LHSAA Ruling and Two Minute Drill

Thursday, September 13th
We talk about the LHSAA Hahnvill ruling with Allen Waddell and preview this week's prep games. Plus, it's two minute drill. Seth takes on a caller in sports trivia.

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Cause is bitten not a bad Thursday night football game here. And week two of the NFL season Cincinnati hasn't scored in the second half they still have a 2817. Lead over the Baltimore Ravens big divisional ballot the one. Good thing that's the the F those doing scheduling the last of these games they've slowed brilliant games on Thursday night this year. I really do they have the saints falcons they got the saints you know the cowboys the ball and make after saints giving out Thanksgiving. A lot of them so we're probably assist and good football your Bengals ravens you know this is an ravens browns this is two teams that. At least you're going to be fighting for playoff spots I think in the AFC they should be right around 500 both those teams giver. Take gamer to. Ravens near midfield big third one here for Joseph Flacco. As they are all amounts of the right side and he's gonna escape and scramble. I think for first and yet he does I you'd Joseph makes an injured Sam. Yeah I hear he went to the sideline and then went to locker with a knee injury I don't know if it's serious because he came back in the locker out of locker room. But it's human arsenal through the entire time that you have to make some like I do in Tennessee. Not a good thing that body was in for top ten top you know maybe potential five running back season at Tennessee. Now indeed we'll get some high school football here just a little bit the LH ICA coming under fire today. After. Up holding in there ruling that rules Condo high school quarterback and Robison an eligible is a senior this year in eligible for the entire season for on bill. Transfer from bendable Catholic to upon bill. Upholding the four game suspension for coach salts DiMaggio there. And also Al what l.s gonna come into the program in about ten minutes of talk about then I'll start threats from the games coming up tomorrow but first how to get to pick six here Tim because you were doing in the early shows yesterday so he mystics six yesterday and they got some ground man. We got to make it up to do here so it's taken away its and you itself may give us the six games are on the slate here you tell me where you're gone. So I guess that I'm so confident in the east to I may cricket a check if I don't go three out now is is there's. Is this playoff words like it crickets candy now are gonna lock in here next week with when you go one point five like you probably are gonna and we're pretty close and in sectarian selected illegally at a cricket like you know little chocolate thing underneath that a and so again and started up but the first game we had was the browns vs saints at saints saints are nine point favorites I really like to say this game just because I think deepens gonna bounce back. Last week tease it like at three or four sacks on that left side of the deepens the line I think that's the same psych him Jordan plays are there I know to do what does play distinct listeners. As to enjoy and I can't Jordan's gonna. If they're gonna they're getting you know given that they're gonna get it Tyrod Taylor couple sacks here I think the saints defense and they're gonna play well in this game I think this game work. When the saints. There there's there's a lot of you know there is lot of they wanna they wanted to you know make good showing after last week's performance yeah I got to my got to cover today giving the states minus nine I think the saints win by at least. And in the PLO as the guest picker bother anybody missing yesterday Lotus founder who fills in for ten years are Peterson went to Amsterdam early show. Acids and I both I guess Roth three on the saints on the swing that they are losing out gonna say well at least means they won't cover it and that's really minute it'll lose the least means they're not. Cover your. I mean every sum it we go three in a row it's bad news. Agendas like you know that happens but out next game was the Panthers the falcons. This is actually our game for him because I really don't like the Panthers at all this year I think there like a six and ten football team although at the big cowboys are six and then lastly when they beat him. But I think the falcons offense although Steve turkeys and has been predicting third good enough. So at least win by seven moved so give me the falcons minus six they win by seven to cover about one out. A year differing from Logan and I we both had Carolina here I just think Atlanta as a mess right now not just the offense and Matt Ryan but also the defense that's lusty on Jones and Keon O'Neal. They're really hard time slowing down the running game to key autumn meal is so important as a safety in that Dan Quinn defense against the run I think you'd have a real hard time with Cam Newton and Christine McCaffrey. I do elect in Queens even Salina I think he's such a good coached defensively I think he can somehow disguise these they're mostly at least for this game and I think the point at home. And I think that offense is better at home not on the road. And not played and they're not three straight home wins against the Panthers and upland and Philly so their offense is going to be in there that can be better is the last two games but what can't be worse gonna be any worse last week. I thought I just the focus on biceps well they can make bogey you can play a game here and then there's the patriots at jaguars patriots are home I mean a road favorite. Minus one. I just think the patriots are gonna have from the pru with jail and ran his comments about croft and all that. As the patriots audit the patriots when this game I think they win by I don't know like eight or ten points. I just think they have all the poor. How this is so again this is one of those games were highlighted some and we know enough to be honest about these two teams it's an early season game to be honest I think you be asked us did the oddsmakers they wouldn't know an FB either but. The Smart money is always on knowing until they always is on doing and in this. Who thinks consider the pitcher's defense and relief at last we have the Texans and sue letter for Ned is a game time and our decision so wonderful and that's not played this game. Who the pages gonna take away they got yelled they did TJ yelled at but he's no one of Burnett. Not bad the defense is. Alec anybody. I know we we said this on the show a lot of people probably get it now specially if you listen to the program allowed united actual defense is good OK we get to simply get to go watch them. Gold watch how good they are at every level speed. Musicality. They're good against they're not good they're great against the run they are. Like all time great against the pass latest defense and even Tom Brady out things can be a crack here but I I by the way ever sing all that I'm with the I. The Richards governor I think the game plan this game is let let's make. Late morals beat us and I think that's what pretty much under every defense does against the jaguars but hitting the patriots are really get it taken away something they're gonna top political island Burnett. If there's no four net there I think they take away yelled and but I think there's other receivers out there and Alan earns is now anymore charts there now. On the DD Westbrook but I mean there's not a really good receivers on the jaguars so addicted Patriots defense actually plays well on the one odd name. Don't look now John Brown of the touchdown catch second the year and the injury shingles is this game. It's a mental thing that is what they gates money three there are up three scores 21 nothing and and 28 when he won a ravens two point try a no good so 2823. Bengals by five wood 935 BR and the college now our pick sixty time. SO have Ellis at Auburn LSU is a ten point dog. I think goes she keeps it close and get kind of goes down to wondered wondered you know one or two possessions and like come like lassie with a Danny ailing being a big jealousy and I don't know though when I don't wanna make that prediction yet McConnell wants him biased on this one but I think oh she covered. You can't that would be such a homer I understand that look this is big time college football. LSU can certainly go in there and beat Auburn there's no doubt about that but if you're picking LSU. Objectively to go in there and win that. That is the biggest homer pick you go to mid. I was there when Jared Lee and they Jarrett Lee came in the game and they beat LSU I was there. I know it was you can win an arm again and that they can I can't they go and Alabama and when they can taste it once years ago Troy can come and sit Tiger Stadium and beat LSU they can I. It's one of those things where arbor they're weird they're we're teammates sometimes they can play really well and some physically really bad it just depends what Ellis you went armor team shows up on the field. That's why I'm taking LSU with with the ten points I don't know but I believe I'm on LSU year and now we're on LSU I remember is we're gonna. This law if that means just like Seattle last nine times the home team's gonna covers hassles to have more game through quick Ohio State at TCU Ohio State is at thirteen and a half point favorite on the road. I think she's used that not a bad football team and with all that stuff going and I trusted account a big tease you keeps a close I don't know if they're gonna win here at Logan there I'm with the highest Ohio State east China's social good. But I just in teas you can put points up at an organ that state game count it was weird because I guess it was way better or receive comic at the close early in the game. And having dinner you know they blew it out in the second half but I like to see you there in the there's Alabama bristled a sororities that are earlier. A legal missed the cover my voice must when he won a distinct that that Altman who's good enough. They're too good I think they they put 28 points there too good against Alabama's defense I just don'ts I think I think almost escorts when some points here which means payments got to score at least forty. I may fail us I only think they swear that if they get a decent boy you know who likes to pick more than anybody else. No actually routes of me I believe on this one that says he is a deuce. Dislodged we'll obviously do instances. Arrival at a but I also the one land shark the one weak spot and Alabama's defense is their secondary they lost some what's in the draft that I think. They're secondary is there one weak spot in the are there actually this is whipping. One Alabama stresses seasons quarterback when's the last time to Amazon highs and contending quarterback. It hasn't happened awhile it's mostly been running back linebackers. And defensive back you've seen Heisman Trophy candidates from the album on defense and running back but never quarterback now. Pony land shark new. All missing have a terrible basket but the answer. That bad I just think it's he argues well I mean pretty mascots can be good. The one good thing about the baby kicks not the one good thing owning up to shut out of but the best thing about the baby takes I think has been a mask they're actual mascot was deem best. Minor League Baseball mascot out their period a year and a story. The kids and our affiliates are mass goddesses that is tainted baby liking it but it's in the best way yes this is bad but like so bad it's good. It's like it's like a shark that's on like some kind of like you know. That means it's not like it's crazy it's like the tree and Stanford's. It's terrible but it's terrible in such a way that it's good. It's like left shark left shark was so bad it's good. And they would land shark let sharp left I struck could have been a lot better passing out alliance are ecstatic at pilots cigarette here wanna come back. On what they'll do on the program we'll talk about the Andrew Roberson situation in Hong bill and everything high school football coming back next. I'm set Dunlap Houston Zimmer this is the last lap. Welcome back to the program. Is that music. Proud village now talk a little high school football now. We'll get to the actual on the field stuff. But first spring on and Alan why Dell cohost with me on the Allstate Sugar Bowl prep football roundup Friday 71030 right here on WWL. I Allen got to talk about what happened off the field. Not to DA the elitist today upholding rulings. That ban price ban on the quarterback Andrew Robison for the entire year ruled him ineligible. Uphold the four game suspension for coach salts and fine for on the ice will would you make this. So they trapped inside and up and release in with the story and especially today go back to watching them. Nvidia's. Of course in the commercial logic saw in the drove supposed to mother's beach. And are you think abortion situation I really law. That there are gonna overturn nationally and non. I'm surprised they didn't and I'm disappointed. For the young man news not they can Twitter eyes which in my opinion out there but it. I'm really disappointed. The real me is not an opportunity to play at first senior year and if justice is something that he. Once in your life and any and not have that opportunity this year. Yes I sit on Twitter as well I anybody who doesn't feel. Incredibly bad for Andrew Roberson is just your cruel I think everybody that I've talked to certainly. Feels incredibly bad for him such an odd situation and it's interesting Alan because you know you he covered the high school sports really hurt your entire adult life here. And you know this is something that the LA to say this is an isolated case this is something that may have done. Put down there were on kids for a long long time here. I think kids. I think there are other cases previously that deserve just as much or more scrutiny the missile remember the Clement move from Europe situation from the school couple years ago and here's a refugee cumin and well. Lemon eligible that that's me I know I was shot from the un talks about that are your thoughts about that here and didn't get any traction pretty much anywhere else across the state like. I had I think it's good that that. That the light is getting shines on this situation here I think there are reasons that it is on try to stay away from those reasons here on the air on this program. But. I anything comes out of the cell I hope that maybe the Alexis de looks at their policy reevaluate things. Well Utley need to that an. Epic about that the number one thing about oh. Departure of mark night. Countries so that people will watch a torn in the market. He's not that about players like and it doesn't go only. You know Britney Jamie. Played walked in three years and transferred it broke pursing year. Cam Robert. Pioneer belt they patriots are bursting near. From one school and other schools are right in the same area I mean there's been her first big time prospect. That strange bird. From different schools in different areas of the state premier. And they'll play I mean. Again I hate the fact that. That he cannot compete his senior season. Just one of those deals where aggregate these moments backing every Friday night back in the old we realize how much in our special Mozart. And I India and I will say this in ally and like I don't put words in your mouth here but from everything and I've read when I know from behind it seems that the person who looks the worst out of this. Is the head coach preventable Catholic and Alia that step I mean you talked about somebody that is completely out of control. On is go read I'll get an accurate Allen talking Allan why dealt co host of the Allstate Sugar Bowl prep all around here at Alan GUY dealt. On Twitter Alan going to be at Charlotte a lot of I think for only the second time your saw me last week live your toe posting career here on the program Catholic New Iberia the state champs. Face and say Tom's requirements which does not that. So any chance we go to the eagle bulk ground and as they come and gone. I think another handful certainly let that deter an agent Cabot library account. Special they'll vote for me as my coach because we make dollars and now that the coaches DeKalb County library. I did they say hello to contribute Johnson there for. Outlook there. And report that they gain the support they report and as. And if any impact at all to keep up electors state championship team but there's a lot you that they they can repeat. I'll tournament altered when he attacked their camp the cabinet real look at sport in the got a lot. The other some other big games in the city here you've got there taking non jester hand so they get another parish school there are real deal many saw them last week. Yep and Johnny Ayers and to propagate there's schedule and they opened up atlas for growth. And lastly people on don't shut out the tigers and then now they erratic. They went home tomorrow they're gonna panic on. They're gonna take on deck hand in. I'm really yeah the dirt strip that Roland on the point. Obviously John everyone that not a players in the state and in the in the country and he committed to Georgia and back the quarterback outstanding. We know how well coached they are. But oddly they're the real deal beat I mean. Poverty got it there are going to be the one body and. I am a you to see that what. Tomorrow night when that air. Well the biggest game in the stage is for our Baton Rouge listeners tomorrow no doubt about it Catholic. Baton Rouge against you high that that's going to be just an unbelievable I think you dynamic Tuesday champions do the best programs in the state alum I can't wait to. I'll wash from far out on player. You know I really do. The merger like current because. You know. Three at the three that in April and in that urge you my opinion I mean look at eagle eye is doing. What Zachary and Packard up urgent that you are the best team. In the entire state account round did you all children. Were being. Lock up or via outlook see that either they went in against factory and then. Not liking how out. All these big games but you why is that rolling. On the mark one. In the game they're being credible who culture there. Yeah no I no doubt about it you're speaking of incredible atmosphere this rivalry holy cross and shall met Pitt's picks back up tomorrow. And the guy we'll comp terra you talk about start with a bang tour though and looking to make it three you know here they might be sneaky not maybe state title contenders but certainly seeking contenders maybe to make at least run a little bit in the playoffs. They got account movement that pirate state I mean this guy is absolutely coach. Mean what he did and the bill. I mean he beat her equipment on Julie and piety and new year and in your out. And Alec holy crawl them you know all the struggles the last few years they come out the gate strong and I'm gonna play again you know down. And then they'd be coming into law tonne from a year ago so that it had been makers in the robbery game. Certainly holy cross only optic and in the interest in the right direction occurred. Well Alan it's Hugh and I ending coach expect tomorrow you blew out and says saint consequence man can't wait. Yeah look at fortunate a lot of gains in the state and though that attention they'll distorted Newman at what each or that the McCain bumpers well we're recover all on board to be with you again tomorrow night. All right Al cited the moment. Art allied Al co host of the Allstate Sugar Bowl prep football around that the follow up Alan G1 Dell also post some of that southeastern. Lions pregame and post game stuff their football team and on the basketball season to. And Alan G1 Dell on Twitter we will take a break. I'll come back and more spots on the inner it was a situation and the relatives say and then it's two minute drill coming up in just a little bit on the last lap. Thursday night football just about in the books Cincinnati will avoid the collapse as they kick a field 008 and in the ensuing drive a strip sack. Of Joseph Flacco so it looks like oh there's two and a half minutes left. Cincinnati with the ball two and a half minutes in aside the 25 yard line. Baltimore look a wrap it up their two minute drill coming up about ten minutes a question is committed to sports trivia and you have a chance. To take on me usually every single week and about ten minutes just as some more thoughts generally give you would chance to weigh in on this. And I've changed my mind that soldiers at the top the hour initially I was gonna stay away from this but we have gotten so much feedback. On the LA just say decision to. Uphold the suspension the yearlong suspension of Rondell senior quarterback. And guerrillas sent in their head coach. Makes ultra module that. I just I had a talk about it a little bit here how wanted to stay away be frank I think UB UN do we use the audience of the served in a lot of your talk about the silly. The phone numbers area code 504260. 18750426. So 170 you can Texas and he said mediate seventy just full disclosure here. Coach knicks also module on the high school he's been a friend of not only this program but our prep coverage covered state championship with a us last year he is spilled in on this program. Not previously so full disclosure there. Com. What has struck me about this and I guess it's it's an a surprise me here. This. Is the reaction to this situation. Has been so visceral. And so loud that this afternoon and evening. We haven't heard this. Police this loud leave especially before. And the L let's just say like Allen just laid out that I laid out earlier in the hour they have been ruling kids ineligible for very long time. And the one part of it. Bit. I don't think is an excuse his age. Not anymore. It's not. You have to make very important decisions in your life when your very young now I know I did. I made some very important decisions in my allies and you did. Before you were seventeen. And those decisions will shape your life going forward. I will also say. That you have to be like I just said what Allen to be an incredibly cruel person not to feel really really badly for Andrew Robison. In a situation you just do this is C a kid who's going to miss his senior year of football. And if you saw other reaction and his mother from that hearing at the LA just say that video sport around online. Mean it it tugs at your heart strings here. It really does. Matt said my view one this. But all that said. A little later here. But one for I'm glad I'm not feel it just say here. Because I don't know how. They can rule any differently on this. And maintain their integrity I really don't. And I know I'm in the minority on that. But if you look at the rule. And if you look at their past history of the kids that they have ruled ineligible. And unless they had a complete change of philosophy. Just in this case. I was one of the people who said they're they're gonna uphold this. They've upheld these kind of things in the past. Art and video let's just say in this and I'm not saying the rules on the Booker ran I think their little draconian. I think they're a little overboard. But this is a policy issue more than it is a day specific issue on this case. And here's what also gets to me I ate beef again ice stay away. From political conversations or conversations about race as much as possible on this program I I do I mean if you listen to this program enough you know that I do. But when I feel. Things around those issues need to be brought up I will bring them up. And her Roberson. Is difference damage kids who are usually brought for the oh let's just say in these situations. Usually these players these kids. Are impoverished minorities. And we have seen time and time again Neal let's just say come down with. Barely a peep from anywhere. I remember the situation at episcopal. But three years ago now four years ago now that we were covering a refuge G. A refuge G. Name was Clement move boom Jerel. Trying to play football in high school his senior year nineteen years old but because of his refugee status. Unable to get my high school toll is a little. Danielle it's just today ruled that kid a refuge G ineligible. I talked about it on the program. When we were doing the show back on three WO I tried to bring this alike and you know what. Almost nobody else did I there for a few publications and a few people who are just passionate about this. But this just isn't about Andrew Roberson and appear very loud about this one. If you are screaming at DL let's just say about this one. Where you when it's not. The middle class. White kid. I'm just being honest here that's what I see here I also think like I just said this was the wrong. Decision. I think it's the wrong rule on the book. But if you're upset about this one. You need to be upset about what happened at Blair. What happened at parkway. What happened at episcopal what happened that make candidly. Thank goodness they reverse that one. Today. There general five different players and eligible for the entire season. So I get the outrage I think it's Warrenton. But I think there's a reason why this case is drawing so much. Publicity and others haven't. And I wish those other cases would. Smyth Don. Stick your phone calls here at 504260187. Email on the North Shore you wanna weigh in or go ahead. Makes your Rondo. I'll say that they are having me you know I had a little bitter experience with the LH a they about. I'm at thirteen years ago when now than I've school. I had to move away for my sophomore year high school. And it is not working on wrong I was probably the abroad. And over an opera about. Three weeks so I quickly moved back that was innate drive Coleman or short. I've played football the prior year I've moved away from Louisiana. That I was only in Atlanta explorer. Weeks three weeks may be in the action and did a group over the port vocal people or. Wanted to be article in the talk much urgently on the ultimately chip. What you ineligible because you had attended school. So. We appeal to. I guess we tried to make. Make myself eligible. And the and they ruled ineligible because and it kind of out of state school for. I guess three weeks and being so quick that day at age eighteen engaged they have accountability. Nobody is. So hold them accountable or any of that torch that they may and didn't. Yeah other draconian rules Nate is what it is I mean this is there it's the principles and make the rule here this is the board enforcing the rules I'm not saying I agree with the rule app ball. There I I've your story is a perfect example this this has been going on for years here. It's the rules that a problem in my mind. Again. Everybody wants to yell and scream at the board. But they're enforcing the rules. There enforcing the rules here. Let's see here we've got to public sectors wanna know what rule is broken and it's a little bit complicated but I'll lay it out for you here and Robeson last year he played it vandal Catholic his dad was coach. Of the basketball team is doubtless fired from the basketball team so after. Basketball season Andrew and his family they they kind of let the team. And their coach know that's. There are going to be playing their next year. I'll say this. Coach out well amenable Catholic looks terrible and that's a long ago and all that Pete probably comes out here look at the worst of anybody. And really the whole program needs to be probably shine a light on. Down their vandal Catholic. But while he was still it vandal Catholic. Still attending that school he was in Louisiana football magazine wearing a Han villagers. And the reasons for that are you didn't apparently wasn't allowed where Mandel Catholic Jersey in a player from Hondo game that Jersey aware. I understand there's nuance here I certainly do. I just know I've covered high school sports for way too long that is an Al Green Regis violation egregious violation. Of the rules and regulations here in the state. I know there's reasons for its. I know that it looks like if and Roberson is telling the truth in his deposition here and on his deposition that's not the right word and his statements here. Net. Again coach out well and then about Catholics certainly is highly culpable here for this. And I think again though the Mike showed he's beyond them not just a little bit not a lot but again this was an egregious violation of the rules. Was. I don't know what the oh it's a Satan could do here besides I ain't you're talking about if they had ruled robust and eligible. For the season. Then you little looked at precedents say okay why did you rule on the moon guerra. An eligible white you rule these bell our kids. Ineligible parkway whatever the situation. They meet had to forfeit a playoff game in their entire football season a couple of years ago I they weren't able to play in the state championship game. We heard a little bit outcry certainly not at this level not even close. Not even close Tim on here Alice Chris Carlin Karl we were up against the clock. Rodent. That topic 88 and you know concert via and acute that is ten. You know. Folks by the bra. There and do school work and keep it. Because of that and peel. The heat and the and the beginning at one. Yeah yeah no garlic you put your 100% right and that's why bring up here this isn't an isolated case. This is there has been severe penalty you're talking about only using an entire team a at a shot at a GA championship a couple of years ago he MA and penalize students years of eligibility here before an isolated case. And US. Or move on from this it's sad case and I'll say it again. I really really feel just terribly for Anna rose and anybody who doesn't and kind of cruel I think most people do. Coach saw me armament is and he was on with Christian earlier tonight coming back it's two minute drill you want to face off against me it's two minutes of sports. Trivia eight questioned your chance to hop on and give us call first caller gets it 50426018750426. Though. 1872 minute drill next. And back to the showed two minute drill time two minute drill trivia eight questions two minutes here on the last lap I'm set Dunlap. Michael and black C you are the competitor there what's going on Michael. It was scorer and give half how Michael looked he got more than a shot especially against me. I'm sure everything down and here is is completely above board I usually loses a feel like by the way out there must that's going down tempting you. Our Michael I'd totally do this last second so organ at the store these questions here am I give you right in the music starts here to answer and there ago. Give me 12 because the audio is not working here so. Will be once again here mine. On it was her ago movement Peters and that's Monica at the audience that has no idea of this happening are relatively this. First question no Michael who was the who's the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals currently. That would. Old Marines and it's cigar. The full court or coordinator for Carol Moore will sting well that is correct I asked by people those who press box and now one person Khatami. I question efforts to how many teams currently are over a hundred wins this season in the Major League Baseball. Weren't. That is cricket is the Boston Red Sox are number three. Navy three teams of the eight the had a defensive touchdown last week in the NFL and the three teams of eight. Jet that's one. Jet. Saying I don't know that they. But. Jets Tampa Bay is two and one more the united defense touchdown. Baltimore. Baltimore did not have a defenseless and so. Our quest to number four James Connors the backups ST since Steelers Levy on bell who is the backup quarter bottom. Backup running back the James Connor and I'll give you any good relish yeah. Who are Hooper trees on notre science actually now on the team anymore. You have a guy named Jalen Samuels put the guy who is attractive to James Connors actually secretly. Patriot editor. Yet question number four RX it this question I've. This a two part question. The second part of the bonus question which team was just the NBA and WNBA finals champion on Wednesday. The article. Or Seattle storm that straight that's correct in the final and your bonus question who was the MVP of that. Our burden remember ever none of it was Brenda Stuart. And your final question name me one of the two teams that is won the most games on Thursday night football with a total of eight wins. Not this it doesn't count Thanksgiving games they've BBC there's two teams that won a total to eight games in their history on Thursday night. Name whenever. The rams the rams are not that no it's actually the sooners and cowboys summit itself back on right here and we're gonna are. Our group. I'm gives up on right now it was good yeah overdue and I can give you an answer right now. He actually had he had boxy yet the worst thing I answered three if it wants to three hits three. Let's go 12 when we get the music back up there will do this. Does all this is a last second thing why I canceled and the brakes so. He had three and I think he got the things wrong about a recount after I get let's go with Arista. First question who was the head coach Judy Lewis the head coach currently of the Arizona Cardinals passing looks that is right actually asked like a ton of people those oppressed blacks and it would get that right. They just know he was defensive coordinator Carol and I only known for and I question number two how many teams currently have over a hundred wins and MLB now. And Major League Baseball under wins over is that a trick question how many teams. Are though wool one team did win tonight so. How many teams have reported matter right now how to teams have a hundred or more wins in the Major League Baseball. I thought it was just. As of right now as I thought I was just I thought it was just one. Dominic you won it's it is one out of Boston right get a better I'd like your trying to trick here yeah I don't think you guys know don't mail at the US. Our question number three Naimi three teams of the eight that had a defensive touchdown last week. Three teams of the beats eight teams it's gore deepened the touch Cleveland's. The browns. Marty wrong yet cured are so tough and so many I also over admiral baskets of it was the jets the rams the books of course now. The alliances that the Bucs and the vikings the jags the angles in the bears passage of the box out of and is into our question number four James Connors the back of the Libyan bell. Who has the back of running back the James Connor cockpit is ethnically broad issue. Now man. Well that's going to be deep in the books here. It's not true son which caller says one it's also not Saddam. I honestly I should I don't know. Who isn't it Steven Ridley. The old boy grizzlies now Ridley is I know he's but for the I had no idea now and I was washed up high he's he's the backup to the bank I was I know wasn't what I say get where he's still a Kansas City silent never desperately. Sonoma but don't let. Two questions let you need to get at least one of them right which team was just the WNBA finals champion on Wednesday that's my Seattle storm baby aren't that but you tied it up her bonus question. Who has the MVP of that. That Rihanna Stewart that is correct create a third was the MVP. And one question name me one of the two teams that has won the most Thursday night football games with a total of eight wins this does not clued day games are thinks human. Oh is it somebody used I don't know way do these new England's New England yeah no actually it's the Steelers and cowboys marketed the lions actually have all okay you count Thanksgiving. Yeah they had the Steelers to place well cowboys during fashion and on that the Detroit Lions actually have the least amount of there isn't it wins the ball even with the Turkey through what they're only interested Thanksgiving game and waits on our guy that's gonna do it for two minute drill thinks Michael we're coming back rapid enough moment zen from coach salts module after this.