Line set on the National Championship game

Vegas has set a line for the Bama vs Ga.


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David Steve the on your radios they told us half an hour ago the gets up pretty good about the saints. Who are now seven point favorites and most casinos to beat the Panthers Sunday in the super down to advance. To the divisional round of the NFL playoffs on the road to the super ball I will note. That it feels pretty good at the saints are big favorites in this game but they were also favored to win the season finale. On the road. In Tampa and they lost that game so Vegas doesn't always get it right they're pretty good added speaking of getting your right. You were close. I think you predicted attend six season for the science I did put the captaincy and that's what I've heard it I thought I was being gracious with that he had when I was ten and six also but they ended up eleven and five. I'm David Blake got it right out again he nails and all male yankees had a colonies and over the last fifteen years in the of one or two where he. He may he wasn't you know accurate but he is the most accurate. Of them all witnesses say came to Vegas he doesn't even gamble. He's really good at a but he doesn't gambles now maybe that's why he's Connecticut say nothing on the line I don't know I don't gamble either don't bet on things I can't control. Other than my twenty dollar slot machine limit might once or twice a year ago casino. Us being casinos the line on the national championship game on Monday. Alabama and Georgia for the crown in college football. Alabama it has moved to a four and a half point favorite and most casinos what's your gut telling you about that. I'll love in the fact that it's an all SEC national championship after much of the national pundits are saying hello everyone just cares about SEC football it's not the best conference. You know every single year while they're the kind of proving that they are the best conference right now. I'm I'm loving. What Nick Saban has going from there came in the Alabama Crimson Tide. Heading into this match up against Kirby Smart the head coach of the Georgia Bulldogs who was an assistant. Under sabres so it's gonna have that that. That kind of matchup going forward as I do different takes time to master so I I just think though that if you look at the past former assistants are who. And the Lebanon against nick Sabin I think it'll be a we twelve activists and Alabama getting. Fifth national championship with. It saving time in your gut tell you that we'll get your official prediction on come Monday morning yes for the game here on WWL thank you Steve glad to have you back and happy new year. To you and your.