LSU Baseball Preview

Monday, February 12th
Can the Tigers make it back to Omaha this season? We talk to Luke Johnson of the Advocate to preview the Tigers season.

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All the sudden or let's what's up across the gulf south. And you listening wherever you are happy you want to garrote. A special Monday night showed double covered set that lap with a flat so it and I Christian news out of the earlier this afternoon on sports talk and what he's Abbott a safe. And fought Marty rocky here in the city in the oral answer. Maybe if your company and later Snyder today at Peter out ready but. Be safe and have a lot of fun and notices that the nightly it's all wacky and wild. And have a normal sport show up for the majority of our program today we're gonna talk a little pelicans their take on the pistons tonight. Midway through the fourth quarter tells him for back to back wins got a double OT when against the net nets over the weekend. A 10189. Over the pistons. Rate now Anthony Davis. Duo worked 28 points eight rebounds. Tonight twelve of twenty shooting a chuck theology a lot of minutes. Contributing off the bench as he has slick today. Nikola Mirotic she comes off the bench for 21. Points. So maybe they've found lead the magic formula they're bringing him off the bit that podium minutes starting role. His most productive nights of these shorts pelicans career so far. Again pelicans looking for back to back wins would be good right now by a dozen. With 755. Left in the fourth quarter also LSU baseball it started later. This week yet a season opening series against Notre Dame a high profile series for these very young tigers were. Looking to rent rebuilds not the white word but. Re load reload quickly after the college World Series runner up finish last year to thwart it lost the championship series two nothing to be gators. Look at the comeback in the take on Notre Dame this weekend will have eight talk later this outer. With coach pulmonary Lawson talked to eight tigers reporter for tiger rag. As well in the same it's o'clock hour loss that knocked me pelicans reporters that. Hourlong look I wanna talk about this first him I know you're out of pockets last night him Zimmer our producer. You were front senator I was doing a little side hustle I wanna know Europe that it could be and other out right what's your what's your best box Astoria. I wish I could tell you I don't remember. Is this true and go to the Mets and there are blacked out nights. I did catch this pretty cool baucus I guess one glow on its I was critical cancer other than that I mean. It was a long day I caught I will say I minutes I government bodies and so if and I met all on the op some of the ops decided to sign apple cups cups cups and I probably caller rhetoric of yesterday. 300 to argue what the people. When I if I'm going to Tim's neighbor's house or apartment. And my guess the or cup cupboard is full of Mardi Gras cup season they have nothing. Actual glad no glass where they're soft plastic cups. No just when I came out of just randomness I decided I just want put and signing for catching beads and I decided cubs would be especially for the day. So ought to sign that cups cups cups. And I'll tell you I caught at least and sleeves of cups like a court order it stacks of cups from right up. Okay that's pretty good at the end of the route ready here's where it's gotten beef with Christian Garrett. Because you say it right he set out to be out here chopped to Lewis come meet me there and that he shows up not its job two with these apparently somewhere uptown writes the government there's. I was out there I didn't meet up with a Christian at all I don't know act workers and was organized. Is Heidi I mean at least that on the air got a job at analyst on Allah by and then lo and behold he's not out tough socialists are you ready yesterday. Alan bock is ruled on pockets your favorite Brett. If it was good when I mean he Damian is always fun but. I mean I enjoyed so with all day yesterday and I enjoyed bachus. I was second tortillas tonight but you know I guess pockets so far as much feared. Yeah well baucus naymick he's actually. Actually no court I've impressed with the big cup side I've seen a lot of signs out there I don't think have ever seen a cups cups. Ups I'm what do you do with your daughter up through receive. I think him ago and got my princess taxi rides and one of the parades and does leave him out of sorts they here's ray next next here's Erica. Spreading its values they have a little bit but our hope that dates out of the people of the next there's going to be it's eating up yet they'll say Tony eighteen there's like a couple sacks that have just the generic you know parade on the cup but at a couple most of the cups we caught have a Tony team ago. That's fantastic that's well done. Outlook throughout this show it especially the opening hour if you're out there listening maybe had to work tonight like us. But he got some Mardi Gras stories over the weekend elect Jerry don't have future game if you know a lot if it's a little incriminating story. Would love to hear from the F 504260187. He's the phone number battle four to six a white seventy in Texas. And 87870. Mile personal Marty got a story actually I didn't go this is that I've been here seven years now. It's my seventh Marty drop. And this is the first year that I have not caught a parade yet lose that Google's side work. And I will be going tomorrow and go out for the suburban street awards as the little parade. The backside of the quarter to opt for that and that's fun tomorrow occupant load the people killed that. They'll be my Margo fund I haven't done and what I was ready for him Marty Roth the last. Last four years I've always had somebody in town Margo for the first time. It's fine. Really is. Taking them out. Chilled in the parades. Tell them to do's and don'ts all that stuff everybody at the blast that. Man it's it's almost it's a lot of work it's almost like party work in it's almost too much party and my Brothers. That's sister locked came over two years ago three years ago never got a New Orleans often in the morning drop. And we went out seven straight days for all the parades from knicks' night all the way through. Zulu it was it was too much I am still recovering from now yup you've had a party draws like that seven year pass where you went the entire week. Up to a win mixed day all the way through Zulu and Rex normative. Mark. I haven't done that but I've had days where I've had to take at least one or two days off after the union after baucus because. It's just it was a rough day and I had to wait till act that axle Tuesday to regroup and get myself together yeah. Well re regrouping is the I haven't needed much regrouping so far. This year obviously goals should be to actually have tomorrow off Christians going to be. I see I'm excited to double B outside of the swing by workers and Christie Miguel Tommy targeted on this. At least the last couple years here hosting I believe from sixth and I am absolutely hill top it's more after that on the beat the radio tomorrow morning. That's going to be fantastic. I wanna know exactly what Tommy and what Christian wearing idea Japanese technical workers wearing out Evernote and Evernote Tommy's. Hillary or buy it at 8 o'clock Christian and Tommy going to be lives elevenths eight to eleven tomorrow its atomic there's you know what they're wearing tomorrow. Christians that he has its nose it's going to be a surprise. Visit the laptop users either he asks where it was exits. I have no idea is going to be a surprise between about it when he gets there at mar. Speaking of fixed six Sam did you finally bring it depicts succeed at a future. It's actually on my seat arena was on the floor but now it's on the CI have not my cup ought. It's still your truck. Yeah I had truck car troubles earlier today so I wasn't able Telus has the most disappointing ends to pick six and double covers ever had in four years ago. I'm gonna lead suspense until Wednesday and take you know Europe itself out there and you know like look she do you know who won and lost by double RY one vote in its last. I honestly haven't been just knew that I knew it means sneakers and it pretty port. You mean this is her that I finally make the final week in in all together now that. Well. Well a lot of fun yeah article are story when a share again to can be anonymous we take it in Todd you know phone calls here battle four to six points available of the here. That's either going out tonight or he has night. Figure out maybe you were out at the parade if your uptown maybe your head back. You can enjoy the night with us are we talking LSU baseball later this hour preview of their season and the season opening series. Against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish that is Friday Saturday and Sunday this week pelicans against pistons right now pelicans pull away. On their way to their thirtieth win of the season won fourteen make that 113 to 97 which just four minutes left in the basketball game. We will break that game down once it is complete also the Winter Olympics going on right now the United States and now. Women's half pipe. Looks like they have taken home two of the three battles. The global gold and a silver will keep you updated spots we can all the Winter Olympics also Roberts or what Olympic education series continues. Tonight we will. If you'll 411 on the nordic com bite him you know the nordic combat as. Some do with the cold. The cold yes it does have to do with the coal that is spot on. That's a little bit later in the show I've stepped up by the him up on those of you including on Twitter no live stream tonight's particular night off of our. Live stream on Twitter and periscope. Read back if it's golf level four to 60187. I've set the last beat him there with a double covered but he that you. To back the double coverage stepped on lap. With the Christian Garrick is our lead you to join us on this one day drop open and assassinate. Very fun and safe Mardi Gras week you head into Mardi Gras. Day tomorrow a what's your plants him president. On actually be out here early just so I do a good parking spot for work Smart guy and I'll. Probably I'll be I'll be around here once in wrecks and that's part of my day tomorrow. Our oh that's the Smart. Smart like it but things get into a little bit later this week. First of August they were got LSU baseball coming up it is joined us. A half an hour of previewing. Our season. We'll talk a little Johnson covered so she baseball for the advocate here just about ten minutes and then we'll talk to coach pulmonary had a chance to doubt Tim's little bit ago. And we'll replay that interview for in Fultz passing coaches he's fired up and ready for the season he doesn't make. The tigers take too much step back mr. as a prize for other championship run so that's from 830 to nine tonight. In our two we will toxin pelicans and looks like some happy talk about the pelicans. 115 and I seven they leave the Detroit Pistons Mason Ginsburg will join us. At 920 uber retreats shots to break it all down and then you have this theory. About the pelicans Mardi Gras uniforms and it is get blown to smithereens. Yet the night DeMarcus Cousins got hurt the next following games that made the introduced the new modern Dodgers since since then. They're on form these are disease and their two and one when they Wear regular wrote her home jerseys have a winning record and almost there's been a losing record on borders is when they where the money go ones. And in my diapers when it tonight. After this is on the road a Detroit Pistons team who had a plane. Terribly poorly. As of late they were just one game under 500 this was obviously very big for the pelican is there in an absolute fights. For that so that eight seed in the playoffs. And had fallen out of it a couple of days ago and they get the the win in double overtime against the nets over the weekend looks like the win. Tonight so the pelicans back into the eighth spot with me half the game leave. Over the LA clippers missile title loss column it wouldn't be full game lead over the LA clippers shoot the pelicans win tonight. But the clippers are in action right now in Brooklyn so that game clippers' leading Brooklyn a 1867. Minutes left so should that score hold. Vote that would keep their half game lead. Old clips for the eighth spot in the Western Conference and look it it's time now watch the standings. Pelicans half game up on the clips. And that they would be two games up on the Utah Jazz after tonight but one of the things are talked about a little later in the week. Of them Christian and I have discussed. Often on the last week or so nasty court Natalie a little bit heavy into last week but that is NFL teams. Paying now so much. To the quarterback position. Now approaching thirty million dollars per year and I think that will be the standard Aaron Rodgers comes up for a contract. Russell Wilson and a couple of years comes up for a new contract. With certainly when Carson answered a few years you they'll have better control lease for two more seasons than pick up that option but that might renegotiate an autopsy before it's. Contract is fully expired. We have thirty million dollar mark per year at least doctor 32 point seven and a half million dollars is the new standards that's for Jimmy problem I do. Has only won eight games in his career with San Cisco 49ers paying him. 27 and a half million dollars for years it's over 130 million dollars over five years. And over 74 million dollars guaranteed. With the meaning its chip. You money and I think he's proven he's going to be very dangerous quarterback in this league it's San Francisco already see the national. Prognosticators. And analysts picking San Francisco here it's very earliest a sleeper team in the NFC next week and consumable product I kind of agree with that. I really do that FC west is going to be ridiculous next year. But the rams the 49ers. And the Seahawks podium league record at NC it's out of about a Rubin Foster today. That he was apparently were arrested for domestic violence. So the saints remember there are slots talked last year about picking group Foster David Dotson will be available there but. Wanna talk about later this week and I didn't do this a little bit today. But I have the more than a sneaking suspicion that many general managers across the only. Are going to start to. Counter. This. Trend in the NFL where you're paying your quarterback abouts a fifth or so of your overall salary. Allotted towards the cap that'll be what it is once it's approaching. Thirty million dollars a year. So would you rather paid thirty million dollars 48 Jimmie drop below war Russell Wilson. War. Act Alex Smith he got point five million dollars or just under it which you rather spread that out to the rest your roster. Defensive stars you can pick up for thirty million dollars for. Solid very good contributors to stars in this league for that much money. And I think the trend of recent Super Bowl winners kinds of points. Three direction and a tree and the general matters might. Start. So. This last year Philadelphia they win. With aid. Quote unquote game manager type quarterback in Naples Fulton it out cynics who ruled the best I've seen a quarterback playing in a super bull. And a full I think should be a starter in this week somewhere but nobody's gonna stick nick Apple's. For Tom ray over an extended period time nobody can mistake make fools Fareed Drew Brees or ape Russell Wilson. Or even event Roethlisberger. You want a Super Bowl with him you go back to Super Bowl fifty. Broncos against Panthers and not many people what you just look at the names of the results today as you'll think only used it as pain and Evian that's suitable. Mattingly game's all time greats. But not that your. And not those playoffs. Peyton Manning remembered midway through the season he was hurt. Rock costs Weyrich comes in spells and there was talk about should pay an even come back Nazis. Because you lose points and four he did. He played an effective again quote unquote team manager's style. That year. Especially in the Super Bowl and they want a title. Couple years prior to that Seahawks against Brock knows all time great defense. Russell Wilson just to dissect it here. He was a game mattered that. Wasn't the only guy that we see today. Here before that ravens' 49ers Joseph Flacco. Anybody they can he was delete. Yet there were people body. They can all safely say now but that Joseph Flacco we have exceptional run in the playoffs. But he was not an elite top five quarterback it demands. And elite level top league salary. So the recent trend here of Super Bowl winners of Super Bowl quarterbacks. Is that you don't need. An elite quarterback. To win Super Bowl championships. Talked about getting blown to smithereens that theory. Has been able to smithereens recently. And a fire the general manager if I made new general manager in this league I've got my first job made him take it over the browns. The colts where these moribund franchises. That is seven. One heck of a time find other franchise quarterback and maybe the colts not that category with Andrew Luck. Although maybe they are considered and looked like he might still be heard might not be coming back. But you don't need to building around a franchise type quarterback. To win Super Bowls anymore. And I think that's great for parity in this league you don't have to get lucky in the NFL draft for you don't have to pay for years do. Acquire. Top picks spin them on quarterbacks. And then cross your fingers get on your knees and hope and pray that they turned into. Franchise type of guys. That's no longer the case. Minnesota next year they're gonna have what league's best defense is still young. Maybe one of the game's best defensive minds not maybe he has Mike Zimmer. NBA title contender next year no matter who's their quarterback. Whether that's Kellen Clemens or Teddy Bridgewater. Or Sam Bradford. The Jacksonville Jaguars. They're going to be a contender in the AFC. No matter if it's Blake morals and their quarterback or if it's Kirk cousins. Or whoever is under center for the jaguars their defense is too good. They're defense is too good and that's where their assets have gone yes basement that pick on Blake portals but he could turn into an elite level quarterback. I think he played fine this year and again that quote unquote game manager type of role. But you're starting to see a trend here and it might be more than a trend it might be I'd love to see. Via analytic guys that this Saber metrics guys of the NFL the pro football focuses really break missed out. Are you better off spending thirty million dollars on a quarterback. And not just. A hall of fame type quarterback that's been in necessarily thirty million dollars on Brees Brady. Welcome back to the program. We will certainly continue that and it felt discussion. The route the last week that topic at Iowa brooch and broach much more week. That we did here tonight as promised to turn our focus to LSU baseball the tigers. With their season opener. This Friday at Notre Dame make it awfully weak in series with the Irish Friday Saturday and Sunday over at the box. And step out into double coverage helped break it data breakdown the tigers' season with Johnson covers those who baseball. For the advocate look happy Mardi Gras what's that meant. Very. Actually 12. But his friends in town for Marty comment like that there's wrote. The comfort and well it's all about them. Almost as fast as that SimCity might be effort taking in the the lobby your office deputies got up shortly. I've got to be. Going to be a functioning productive number via the epic sports staff at some point in my life. Bigger and better better pick and I pick it up on them work with that Friday grow right corner here. Pants that's a wise man who were. At a vote. Look several target at this weekend's series that's just a catch everybody up who may be listening on. On LSU baseball great run last year and lost a lot of senior talent. Early underclassmen to Al left early off that roster is well but and talk to coach there and again to our audience and reap where it's been married here in just a few minutes it. He sounds pretty bullish on this team I don't think it's just coach speak for him I think he really believed that this team can count for a called Walter expert mr. Yeah yeah I think they're workers is you know some reason for optimism maybe more than you would spring started. I think. The other big question then. Is about their their arms just because. It is below a lot on the side by Cuba but in terms of pitching and hitting the you know the fact that there have replaced their entire weekend rotation coupled. The guys they replace those weapons were their key bullpen arm last year that means they're tired open it could be viewed as well. Yet he goes those because some anxiety that. The electorate mixing of our wearing your guys are kind of Leo well performances all. Oh and there's never. Much doubt I was with production set with the guys in the a lot of the people there bring him back and I think if if you look at that and it. You know. Putting a human being where they rank and eking out here that goes he's probably. Pretty cup but I think going to be popular trio at the ball clubs in the conference. Questions really about their pitching. And and it really elected it's another Q so are what you throw on Friday it's. They got some some pretty good players and he threw five shutout inning took a quick one hit. That gave up. Is accesses. There's no question about whether he can. Duplicate the success bullpen as a starter but I think feared their side. They're I think he's really excited that it shattered when they. And you know I think. There's there's a little little concern over this Sunday's starter it's not Libya. Shall it on a picture expecting. You know another type of air walker performance that you know were expecting her awkward to do that last year. They got a couple guys they'd they'd like in Todd Peterson. At the dedication he's an actor a couple of industries or you're and that can't Sanders who you know might have the best stop on Pete Correll so. Other potential and in and they're pitching staff entered the open that it that it goes. You can you can expect notes you'd be right there but countries this year. At camp Sanders local boy from Thibodeau at the EDY and I school and I irritations and at the top all the tigers fans Mayan and once. The cell locker them with that injury and you watch them with an injury. A walker modalities for last year I apologize it's it's that know about the Friday Saturday start as we know it's going to be Gilbert in past you know right now who's going to be on Friday used to be on Saturday is that and a in a smattering. Yes that they're gonna put Gilbert on Friday ignited I think. You know with with and having some starting experience in the big tent situation remembers. This target organs state Mexico well last year they got those you in the the championship game. Yeah I think. But what pol like bruises put guys especially an opinion if the guys who has had experience in the spot. In and you know as big spot. I think you could really look at that hasn't Gilbert is as 1 morning and in the rotation on Peter really matters. Whether they're a threat or other guys. You know if you're also. Not sure right now whether that is going to be starter Lieberman and she's number. Also makes sense to back him up as a as a Saturday guy. Not to be gone up against via the it'd increase the reach and you can get a chance that it has it figured out there. You may not have to feel it yes the pinch post you do one. So. I think probably the right. The right decision by pulmonary and I don't often find myself. Are being with the guys that acute coaching experience. I think they're going to be okay that 12 spots it's it's really going to be. You figured out these meters Sunday guy. It'd does that kind of make or break or fees and in my opinion because. But it's it's not like he has he has. You know 567 years ago where. Repeated violent. Without happen a good third starter you know these pelicans are turnout. Terna bullpen guys earned on Sunday most. Good at TP teams have and establish premeditation. And I'll vote in the department this year I think that there remain competitive should be very challenging. We now the game has certainly changed for a exactly what you're speaking up talking a Luke Johnson who covers though she baseball for the advocate who joins us now want to draw. On double coverage out one of the freshman phenom everybody's been talking about. Is nick stores coach canary says. They'd he's going to be inning hitting role here for the most part at least the start of his freshman year he can't pitch as well of expects him long term defined spot. In the rotation or in the bullpen or is this going to be a guy. Who would be the designated hitter find the position your long term relish. If this pulpit that and I added that he does surprise that he thinks he's he's been talk in the cup as. As a pitcher. Yeah he's on our it was actually a lastly if they'd just so you know it's that'll last week we asked directly X started this and it's worth it. It's hot topic. Augusta. Yet the I think you know he's he's he he came here mainly as a pitcher. Well. But it actually the only thing he's ever done an old uniforms you know in the scrimmage. That'd be age that was his first they have of fall and and they did that just forget about their but he had to have surgery on our own expert who's. Content and discomfort in his term shall there. Three newspapers with entire ball. Than at setback coming back from. Very strained lat and it never really comfortable. In a bid to shorten them for we tended to try to let that the panic and humans became intrigued him back through our program so. Yeah I'd I'd be surprised. And of all that it really would be president if there is role on team as the visitors. The guy and then for academic and the ball a country mile six about who ordered the UConn just the angle they'd. That I think his future. I don't use of centuries you know big guys accurate ball hard and a whenever he comes back I think you know he's going to be guys I'm so. And with that pretty premiere roll out of the bullpen if then velocity. Is there should be an increased drone strikes and it's it's going to be. I think kind of hard to get him to get to that point early as you can be so far line you know a guy by an awful lot of pitching work in the last couple months. But I think by the end he could be forced patterns and thinking goes for ages that. Another freshman righthander whose. And the big bodied kid who's also he would do an entry that he you know hope that had and they got LSU. Witness had back surgery in December and they're kind of open or early march turned from him. Go to given couple weeks to get some game action for us to keep it. Balloon could no soft landings here for LSU the first couple weeks they get Notre Dame and then they get taxes will. At the box this opening weekend series what can we expect from the Irish. Well I think they're gonna have some guys. The content. I think that's that's going to be the biggest threat a you watch out orders. You know position wise they got a couple of guys are probably there play at the next level or get drafted in. It it's going to be good test those pitchers starting. But I'll pick a topic nor Notre Dame has the pitch that took the title right now. And so I expect yeah good showing throw you can. That I think. Would certainly be does or minute it in the pick at least two games in the series. Detectives ambulance more challenges America is David Pearson you'll code to Cuba and but I think that programs are caught that you know that tech is one of those. Legacy programs in College Baseball owners are going to be gone down off. Much like LU and when Paul Geary got their seven. Wonder years mixtures are back in the cultural theory. Yeah I think tech is going to be very strong program may be a Big Ten championship type program this year. And it hurt people rather and has this and it appears that the pit and the issue a lot of people what a signal. Here. Texas when he first in the country owes you sixteenth Kelli for that one next week. Look really appreciate the time tonight they enjoy your IQ 10 work like Justin earlier Mardi Gras day it's. Tell alternative that separate trip. I really appreciate it in the follow on Twitter at by Luke Johnson one of the best burial to baseball idol knocked him quite a bit. As the season goes along. The tiger fans sound optimistic off 504260187. Mile she baseball it's under way were going to be something special here. Then next a couple of segments were a replay of interviews that Christian and I have last week with head coach of the tigers pulmonary. Split that interview into two segments then might that run into the next hour but. And a lot of LSU fans might not available at that last week but a great interview and some don't miss definitely hear from coach McNair. They should join us tonight happy new driver but he upset Dunlap alongside him ever. And with double coverage on the VW.