LSU-Auburn Baseball Preview

The Tigers going on the road for their last SEC series of the season. Can the Tigers do enough to earn themselves a postseason bid? We hear from Ted Cahill of Baseball American and James Moran of


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What do back. Scott and doing a FaceBook live talking abouts play a little pelicans fancy GM. Talked about was Scott Alexander a little bit. Ands and the year. Point guard position is going to be very. Interesting to watch to see what they do with the the jobs have a couple of guys. Who are free agents right now rush on Rondo what thinks unit commander on ten million dollars a year even more than that for contender that team that wants to go all in the needs. That point guard spot we saw Hogan he was in the playoffs. Burnett's Camelot more than three million dollars from one year that they got a four this year also though and nobody's really talked about this but Ian Clark why I was so good off the bench for the pelicans. This last year he's also a free agent he's going to be a lot cheaper to retain the Enron John Rondo and I just don't think you can lose both of those guys intrigues I don't think you lose Rondo. And Ian Clark and feel comfortable because you don't want to move true holiday. Back to the one he was so good playing off the ball this year you wanna keep them there you want to keep him and speaking of the point guard position. I put out a what it's up high in the sky trade. Is it likely know. But could I see scenarios where it can happen yes yes I could up in Boston we have a general manager and Danny Ainge who loves to wheel and deal in the also loves to acquire first round picks. Ands. With the the core there that he hasn't young players with Tatum. And brown rosier Smart Horford all these guys gonna get Hayward back this next year there's talk of and Danny is making a big push to get coal why Leonard's who's got it might be available I do think Tyree Irving. Tighter here being under the right circumstances would be available. To find Dell Demps I am certainly at least making called and Danny Ainge as soon as the Celtics season is over. And figure out what it would take to get carried out. Probably gonna take you to a first round picks him be late first round picks. And a couple of players player to. I do though I would go all in now I would go all in now upon the pelicans to win two years left. On Tyree steel after this. Now woods make him freeagent one year prior to and Anthony Davis would do two things that happened here if you wanna convince Anthony Davis a stay here long term after 20/20 one when the seals up. It proved to him he can win titles here I I think you've got to do that. If you bring in carry. What a Big Three that would be. Tyree. AD and Giroux holiday and he got Mirotic and more as well I mean c'mon how fun would that be. And here's the little emergency exit for this if this somehow goes south. If AD still once down 221. Well then you can reset optional see that happen but then you got to reset. Court Tyree would be off the books. Anti Davis would be out the books. Nikola. All these guys except for your hauled out the book so if the franchises and needed to reset it would be really easy to reset right Dan. And you wouldn't be happy you have all your first round picks after that. Don't. That's a play that I would make a bundle Demps don't make a hard pushed ring carrier meaning it now speaking of Boston. Talk about the Celtics real quick but first an update on the Western Conference finals. Halftime right now rockets 645014. Point lead at the intermission. Over the war is they're trying to even up the series and I said if the rockets lose this game series you to be over in. At least five B before games. James. A reason with fifteen and and Eric Gordon yeah him Nextel and thirteen points off the bench kind of lead the way. So I talked about the Celtics here a little bit. And the more I watch them. And this system over in the Eastern Conference. The power lies in the last and I said before whoever comes at an east. If it's that their play and the warriors I may get swept I don't see the Celtics or Cleveland's able winning game in that series. Everything being equal maybe they steal one. But it's going to be forced by deep series and and run out by the Celtics maybe a little bit better shot with the rockets in their bill on that stage before. But they're building something there. And we you know if you listen to show my love for Brad Stevens I think he has an all time basketball mind I think you prevent a Butler I think he's proven and the NBA. So when we look at the Celtics weren't talked about classical music at who's the team. That's going to be able to build something to actually. Compete with and contend with this super team that is the warriors that doesn't look like it's going anywhere. Kevin Durant to play top to sanibel wanna come back. Next year. About the Celtics Brad Stevens. With that system. It's proven their already better than anybody in the east especially if this. Eastern Conference final series plays out like it is right now so imagine that system. With the same core players they have right now Horford brown. Rosier Smart hate them. He added Gordon Hayward back in the mixed Tyree Irving to didn't come here to New Orleans Matt traders said but you bring carrier ring Gordon Hayward back. They would still have. The space and certainly within luxury tax range to trade for another start maybe it's cool islanders somebody else magical why on that team. Imagine LeBron James on that team. So we've talked a lot about Houston. As being competition for the warriors. Or maybe the sixers of LeBron comes there. But we think about this is it that we overlooking missed the last year year and a half. Isn't actually Boston. With that system. With that coach with that mind and Brad Stevens. With that core of players. Is it actually this Celtics. Or building something that can be a true contender to the warriors. I'm starting to believe it might be. Little bit earlier we also talked about Michael Jordan. Walt brewer necessarily talking about MJ. Against LeBron and nationally every single day it seems like John and bay saint Luke's once the weigh in on now on the phone lines a 504260170. John you're on WW all to. A man like it is or. How well since. I've been. Yelled at them credit when. It. Actually it's you remind. You got. It will warranty. And needles that. Meant though. You know about you know. OK okay and now look I agree with pretty much everything you said there are John but about a push back on you saying they see just distraught man and realizable invade don't give LeBron enough credit. Until he's like a told the caller last hour. When I listen to everybody. Locally nationally about this. All most everybody is on LeBron side of LeBron vs and database to only two guys that I can think about. That would say they're dating Michael was better with Stephen A Smith and Chris Broussard by everybody else is on the broad sides are they a man who is they're talking about. Even if we have now. David dole lets it. Going to break out. I. Break out at a red spots could top. I mean today I guess you're talking about those two guys are okay but what I guess that everybody else is on the bronze cited estimates and for me. I guess it's fun to talk about water cooler sport sock that's fine. It's like enjoy like it's it's black like I can't enjoy both guys. Like you couldn't think LeBron was the best that I've ever seen in that time and also say what LeBron I've never seen a player like him ever. I can hold both those views right OK as bona now let's go to Jerry in Tarrytown Jerry John WW. Eight. Does this do you that we should be adorable old dribble great equipment great play it and it is Tuesday we re do it but equal and we do so what I look up Google Wave is that it. We don't look applied is I don't believe we've. With that will go. We saw Jordan Jordan won six titles in Georgia started the debate by day they ought to order one extreme a little bit older equipment you'll get credit because you. You know you can export abroad Gortat bottles every year in and bring in. Support care and they. Michael Jordan you know agreed at this point. Scottie Pippen with a lot on the and a lot or jointly receive roll so ignored they would get this deal. And get the rebound. And yet it's likely that the report it and eating at the coach also that we won the title. What do you. Get older today Coke can Wear an ankle and toe. They played in the system and eleven titles and it seems that took them so well that. I don't know I don't. But scored just like Jordan. Almost did become vocal that it did you know anyone not heeding that he did a great sense of. I agree with that dried and look we're up against a break and serrated called. I don't take anything away from LeBron for losing in the finals I mean my goodness a lot of these teams it was a straddled the talent Michael was but I mean let's be honest here. Colbert Bob was surrounded with some great talent. When he did win the titles with Dwyane Wade is Jimmie first ballot hall there with Chris Bosh with a time was unbelievable. And with Tyree when he won the title Irene Kevin Love two superstars in the sleek. We'll take a break you're gonna come back gotta talk a little LSU Teddy Gail national baseball writer for baseball America. LSU word they said would they be in or out of the regionals right now. Talked to Teddy next time set Dunlap it's double coverage on WW. Ought to Mac NBA Western Conference finals in the third quarter Houston 71 Golden State. 59. Very important game obviously. For Houston. Given up and I think James Harden just completed a and one attempt to yourself rockets trying to pull whale bit let's talk some LSU baseball though obviously in massive series. Starting tomorrow a three game series with Auburn their game up on Auburn. In the SEC standings right now and of course the their regional hopes hanging by a thread we're gonna talk to two guys James ran coming up just a little bit. But Teddy K hill right now national baseball writer for baseball America joins us steady what's up tonight how you don't think you drive. No problem or it could Condit talking from College Baseball. Oh yeah it really is and what a way to start this is right now and European just how on the bubble. Is LSU right now would they be in or out. We're in right now we don't happen in the last four in either of their little deeper than that. You're not Gillick took one win this weekend at the nitpicking and sit in in the SEC you know there was that period and I think that as it pretty well I feel pretty good about the tiger about going. So the SEC stacked let's talk about the conference teams you think get into this. This turn it right now the regionals I should say get into the regional original bid out of the SEC could be an all time did accumulation it. It could be for the record and that's been deployed and in. Predicted feel the picked before we've got to treat all American or content day we had. And for the FCC. We had a lesson last week. It could be eleven again. Mississippi State and Pakistan have kind of been some hot water right now more than anyone else then but if they get. Favorable result this weekend or next week and Hooper. You know they'd pick it up but still out there for them to do it in and a Latin it is not out of the realm of possibility at all. Is 500 enough to get him for LSU I like I guess that goes back to my previous question but it tells you just when one of these three games against sovereign in this stacked conference to get to 500 you think that. Is enough or resonate for that selection committee. Yeah I think it is. RPI. Is not Corey obviously. But if they win just. A one year and then maybe go on and you know win on Tuesday in Hoover like that definitely should be enough. If they wound up going wanted to it than what it out and Lugar mean that. Maybe here you're sweating it out just a little bit more but I think it hit it fifteen. There Arquette not that bad that I think he can be attacked. Diana syndicate on national baseball writer. For baseball America so our RPI and I know the selection committee is trees he said some things about RPI. I think it truly factors into all this because we know LS u.'s RPI Iran now according to NCAA dot com iasis before he initially it was fifty. What kind of precedent is there over their fur RPI in the fifties. But yet it it's not great. After. A last night it was a little bit. This loop. A little bit more of this weekend. It Tuesday and then beyond that they come to that yet he's determined to more opportunities. Has he became really you want to be able higher than that anarchy I think it's pretty significant in the baseball tournament. There are a lot of times and elect to immediately on a pretty heavily. Why it is talk but just one of the metrics but he is one of the more important ones and it is just one of them and I think that other really important one is. Kind of a combination of conference record in conference standings. And you know right now like we're talking about how you'd get into that you know he wins but traditionally. Is that really get. Spot as long as you're RPI is okay go with. And the fact that they have a chance to finish pretty highly India Pakistan in the right to potentially being 500. Is off a pretty good indicator. For the tigers. Road records that's obviously got to be a black stain on this is like committee gonna look at this road record especially if they lose this series they would be away from the box and say they lose two or three here that would be. Four and fifteen hoey from Alex box stadium this year. Is the selection committee a look at that doughboy doron or put Ellis unit regional on the road somewhere. Is that went on hopeful blind you know that one of the things that I feel like is that it. It's not gonna I don't really don't think that that would be the thing that would keep them out. It's something new look at. When you're looking at. You are trying to part argument to your theory that the sport those beer or two you know. I think become more deployed there by. As long as I note you can avoid being right on the bubble I don't think that's gonna be looked at too much but I. It's definitely not a good look. You know if you look at a lot of these if he came here it doesn't look it in terms of our record. Know Arkansas is Sprint's commodities being you know pretty bad. You know is that the look like that could hold them back to being at poppy seeds. That here's the weird here it is he where no one except Florida went on the road and I think the committee it is nuanced enough to understand. And Arkansas our road record like you just said five and ten their road record this year but. Was like they're on track for a top eight seed not another SEC team that I think you guys have had no one for most of the year and most sites had Florida they stole your runaway favorite to share. They are eyes feel great about Florida being in the the national title paper it. About India and a number one overall seed in the tournament. You know that time an awful lot who already won the tournament. Going into the final weekend of the regular season and at a party excuse me and as we can use in Europe yet to Auckland and I think it's testament to what they've done this year than noble in your eyes. Officers state has an incredible actor Patrick looks really good today. They look good on paper and they look really didn't what do it and play in person to it's it's it's a very tolerant. And do they are a monster to this year from start to finish I wouldn't be surprised at all to see them. I go back to back L I'm curious sir can you project out with any certainty where LSU might be headed for a regional issue you kind of project these things or is it still too early itself. An island really tough beat in their case not being really projects to be particularly close. In terms. Distance every every regional and it is going to be pretty close. And I think in India seeking a tendon. They can't get sent there so it is that the case where you know that you stating hurried and use the Euro write something like that so. You immediately get sent one of them is that. The big twelve regional aren't necessarily because you're looking at while that potentially and on. Yes so well when you kind of get out. In the can get anywhere. But now it's part to to pinpoint. You know who look at movies but we've regional potential. Sites. Then there's no natural fit for the tigers and. Teddy K hill national baseball writer for baseball America joining us on double coverage said he before really go we've got to ask question we're asking everybody today. Timmy play at I'd Teddy L I don't know what you hear here he probably see this I don't wanna know Ted and go attempt. What's Teddy what are you hear there. Positive but it's really weird acute which in Serbia right now her bore holes in the year when I had my head that I now let's just plays. Two speakers I hear you on so. Yeah I don't know I don't know what's going on that but. Look you little oral look at ice still have not heard you and he winds anywhere any time I'm formally Moore oak avenue dog Teddy wrote presented diamond that it's a much. I'm Fred follow months what at Ted dale hey we're like four for four area Bobbie we got me we have Scott Alexander and Teddy. All the laurel can't be still here and you're still there and like balloon attempt modern Euro. Corps. We'll take a break up till the Western Conference finals cumin and James Moran joining us in ten minutes. Rockets extending that lead up to seventy CNET will. Or rockets flexing their muscles trying to get a victory in front of their home crowd. Deep three attempt by Trevor uses no good. Single sick come back from these deficits before certainly it's not over. At all game two of the Western Conference finals here. 83 to 66. 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Well I'm a Mac or the sex or for the 985 here says because the fact the lead Kevin Durant live is unacceptable saying he's not a Kevin Durant fan. Another text from him or her I mean you're watching this game KD is too good it makes it miserable to watch I don't find it like that at all ads. Again I'm somebody who appreciates. This game and appreciate the way Kevin Durant plays too much I mean it's just ED does things that. Maybe no player in the history game has been able to do. And that's enemies. He simply incredible. Resentment I guess. Since that donors and I am simply dislike of why you would want the super team and I suppose. But. I'm just not on board let's go and take an early break here we come back. James Moran of tiger Agha dot com Williams a preview of LSU. And Auburn massive. Baseball series that will start tomorrow right here on WWL I'm Seth Dunlap. Double coverage continues. Hughes is still up pretty big in this one up by 1686. To seventy. Overruled and states and game two of the Western Conference finals two and a half minutes left in the third quarter. Peace and would even up that series at a game apiece if they were to hold on and winds along time to goad specially. Especially against the warriors. Still talking LSU and Auburn massive series for the tigers gets underway tomorrow because the SEC tournaments next week it's a Thursday Friday Saturday series. Let's go ahead and bring in James Moran here of a tiger rag dot com covering LSU baseball James to up to nine doctor ENR. Our aren't that I'm good OK we just start off like this Rask and everybody and I got to know where you stand because. It is the question and everybody wants to know right now. James what you hear when we play this. What what do you hear that there are well world. You do your laurel okay everybody's on the floor over the sliding and paying attention this again neighbors is moral thing yet you see in her. Our own problem I happen. Heard it yet but I hear that people thought about it. Can you understand why anybody would Syria Annie from that because I don't I don't hear you and Alan. I. All right Jane aside on more important things here Lestock about LSU against sovereign critical series like I just said. And they've struggled so mightily on the road is there any reason to think that LSU James can actually win a series on the road here. Who do you question. I would think that they have at least you know that certainly need to win here and winning the series. Which is there in the Portman I think their theory that they get to sixteen. SEC wins and if they just go there always getting swept go again. Danica who were just meeting a winner of the secure spot on it. If I'm LSU. My plan is the Congo on Friday. You have to act out their holes are there is that. You have there Castelli they're holding Casey's mind of the best pitcher in the country he's not pitch until. Told game to. So ardently in active on pulmonary problem complexion. Public knowledge of the ban on using whoever did but he needs more competent and went in the game. Yes I was just gonna ask sort of see in my eyes there's only seven are up older open to appear are they were not NC my stitch up some muscles and go out tomorrow and pitch. No they they actually it's not a moving things around that they actually could chip every. I it is partly a media and number one pick in the MLB draft so they just. I don't know it's like an agreement they accompany it with ample war or what Padilla went out there aren't that but he pitches every sound. Reds every game soon ran its every game two and in the in the serious threat. No I don't know when they play Friday Saturday he Friday when they hear it it's a private. Gotcha facilities there and he's not gonna pitch game one. Now I got it didn't do it yet but don't you think that's good or bad for LSU. Let it go. I mean it is just. If you look in Europe. You know look at the picture you don't get slapped avoid the disaster scenario. Which I mean you know wrote Kyrie earlier in the year first priority. I mean there are happy your best pitcher but it intention against you why you're you know not a great. About it can't win but. It's not ideal you know. Meanwhile if you are pitching. Him against that you know pretty good pitcher but you have a better. You know I don't necessarily you know you're not giving up the game earlier did you against. It actually are pretty well in recent years of what. And that the now. You know they hit him pretty well on the last that there aren't completely wrong and six innings and change their career. Start want relief appearance like thank you Yugo all our games if you get. Then you know you've next party Italy here you go for all out. Your pretty much with an eight game that. Stop and you lose the first gentleman here you're out of control. So I've got a bit there's there's an expert he. The unknown and indeed I completely agree with that I go we got us a slew of people this hour same please ask Jim about. Josh Smith so James what's the latest on Josh Smith. Our need not point this week that's for sure. He's our. He's not ruled out for the year quite yet but he's playing this week there's a chance that he could make via its term for ordinary in war that out. But he'd happily go out and play this week he would make the trip Auburn we talked. With Heatley and it sort of Egypt's slaughter. You know he's not yet audience these analysts are idiots it's a but just currently is but he's been playing better. I think they feel pretty. In filling in for another week it anymore. Seth Dunlap you're on double coverage saying I would James Moran associate editor for tiger rag dot com covering. LSU baseball you know I'm curious James do you think pulmonary plays the series any differently given the stakes are talking about quicker books. With pitchers in the bullpen and maybe tries to manufacture runs in a way that he usually does and does he play the series and differently than usual considering sixer. All I don't think so. Maybe you play hockey players that you went there that it will regretfully it's you know why on that football coach that likes. Kind of screw around immediately. Like the gamesmanship I don't you know it. I don't know what and about it but he just terrible score that way where you know they're gonna put their best guys out there and see what happens so I. I don't think they've changed it up I mean maybe they they try to be more aggressive because they've they've blow on the road ego. You know you don't you don't tried to played for the pie in you know real world out quite well. They've had trouble holding leads and they're more aggressive. Going for big inning as opposed to just scratching out a runner Haile I don't know I can really currency go either way there. Which of his keys in the series for LSU against our. On the pitching but he better attack can't panic data is weight by adding that it's you know. It was good considering how heated that stopped immediately after a rocky start but. The killing earlier waves with downright brutal Equant by eighty. Is that he lost such is not entirely in and all are just don't partner. Is out of the one of those where. You know did he Oprah that's all we tried to make too many tweets I'm like. If the analogy. Or Carly your golfer on the golf course and you know your swing not right you just make too many many adjustments and and you're out there really think he not playing in them. It all starts to fall apart so that's really what I saw in the two of those guys but even better you know those you don't both pitched well. Ellis you know art I'm really winning here and I don't area. How to get bailed out last week at Alabama wasn't very good that's that's not going to be the case this week I'm or perhaps what are. So bottom line here James and only got a week give me SEC turner play after this one I guess two questions right now is LSU in our outs and do you think what's also and done LSU is in this tournament. There and right now I feel pretty confident that the CNN today they'd be in I think it. I think it's probably 6040 that would mean that they're gonna end up in the but I just you know ready to simply better. In their brilliant thirteen away from home you know there need to win at least two more games between upper and and in the SEC tournament 83 they they don't want Auburn. It's it's just tough you know I think the the data and the. Woolsey it's going to be a fascinating series a watch and certainly next week in the SEC tournament is always James scrape breakdown appreciate the time want to talk to next week. Or are and it's followed his work at tiger rag dot com and so on Twitter at smartest Moran James Moran. Associate editor at tiger rag dot com. Covering LSU baseball well this rockets or warriors game is in the fourth quarter now a sixteen. Point lead for the rockets. They put him 95. Through three quarters on the warriors Chris Paul with eleven points in that third quarter fourteen in the game. James Harden not the best shooting night just two of ten from three but he still has 21 points eighteen off the bench for Eric Gordon. And I just want to if Houston does suit you know crush the warriors here they went a couple of games in the series Serb. The stretch this out Selleck quiet and you Kevin Durant sock the warriors didn't need Kevin Durant. Charisma and have a good serious person have a good post season of the the first game when he came back his old six from three in this game 513. Just eleven points and I still never get the people that says die I know the warriors in need Kevin Durant dive there be fine without them. I can you imagine what would be happening in this game in this series without Kevin Durant. 36 points gave Diaz. Take that away and the Sandra really ugly right now on a one game one other. Take a quick break we're coming back at your phone calls what do you think about LSU. You concerns tiger fans this week and we think they need to do against Auburn I'm curious umi call I'd love to hear from a 50426. So 187 he's the phone number. 5042601870. I'm Seth Dunlap double coverage on WW oil continues. Well back to show us your roberts' files in the fourth quarter Houston. Up by a dozen nanny eights to 86 golds it tranda. Claw their way back into this one. But rockets seemed completely in control this game is in the way the flow is going Howell off stuff Koreas today out just speak. Really surprised golds that comes back to win this but we've seen stranger things. We'll keep you updated on that we're talking laurel and yet they. Our sales fund ads throughout the show today. A 6 December setting your saying that sound is laurel thirties 3% are you any bets are pretty. Mazda opinion poll at WW all dot hot and somebody on the text line and it's 7870 from the final four saying. That was not the same sound at all Tim they were accusing you of doctoring the sound no he's got like really every time we play this template again. But again. Every time we play that is the same sounds so if you're hearing something different one time or different time hearing you Danny one time a moral different time and a body was hearing that no it's the same spots but your brain's there it's the gold dress blue dress kind of thing. Let's go to the phone lines of 504260187. BJW on the causeway you wanna talk about the saints go ahead. And I think you're all who by the way. It's all. Let Ankiel I think laurel to do not understand how anybody hears Gianni from that bit apparently about a third of the audience us. So they're GW. Yup they're yup we got you yeah. Yeah. Telus and Leon Hall did Debbie Riley on the causeway Timmy go and check regular JW is ready before the top of the hour. Going across the causeway a the other radio dot com that an extreme gravity is the easiest way to listen to all of our shows here at WWL. Scope of the App Store download radio dot com and then just favorite us what you actually in the app. You can stream all your favorite shows live. Yassir get on podcasts I know a lot of view in the service industry probably get not listen to our show. Right now you missed the first couple hours that are usually always pretty goods. He can get that the podcast version at WW dot com the WW lap but also now on the radio dot com app it's really easy. And allows you to connect to us on social media also in the radio dot com map. And favorites WWL. Tomorrow on sports stock with Bobby Hebert Christian Derek now of the Supreme Court has made gambling legal across the country. Will Pete rose's lifetime MLB ban be lifted. I know Christian Garrity huge Pete Rose fan. Should he be enshrined in Cooperstown then LSU baseball takes on Auburn pre game 531 pitch six so programming note for us. We will be on the tomorrow and I'm assuming that game doesn't go long. Probably about 930 years shall have an abbreviated show same thing on Saturday at 930. 211. Let's try to get JW Beck did W there. Now it's the JW sour can what you get across the 'cause they give us a call backers break it up too much for promised. Beginning of next hour rule or throw you in here spin next hour gonna have a little hodgepodge topics don't like higher reared me highlight a one or propose again if you miss early in the show. I think the pelicans could make you play for Tyree Irving I do think. Would be on the markets for the right price you wanna talk about a point guard here if they can't bring back Raj on Rondo you wanna bring another superstar in this league. And I think that's retiree is here. I think to make plays for Kyra it's gonna take a lot. Putts that play can be made by Dell Demps fisherman dealing with Danny Ainge and Stephen Tyree. There's been so much talk. By some of these. Yelled detain that guy is nationally who say Tyree is overrated for this reason and that reason and and this series is a litmus test the Celtics series on. Hi res overrated nest. It's not a word that's kind of put it anything I say the series the Celtics series right now so it's Celtics up 20 on Cleveland. I think it's a litmus test. And it's on diaries or worse to the cavaliers and just how important he was. To that franchise. Also if you missed it today the NFL proposed eight changed the kickoff rule. They're gonna vote on all explained that. And and I'm kind of on the fringe age wise of somebody who's kind of interested in it but not as much as the true Milan heels and younger generation. But it may also be paying attention because some of the numbers right now that. All explain. We'll get your calls next hour line about 504260187. He'd double coverage two hours down 12 goal. Houston has gone up now seventeen. That name just about over.