Louisiana highest murder rate in 28th straight year.

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Wednesday, October 18th

Tommy talks to Jeff Asher about where crime and murders are originating in the state. 


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Jeffs as your former crime analyst joins us right down and talk about a dubious distinction. That Louisiana has. In terms of murder rates good morning Jeff. Good morning how are you. On lovely area I'm all right tell people how to sell you on Twitter. Akram a little crime and then Olympics. One word. 'cause I follow you on Twitter and you don't just limited to crime do you think you tweet about. You think of our corporate paction Yemen it's it's very entertaining is when I'm trying to say your tweets are very entertaining. That's why when I tell able to follow you. But I did not quite as entertaining as mine but they're good. Might so Louisiana's highest murder rate in the country for the 28. Straight year that's a long time Jeff. Why is that end and there is also something. I guess concerning new long ones onto all inspectors in of that rank. Well so this year we had a murder rate of eleven point eight per 100000. Which why is. Three. Three murders per hundred dollar higher than the second high they let those are if you take out New Orleans were at nine point two per under and so. Even removing New Orleans which has the highest murder rate in the state. Still lead Louisiana. He's statement the highest murder rate in the country. And take out all the cities and just. And you just count the non metro areas Louisiana had a murder rate is seven point six per 100000 which could be the eight highest in the country. I mean I don't really keep a surrogate to Jeff I'm sorry I know like I can't see that it's okay. In Newark problem but it is. So are there areas that skew the statistics like we thought it would be too long ones I think a lot of people did and it's not. Is there any city in the southwest Louisiana northwest's what have you that is. Kinda make India look. Kind of the culprit not new loans and he put it that way. Andy is keep innocent 48. I don't have any eighth straight year. Yeah don't have all the statistics earth every city in front of me. It. It is the date issue is that it's not just weren't Packers certainly even bet last year and one of its best year in terms of Mercury in a long time. And even that group is be a big participant in this state murder rate a lot. Means state and a lot of relatively medium to small cities that have medium. Dish murder and so that Aetna but there's not. A lot of places in Louisiana. Don't see any murder. Particular a lot of issues and and your initial question was why and that that billion dollar question. It starts with poverty decades. Mass incarceration. Poor education in the state of Louisiana typically a lot of the State's problems that people ought to. Talked about all of these issues that the state is having. And it. Portrayed itself in the murder rate and now every year since 1989 and certain log in audiences every year they're like the state has been the leader in murdering certainly this thing that we don't want going well. Sees it poverty decades. Incarceration mosey on when Jeff. Education education the state educational prop. Poems and all of the systemic engines and other issues that the state deal wit. Basically every lane level. Leads to. Directly and indirectly that they have enough heart arteries. Did you say Missouri was second. Literally second at eight point eight per 100000 so you can actually bit. There are fifteen states that had a lower murder rate and the difference between Portland and Missouri back. So. When in terms of education in terms of poverty. Decades of incarceration. Is Missouri. A little bit like us delay in the same reasons for it. In general murder is driven by lack opportunity lack it'd be picture scale lack of educational opportunity I have an opportunity I don't know the degree to which misery. Get that. That. Standard. That would Azeri. There's been a giant increase in saint louis' artery over the last couple of years and saint Louis the last two years has led the country and murder. Whereas New Orleans and actually in a murder rate drop. Relative to 20102012. Time and so. Missouri may be the case more than we you know where it is a single city. That is driving it. Maryland is another example Maryland ranked number five in terms of murder rate last year a couple more. It's much lower in the ranking as opposed to Louisiana where if you take out or are still. And getting some text here arm. Is there a parish that. Is more dangerous any others when it comes a murder or leads within the state. I mean New Orleans parish should be the errors that lead that can be. Pairs biker breakdown in front of me would I religions. BA it would be. You know throughout that anyone is interested in getting brought it and yet the Celtic play a whole bunch of different levels. It just through use PR dot FBI dot gov. There's the others. Pun debated it was out there you look at it on national state county level. And and if you're just getting getting we in the nitty gritty act strongly urged Britain has to be that that's it meters interest and there. Explain to me decades of incarceration or whether it's got to do with the murder rate. Well day incarceration. Fuels. Lack of opportunity it and you'll lack of education in Louisiana is the nation's leader in terms of incarceration rate and it is something that the legislature. Is starting to address and tried to address the last legislative session. If you are in prison you can't be feeding your family you can't be working. You come out you have a harder time getting a job your children have a harder time. Maybe anchor. Kurt good secondary end and that secondary education and and employment but about the type of thing that and directly lead to increased murder but it's the type of thing that when you have a large percentage of your population that has. Seeing significant you know I'm like Louisiana. It keeps the state from driving and it keeps people from really driving. You know we're just talking about the OBO late epidemic and one thing I didn't hear you say a year into about the causes willow was drugs or word drugs and eight it just strikes me that. I don't know hey hey is there may in the violence so world BO exited that has been. And it. John noted or discovered as a relates to other street drugs. And is that because the of the availability and understand that part Jeff. That an excellent excellent question and the answers that we look at the data that barely know the answer to that is. There's been. In a lot of places in ordering Paris there's been a spike in Tokyo gas it's hard to say whether or not that's. The cause of that is due to increased drug use or are the types of drugs that are available have become more apparently. I tend to think that it probably a little bit of but lacking in really concrete data on drug overdoses drug use. It really hard to say the degree to which. The drug trade is striking and I think I agree yeah I think it makes cents. Without really having that. That ability to pointed specific insight it's hard to say with certainty. So in terms of poverty in terms of education. Decades of incarceration. To turn that around that would certainly be long term solutions what would you suggest be done. To help but short term prison if we had started 28 years ago. To turn it around. Well and you insane by now Lou will be different is it because we haven't done any thing in all of that time. Well let that they have certainly done things in the state murder rate has fallen by about half and the early 1990s it just so. And that every girl had as well so we continue to be. A leader. There are I think lots of good examples of ways that cities and and. Law enforcement and engagement their populace. I don't know her life can sometimes get. A bad rap but I think if they're element developed a light in particular. The the concept of what's appropriate deterrents which is understanding that murder is and gun violence is typically. Perpetrated by and and the victims are typically small group of individual that small concentration of the city's population. And the aspect developer like that I think was effective at least initially. Was a basic outreach to bat small population that at high risk for involvement in gotten violent. I think they are. I think the key is then. You know be effective no light appears to have worn off of the last three years. So really continue to experiment continuing to come up with ways of engaging that type of population. I think that your long term key that you can do that not being term big picture legislative act. Is there anything remiss in Jeff that you want to throw in. No not really getting there's no way it positive that legislature took a step towards reducing incarceration. I think they'd we we look at nonviolent crimes as our first step nonviolent drug offenders and their first step. If we want to really address incarceration we need to find ways of addressing. Violent offenders and finding ways of letting violent offenders. It rejoin society at some point once they've paid their debt and finding ways to prevent. We have the means to prevent people from you know I mean. Interventions that can be successful in insuring. That violent offenders are not. Violent offenders for life and I think that that. It's hard but it's something that we need to eventually act and think about it. I mean catchy flat footer with this and you certainly didn't come on and talk about it but. And get a lot of text about it as we talk about to appeal it abuse has there have been a fundamental difference when he comes to. If you wanna column street drugs like crack. Methamphetamine. And one hand view and OP Lloyd's where one is considered a health crisis in the others considered a crime issue. That very question about sir rod and I'm suited now. Well look into that. Anatolia you know I just threw it in I didn't I didn't know if you would or not but. Com I think it's intra sing and and we'll talk about it with the audience just thank you allowed what does that Twitter handle again. Crumble. At crime Linux and the the text of the the web address for this if you wanna really dig down into the crime statistics UC ER died FBI dug up. Yet her repertory and decade and I thank you appreciate your time Jeff. Have a good day.