that starts tomorrow in Ellis you'll play at 430 against Mississippi State's. Pre game at 4 o'clock right here on WW all will be on the air right after the post game that ends a little bit early will be on a little bit early for him even have a longer than. Three hour show for you here on WW out so pulmonary he talked to Kristin Garrick. Host of sports stock of Bobby if there earlier tonight it's here's that interview. That was earlier tonight pulmonary head coach for Alicia baseball talking Dickerson Derrick on sports stock. We'll take a break when we come back the preakness over the weekends. Justify. Wins again he's still horses trying to. Become just the thirteenth horses in history. To win the Triple Crown and yes indeed the chase. Is on or play you some sound from from the preakness which I think is one of the most exciting moments in sports. And talk about justify. Next concept Dunlap this is double coverage on WW. That was justified and winning the preakness and then Bob Baffert the trainer and owner. Talking about justified courtesy of Westwood One justify now. One race and one win away from becoming just the thirteenth or seeing history. And only the second horse in the past forty years to win the Triple Crown welcome back I'm Seth Dunlap is double coverage. Continues. And this is still. I think one of the V great races. When I say race is race for an achievement in Triple Crown when you talk about the home run race or the B race. Four other touchdown record I guess in football the race for the Triple Crown the literal races for the Triple Crown. In thoroughbred racing I think is one of the most exciting moments in sports still and now we get treated for the second time. In the last four years to adapts. Greats chase here. And on that what is it on June 9 in New York City to Belmont Stakes that some will see justify. Try to become the next Triple Crown winner ran on big he sees a 121. Favorites. To win that race but that's going to be his stuff the stats. It is he won the Kentucky Derby a few weeks ago. He won the preakness. This last week in here's Bob Baffert talking about just fine how he compares to the other great horses. Now the other. Great horses that he's talking about there. The Triple Crown winners for some reason they come in bunches. So it's 37 years. Before American pharaoh for the last Triple Crown that was in the seventies the last one before pharaoh American pharaoh was. Affirmed in 1978 in three horses in the seventies when it secretary at. In 73 Seattle slew in 77 and affirmed in 78. Before that colors at 24 year gap before secretariat. In 1940s you have four horses there is that bunch in 41 it was a moral away 43 count fleet 46 assaults. 48 citations. So maybe this is another. Little grouping here. Breeding whatever it is training. Maybe we're gonna have tutors three Triple Crown winners in the span of decades yourself. Here American Ferrell once when he fifteen. And it still is and I'm talked about this before but it bears repeating its it was one of my favorite moments. In sports since I've been alive and Sammy you're out there too I guess we didn't know we route their together. But we are out of the international beer festival. In 2015. And I knew the race was that David I'd kind of forgot him at a news the beer or whatever that it was bad exact moment I think a lot of us did and they had one TV out there and one TV only. In Canada at the center beer tents this is in champions square at the time. And just naturally everybody can go longer later around. And you probably had 1005200. People. Actually watching. That race. Just naturally all converged together and I remember when American Ferrell wanna Tim I know you remember this too. It was kind of jubilation for everybody your high five and each other we realized we had just witnessed. History. It was truly one of the great moments in sports then I can remember and it's rare yes it just happened. In 2015. But this is something that doesn't happen very often only twelve times previously in history we know we might go another 3740. Years. Before this happens again. We might so I know on June 9 I'm going to be there in that audience watching the Belmont Stakes and to be up. In new York and by the way New Orleans they are in the top ten in ratings nationwide as far as city go to author Tom Hadley was an eight point eight rating here in the city which is just massive. Television rating what's your memories yeah members of that American terrorist memory bank. I mean it was a great race remember that day it was really hot when and we all are Watson there never was celebrating the one thing I will say about justified is one of the horses he's gonna have to beat in the Belmont. It it's his first race of the Triple Crown events gronkowski has or is it thinker and how husky it'll be Grayson in the Belmont. I don't know if it'll win but it will be its since he had to say about gronkowski has a horse named gronkowski had gronkowski was supposed to run in the Kentucky Derby the thing what I got sick and it didn't run it was scratched so. Gronkowski will be in the back at the course thinker cast you will be in the Belmont and now we'll see. How does I don't think it'll win but it you know it's on us. This interest in store that's fantastic now lone sailor dale Benson source acquitted itself where just two links behind it was fifth. Now I am like the sixth place horse like twelve links on the way behind so it was a group mig group of the top five that was right there right behind. Justify. Its gonna be fun on June 9 now this is going to be his most typical race who belong to straighten here's a text. Right foot one in the south and 281. In Texas City 787 missile from the 281 a remember if the last track was just five yards longer the horse loses talking about the preakness. Bizarre oh yes was coming up. There and last for long or so on justify. But the tax continues to Belmont. Is the longest race and I don't see him winning that linked the race will here's the thing he's still a favorite in Vegas number 121 favor that means halftime joining halftime you're losing. It's going to be fun. It's going to be fun. That afternoon. What what guys don't Wear hats I guess. I think a lot of my women friends and to be wearing hats that day. I'll be dressed in my best and find somewhere to watch his little bit some the other on double coverage out before I know I will be they're trying to watch history happen. Again what sets them. But I'll have my money on because I was one morsel Weytman in the suits out so. We normal course away from getting like what eighteen wanna run or some there was well I had a fifty cents it's a perfect and I've been about seven or eight dollars on a combined with all the totals I had the seven by itself and and I had with the five to eight. And that too old eight came in second and then my for my third and fourth horse. I had the five in the four spot but I forgot to put the sixth at six in the fifth spot are the four spots ahead 78. 56 order was 75 eggs are seven a's 65. So I was one horse that flip flop away from when he missed a perfect which is what they'd like 380 buy a book it's so close. Cavs an eleven point lead on the Celtics six minutes ago in the fourth Corel update you on that next sunsets don't let its double coverage on WW.