LSU Baseball Struggles vs Notre Dame

LSU falls to the Irish over the weekend, we talk to Hunt Palmer on the Tiger troubles. Plus we update you on the Olympic standings.


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You missed that find it on our podcast stretch now WW dot com or be WW all Smartphone app. Online also talked to a college basketball. And I cannot wait till Thursday awarded in some college hoops a little bit more. And again and national brackets apology experts. Jules and RD and some others from CBS sports. Really. Common down there. Is it hard not disrespecting the SEC. But both guys kind of made points that they think the SEC's resonate as a whole on the east teams eleven teams now with within an NCAA tournament. Hopes there may be as many state teams make the turn from the conference obviously deepest conference in the country. Absolutely those guys arguing. That's the conference's inflating its Reza mail little bit by beating up on each other. Instead of beating up on teams outside of the conference for instance on the basketball court. Auburn rate now they have not been a single team in the top 25 outside of the SEC Tennessee. They have beaten a number eighteen Purdue. But no other top 45 wins outside of the conference. LSU has a couple of top 25 points they beat number 23 Houston number seventeen Michigan. Mental issue. On the outside looking in of the tournament picture and now it's it's really interesting. And college basketball is a little bit different than college football in my mind in that. Your nonconference. Reza may matters. All walks because there's more games. You're going to be have the opportunity at least to play in some of these pre season tournaments. Schedule big time opponents. Outside your conference in the early season. And if you're not getting those who wins and at least not playing in those games now. And the way the college basketball landscape ports now. I think it hurt you come selection Sunday I really do just go back to last year and we talk a little bit about guns Agha my bulldogs one of the reasons that. They've kind of been in favor of the selection committee recently is because of what they've done nonconference they've there obviously in. I have very good league in the West Coast Conference but they'd just go through the meat grinder. In nonconference schedule and the selection committee. Early puts a lot of weight on that so it's going to be inching come selection committee to see exactly how. The selection committee in the NCAA. Feels about the. SEC as a whole it's really going to be into it I know Timmy you brought up point. We're talking their off the air. About all of these milling SEC teams all seated well that away in the middle parts. Of the bracket Jules and party I think has three SEC teams on a six line right now. Right now he has a 6 and 8 Texas am team of the as a number sixty to 77 SEC team in Kentucky. As a succeed in many as 86 conference record Florida's team also with us number six overall were odd seats though. It's a lot of parity I guess you could say but I think Florida's probably the better of the theory. Yeah Billick I actually think Florida. This is just my eyeball test. If Florida gets rolling I think they have the highest ceiling in the NCAA tournament I think right now Auburn obviously would be your highest seed. In the NCAA tournament and this knife cuts both ways because. If you agree I think most people would this is the deepest conference. He can't really penalize these teams for hovering around 500 in your conference I mean it is just. Brutality weekend and week out to talk about. A Kentucky team that 77 missed and on sixty lining I don't. I think that's right about where they have the maybe you a spot lower at seven. Same thing with Florida and eaten six or Texas CNN at six and in the tournament. Like these teams are gonna get in the term just because. Look it's a sixty. Pete's team field 64 team field hands. And doubtful response not like you know fourteen playoff in college football but we're gonna try to save most of that combo. For Thursday allow Scott Alexander on hopefully. And talks in college hoops Chris and Derrick will be back as well we're on a Christian Derrick B college basketball expert that he yes I mean he's just. That's all he's been doing on his week off he's got his nose. Glued to the TV in in neo can palm dot com. Break it down called soups will be back with that for you on Thursday none of that Digisette history of course. I was gonna say thumb a team like Kentucky may 18 seed because last time they raise CNET after the exit game I think. Couple years ago today and it really pressed to seem tough win in the team. And remember they were date Sunni upset everyone in determining that it tends to be ill looking back I remember like Kentucky team vividly I always stop an entire season that that coach Kallis and get that team rolling by the tournament now is seven Islamic tournament favorites and indeed they or even though they are seated at eight which is what they should have been seeded. With the resonate heading into the tournament this year's team is just different. It's nearly went through that three game losing streak the longest losing streak and a coach cal for Kentucky I just. I have a hard time believing that this year's version of the Kentucky Wildcats are a national championship contender. The same thing and that I just said about Kentucky let's switch focus here. Sox in College Baseball that same thing can be said I think about LSU baseball now it's interesting Greg could you go back a year ago. And go back to the first couple weeks of the season the first month of the season and a lot of fans. Ands local sports personalities right word. Almost doom and gloom sky is falling on this LSU program last year falling short of expectations. Will they not get to host the super regional not gonna make the calls world sees what's wrong with minera what's wrong with this offense. What are we find out everything was fine. Or they would be finally said too much talent on that team. That they were eventually going to general and indeed they did they went on that incredible late season run. All the way to a runner up finish in the college World Series so over the weekend it's one series three games. Against another power. Conference team maybe not a top 45 team but certainly a power program in Notre Dame. Mean when the opener coming back to beat the Irish 76. And then they lose the following two games. 105 and 113 this team throughout the weekend for LA issue. The offense for the most part we can see it the bear Jake slaughter. Maybe not so crushing Derek when he comes back I'm sure it'll do a whole three hour expose say on why he apparently doesn't like Jake slaughter I don't get it. What action talk about the accuracy get in doable everybody. Console some media over the weekend but look nobody knows their osu baseball quite electrician does. Can't wait to have him back talking about that the that the real issue was inexperienced. Pitching. Pitching from behind and then really really need hundredth edition back at the catcher's spot. They just stabbed below average arms behind the plate. And Notre Dame ran all over them this weekend they were already ten of eleven in the stolen base opportunities. Over the weekend coach Paul and airy. A boil that down this way quotes this is Paul's quote after the series quote it's a function of our pitchers being too slow delivering the ball the play of the function of our catchers. We use this week in not being outstanding throwers and it's a function of not being in counts Rican pitch outs if you want to and quote. I did finish in dealing with bats broken left hand it's not fully healed so a nick coombs. A little banged up as well he's doing what the source throwing arm and it just was kind of a a coalesce sense of I guess bad luck for LSU this weekend and we talked about this last week when we have the baseball American guy. That this series is not going to change my perception of L issue one bit it is one series. Early in the season we've seen this time and time again from pulmonary steams haven't meets him. They struggle early in the season often remember I wasn't too serious to seize literally gotten swept by you know we're gonna play on Wednesday. But what this is they hall of fame coach where they track records. Then he molds these teams these young teams in two conference. Tournament title contenders super regional title contenders called World Series contenders. By the end of the year. I again have not changed my perception one bit from the series loss yes they lost the series it's College Baseball. These things happen. Tim. What's your quick thoughts on us like I know Tim the LSU graduate here big LSU baseball fan you're you're not as open arms and on this about as Christmas right. No I think you're gonna file lot of new names coming out eventually members remember last year Zach Watson and come until about a month into the season so. Are you got a lot of young players who probably didn't see much played some over the weekend that are probably have to make a difference specially. With the new catcher that that had been in play over the weekend. Now indeed. And take a break here we come back it is hot Palmer. Pre and post game show host for LSU football and no she sports gonna join us to. Break this down might even talk a little SEC basketball with hearts that's next I'm Seth Dunlap this is double coverage on the. Last couple weeks if not our. TV tubes to the Winter Olympics is the shows on here Sims simmer absolutely enthralled right now with ice dancing. I'm owed to him Zimmer you've got a shock and Bates in your. Ice dancing fantasy league great you've got yup Fannie silly example was do we we've got to be in an ice dancing fantasy league reds and only you Bob says bobsleigh this year or idea the other Jamaican whims and the theme publicly out of the the coach left coach quit yet. That director for the I have you out while the Walt that was a terrible pick and Robert you bobsled. Let's go ahead and bring in hum bombers from us now talk a little LSU baseball hunt so what's up man how are F. I would. Yeah hunts works for the LSU radio network pre and post game show host for. LSU football on the LSU Sports Radio network. And it's. You like you said not a greats weekends for LSU. What's your take on a before I guess everybody's heard mine last segment what's your take on this is change your opinion of this team and all content. Kind of Vannatter the last couple years that in baseball. If you treat every game like it's the end of the world and ride the roller coaster. That the long long journey. I remain even keel and it went about ball and they certainly didn't play it differently and they were there he can win one game should have been swept them or really nominated. Three days straight two big wing rob nigh on. That the thing that was the most concerning from being. And that the biggest question mark on the roster starting pitching. Was just so that I mean last year when things weren't going rate. In about. Line wasn't on the ball very well but you know we and the daily and you thought he would he thought col Freeman and sort of that and so Kramer oh Batman. You have that got a track records you need to Catalina and this year. We don't know about Gilbert as the product idea yet these you don't know anything about that at our game we don't know anything about thought you were not and the ball back on there. And so there's got really. Integrated this week of practice because if you don't starting pitching your rocket go over all our but that got. So the top of the lineup we'll talk about pitching here just a minute but at top of the line up is obviously a concern and the guys you just mentioned not there anymore. Freeman in the two hole was so critical last year and nick Webb really struggling trying to set the set the plate for two planets and Watson and everybody behind them. Once couple hits in this series top of the line up and I say it's concerned looks as one series cheered but not the output the coach turner wants. Yet it's certainly not think the topic on an aura for wanting on not on on Sunday. That reckoning it is it like. You'll really get about the got a couple. On Friday in the early now but he's really get hurt and I think that there. Continue to run it for a couple weeks here but evidently got a couple of other option no doubt that option at art that ought. You're in the and I don't really care about in there who did it this week in that circle hit two promise we have seen a pregnant nude pitchers from. It's it was a bad week in it and and it really expect that happens this weekend. Any bounce back. So let's talk abouts a Jake slaughter a little bit my partner you know Kristian garic he's not here but he would probably go on like a nine minute rants on Jake's laden how he doesn't think you should be starting. For LSU really struggled in this series. No hits went oh for the first couple days do you think Jake slaughter may be will find himself out as starting lineup for quite awhile. In the he consistently. Hit the ball as hard as anybody. But in in a couple weeks miscarriages and really. An extra ago for compute. But he thought he'd go in these games in Europe and epic that are there are. Can you use it as some other guys that we cared what people have and start but what he goes on it and we can expect slower acting you know. And you know. He's got to hit apply if he does it all he dropped pop up yet you'll on and so on but there's no doubt that one week in not. Not the button on the air this radical into cities and. Are gonna hunt Palmer at hub Palmer 88 on Twitter pre and post game show host for osu football in part of the OC Sports Radio network video skits that pitching staff. We we thought it would be Roth wants to start the season as they try to figure things out I'm talking rubble from the starting rotation. And bullpen and boy was. Yeah how awful. On the couple really get the part that will then the starter apparent that some of the Balkan guys are a pretty bad as well. That they were the starters and they just like a bit of prop kill people walking by but he kept didn't wait too much of the plate and given up lasers in jackass comes in there walk six guys. In unit that are kidnapped Saturday at L but the 78. That's the concern he's got a notable of the plate and he just couldn't do it all and if that's. I mean he's he's. They need and indeed and number two starter gorilla that whooping got to get right back to Japan but they need his arm in the starting rotation that's possible hook. In the big concern of that alternate and even at that countdown it couldn't do it. And big concern and then if Peterson was really get agreeing to and they. He walked two guys. And that your number so you you Olympic one flying in chains or or I agree because we gave you guys rebel. But the point one Roland that. Saturday or Saturday and Sunday ten of those guys walker did not pitch. You just can't do that and that's but found out that have been tremendous that brought the ball over the plate and this weren't currently in did not do that and you'd be critical we gonna get beat and that's a bit bit. So let's talk about Zack guess here for just a little bit. When I look at him here's ragged concerns putt obviously he has a lot of talents and what he did last year's freshman I think opened everybody's eyes including mine. But mentally he seems so volatile in that starting role so high energy. Bet I just look at them and how watches demeanor on the mound and again how watches attitude and he just seems. Like a guy who should be closing games spit in late in the game. Rather than trying to stretch it out 567 innings to start I'm just saying that's what it seems like to me when I watch him I'll. I don't think that with a lot of guys in my off base there is a modest reading too much in. In what his mentality his body language on the mound maybe this is something that coach Mary and his staff can teach him. Well it. Like Nicklaus or that I. Really fire up their Kevin got spread all the mound and struck out but that there now talk trash. The other dugout and nurture. Greatly baseball series and so like that. It's just that big power in factory using it. But a lot of people that talk you feel like and electrical cabinet at the K you'll that we dealt with in their it. He got to have starting pitching I mean you look at the week like this. And you have pitched one inning. This weekend musical a relatively this unit that are in the star that. Is that companies EPQ I'm on Saturday and Sunday is our it you'd kind of neutral. And I think that I want to give be given every chance at least three weeks to try to figure this out as the starter because. I think it can work. Competent detail Gilbert get back. And out if you pretty good one to interrupt you real BR. But there's you know. There's always the chances he falters in a deductible and you know help urban guerrilla network star. Yeah attitude AA hunt an hang around throwing ninety seconds got a couple more things on askew we got to CB rhetoric or. Okay I'll put hunt on hold real quickly got to CBS news break if you're away on this. Give us a call at 5042601. It simply LSU baseball. Losing the season opening series to Notre Dame. Two games to one and they're right back out at this week they face the UN a team on Wednesday. Where they'd show us how to been beaten up the last couple years in these mid week games against UN though. And then they thinks the F faced Texas Longhorns over the weekend back in the box three game series. It starts on frantic phone lines final four to 60187 he can Texas City 7870. Back with Scott Palmer in sixty seconds. Back on double coverage I'm Seth Dunlap paying analysis Tim Zimmer here as we talk a little LSU baseball spring back in Hong Palmer host. On the LSU Sports Radio network. Talking about this pitching staff in the starting pitching it's got a real little concerning here for coach Mary and this program. Does this this kind of increase the need and the speed at which Al hunt that they bring nick stores along. And I know use deal with an injury but maybe trying to work him in that rotation eventually the big freshman righthander that highly touted prospect that everybody's looking forward to. You know that you freshman class and aunt and her eighth mile but the extra hours bill Russian. Regardless they may lose the rest on and you just can't three young arms with. Based on what's gone wrong feeling ego that got it LP. They anticipated that says now that in the next. Or not weeks and so you know right towards the beginning that these people I know he's back in crowd that we arts. I think you know as an adult and be careful. On the shake clap trap where you think the guys that aren't gonna come back and say it means that they need that rain and some options resources again and you know nine our 66. He really looked. Are out there. Obviously can palpable and I'm really outdated structure to use it very polished starting pitching prospect who has. Seventeenth round draft choice at a high school. Turned on the mind become don't shoot a football news. Deal with a little bit of an injury and there was a lot views count changeup was really really there it. The predictable as punitive commandos candidate anarchy and get healthy in that they got today happy happy and now now and so. You know like any option they get the point that two very well and option that there are few excellent. Big time young arms waiting in the wings for the tigers. They want thing the tigers are missing this year hunts is that. The veteran leadership that Kramer Robertson last year Freeman as soon as well. Is it are they missing that they miss that guy that veteran guy and it's gonna kinda get in these young guys grill little bit. And lead this team through the years the early season struggles. And the Jordan Jordan plans and as their sport you players look bright as a strategic junior but that as seen here and that that actually at. Ethnic yet over the weekend and after Sunday's game but it Norton. On the team that looked a bit apart wreaking before this they were all well on the there's elect either the standard you've got to all too. This what it plastered it wasn't so we got to get in here and he's already taken that role and I think Josh Smith result but guys knew it can be. Someone leader. He's got back her personality as well. You know you got to win some games we got these good things for the people gears of burka so hopefully that that's the case that. Yeah I mean Kramer and in appears to be in agreement indictment Canada and the leg infection to Canada the fact that team that got our. But I got to step up and I think that temperament Lodz. If Jordan toward. How they avoid do you think this is for LSU here young team in this early season Ulanova team that they struggle against mid week on Wednesday. And the are ranked Texas longhorn team going over to Baton Rouge. Friday Saturday Sunday. As a very unsightly for lotteries in the mean near win that game. Yet struggling you know but more importantly can't standards is gonna start that game and he's another. The potential to be it weakens starter really get when I'm because he's 93 with about all. The sliders good. He's proven that he can go a lot of innings to prevent being a college so open hunting him in the all of a couple times earlier he's he's really struggled with control and not very common theme here but it last outing last week. Reporting struck out rather than. Didn't have trouble controls so they're gonna try to stretch him out a little bit in judo and its about. He broke eighty pitches and I try to you know meaning he can certainly move into that we irritation in deep roots in the mid week it got out. And we can continue to elected that last week so big game against you and those that European standard then. I think that that he uses the net to nine doctors' options both in game and 1211. That's serious and ought to let. That does not seeking the okay picnic for a while. Ain't coming from nonconference to do about that ivy leaguer a lot of a lot of it seemed you know and are heard taxes. Bell. I anticipate and also weather some awesome crowd and that really strong on the ground liquid and tightlipped scoring in the dual eloquently in. And how to do that swing the bat in the Internet pitch it are also conveniently. In that. And I think they're gonna play a lot better that we can adjust better picture that's your defense. And I think that the Baltic. Looking forward to it can't Palmer host for LSU Sports Radio network on Twitter at on Palmer 88 appreciate the time handled stocked against and aren't there he goes LSU baseball loses the season opening series that. We'll see if there and Fareed bounce back week all of those games this week Wednesday. Friday Saturday Sunday heard ray here. On to WW up we will take a break when we come back we'll switch our focus will cycle NBA all star game and really what stole the show. Wasn't on the courts. It was before the game. Fergie. Her National Anthem very divisive to say the least avoid a little clip of that and all you tell us. Maybe you've heard already did you like it or did you hate it and what were some of your favorites. National Anthem conditions over the years and it really syrup as well. It's double coverage I'm Seth the last 504260187. Is the phone number. And this is WW. Welcome back so the program just got done with our FaceBook live. Talking abouts mashal Lipton so yesterday. At age. I NBA all star game controversy before the game because Fergie of the lead female singer for the Black Eyed Peas that's the woman will I am. But it famous man in the last decade decade plus got the gig to sing the National Anthem before game she she looked beautiful. I in this and I actually. Likes. What I heard from her she's saying and an a a slower. From Westwood One temp by chance we can play clip of that. But a slower. R&B version of the National Anthem. It was. Not to look not timing of for the in the same category as Martin gays but China that if you're heard Martin gears classic. Rendition of the star spangled banner am sleaze and these early eighties. It was fantastic it was kind of at a slower little jazzier. Jew and think of from birdie right bit. Like did I really got that was at a fresh original take. On the National Anthem exit again this is a little bit shocked and Vanilla. I love when you don't Clark. Just put their own spin on some classic songs and that would include for me the National Anthem now I realize that I'm in the minority. That most people out there hated his hit. If anybody has seen on social media in the last 24 hours or so. Just ripping her to shreds there's some means going around with my dream on green and stuff Korean background make him some. Kind of disturbed. Faces to its yet dream on reactions we gonna drain on them go and player's dream on create after national happen. That's let's get it up that's that's got simple. I was then and now Iowa I think illegally we can't play in our series and other rights for a bit but don't know YouTube and are fine and on line. I liked it any no else came to her defense Amal and in this your all time your goats him Shaq Shaquille O'Neal. Sand on Twitter that he loved it man haters need the layoff. Now you didn't like it read you're putting years here years and your fingers in your ears and then all sorts of battle which are gimme behind the glass. I outer parts of it I didn't hear it being tired I just saw what I saw her on Twitter but from what I've heard it's not it really okay wait a second. Let's back this up. So you're only making these faces and plug in your ears from what you've seen other people on social media say. That and I saw a little like clip loaded from the reaction of the players spaces they made artists and could tell like it was different like the beat was off like he couldn't actually. Sometimes it does it just threw me off reform okay. Law I'm real disappointed putts I would say that this is something that rail against all the time. Is that that this is Internet troll. Group think at its finest it's when people see it. Some hate being spread online about once the movie song a video game whatever it is. And then everybody else without even having heard the song that having watched the movie without having played the game. Starts piling line. And saying they hated it without ever haven't seen it try to played it. It was also in the morning sports radio and I was like the number one story coming from all star game it was the party nationally. It wasn't the and to me I really some people would think I understand of people would like it was definitely difference. And have lived the pacing that you usually hear from the National Anthem. But. He was at this was not time that you've heard Roseanne Barr ready for Carl Lewis. If this was not bad level I did not even in the same ballpark. And she was on key in the whole time. She looked greats. I really don't understand the cascade. Of of hates that has been flowing her away in the past I really don't president of sales orders he thought mine hurt our resident bought hers was better low key. Counties. But it's of course she. Or she hears it's actually the final four I thought it was dope so we got to a lover of thirty version of the National Anthem. Mike did I just don't understand and they here's the thing with these means. Didn't these players to me they look the same way they they do every single time the camera pans to them. For the most part I think there was like one player chuckling I forget who was but it. No Seth Curry wasn't chuckling Seth Curry was just stand there with his mouth half open like he does at every other National Anthem cinema dream on grain. Our British trying to make means out enough them. This is weird. It's weird to me and by the way let me just say this. This is the same thing that's happening on the reverse side. I think. From black panther the movie is at black panther I think is. A cultural milestone for what it represents in the movie industry. For equality and diversity I think it is huge it is big putts. And so I've seen over the weekend. I seem be all over social media. Using hash tag look on the forever. Iowa this movie go black panther go Michael B Jordan does is awesome and then I asked him when you actually seen the movie. And they say no. I say one idea that is as you know is great. Oh it's it's got a 97% rotten tomatoes score it's great. Given the have you actually seen that on no space and now what everybody else says really. What's so I asked the only people that ask you actually seen black panther. Total segue here and I'm sure how god bless the US evident that. Talk to the actually seemed like after this the movie's good idea it's objectively a good superhero mode but it's not. Ninety some percent rotten tomatoes I think it's not you better than avengers but some of the X-Men movies and so they told me. Facility I haven't seen it Summers are in judgment judgment but. I like this Timmy disappoint me here you disappoint him with here your blind hates and the truest sense of that phrase. Ideally where you backed they're listening to it SI you tied the man and look in your screen to did you finally find this for you National Anthem. Does look at a black panther movies so but I'm not a fan of DC and it's DC correct as I'm not a fan of big comic movies at all. Here's insects and tiny five you don't laugh during the national intimate spot she belonged. In a straight jacket. Another sex in the 95 all the players are laughing you don't laugh at the answer my section from the same texture. Yeah I didn't really it's seem too much laugh at Barton maybe yes awesome fans left wing bit whatever. I can I just I don't understand it okay here where they break here's a guy Adam homework assignment in the next four minutes or in the spring for ten. Tim you've got to listen to this Fergie and then I want you to be objective here she did you hear that's fine you can totally it's a lot of people do. How he'll listen to it. Mel flip side allied Tim's errors honest reaction to the free the National Anthem from yesterday and I. It says that to have to take a break here. Back with that I'm set them emphasis double coverage on WW. The American ice dancing double lives. Should resign and should be taught me turn it up on the day on the ice I was an incredible. But they just did I don't get the ice dancing. Rather than the figure skating with the pairs of the but men's or women's figure skating program not too easily to a nice to see the importance of these moves are pretty incredible. Okay yes homework and Simon Thames Hemmer this last segment I want you to listen to thirty give your honest assessment. Can you can hate it even love and I don't care as wanted to ought to spinning after listening to it. You know I'm sorry what did you say my ears are bleeding to Holland is that bad you might get a Felix was trying to seduce us but also try to sound like. A Marilyn Monroe or something like that singing to the president her she was trying she was just right you are not elect and it was it was it was a Fergie is normal voiceless but ago. Ball do you really know Fergie is normal voice because it's always auto tune and I mean I know it comes that's about it. And for paralysis and under those OK like I guess I'm not there are meant no way a huge day for you fan or even. Big for you before this but isn't like saying you know Lady Gaga does voice spy. Bad romance was in my yet Lady Gaga as good singer Fergie. She's OK let's do a lot of great players Atticus and I agree with that and look that's fine you can totally hated most people do it. Here's it's actually 225. Talk about birdies National Anthem last night rendition of it at the year before the NBA all star game. From the CU five I feel sorry for all the fans in that arena that had to listen to her version of the National Anthem at least I had a mute button at the house watching the TV. Ouch and by the way Tim hiding realize you said this a must have missed a bit apparently you thought black Panthers DC we get a couple of techsters saying it's marble. And revenue assurance lectures to show much comic movies I want I I. Goes to show you how many comic movies I watch honestly. I haven't even seen Iron Man so I couldn't tell you anything about it. Lost too many comic book movies recently eyes and I we kind of got into a pretty big after the original X manly kind of set off all this wave. But there's just too many of them now and I edge just it it's way too many visual effects way too little plots for me that's one of the reasons why. While I do recognize the a hugely important significance culturally. A black panther a really really good I mean that sincerely I'm just not that excited about a personally because I'm just not that excited about comic book movies right now. I saw the first adventures and I was like OK I get it no idea what people like about it that's all I need it that's all I needed at a need anything else after that movie the matches I was fine. So if I told you I've never seen anyone the avengers would you believe me. Probably not as I know you're human and they're so gnarled co host and Jake Madison dollar big nerds at our dollar incidents. Know why I have a I I honestly have never sensing the Iron Man movies I've seen the Superman movies. See all the X-Men. What else I think a sub one of the fours. Be original for but I'd never seen any of the avenger it's like they're on my bucket list. I think Ed's got so there one of those things like double highlighted watch the first one and then by the time the second one came out. Click manage the loss personal before ought to second and just kind of cascade address some initial so far behind. Not relish for three of four avengers movies to catch up on how many of vendors whose arm and four. There's 12 aides of all try and their new contaminants in it and now. Mass. Yes I'll save like failed to go we're talking about going to the Swedes are such a big like you know cultural milestone an event until like I have to see you know the mood I'm. Truly excited about. Right now on this weekend's. Annihilation. That movie. Is giving it bonkers. Reviews right now with Natalie Portman in everybody's saying this is deemed to scifi classic of our our our generation. Is it bad that I can't take Natalie Portman series and general a feeling like why. I I don't know every girl left scenery and not scenery and Mike that move to a bashing coaster pitcher I just get Tigger series and roll like that. Natalie Portland public I only seen the movies that I've seen usually Natalie Portman has always playing at a very serious role in a very isn't blacks on race Black Swan V for vendetta she's in the Star Wars recalls the first three episode 12 or three. I think the real dontrelle is no strings attached with the action that matches and I and I don't see an island. So so she's your Rachel make Adams. You know lakers an actress she's brilliant I don't seared a serious throw like when I see certain actors actresses I think a certain roles for them and that's just different role for a report. Just. Well look I learn something new about ten czar is not a Natalie Portman and here you Maxi may be the first person I've heard. That is not in Natalie Portman to choose which is a good personal scale host that Olson. She's awesome I think she is the exact image to which always makes you know I was born on my birthday of the same year Scarlett Johansson. We share a birthday on this and we were probably born like put in the same college grade. I go to closest I'll ever get Scarlett Johansson. Look thank you for indulging us our little pop culture of Segway here. We just did a FaceBook live video find it on the WW already a FaceBook page document our favorite and least favorite national anthems. Oh all time are you saying the Whitney Houston once and gas used to the thumbs up I think the Whitney Houston one would be one for me absolutely. And then it's either Marvin Gaye or Lady Gaga number two formulating our from complete human WZ remember her but the F featuring compare the hundred. Now I selects. Weird like she always does. But that voice. They reminder if your knots. Our idea a member of its and if you are not downloaded it download our WW old radio app it is the best way for you to catch up. On all of our shows if you cannot listen to them alive we had a great first hour of the program we talked to Drew Brees. Possibly considering leaving the saints at least according to a couple of national sportswriters and commentators. Saying that he may take the money in rot could give an offer of up to fifteen million dollars from the Cleveland Browns. Check out the podcasters and Bauer one double coverage that we uploaded very soon enough and the Demi devil radio app. Or WWL dot com and then as are pretty jaguar opinion poll right now.