Louisiana roads will cost 14 billion to fix

Newell Normand
Wednesday, February 14th

Dr. Kam Movaassaghi joins us to talk the cost of roads to rebuild and the cost on our cars. 


Dr. Kam Movaassaghi is a Former Executive Director of the ASCE's Report Card Project and Former Secretary of DODT under the Mike Foster administration.


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We're going to be talking about president trumps. Infrastructure plan and joining us on the show right now is doctor com and move aside geek I think I got that right welcome to the show and I. Thank you. There so you know we it been waiting for a long time. Both Democrats and Republicans to hear from the president as it relates to infrastructure than everyone believes that this is an opportunity to. Leaving kick start to community and a big I mean the economy in a bigger way. And helped communities across the country as they have art and are facing the significant challenges of a crumbling infrastructure what are your thoughts. Absolutely. This is something that we have been waiting for for a long time and our national report call published by year's CE Jews had been nation and a grade of plus. All all of our infrastructure. But I'll go across the country. Well across the country and and power. America society of civil engineers. Religion section. Report caught published book Louisiana an. Power all of grade on our average grade is no better than the national average you know people puzzled shall. We have we have a tremendous need. Revitalizing. And giving you know infrastructure in this country. We have not paid much attention and this is that they welcome. Announcement on the president's side after being built as well when you get to get. This country back on track in and to like about our infrastructure. Elect to move aside the you used to be the executive director of the American society of civil engineer report card and project can you work. That department of did took transportation and development secretary and a Mike Foster. When you look back there where did this go awry I mean we just didn't find ourselves here one day at a deep plus. Those are we we we somehow as a nation became comfortable with what the hat. Our. And sort of development in spaces so for example. Started the Eisenhower. And it was great human activities and sixties and seventies. And you know BAT's. And when you look at the infrastructure in those Ares well it was it was brand new we were riding on cook road in and we will try to escape roads and be at interstate that you know have people. So we'd be at the nation these somehow became a constable wooded and and and didn't pay much attention but like everything else. The infrastructure gets sole. And legal rule gets old and so beacon probably the Coleman and potholes and you have you have you have crackling and problems. And and that's what had happened in the in the countries so that became the became comfortable with what these before god. That we need to take care update system we need to invest what we need to do and and particular. Yeah. You guys in this several civil engineering business swing when yelled developer project you all know what the life cycle of the lifespan of a bridge this so that's going to be. With maintenance. And pretty much know the Doug degradation it would have take place without me that is right. Absolutely. Absolutely. Quiet. Decision making process is not on life cycle of life cycle called the unfortunately. The decision making process and the regulations that circle in relations are based on the initial colts. So more often crowded and making the decision undermines cycle holes of the open infrastructure. And home loans and that I was gonna take two to maintain it. We make a decision on what these two courses we take it did and we get it done. So back. Is what the problem has been in the map and America is side of the vendors their commanding. That we change our ways of doing business and stop looking at them but also in personal trip and he. So I saw I read through president trumps 55 page earn 5354. Page. Legislative outline for rebuilding infrastructure in America. And although I did not know the term life cycle costing and I talked around it. I was looking with a much curiosity to see whether or not there was going to be any provisions that would require. State local government. To do that and to make sure that they had the money necessary. To maintain this infrastructure otherwise we're just starting this whole flawed process all over again. That's not slow to correct. Well I'm hoping that bought by the time the legislation is prepared in the house and the senate. And then the conversations are taken plays and the humans will be conducted. We so Clintonism partners the world will make book group provides testimonies and provide input. Took it to the process and and very much publicity disease. Is promoting. Indeed these last start posting decision making process resiliency and in Indian and you know infrastructure. So. We just can't do it based on what initial cost citizen and two months later if you use they do I have to go back and redo the whole new game. BP to conform to. But but but the fact that they. The president is putting a plan together and is when I put it toward. And legislation in the house and senate. The 200 billion dollar investment that it is in major investment and and abide by averaging. With monies that they are available and states and the monies that they are available Indy in the colonies and in this city's. And at one point two billion build infrastructure. I have to say unfortunately in Louisiana Iowa I don't know what this how the political with a match. We don't have to match the president's plan is not just give them money and a Stewart prism of present plan is based on talking. Not where we've got to find in my needs to be able to take your opinion in New Orleans and Baton Rouge happier than truthful and overall goal states. I don't know would it's. And I'm hoping between now and then and justice we have an upcoming. Special section maybe be stopped talking about it. That is an opportunity that we have the advantage of and if we don't have all the matches we will not be able to get did you. None unlike Medicaid. Most of the time and highways good transportation. Financing you find a match program that it has existed over the last twenty to thirty years right. Of course wrecked except that for example on the interstate system that match civil has been AD when you're 1910 that is 90% coming from the federal government. Federal Highway Administration 10% and state. What the president is not hopefuls and is basically the it would now. He says you put 80% sport by an 80% you do yourself through private investment. And and and disperse this but 200 in the can be useful for match with 20%. Then the problem is that in many states that they most propagation. Private investment makes sense because they've been told. And and and did not number of vehicles that the user fees for the order for the project. In our state because of propagation that we all. Told rules do not pay as much forty infrastructure. To work this other money's gonna come from for us to be able to attract the private investment. Into the game. I don't know but but we need to stop talking about it due to define the. So really under this plan then it really begs of the state to step forward to take a much larger leadership role in developing the priority is nation as it relates to the needs of the most immediate needs 'cause when you're at a deep plus. And and the choices. A flat surface road. In a bridge. I vote for the branch. I don't know about you what are your thoughts. Well it I do too. Item two and I. Apps sold that I know hook that hit hit the civil engineers tell me he votes for the bridge to get to announce that I think we ought to do is fix the bridge. We absolutely have been. He is big we we just don't have any trucks we just but analysts at to a QB cannot continue with the way. That system is and and and what is costing them. You know the interesting thing here is that that there is hitting call associated with our growth and in Louisiana. And and that's hitting Coles is. On underwent true that breaks on the Sunday and the threat that the kids on the front and alignment that we have to do we have to we have to. And on the time that we sit there and crafty and and and spend our time but wading pool for report for being able to get along what. That is costing us that's costing us a quick deal of money. And and for example in in in in in New Orleans it's estimated costing about 2171. Dollars per year. Poor Arabic. That's an incredible number and we'll go to line one talk to Mike in Slidell what's that you like. I man. Oh they acted Q did you get banned it in the manner. And I would go population of traffic they get a whole lot longer. And knowledge. A man. About the future and current model of population and it takes more. Column to keep what. Doctor Moussavi were fortieth thoughts. Well we're big tournament. You know our population has increased in this state power need to increase the travel more too in India would did. Many years ago there was one corner. You'd be assigned to a record in the broad everybody's drive and so adept with demand on on under on this system and obviously the system to keep up with that demand. We haven't done that. In in the past and whose you know because you know there needs or or lack of macro book full goes on on what the transportation needs talks. And two days ago are real and have to pay a lot more forward and been could've done many usable. So. We beat beat beat out the problems the we have a major problem and and and we need to sought. Talk about it and addressing it he what is admissible from food to address so. Stock and you've heard this before you know this notion of Smart growth to make sure that you have your infrastructure in place before you start you know. Systematically growing the population in your area because once they move thin it it it caution twice as much to put the infrastructure. In when you have the demand there before the supply. Well truth the Indian and seventies. We promote the idea. Suburbia. Movement brought up this city it would you couldn't have found the bodies modes of transportation. Into superb you know when you need to do called muted their rules we salute boomed that is cheap book. Housing is cheap book people. More more amenities vindictive and ended in the count on area. And what what what the what that. With the economy expansion. You or putting extra burden on new system and you according pitiful and that rule for people to get important. To do shopping what well the trend is changing now the idea density development is is catching on. But the pin and it's an entity to have the public transportation particularly. So we thought we don't have an inefficient public transportation. You can get temple. You have to have alternative means so. There's a lot of that is another that conversation I'm I've lived in Dayton area out here at that the symbol to rip the applicable to the bank accountable for the 22 with two more for the so that helps that certainly helps that this situation but. Most of mr. long ways and detonation system long way to get. Shall we start talking about his private public collaborative. Or for roads and bridges in rural areas very tough. In the major economic centers easier. What about airports. There have been some call station I mean it took about about these privatize in the airports it's not some airports are. Basically you run inning in a way. President key. Not necessary that it but that they'd be on that. But but you know depending on fumes depending on the undies in the number of passengers. Airports are bill will Campbell and an equate forum for example in in our state. Airport received a grade of C. Well. Not a great great but what is certain but it and the roads and bridges that these vehicles were easing and and and are our bridges would be. People so. Shall we airport in general have done happened. Has on the parliamentary vote on very well for example. They have made the investment and they have done not and I'll all public is great or not that much but but certainly proper Ruble is is doing a lot better. So there are areas in in in the transportation system. That debt because of the ability to use of private monies being injected in it we have done well. The idea. Of old Rhodes I think still is as a viable thing but but unfortunately in Louisiana we don't have so much about. Yet hasn't been one it's been favored here I see it in taxes Ceci and on the East Coast that seen in other areas of the country but not much here at all. Yes no no we he be in Louisiana. Automatic custom or we don't want integrated all of that in the Altman before flipping you're gonna use that very. So but now we don't have it don't we have is that they won which is which is portable phone that that that provide the that there would be the access support from. Doctor Melissa I get wanna date just for the benefit of the listening audience took kind of put this in perspective for Louisiana. I understand it we have about a thirteen. Billion dollar backlog. On. Work that needs to be done talk crumbling infrastructure and in this state. Yes. Understand that that number has grown to be able wrong fourteen billion yes. Fourteen billions let's just stay with thirteen billion because I didn't have already done so under this 8020 plan. That we're talking about where we have to put up AD to federal government puts up twenty we got to go find ten point four billion dollars. Just to deal with the projects identified today and not to say the ones that are. You know on that the the cost. Of crumbling where they get into a state of crisis as well that's a lot of money. And and it's not something that an increase in the gas tax has been a fun. North Shore. This land the the present plan. Will not address. In. It's about the needs of thirteen but it. So that has to be the rest in animal rights keel way. What or we can get from this plan we should apply for. The in the president's plan also. Were compliment. That is monies given to the governors and to the secretaries of transportation. Fought on and on it on. Packet way for them to decide where they want to spend that money in the area that the improved transportation. That is an area that they should apply for food that we will apply for try to get some. But the rest of it. We have to take care over the ourselves we needed these could be disputed. Obligation who's in need to kill it. Followed gasoline tax. Have not increased since 1980s. And early eighties. Which found but he will mean if property that is on in 1980 budget today. Find out about the real. And and the fact of the matter is. That you know nobody wants to protect his cardinals Ottawa in any in any additional taxes. But but it ten cent increase in the gasoline tax will call that Albert bribery in Louisiana. Sixty dollars the additional. That's step five dollars a month that the call program but yeah. But the news ceased to be signal we don't wanna pay tax it's. But but. We just can't and in 1980 budget and that's basically what we. We have been we have been facing this problem. We have been talking about it even when I was in my office and and I had that conversation but it would go before. That that we need to plan for future and we need to stop talking about it we need to stop promote. And and and we haven't done. We wouldn't but wouldn't you agree that. We're not good at a long term plan and when we do have one. We're not good at staying within the confines of long term plan. As it relates to the spending other dollars and we always are getting misdirected and we're robbing Peter to pay Paul. And the projects that have been promised in a lot of cases. But they're delivered good 567. Years late in and other cases than not delivered at all. I can I can't I cannot be certain that we do I cannot disagree because of the fact that we ought to have a special session right now. And in to do without budget problem who's you know that's that's an indication exactly Opel publicly talk and you are absolutely correct. And we maybe haven't been haven't done a long range plan for taking care of what needs in the states and reduce school. From year to year or everything temporary discomfort is tempered that. And and him. Below where we. Didn't hurt you you ran the DO TD Department of Transportation and development under Mike Foster. I don't know that you would have taken very kindly. To the the governor's office suite being you're checking checkbook balance. In the accounts at the end of every year leaving you would know working capital for the following year. I would not have but but the fortunate the the budget. For order order is that they pale India looking for support for transportation to using constrained in the first but it the other district. And so I didn't have that the New York what you mean I would not I would like to have some stability problems like to have to be able to plan for years at a time. And I have to know what what my budget would be forties from now so I can make me that plan. I can't. Beebe did give fortunately for back and ought to be tried to implement the time program. And building local rules shall shall we have that the other four cents. And then we will work with them and you putting a plan together so we view the crunch as it is being felt today. Today the crotch is being field. So they. And and and and to. We've beat declined to do the ordered contrast petitions trying to do debate again but when it is no one can you do. Nine and and it's not like these projects get put together in in a year and get started in a year and I think the highlight of this report that I can tell. Is that they are going to be eliminating. A number of the regulatory. Backlog. Side of this in getting the permits and approvals. Through the federal system as well as the State's system from mom when I'm able to determine. I absolutely and that an extremely welcome news on have been brought the witness. The projects that go into the group through processes with the federal government and getting to a tree agencies of the problem and all of the particles from. From five to ten to fifteen years just to get to get approval to get that project done I mean we have examples opens in Louisiana. The social option will be cutting back on both on those that are relations and cutting back on dates on the bureaucracy. And and streamline the process and now in this stage to make some of the decision is an extremely. Good. Policy it is have welcomed news and I hope the congress. Would would agree with the president and implements that sometimes we get to four different federal agencies symbol. In getting the project and the and that's not just important transportation. Army Corps of Engineers in bowl EPA's. They didn't do list goes on and on doctor cam over soggy thank you so much for being with this would truly appreciate your insight into this matter. Thank you wherever you already have a great day.