Louisiana sounds off on Academy thief, short term rentals

Newell Normand
Thursday, July 12th
Newell talks to WWL listeners about hot topics of the day, including short term rental policies, the Academy Sports employee who was fired for tackling a shoplifter, and much more

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The manager of the Tallahassee academy sports was fired Tuesday after he tackled the suspect accused of stealing a handgun last week. Academy decided to terminate Emmys instead of treating them like the hero that he really should have been. They terminated his employment and immediately because he put his hands on mr. white. White asked to look at the handgun at the firearms can't count it he was handed the gun in any ran towards the door obviously I don't know of any more overt way that you can. Let everybody know that you intend to commit a theft. At the manager said chase tackling him and was able to. To get them in. White according to court records that he and his family were being threatened by an unknown person anyone that the gun to kill. And that was his reasoning berg going into the academy store in and wanting to steal the weapon. And now the manager. Is terminated. Am I missing something here. It seems to me he may have saved somebody else's life obviously we we've got. Another property offender who's very dangerous who's gonna do this in a very overt way like this and they're very blatant. And now they're on fire. It just doesn't seem right to me and sometimes I think we've lost sight of what we're trying to accomplish. Here what do you think gutless total on one Steven in New Orleans what say you Stephen. Okay well I'm gonna teach our limit. Lucic and 46 years ago lived in the quarter or. Well about five years and she sorted. Renato corder had multiple cars so you could refine our inspiration you re going. And whatever and there could be and was started back period is on my new people who work at an apartment children and now. So anyway I mentioned some forty years and a where I live. Historic house. Our house of the lord. I RE I'd looked at houses a 100000. More than wanna pay for my house so I'm I'm sorry here and these people blew it. More stringent house so that helps in your house vote. You know if you're gonna are and you can afford to ship or you should go. So he's in blue are blue and I think user open. Oh okay at a marina outraged by Serbian leaders and a street. I'm about to look at warm about it and put a sprinkler. On my roof from from my house at wake me up and charge or. And there they're walking home obviously. And late hours of the night. Yeah yeah on the PP coach in the senate did. You know I sighed and Walgreens. Local manager and should feature or people. And you know so I think our Donte' just a year ago and part true. And they'll mark this as partners in a big crash. It was reported and was they called Gator on. So audio output at bats in places like for reasons for dinner and it was somebody that would. Medicare patients. You know. And I share this is who these people. Before they're been busy and Hampshire. You know are so I think this city make him the money that it should be. And ruining their neighborhood so that means people. Need about water. And elsewhere tonight and lived on the street for. About thirty years yes and he's so well in new addition. There's no there's no doubt that there's a balance of interest issue here and trying to find some. Common ground unfortunately I don't know that there that that you can find it because. Yeah we're kind of vetting process can you have of the individuals you renting to. And whether or not they're gonna display any respect to the neighbors out of there are torturing your complaining about now. You know I mean like her obviously earlier achieved our. Goal architect that. He'd and she's it's big obstacles that. And you know allege she's a sudden I become ends when he's there are indeed people come back stage well that charge told me come back. You know leisure critics argue that we match. Guys you know I guess in all fairness to all folks though for every bad story there's a good story. And you know because most people tend to be good people in and do the appropriate things just unfortunately the as there's always the good suffer for the bad right. Well here. And I guess everybody image in the business. As I say. Absolutely. Slush fund is somewhere. That they don't pay all appropriate tax rate do. Well let's. Let let's let's hope not on that on that front because obviously the city needs the money that. Clean cleanest streets fill the potholes and and hopefully gets orchard aboard straightened out. I don't give any police protection. And I had a car stolen. And it took him four days to come out to make a record. And then I can uninstall. And which don't that the car. Sorry I don't give it police protection. And I can tell you write columns please do the big east before that which. So the commission issued by a 521 vote endorsing a temporary mirror moratorium. On the short term rental licenses so we'll see where that goes to the next thanks so much for Colin and Stephen appreciate it. Let's go to line to talk to Stephen uptown with so you Stephen. Don't you real quick yeah of course the academy. Which is that there will be. Didn't they now want to super well actually what sport there is caught by. A more. And ought not and it all came out about it call. We go. People would have done and keep shouted. Allah eat nor have policy toward a peace deal. She bought academy may well. Check them what a fire shame on him an idol out there a lot they interpret it martyr. But then have a great day. Yeah I think Jenna in. I think a lot of people have that same reaction sometimes to this and is there any number of stores that have adopted policies to knock confront. Shoplifters. Within. The store. But. I don't know is a pair of socks the same as the gun. And do you not have a heightened responsibility. To some extent if somebody's walking out of the store with a handgun. I think I would have done with the store manager. Did and unfortunately he's marriages and two young kids beautiful family. And now he's. Without a job and I just. I don't know and I don't understand. You know the thought process here was a forty caliber pistol from the firearms counter. I mean maybe they should attach some kind of tell the court or something. To these guns before they handed to a potential. Customer. On in that respect because. This doesn't make any sense to me that there are put at risk is the gun runs out and they do what they got to make a call to the police at that point on. They'll be long this guy I'll be long gone about a town of police get there and you're not going to be able to deal with that at all. Well thank you Stephen for Colin and I appreciate the call let's go to. I thought we had a call already and now we're gonna go to a break it was called 2601870. Or Texas at 878. Saturday talking about it. Any number of things you wanna talk about. Caribbean be short term Reynolds talk about this story and I read another story to you when we return. About stuff that's cool all across the country we'll be right back. We're back we'll go to line through it talked to my eight what say you Mike. Spain nor an area. I'm a mobile and retained or take why yesterday. You know they were talking about the and it fell all signs grievances and deal issue with the players kneeling came out again and a lot of conversation. You know all around these guys that you know people upset does not respecting the flag in that respect in the military and the police. And so on so forth and and that China in any but the day before that. Shortly after that four. Trump park needs these two ranchers from the all right you know that basically set fires to the government land. And at the same time these guys were protesting something they liked about the government. The Bundy who tied themselves to these guys. They're pro testing something didn't like about the government's. West to. Hijack a government facility armed. And hold hostage cynical that activity tied themselves that it partner at its meeting here when we're talking about and that's so players were kneeling for protests. The all right also at the time when pop up would be number Clive. When fox had him on just about every day kind of promoting him a hero. This sovereign citizens were attached themselves. To the Bundy an adult right and I and I'm sure you remember this I don't know few days after. Those start appeared actually on TV orb at their protests went to make its murdered two police officers or their reading lunch. And covered their bodies don't tread on me remember that law. Remembered the saying two months after Michael Brown what we're calling black lives terrorist groups. A double incidences in police officers state troopers in Pennsylvania. Attacked or rumored to. In nobody talks about so it it just bothers me you know where within two were complaining about neatly. Intro parting these all light groups. Who tied themselves with other groups. Believe opposite complaining about black guy or any link to protest police brutality and one. That don't like the pulley. It's obvious I'm very angry about the hypocrisy. And how people can viewed itself very that we are all groups. You know. That items so to all groups like the rock into the but I've never heard anybody. When these opposite number sovereign citizens all white people had guests on their talking about a talking about the arc. Nobody talks about. Well I've seen I've seen. Many shows where they talked about a I do agree with you I don't I'm not sure what motivated the president to do those parts. The fact of the matter is they violated law. Maybe I know that there's been accusations of over reached prosecutorial overreach in that case. But the fact is fact of the matter is. Is that it should just been a blanket pardon and it and it walks operate now having said that most of the evidence suggested they did not align themselves. With the other groups you're talking about in the did not participate in India those protest could be that as at May Day. I ice that's exactly what you're talking about about the duplicity. And now I think it's a problem mission happen. An endless leaning pretty left a lot of issues but when it comes to police departments. But what you know when you're talking about right or wrong doesn't really matter about left right independent in the middle Arnold the so I have some. Nat and I agree with you that's my point in the East Africa that he's there let's be fair you're gonna give time. To talk about how that's the threat of black life matter it is usually give equal time to talk about the dangers of the Albright. And that's my point. Is that we don't. Well most people don't give equal time to those issues and what we have these conversations are. All well and whoever's leading to right. Tends to push back. On those who are protesting. You know like two left in ignored. Don't need to do true actually the real threat from people like all right hold it a state that now. You know it plays into this dialogue we started today Mike and it's kind of this I got a one up all the time you know and I say things that have nothing to do with race in a try to keep it is neutral as possible. Albeit some of it may be bit. Made may a line with wart trump is saying I don't like the way he says it but mail. Again I get text over here and a call me racist you know. Socialists. That not Nazi I mean it's like craziness. And I haven't said anything in and in its in his college we're jumping to these extremes all the time. But I can't defend. That pardon I don't think it makes and he said let's be quite honest with you. Like it's that we pretty a couple of simple when it comes the police and firemen. We're running away from stuffed their run into it I have. Utmost respect for them and and what they do you know an age gap partly to what I remembered what I hear that these guys to buy the album art it's. And I was so angry when that was going on when they have high entry hero. And then whether they agree with them but these are incidents and people who left that. Who has around on TV. Computer. Lab and killed two police officer and nobody in this. You know hawkish I remember I remembered vividly like it was yesterday. And I once again they lost sight of what the issue was that was all about really let's let's call for what it was anti Obama. Right it was an early Obama administration that they decided that there we're gonna take this stand on a particular. Peacefully and it that we DOJ Annette that's that's what it was all about. It is why I didn't have anything to do with the rule of law you can't pick and shoes I got a text yesterday. We're talking about you know the the separated children as a result of immigration. Said the losses this went to the glories. Agreement. Read it three times. In in relief and read captions of an on air about why these things are happening is because of this agreement. And note and get tax law law law that's all you wanna talk about well. That's what you got to follow I don't get if your elected to be in the enforcement arm of government you don't get to pick and choose what laws you can enforce. If you see a violation you gotta forcible doesn't mean that that was a priority. Of what you were doing but if it's there you know about it we have an obligation to try and deal with. Just my thoughts. No it and I agree it's been like that old thing with being part Obama. He was on quiet but on the Jack victory and said I'm an American flag what apple. It was into bomb but it. You know in you know we had we had one start murder please oh but they waited they don't give equal time to reporters saying we were practically. What an all white group is attacking police. You're not talking about it so. Well you're right wrong is wrong we gave equal time. All about the ratings for every area all right thanks so much for calling and like we're gonna come right back to the talk line stay with this we will continue these conversations. One anything that you wanna talk about whether the Caribbean be short term rentals. Some of the most current news that's out there we're gonna talk about some other things that have come up and most recently there's a university. That it's flying a flag that has been defaced. We're back you were talking about any number of issues. Let's go to lying to and talk to Georgian Jefferson let's say you're George. Right there on our. Arm like 66 you're so. Not short Kennedy is assassinated. And all legion. Ball very ordered take its first trip to more. As in gore Orrin. What you're eruption. This sounds like you're not certain exchange. Here's your name reporters. And a one arm. So mark Ryan's. What are for Americans. Warner AMR. Age group. And not a polished aren't. They're pretty young African Americans. There are real art I think that the white man want to and jungles. Apple corps captured their people Ito there are people catcher there. And so their interests what are. And now come a area. And I'm so of these people bring in our eagle. And majors are being it's a sign there there's cause there's an hour ago. Straight yes not that strange. Georgia we don't go there. When you say entitled you in title meaning one. So you're not talking about our. Where uproar that Barack. I'll work that Winn-Dixie. And man's head appear speak the matter. To our governor in art because of the affirmative action so many year periods being bickering Ers are doing it. Because. You were too old woman. And in the bag groceries. The other guy. Is. And also note spring summaries people prayer these gold. Like being an engineer. At ground and human. Right. Area would escort. In the book and sort port area. So yeah. According. To a pre pre orders. Big hit the ball fat. Our firm did acting on it. Com where there aren't there. Are all on our. Well George I can tell you then and there it's been some. In fact just the other day of the Congressional Black Caucus called out president trump out on on his move to scrap. Affirmative action. And they said that yet again we see that the administration's goal and vision for making America great again is to reduce the role of the state in making sure our society prizes diversity and inclusion. They and he says I continue to be disappointed that the president of this great country demonstrably cares so little for its non white residents and their interest. Kind of interest thing I've ever heard a number of African American. Writers and and reporters talking about the fact that they are opposed to affirmative action as well because. They feel that it seems to imply. That that African Americans therefore are not capable. Because it's not a question of economic viability because most of what they're talking about they're getting the loans they're getting. The you know ways in my mind just went like they're getting this scholarships thank you to go to. The schools. It it's it's all about educational performance and they and they seem to think that that they are performing so. Why have this they're there they're performing. Why shouldn't everybody be treated on the same educational performance level. As others so we'll see this is gonna continue to be an issue these were actually it's not a law these are actually policy guidelines that we're. Laid out by the truck I'm by the excuse me Obama administration that the trump administration is now retreating on. With the end. The Education Department interestingly the justice department for appear to time even while under Obama. Has been advocating a retreat or roll back. These rules in saying that. They violate the constitution. In many respects so we'll see where this ultimately lead to scuttle on one and talked to Kathy in metric would say you Kathy. Hi art in. I'll be in really. Been B can't change the subject asking. OK we. Are being. It should. It actually extreme to you. Reboot would never. As it. We. Back to the first heard this before we are being there. And we create trouble in Portland doing. Okay. We have been possible to Chile has skiers who hosted. I don't control. Education. We weren't controlling my neighbors. Now we are orange white. And we checked or actual trick. To different but it you know score. Or we all deal on. I don't like it went to each other like in the case positive. Do you think that that that that that one ingredient in and of itself the fact that your there minimizes most of the complaints that neighbors that don't participate in our art. Our or articulating. Yes I think so you know try to make it different. We do have very strict rules to kind of media in court before. He can. You know. You people that we can't large groups either shell out some of the features well. After all the details. That tax benefit which partially. Spent. In world war we stand at five. And purchase supplies are appears inflation. Right poll we spent. Seven. And you actions in Paris. This this year inch tree eighteen or intent. As we get in major Haitian entrant. In. Shuttle we are carpenters electricians. Shop owners. The more people Shawn Jefferson Parish helping to. And that. Definite people this. Before I move that we can hunky things are meant tribal people. We need. To be able to stay in the mortgage paid. And we're pot a lot of people certainly hope that it would. So where are we at the council gypsum perish right now we're and they took some action recently. Coal walls. Very. Saint vote keeping an all. Short term except for commercial area. And I go into effect in March. Bad connection here between actual. So they'd get instantly mixing. It takes me back seat buckle up over and we're expecting. Total for me should we would like a couple over or will or should people people people it. You know Jerry Jerry. Enjoy double b.s and get. You know tried to help from the we would hope that it could be considered. Sort sic well me and August 22. And vote scored again net. Interest to vote court. And the people who were involved in the first thing in route going to meet again. On August 22 captain Gordon finished. At 740. Trip and it. In short term control. I would like to come and learn about what we're trying to do that welcomed and people. Like currently is well. They've Kathy I gotta get their break I'm sorry if you keep us informed and call us back again and let us know what's gone on we would appreciate that. I did it help. Have a great day we'll be right back give us a call 260187. Or Texas at 87870. When we come back. We're gonna talk about a bill that GOP lawmakers introduced in making first time illegal border crossings. A felony and we'll talk about why when we return this is duel under WTO. We're back we'll go to talk line to its line to talk to Wayne immature you let's say you lane. Wayne welcome to show. Are. Yes. Our tropical. The tree. Artery killer one should construction word. Actually treat hero war the world they'd kill. Under the table. Across so we're sure you'll yeah over. Those straight it won't be were goes straighter crow. And and Arnold yeah. Yeah absolutely in. How about. Have you talked nick council person. Not match. Aggies yeah entirely gone astray at gate director of state on life. Well with the council person they coordinate with the local officials they'll they'll be in the best position to be able to get the information for. Yeah that action true grassy hill lie at its hit show on radio on my. I'm almighty try to you know try market might notre. Now I don't know anything of anybody out there knows anything give us a call 260187. Year Texas and 87870. But Wayne I am of no help to you this morning involving a. Okay. Who are less well I've been nice for. Thanks for listening and thanks for calling we appreciate it let's go to mark in general on line three when you mark. You know that they. But it still. That worry you know. Well my kids when they called them to be. That ought. The mockery and doing something about the slow traffic into money. I hope they opened the mission is well the apartment so. I realize applicable problem. Also pose great. Up look great well breach. I'd drive room performance department now. And then there's people that could look you know let the Opel where was the bullet. That's not a fun drive. I've done it myself many times. Is more worried that it is not slow that site that the law. And they're going to be about that they're applying traffic and truck into. Action though. In the range and that will be. I'd also Britain. And it is him who. Shall be beyond that though. The equipment that movie on domestic stimulus. Money but it may be. All that well. Yeah I mean you know it's it because you have somebody in the right lane that strive and slow and -- the appropriate lane and when you have a slow driver in the left lane it clogs everything up for miles you see it all the time and it is frustrating. Idea that it that it gets through it. Think contribute to rate Ridley. It at that Uganda and marble and don't we don't. There are you get a break in the right in the past then they beat up but they Japan. Yeah I know it's it it's created a little rage in me every now and again where I hit my hand on the steering wheel and I'm completely frustrated them boxed them onto the field and mark thanks so much for Sharon and and thanks to the public safety officials at a monitor and then taken summer meeting remedial action that's that's a positive thing and thanks for Sharon out again. We'll be right back after the break it was called 260187. Near Texas at 8787. And this is new rules on Davida BO. We're back in if in a next our conversation is going to be about a proposed change in the draft rules for the MB yeah. Do you think kids should turn pro. Right out of high school. And they're proposing a set rule changes where they'll allow. High school seniors. To enter the NBA draft. Is that a good thing or is that a bad thing. I don't know you tell me I don't know what your thoughts are out of the we're gonna have that discussion. And many others India also gonna talk about this GOP lawmaker that seeks to make first time illegal border crossings a felony. And explains why. They wanna do that and we'll talk about that and what the legal consequences are and what that will ultimately. Mean. As well so we wanna hear from you give us a call 2601870. Or Texas. At 87870. As we continue these conversations. And more. And also just as a reminder. Remember that we've moved from tune in to radio dot com app and website. Make that switch now.