LSU big underdogs against Auburn

Friday, September 14th
Dave Cohen, in for Scoot, talks to Publisher Mike Scarborough about LSU's game against Auburn tomorrow

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Back to the calls in just a mom number right now we want to bring in Mike Scarborough editor and publisher of tiger made dot com. Hey Mike I just don't. Big game tomorrow at 2:30 PM in Auburn the tigers dresses the tigers LSU Auburn. You know I've never seen people so unhappy about a win as we saw a week ago for allies here and the enthusiasm level drop so quickly like Iraq. After that big win over Miami opened the season. Yeah I think a lot of people looked at Miami and certainly was a great and you know I thought that was should be Miami that I think would be is dominant is. Batting a lot of people realize that Miami team was nowhere near being in a ranked team in the country. And then you come out against southeastern and and look the way she did particularly offensively. A lot of people's enthusiasm. A little bit squelched. But also many you know EU. Miami obviously it was a big game. You get copies instantly from them in the season opener at album and other top ranked team that's won thirteen consecutive home games that is injured or. And you could see the Super Bowl team would be -- forward to Nutley two. You know you know later competition in Asia. I'm gonna make excuse to do the first home game of the year and you know you play in front of him but still. They've got some issues and it's they've got to get fixed. Certainly until burrow in in India opted to not turn the ball over. They can start doing that tomorrow. But I just that you're gonna get a much better effort so you put the scene. To Mars and play a lot better than they did it last week. And. Well Digg the bogeys are necessary because they've got him as a ten to ten that point underdog right now yeah Eli has been going. Two Auburn more and more is open at nine and a half Auburn and now palace used under attack right point underdog. Yeah yeah in in I think that that line is right now I think the over under in the forties. Is right there that's sweet spot as well we've done a feature. Will receive in the 21 points offensively. Is the sweet spot for him and his deepens. The opposite can get about 21 points. They've got a chance that can be a real difficult thing to do against Kevin steele's defense to process and plane at all. And that was you have probably not quite the opposite lines so we'll see if they've got the short. You Auburn is a legitimate top ten team where maybe Miami was not well yeah yeah. I do and how do you see this one mandate. I think Auburn wins but I am telling you it would not shock me if that was you that pulls an upset. But I'm still gonna pick Auburn been an amount Imus say. 2413. Auburn. I if that happens was that tells about the rest of the season and NAS there is an upset what does that tell us. Well there's enough said boy. And wait to meet meet meeting or exceeding expectations. I think models and preceded he gave them. Payton award they would jump all over and you can get to that with an upset like that. But they're not they're kind of where you thought they'd be. That you cannot afford to have a second loss in the month of September. I think most people autos it's going to be a tough. Battle at all. But it would be a huge huge win for Edwards on they could totally upset. My guy appreciate it will be talking and he I'm sure after the game in and get your reaction to whatever happens thanks for joining us here on WW and com now. Mike Starr row right there editor and publisher of tiger made dot com I'm Dave Allen in for skid coming up more of your calls at 50460187. In text messages a day 787 you got one line open right now if you want to try to jump bonnets. The rest are full to do another right not lightning round hard for me to say it's another lightning round right after the.