LSU defeats UNO

LSU rallies from rocky start to beat UNO 14-6.


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In NC reject your radio on your Friday eve he had LSU opened the game the starting pitchers like can let despite UNR three Iran's why not. Yet first or two before camp Sanders junior college transfer. He did not even recorded out before being yanked from the game. I was three nothing right off the bat but at least Alicia came back in the bottom half of that inning. The tie things up and you knew right then we were kind of in for a long drawn out even began was in the sixth inning until Ozzy finally took the lead so. Glad to see they get the victory here for over UN now after losing to. To the privateers. Last season and getting swept by UN now what do we learn about this tiger team. To me at least the biggest issue obviously is still starting pitching. Have not going to be a solid performance from any of her solid pitchers yet. Bomb at least I will say Josh Smith shortstop who's out with a back injury right now. Punter accused filled in for him the freshman our heat he had a good night defensively and that the play. I'm so there are some moving pieces for the tigers right now. That are working but the only thing that they're huge is concerned for LSU. It starting pitching has not showed up at all this season and get some decent relief pitching tonight right eye anyway so I'm all right well are right it's just the starters haven't gotten it done.