LSU Basketball On The Rise

We talk to Cody Worsham of on the latest news from LSUs campus. Has Will Wade turned the LSU basketball program around already?


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Therapy you we care for the saints I think most saints fans that I've talked to today where. I didn't know over the Steen and that's. Miracle in Minneapolis they're calling in a meltdown in Minneapolis here. The marauding in Minneapolis. There's shopping and today a silly eats we did little light humor with the furniture store. Up in Minneapolis who was stranded Selma so thought. Said he could sit down and watch CS title Gilad. I thought that's pretty good little banter back and forth and and coach paid the tweet back Adams as again that's enough. I'll take the sofa and many donated that's what 5000 dollars to Thomas Moore sister. And NetSuite coach Payton said zero and forgive friend Mike Zimmer in the NFC title game and the vikings. There's families are pretty good pretty good back and forth I guess at before this week it's been it's been an I it's refreshing it's been really refreshing radiology at least ten races like. Sometime this saints falcons rivalry. Gets way out of hand really personal ugly I know that LSU Alabama rivalry certainly does. It's refreshing. To see kind of a budding rivalry here in the NFC and certainly these two teams that have some important playoff teams against each other before. Just that way this line that. Be pretty cordial yeah there's some good natured ribbon gone back and forth but says it's refreshing to me to see that. Like I said in that. Silly on about the vikings but their fan base out he can't have many qualms of them aged donated over 200000 dollars to Thomas More stood charity. Rent. I did stuff speaking of the vikings we will talk soon. A reporter who covers that semen and also talk to an Eagles reporter a little later in the show. After 930 as we preview the NFC championship game in in preview night here but. It's also third Buick freelance prediction nights of your talks in saint you wanna talk about explain to me why you think and who is at fault for that melt down. On Sunday that last play it was a Marcus Williams was a shot Payton was a Dennis Allen who was it. Or you just wanna chat about the saints offseason and how they meet this Brees still Don should they go after Jimmy Graham should they keep Kenny for Karl. Phone lines are open for you at 504260. 187 and that's final four to 601870. Are pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight's why are you rooting for the jaguars this Sunday. Is because you liked the jaguars are you hate the patriots 50% you are actually saying no surprises me 50% you're saying you're root for the jags because you'll like him. Not because you hate the patriots out would've thought. That. Ever hear nearly everybody. Deteriorating the Richards on Sundays doing it because you can't stand the pats are Brady your Belichick. Does me. Wonder Tim's answer on the phone right now but I wanna know why he would. Going to be running project add a little of that the F on Doritos the last eight. Bed Bates weeded out it's. Something erroneous said the Tom Brady had won seven Super Bowls when he had not to NetSuite remained up for the good part of an hour before they took him at. It and we're kind of viral. That he won seven super bulls compared to somber married to British Joseph Montana's for who would rather be that was like question. I it's freeing captive and treated to back out well look whoever's running the NFL social media departments. Well may not be running a much longer. So today. On FaceBook. The NFL posted an. Sue the vikings pages and the patriots pieces. But Israel doesn't think there's a 7645. PM night about an hour before our show they said he your team is headed to the Super Bowl. You could assume when he donates to a certain charity. You can watch the patriots and vikings battle it out for the coveted Super Bowl title. So apparently the NFL league offices teach you how to talk about conspiracies here Tim. They apparently thank you may have done deal they think it's vikings against the patriots in the Super Bowl according to their FaceBook page whoa. That's not a good luck. It's only gonna get worse of the two favorite teams when this week so yeah I. How if you are gonna say look I told you so everything's rigs near the conspiracy theories think it's her attempt. I mean I think they're the favorites to win so probably I don't think it's an element of conspiracy but I think there are those who looks likely to get. So it's only a couple years ago and Seattle and ends New England met the Super Bowl they had print out balsam preachers as champions aren't. You know how they have the Super Bowl they have certain balls for the Super Bowl wooly hat yeah Denver reverse the Seattle Seahawks as the ball pretty out like. Dorms start of the playoffs that's when the playoffs started they're he had the balls Pernod for the Super Bowl and happened at the Seattle overs Denver which you know obviously. Way he's saying the year this is the second or not the big play but the year after now. What are you doing NFL. Let's take some phone calls there at 504260187. Mile stock to Billy and up down billion wanna talk about. That saints meltdown man go ahead. Well it's. Pretty easy situation that he get certain point in bird perched now united soccer defense on Beale. Sir I mean you you don't like to play call there what's your beef with that. Haven't really looked at it again that tick more plate but it. When and if memory scares me when I was watch it but like Amaro is more interest didn't get to that. Middle of the field as opposed to or shall. So I don't now. So well let me ask you this and I was I'm not picking on you here is like I have his plans for anybody who want to talk about that place so if you had a promise that play called Billy did you have a problem on the previous drive. We handed the saints went halfback pass on third down. That was an awful call. Just for the record. And here's my other question I'm I'm like I'm not picking on you necessarily zones produced the first person. So if you say on the the last third down when their and the Bob city when aggressive enough. Well the previous drive they were ultra aggressive write one half back pass a look like it was gonna work. So are you trying to have it both ways Billy when you say well they should have a more aggressive but then when they were more aggressive and also unhappy with a replica. You win went on that play calling was a very first drive of the game. We get the ball. And Ingram does yards without. Problem and a ball. Second and five and then you wrote to miserable. Screen passes obviously gonna come our. Why would you establish. The run right there take the crowd out they. And Ron a couple of first downs on the road and then see what happens. Yeah give it now I get I don't know a awful I think his real little bit harsh because remember Billy just remember this be objective about this and and remember that under Shawntae in the saints have been the league's best screen team and it's not even close misses the one of the bread and butters of their offense. Also usually. Those first ten plays or so are all scripted by Sean Payton he knew. Against me and objective here he knew that Minnesota had the league's best run defense. And the saints had really struggled or on the ball on the four previous games leading up to now. Begin. You can disagree with me one man's opinion here and have a problem with any of the play calls and I can not one of them I thought it was pretty. Darn well called offensively. By Sean Payton at the one defense of play call I've had a question with was on that. First touchdown drive by the vikings and he was a third and fourteen and about the thirty yard line of the saints when they drops Kim Jordan and the coverage. Instead of rushing him and it was a fourteen yard pass play to Stephane digs for a first down I think it was a longer pass play of mapping up first down pass system objects. But their plan from a that play called but really if I'm talking about. A full game I only got really one problem with play call I'll take that. Likely the stance on the officiating Molly from the officiating was the one call against can crawl in a second pass interference call I thought was was bad. But. A move. Let's begin to move not only come back Cody wore champagne covers osu football and basketball for tiger rag dot com he would join us at the on. The phone lines including a love this named Seth. In Slidell wheel gets the hang on. I'm Seth Seth the last. Everything can be the slowest time of the year for LSU's football season ended but of course not so Cody in it's been a big couple weeks for the osu football program and just a coating more reports of more offensive staff that could be leaving Tommy Robinson interviewing with the job of Cleveland brown his own issues running back coach. What's going on here with blowers are on staff man. You know I try not to read too much and again. Particularly with a top Robert Whitaker. And well. Trying to look. Too much into that because you know that the the biggest that it needed to keep that keeping in paper and at this. Normally we keep them and I think Avery has it's probably worse normally. That worked phenomenally. If that does of the current polling or. Try to coordinators so. You know I try not to read too too much into it. On the world will see him guys lucrative jobs as it ought turnover. Order coaching staffs every year you know it. It's probably just one more thing at ten point two in kind of weird where. You can walk off the coordinator. You know pretty deep internal staff. Get it you know you're at an uptick in keeping orient itself you know it's been a little bit of a tumultuous. In January which is usually here at least slow time. In the football world but not total Q. What's your view on CBS near as the U and and here is the head coach I head coach the offensive coordinator here replacing Matt Canada seems to be a lot of strides. And not I would say strive for about I'd say half of the osu fans I talked to an incentive program kind of scratching their head the other half for a little excited about this where you come down. Well I mean I think my first thought on the whole situation was due back in 2015. And and you know the story itself that look miles coaching for his job. So that the debate really kick up Michael you can start he Nicklaus on Google. And at that point I think if you poll and our. That two years plus now going to be had coached. A good portion of them it's not a majority but it paper. But if you would have told the that he would be replaced with the and the line coach. And the coordinator would be to tighten coached adding people would have said no let's just keep let thousands and keep this going so. I think that's right start down went with my thoughts and it it's not. An anger occur at all that the mine. Com but it the problems that Neil Altman. Go back several years and even bigger battle that so either meaningless and you. Or he's not the answer and either way it's it's not a great recipes so I think he's a good coach and the Kia you know football. You got experience he's not gonna. And run it in any situation yet seen but it's. That also broken promise and or front promised that hire the best coordinators in the country and even bigger as good coach he's. Maybe the best I didn't coach in the country in his elder Kruger. But I have very very serious doubt that he. About all the court in the country and surely it that the government check up for his job you'll be paid as according. Yemen with a suit and a cavity and have the best corners in the country that I get along with. He seuss hats tuchman. And literally came out in that even mean depressed opera that he's now that he's worked with before and he said that. It was like comfort level for Obama and the reassuring me culture and so people it's comfortable it. That it it will priced about that second we'll wait and go out there you know assistant coach is that you culpable necessary in the way it worked but before. Yeah hired the best in the country are great hire in which they'll state that well or you know they went down and it. And not push global. Or Germans and that this. Yes he always get worried when it's. The open man and power woman empower surrounding themselves with yes men and yes women I think that's a little bit what's going on here and it concerns me is William Cody worship with us who covers osu basketball and football for tiger rag dot com. In my follow on Twitter at Cody were shin-soo you mentioned it LSU basketball. And you can see flashes here with this see not only getting ready expects them to be a little Ayman returning and seem well owns the team that's gonna make a run in the tournament should they. Get there this year but they do have some problems closeout basketball games code Ian will Wade's human talked about they conceive of frustration here to new voice when he talks about a couple losses and and wrote Alabama. And Georgia but again flash is here that this program is gonna turn the corner under will win. Oh yeah I have no doubt that. And too return year this program will be in a better spot and a party at a much one year ago right our surpassed their win total from a year ago that party match their SEC went are going to surpass that. On it and they're they're taking steps in the right direction. And they're doing it but that was cobbled together at the last and I mean. You know they got from waters appeared very good player. Perhaps potentially great player along the they got him on the the leftovers from you know the police are the late signing period in basketball and on torture out partner coach waters of the payable on a very good pick up the but the typical. U Coke guys and grant transfer. An ignorant of which. Bring in any blue chip. Freshman actually got a bunch of the true freshman comment. And that being pitched it so that's your team mean I think the issue there. Closing out game there is there overmatched Aminu. You know from one to five I think there. You know it certainly not in the top patent the FCC in terms of all around Howland their their bitterly oversized that it just by that are under discredit. Every spot in the he got bigger. Guys won the spot so I mean it they've got personal edge by playing hard they're playing relatively intelligently. On there they're being put in good spots to succeed yes there are spots and they can play better yes search will wait could. They could you better decisions by I mean it's it's a one late last year and it's. It's just good to watch a well coached team and you know Windsor baldness but you know I think. It's that it exit but currently that's really really good. And their competitor along the way that that something that bill. And then the recruiting class is he's probably together here for the next couple years the potential recruits. Look it's something that all LSU fans should be really excited about here this is is most though Cody is will raid struggled in his dream never shrug and really it. Milton C never struggled in VCU he's kind of like you mentioned these cattle learning on the fly here in major conference basketball it's not easy he when you're playing teams like. Arkansas. Yeah he's he's never ball in his career it's something should yeah. Never finished lower in the opera that had coached. Chattanooga would probably closer. Got a note due in terms of bill. But it's a lot easier to get from the bottom of the Southern Copper at the top candidate yet. From the bottom of the NC department yet succeeded so. It is there's there's a thinker when he dot com. He's got some some lessons to learn that they'll they'll pick up that your role in making a better future. But I asking them really get things he's put a good spot. And we talked about inability to close out in the region they're getting off to good starts because he got a better game plan in the guys gone out. I'm unfortunately for him once the other in exile going on there just. And in and had a decent thing you know security are back. You know he's he's a good game plan put it got good spot and that in like that or playing hard that's now acceptable to say. But the warplanes are a year ago and not at a point about targeted by a doctor now. And given the chance but it. Yeah I'm glad you corrected me there was electric myself generally in a middle Tennessee you have via blue raiders on my mind for some reason had about a minute left really quickly here Cody. How long until their tournament team next year you think it's a couple years how quickly can always turn this team and doing an NCAA tournament and. Well you know it depends on how the roster of all the policies of but I I I think they'll be term picture. Did they actually have the foundations of a tournament resume this year but it apartment talent so it's not going to be it's more resonated reality. But I think they'll that would be there next year and then you know 2019. And just to make a run in nineteen when it taught me that that the chances to make a deep grunt so. As a foundation there I think actually they'll they'll love you very much in the thick of things march. It's going to be exciting Cody really appreciate the time and I'll talk to sent. Our Cody warship began covering osu basketball and football for tiger rag dot com. You must follow that could you portion on Twitter telephone lines hang around with your calls next sentence Slidell what happened man. Myself thrown away in my partner in crime. Are welcome back to the show. Good to have a little break former NFL talk this week's talks and LSU basketball I'm so excited about that program. Such a big called ships at my zags last night's NBC this melted down blew a double digit lead Los Saint Mary's home. Ever gonna listeners know it's not and it's never good to lose a home in the kennel man to bond. Christian your access lets the whole reason Chris and Garrett is there you know he's an exact Fannie is Fran into his beard and it somewhere. Let's go to the phone lines final four to 60187 he wanna talk about. Look at saint smell down at soleil we're still trying to get through that some people. Still really frustrated and you have different people you'd like to blame in different. Reasons to be blamed for that velocity umi call 5042601870. Here's one of those calls the stock to Joseph in man DeVille Joseph here on WW. Are you don't want to see what's Joseph all Christians that I was. Like scuba diving naked in in Australia that wasn't true does have a good time little much needed R&R for me with some man. Then. What does Payton do. Such patent. Kicking a ball up all emerging in the sport and more. No you sound him amber yeah. And I mean I'm talkative beautiful. Thrown for an end. Okay my mind you know debris four and shall. And because you again might look at it probably the Armenian well. Get pepper and I'm sure that let drew wrote in the oh yeah. In that well. She. I'm telling you know that you pay that mean to add. A. Well if it did in badly so here's my question for yet though you don't think that's a little bit of Monday morning quarterbacking. There especially on the the last the last drive for the saints because it's a yard and a half it's thirty yard and a half. You don't want to throw an incompletion there for good as Drew Brees is they'd only converted 21 downs entire game on third down including third and short. You don't wanna take his sat he don't wanna take a sack because then you're turning that remember they were down at that point. The need turn very make double short forty yard field goal into you know fifty yard plus you'll go I think there's so many negatives they're Joseph. Four if you pass the football. Ands. He got to be got to trust your defense at that point what 225. Seconds left and they have no time outs to get it done and I mean. What appeared it was enough treatment. It was eight are now. But they weren't says it was it was all courses in the box in that point is they can't allow a first down. But they weren't stack in that side of the line of scrimmage those listening dues McAllister he was spot on earlier today. That was a play if it's blocked correctly and it wasn't just remember this is execution not play call if that play is blocked correctly. That's a first down in the saints are gonna win that wanna. Go away field. You know any Israel all askew I asked them for armed I'm just curious did you have a problem with the play called the highly aggressive the hyper aggressive play call of that Snead pass on to the previous stress on the item. And and let me know what you're trying to do. Can he felt that he didn't lose pretty much. Well we're running play in going to be able to Ketchum. On double past but it got me and I am not taking the ball out of the you know L whole thing ever. Yeah yeah I hear you. And I got a call he. And you know. You're live and play like. But when our line in your anger and it means that. Eight when you don't hear me. You don't want to broad economic getting your Monday Morning Quarterback. And telling. Them to get. With the price that the vikings. Beat it so. Yeah all it. Fair on all but they are Heatley certainly. In day. Yeah I guidance. It to do and framed and yeah are they. Pretty thing in her hey they can't meg and lately in a minute I'm telling. This Texas basketball man may still have a role Amanda the mid two thousands I mean there are good Rick Mario Rick Barnes left we got fired in just leave her barn just fired so now what happened their jump. Chuck Moore. Dylan good. Note written bill and Allen the third year. Old Korda. Meridian Annan's in shock it was so good over there and VCU and everybody started behind excess on Texas San happened yet really good phone call Joseph. And it would just my view on this. And I certainly yet that he he brings in a very good point that the vikings are much better against the run in the past and have a hall of fame quarterback may be put it in his hands only CLC is. Those two plays why don't blame on play call if XEQ did correctly the two play calls we just talked about the Snead. Wide receiver pass Specter Camaro on the wheel route in the interim thirty yard and a half the dive play off the right side. If the NB Ingram plays blocked correctly that's the first ounce that's execution and certainly. If Willie sneak need. Who ever played quarterback in high school. And every indication that everybody we talk to and Troy Aikman senator in the broadcast. They practice that exact play multiple times during practice since need complete map class Syverson time and its practice not game. But if that play in if that passes on target that the touchdown. And this is where you don't often say that the best play call of the game was on the wood burning completion. I'm telling you right now if you got a voter I had to vote for best play call the game that would be it for me. Donovan the sealer. It will exceed this excuse that playing please pass Shawntae it looks like an absolute genius. Because that was one hell of a play call. So that's right. Again I just don't have a problem with that I don't comes and execution just like that Marcus Williams play lot of people wanna get mad Dennis Allen for a the scheme that the coverage. If it's executed right if Marcus Williams makes that tackler. It deflects the Mets pass we're not talking about Waco it's all about execution let's go to Charles in. The Mississippi here on the Mississippi River Charles John WWL. It is. Let's talk about my a couple of other pieces of their quarterback problem. Coca. And again. Yes I know it's early through ready threw it behind them back towards the middle. And that's why digs kind of lit inside of Marcus Williams on that play a two point Charles. There are again. If we get a taste amidst gays do you saw out there yup. Luckily all on him up and they're probably a dozen well he can go back and look at I'm not sure that sent a dozen times. No one played really just let yes the therapy that I ask you want again William Billy enjoying the balmy weather as we get. Now that's true good pets two point Charles and talked about on this program that week that's very true at a bowl is. Not accurate. Digs up for all the talk about what digs did the touch at what we missed some that is that was a heck of an adjustment by him back to the center of the field. Pretty good leaping catch yeah keep and is at it's O. It was an exceptional play by Diggs. Who I've I've said before during the first yeah I think stiff on digs is going to be absolute star in the sleek. I was break out moment for share. But fortunately for everybody here came against the saints are let's take a break here speak of vikings really go up to Minneapolis Saint Paul. And talked to aides Jamont Seward next to covers the vikings for 100 point three take Stan. In Saint Paul going to be good in every we'll do that next stubble coverage on WW. Till then preview the NFC title game now on the net think's going to be fabulous should be a defensive tractor pull hook. Usually carry games and I'll love absolutely love vikings and Eagles Sunday night around 515 here local time. On fox TV. And race here on WW Oreo that's rates you can listen to both the AFC and NFC title games. Right here on WWL. Courtesy Westwood One on Sunday afternoon. And evening be sure you do that's right now though I had a chance yesterday to talk to aid Jamont solar covers the vikings. For a radio station up in Saint Paul here's that interview. And joining us now the program his promise AJ monsoon work covering the vikings for K fan under point three in Minneapolis Saint Paul and host of the power trip morning show. AJ what some Amanda has to be. A pretty exciting week up there I'm sure you guys are still celebrate mad incredible finish the miracle in Minneapolis that happened on Sunday. Poll we certainly are Livan the dreams silica circled the compelled rare but. Yeah I'd say it's been a fun week you know obviously. You can't go anywhere and now without seeing the replay on TV. People aware of vikings purple everywhere you go we're we're literally. Out of the puritans southern Minnesota right now. And there are bar full of people like eager Erstad might dispute random so it up. It's good Ole days excited and and the like you live to fight another day. So what was what was your reaction to that play and win you sides where you were you stunned or camps where you silence where he showed jumping up and down goes your reaction. Why I didn't know what to do we are I grew up with Minnesota. Before you know becoming a media tackle I would like spam. Or would reply I've caught up with the disappointment of this team beat the 98 team misses a field goal and then missed about a championship they should have won the 2019. You know growing perception crop body blow off the field goal and that that the vikings. Are usually almost always on the other end. A situation like this so whether it happened that you know we were just sitting there in the press box ready to say hey here we go again this could be another. Another issue another problem another. That they let what their hands. And then it didn't all of a sudden and admit you in the press box or classical you don't. You don't hear you don't do a bit. Welcome to what the other we know could do we get no way. We each other do we do we here we are bit. It's gonna stand I think people were were were convinced that there would be a flake a bit but miraculous play. Would be called back and we wouldn't be able to actually have a victory but it's stood and to play when not to got a cool. The stadium didn't clear outlook 45 minutes after the date of receipt blowing their big gala award wave their flag and enjoying it watching boat. Happening on the football field so it was back have a real low when bad under the old. Didn't really know how to react so that it can have always goofy. Yeah out all look it's it's a moment that nobody will ever forget and even though everybody the saints came. Up on the short end of a down here I think it's a moment it will never forget even Rich Little one of the coolest things I think. This Moline both sides of a bad game saints fans vikings fans they haven't really been talked Russell my program a lot not sure if it's like that on your program to but there's not a lot of trash talk going back and forth I think all the fans down here AJ just kind of recognizing the moment. For what it was and a lot of the fans lot of people called my show or. Talking about what you just talked about before the futility in the bad moments the vikings have had in their past or maybe use is their time. Yeah okay you know it would be two teams out. The special rivalry now you know each team got book one end of this bit back in 2009 you guys like got it this year. Yeah you're right it is I think this is it just too good community too good state and bases that are supporting a team they understand the game. You know it there are some little more passive than others but that at the end of the day. You have situations like what would you park summit Morse said Minnesota plant donating to his dirty him coming back up your. Delivery of but Jack for the Super Bowl week candidate a typical story. Is bigger than sports it's bigger than big game that's real life and an epic event shook expect that that. All these same bases of both these teams out or each other it's become got a local. Yeah over a 190000. Dollars now donated it to Thomas Moore states charity from fans of this incredible talk and age in months or covering the Minnesota Vikings for K fat. Under point three in Minneapolis Saint Paul here on double coverage. All right AJ now vikings they turn the page they're on to the NFC title game in their favorites. On the road against Philadelphia what's the biggest keys in your mind for Minnesota in the skin. Well I mean that it's going to be two talk the defense and go up against each other so protecting the football I guess you know any any team could say that on any given week. It is especially in the playoffs you protect the Pope all you don't turn it over should have a decent chance to win yelled lighten our state. Or that reason obviously at a one of the best defense in the league with eagle bulk up just think that on the offensive side of the football. The vikings might have a little more with keep genome to wide receivers and the Allen and big 22 headed running attack. I think that people just think that there's a little more on the offensive arsenal weapons. For the fifteen to put them quite up at the posted Eagles with nick all that is a big drop off Carson web that they once were still in edit beat. A different scenario but the way it is right now vikings come out as paper I think that there's just a little too much they can out on the up and decide what all. But I do think it's going to be a low scoring game I don't think is going to be a whole lot going. Bobby opposite side of the also protecting the football becomes of -- most important game like that and and whoever has the fewest turnovers I think you're really going to be a lot of walks salute and Rick are you worried at all. Abouts. I'm not a lack of focus is not gonna have a lack of food settle they can and NFC title game and maybe a little fatigue from. All of them the hype in the excitement surrounding that play in the aftermath of an on Sunday. There are certainly won't either you know audible no from by the celebration. The experience that they out they've been a lot of TV interviews this week obviously you're gonna get up on Twitter and FaceBook. Dollar text let's do it like Corey you right now but I do think that this team understands. They're kind of live and I bought time right now you know they were given something that. So many teams that don't yet the almost the time the clock runs out Uga team played good he cramped up here and then you lose that game but. That's not what happens this storybook ending that would lighten up and saying might it was quoted saying that the good guys won the this week it has given that obviously that bear bear their opinion but the same time. I think that there are approaching this just knowing they. What we've been given a second chance let's not go waste that will not take this complacency on the road. If it was the whole game I I'd be more concerned that if the outcome could want. And they were going to Minnesota ordered it would be a little more concern about the attention span that they'd they put into this we just because they're there's Spain and there's been in the fan base. But the back there going on the road to a top and fired at the top team. In kind of rode over a blue collar town where they're not gonna articulate leader not gonna be kind to you in the sand in the stands. So I think that think they do take it a little. More seriously hopefully they don't take this team could read it even if it is nick all out there still a good football as a group last week. They're still able to win games are still able to keep the score lower at just the different ways that a lot of course let's Oberstar. L a little too early for this question as we wrap it up AJ. But is this case Kim's team now for the foreseeable future now these led you to the NFC title game and really had kind of a top ten year here. In the NFL is the Sistine gone for. Then I think so you know I think this team has shaped around him. And given the way you know either as a player tribute players should be an article that he broke last week and went crazy appear much. On the national level I'll probably two was for you guys but. He wrote a cool article about how the community has just able to in late Kim and and really except two years in this family. 22. Beat cornerback for this team so it it to see that. His is. Affinity for the B community here and that also it is CP you know after that game and its occasional. It could that you can't really. Predict that it's going to go that way so. Opposite experience for him their view it I just think they want that they hear this team wanting to stay here I think that they can get. A little bit more reasonable deal that you'd get on a free agent market if you were to test out but I I just think. It's a good fit here in Minnesota with case ski. Well a team on sewer it's Elliott it was an unforgettable week down here certainly comfortable with up there in Minneapolis Saint Paul. And I think a lot of people especially what happened with Thomas More sincerity. Down here become vikings fans over this week and maybe on to the Super Bowl as well it was a pleasure talking to via. Have fun this weekend and hopefully I'll run into the several a couple of weeks up there in your home state. It. All right thank you AJ we'll take a break here will come back what that you are pretty jaguar opinion poll why you run for the jags. This weekend she's like the jags you hate the patriots most people probably root for the jags because they. Don't want to see Tom win number six. Back in a minute I'm Seth on lap this is double coverage on WW. His quest update remember on the New Orleans boil water or quarter it's been lifted. It's good news bouts of what hour and a half two hours ago. But the parish is still under a boil water advisory. City Canner it seem John pairs of rouge parish and conserve water advisories and its affect for saint Charles parish. Joy at the latest updates on these boil advisories text the word. News to 87870 to sign up for text alerts misses and generates may apply. Please don't text and drive also on Sunday we told you that's we are going to be carrying both the AFC. And the NFC championship games first up jaguars and patriots pregame 1 o'clock. Game time 205 and then following that game two vikings against the Eagles. Game time approximately 515. SF fractionally because in the east title games should that patriots jaguars team go long we will push back the start. Of the vikings and Eagles game so if you love and a full football please keep it locked here on the sports powerhouse of the gulf south. WWL. Which gave Jimmie looking more forward to him. I like the patriots don't receive what the jaguars to do against the patriots having that game is intriguing is that it's somber you Brady's legacy that's on at stake here it's. Volcom why. Now that's that's a hug now that's a hot take sales away and fiancee today wait Tom Brady's latest he's had staged a baby loses to the jaguars can be big on the Jack or side but also going to be big that Tom Brady lost won best deepens the jaguars with Blake or yeah I mean nobody's gonna care. Modern jazz five Marines there's there's I don't know what's. Can happen to Brady what Brady can do to tarnish is legacy at this point now. Coming back and it's about five minutes will go over to Philadelphia we'll preview from their side.