Lost teeth


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Something that I don't think I'll ever forget. And leave somewhere my teeth now I have all my teeth attached to my head still. I hope so but nobody knows these things happen and yet the intent is many people at some point. But in Portland Maine a very strange set of circumstances here Tuesday was Election Day in most places. And some on last their dentures in a polling. In Portland Maine. And has not come back to get them. And election clarks found that seized. Where they serve as a pollster. The dentures are now any plastic bag in the city clerk's office in Portland City Hall just steps away from the polling place and saying hey whoever forgot your teeth come get out. To me UN need to act. You know Aviv you forgot your teeth somewhere you think it immediately turn around our guy and he's an in my teeth where do I have them last. Now. Vote for social norm with that that's coming through the the ballot the balance and a why can't he throughout the plastic bag and I mean when many in the morning and then at night so would review I don't I never had centers. But I damn near in this got no longer identity there must have been looking at flights lots of us. Leaders from him this huge dishes with hundreds and Texas and its revenue it's only about the guy leftist he's in the voting but it's as if you forgot your teeth you probably forgot that you for custom. Meant to be.