LSU-Auburn Preview

Thursday, September 13th
We preview the college football games for this weekend and give our picks in the LSU-Auburn game. Plus, we update you on the first TNF game of the season.

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Radio behind enemy lines in about ten minutes and damn lobby of Cleveland dot com. Like Dan quite that I think three or four times past calendar year and he'll let us know more about the brownstone an offer that's. When he wants when he won tying kiss your sister here. And on and last Sunday against Pittsburgh. How Cleveland and when that football game talk about plus five turnover differential while I look I do know how it went and it's Cleveland's. A salad and when mag game. In just 80 Tim you're selling me. I did Dave for the game you said watch out Ben Roethlisberger is going to be terrible mag game because the weather was going to be bad you're right actually benched Ben Roethlisberger. Because of that in our fancy for Wally bell I didn't make a difference and then I lost anyway Specter and Europe Ben Roethlisberger is Kryptonite is playing Cleveland throwing bad weather it probably wasn't a game for. No. Now now it's not. And and was bad three interceptions couple of fumbles he bounces back though slower is glad got them covering the Steelers against the chiefs for a half point favorites coming up. This week. Were Watson Thursday night football as we will do every single Thursday this week since a couple of Thursday night games remember Thanksgiving in the week after 4814. Bang goals leading the ravens right now and Andy Dalton is is looking like Superman himself for touchdowns no picks three of those touchdown passes or throws. Not soon AJ green. And Joseph flack go eleven it's like 164 yards one touchdown one tick. I I kind of thought I wrote this today in my picks article and feature its online right now WW dot com. I felt like this one might have been a a play in game of the playoffs and I are going to why and I did our one here on the program and also of that article as to why it week to. Is statistically the most important week of the NFL season it's got a crazy to think about not week sixteen or seventeen. We do you make more difference in your season on average what you do the first week averse couple weeks zoo the last couple weeks. I have a sneaking feeling here. When work but we're looking for that six the fifth and sixty in the wild card steamed kind of emerged here in the playoff to buy if you think Kansas City is one of them if you think Kansas City. Ands the bolts the chargers are coming out of the AFC west with I think most people do now. Especially after last week he really bolt those teams are coming out of the west but you can for one more wild card team. And I got I think it's coming out of this division either the ravens are mangle the second big one has a big game especially talk about tie breakers later on the season. So keep an eye on that they are at halftime couple minutes away from getting started in the second half. So saints and browns this Sunday. Some people very concerned pointing it Drew Brees a losing to Cleveland the last couple of times they were near. The browns thirteen and four in their history against the saints have been bad against everybody apparently in the National Football League except the saints. Throughout their history bit. Throw history out the winner that doesn't matter I mean L Ed to go back to New England New England got some terrible records all time I guess a lot of teams because before. Tom and bill showed up they were dreadful. For a few decades or just throw out the window let him mean diddly squat. For this game. Now the saints have been bad early on seasons the last sample years under shot patent that's obvious but if if the saints like everybody and I really mean everybody. Does it think the saints are not only a playoff team but a contender in the NFC still like you after what happened last week against. Tampa Bay. Too much down on this team they should handle the browns were drilled to these now relative ease of the national football games touchdown or so. B ten points fourteen points not looking at a 3040 point blowout like Alabama against eats southwest Alabama State tack. Hey these are professionals. And Cleveland Scott well looks like an emerging defense. Even under Gregg Williams there. Denzel ward the quarterback who I Roche. Atticus talked up its beginning Cleveland dot com Dan Levy right through them. What do might earlier tweets from time popped up. About dens award when he was drafted. That they did not trade their pick. Which they could got Bradley Chubb and the pass rusher who I thought was an easy. Choice for them if not this had traded out there and I kept and the tick Sanong man and I regret that picket Denzel ward well in my face the quarterback a couple of interceptions last week. A Ben Roethlisberger so he's gonna be the guy for the most part you see on Michael Thomas. Then they've got miles Garrett who looks like a complete terror on the defensive line. This is a unit. That has players on all three levels this isn't going to be a unit that you opened on the field I'm like you did Tampa Bay you're not scoring 48 points. Against just won't forty points. Against Cleveland. Too good now on the other side we noticed we on offense is just dreadful. We're not gonna see baker mayfield even if things go terribly for Tyrod Taylor. They're gonna wait until after the bye we to bring him man. But anybody who is predicting a Cleveland win here you just hear me in hot taking you wanna point to that. And say you're right when nobody's gonna remember when your wrong and are gonna be wrong here. No way after a loss is this team lose as heavy favorites again at home I just can't see. I'll say they're right now check the tape no way they lose this game forget about eight and a half point favorites are sick so we'll take a break here coming back we'll talk to Dan lobby behind the all lines behind enemy lines for the saint science at Dunlap this is the last lap. His sex in the 30 on a few I had Tampa is a win and Cleveland as a loss of their football unhappy because we would still be where I thought we would be. All I had them to ensure it to their first war games talking about the saints ahead in three into going into the buys those alarm is there there. They'll be right on track for my thirteen and three prediction. And number one overall seed prediction in the NFC playoffs it is just one week but this week is important. She no doubt about it. Only 10% of team's mental history who have gone on to make the playoffs now the saints it last year. But I don't think anybody wants to walk that tight group again. Dolphins city you're in the year before there's about one team every single year that starts so into it bounces back. Wins at least ten of their. Next fourteen games or so. And makes the playoffs. But again that's few and far between tenure tell us that this Thursday night game of the highest scoring half ever. A first half ever for Thursday night football yeah 42 points scored in the first half by the Bengals and ravens the most in that starred in 2006. Interest. Merry go ravens scored here so little bit tighter bing a 1281712. Point five left. In the third quarter remember Andy Dalton for touchdown passes there. We were switching focus here to college football game that James crap Pia govern the Auburn Tigers for a L dot com join us here. It just couple minutes let's go across the FS EC they'll make some pics here like we do every single week on Thursday. Not a lot of big time football games like cupcakes on the slave here's were strolling in week three. George just gonna get a win against Middle Tennessee State line is 33 and a half I'm not picking against the spread here. This week I'm not taken against the spread. On any of these again directional schools not gonna happen I don't do it's neither should you. Kentucky and Murray say hey how about Kentucky Tim first let me guess Florida since 1986 last week. Relative alignment. For you or it's I was a loyal member. Want to goes all of the young tight man they play Murray State this week there to you when Kentucky's going to be three you know some in a blow that game. Tennessee 11 against you accept the miners who were Owen sued Tennessee huge favorite in this game they're gonna get a win. Betty at Notre Dame ill mentioning it talked about yesterday the line here is Notre Dame but only by a couple of touchdowns. Which I thought Notre Dame would be much heavier favorites in this football games that tells me wanna do things. Notre Dame either. And Vegas and the odds may go sour on them being true contenders for a playoff spot or a bidding Mandy might be a little more competitive and we think B Andy is to annul. I Notre Dame are also like Notre Dame against the spread emeritus is. In South Bend. About LSU Auburn. Canada headline keeps movement towards Auburn it was nine and a half yesterday that's remade our prediction here on Dix six sound two and a half time. Ten and a half bomber and remember. The home team has covered it. Eight the last nine times here. That tells me all the sharp money right now all of it is going on Auburn that concerns me if I'm Ella she'll it really does. Swimming had to do Murray searched last time are recovered at home as the favorite. Wasn't when he had yet they haven't been home favorite since its Ellis he's been the favorite and most of the times is the senses bribery in the home team has won. But I Alley Ellis should just keep it close I don't think did I think they can win but I think if I'm betting on the game embedding knows you calmer gimme plus. Yeah and 92 degrees is supposed to be kicked off that football games so. It's a large red. Like Auburn to win this. Essence is to vigorous Francis defense. To mail issue here. Norm back and forth and they don't know where to go against the spread with this one. I am taken Auburn to win accord against Colorado State in a car at a sages beat an SEC team last week. They beat Arkansas. And later against Florida my guess is no this is in the swamp. Florida Dan mall and a little rough last week. A little rough that's an understatement losing to Kentucky for the first time in thirty years. Boat when it's Colorado State twenty point favorites. Are much coverage on some big line for team the dispute and SEC squad. Arkansas I guess the mean green north Texas. This is your worst team in the SEC people are kind of coalescing around this now. Want to say a former high school coach and is a Rottweiler Doug Peterson does not using now I guess is a pejorative but maybe. John Morrissey or just a little bit out of his league. So don't. If you Tim if you got a son have you let's say you're coaching college ball morris' got a son Blaine high school football on Friday night you go to those games. I mean he has teammates that are pretty good players. Now that's list yet so he says he's gonna go to his son sons games I got a little push back from that lastly I don't really have a problem whether it. Arkansas only seven point favorites here like Arkansas home to win I'll select the McGovern. Almost about to get. Curb stomped by Alabama. DeBoer rude awakening for everybody now jumping on this Ole miss bandwagon offensively you know what Alabama does they come in and wrecked your party. Alabama when this might forty Alabama's going to win this game by forty points. Double this spread he can't make this Diana. It's only 21 points there. Wind that Tim you're not allowed bail on this one. I I really like Alabama to win this game I just think almost in a backdoor cover their offense is too good not to not to not score points article was scorched 48 points in this game. I don't know if that's gonna be enough for them that means what is that 49 points and damaged get a score and I just think almost scored enough points where they're gonna cover. Now that I take my LSU Auburn prediction backed by the way Anderson we're not gonna do it here Alan under a literal do it towards the top of the hour forget my LSU Auburn and I think about a little more had you gone diamond gone metaphor on the small it. Let's just run through a few more dare run up against the clock. I do like mr. rescind obviously against the region cajun number Louisiana as the that big spread those 33 and a half again I'm not taken against the spread those kind of games. For drew at home against. The zoo but this isn't the same Purdue team. In the past that's been at least the since ms. who's gonna go there and when this game even on the road Texas NM Jumbo night and rebuild many mornings but that the review mere. They've got you Ellman roe we know that's W and South Carolina. Just got humbled. In a big way by Georgia last week must champ. Really think Will Muschamp is gonna have South Carolina consistently competitive get out of here with that. The real one this week though I guess South Carolina so that's my SEC picks sands LSU Auburn would do that towards the top the hour. Coming back after this break we'll talk to James crypt via. Covers the Auburn Tigers for ale dot com do that next time sets Dunlap misses the last lap. I my final prediction NASA that was that whole Lotta we're gonna make it here exam. You can do this seek a way it's clear pick 6 next hour I am gonna go Auburn when this game would have said I'm an oil should cover nine I have for. Ten and half for sure I I think I still chose osu to cover nine and a half our pick six yesterday amnesty with that so that's my official prediction he got on forest. I think if osu has turned the ball over like they have an all season. That I think oh she keeps a close sonics attorney depth recovered but I don't go in eyes it's flying in the face of recent C anyways candy that'll last nine years the home team has covered the and in battle last nine years the home team is one so. See what happens. Quick break for news only come back yeah I I told Christian yeah Erica we were excited about the soft fair than on goal situation band Robison. Aside and only wanna get into it a calm but I just we gotta talk about it physicists since the news of the day soar on talk about an Al what Dell com. Into the program next hour we talked some high school football I'm Seth Dunlap this is the last lap.