LSU baseball has big weekend series

WWL's Dave Cohen and Steve Geller talk about LSU baseball's final few regular season games.


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Dave Cohen Ron Amadon with you on your radio on your flat day Marin and manage it feels good to be Friday. Especially with LSU curriculum game one against Mississippi State up there and Stark's bill that's a good thing that means is that just a one of the next two they win the SEC west and could win the SEC crown for the regular season. NL is obviously all excited for the game last night and the first inning. Alex lengths from opening pitcher you know poke opening of first batter for Mississippi State. Leads off with a home run. Boom Mississippi State's help one nothing as is getting an emphasis and that was it the rest of the way struck out eleven going seven innings. And are really up a really great performance animal off speed with his on knuckle curve that he throws his fastball was working well. Now and I Jared O'Shea about the lefty gets this or on the mound for. Tonight for the tigers hopefully he can continue that set success and yet with a victory boom the SEC west title. Is don't and that's a good thing he says it was. Tumultuous start of the season some scary moments but there he did at the right time and that's it you want is to beyond idea. Just as the post season is about to begin.