LHSAA Baseball Ruling

We talk to Head Coach of St Thomas Aquianas Baseball Barrett Morgan on the controversial ending to the ending of the game between them and Notre Dame. Plus we recap Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals.


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What do back to the show all our number three got a packed hour for you a little bit later. A new sport that might be off the radar for you that maybe if you're in the city of New Orleans here it should not be because we have now. Eight professional rugby team. Answer right ML are Major League rugby seven franchises across the country. And we've got one of them. Right here in the Orleans or called the New Orleans gold and you know its interest in Christie Garrett and I restarted about this the other day. That football and the problems the NFL is having declining ratings declining attendance and there's not a multitude of reasons for that. And so many sports. And maybe some of the chancellor's sports are gonna start to gobble up some of those fans at least a little bit up. Obviously rug reason never going to be at least nine and ending of our lifetimes. One of the major sports here in the United States that perhaps it's rugby that can grow a little bit. And kind of get here on the periphery of relevance in this country. Chris an hour talking about the little bit ago or Ryan FitzGerald who's the general manager of the old gold's. Again and there are a longer season he'll join us the bottom of the hour to give you a little insight into this franchise and I can watch nickel over shot high school. It's very affordable. The games are on the weekend sprinkles we'll talk to him. Bottom of the hour stay tuned for that it's. But right now as promised a little high I controversy. In high school baseball. Over the weekends. And involving pitch counts now the LH SAA. The economist synopsis of this. Last offseason they implemented the rule. That said in a nutshell pitchers cannot throw over 125 pitches and if there is documented proof. That's a pitcher throws more than 125 pitches into game the ten release shall not be west and fourth pitcher of that game. Wall lo and behold during the state championships over the weekend this happened not once. But twice. Yet had it happen. India. Christian Claiborne. Game and win that they had a pitcher bats through too many pitches. In their game and also happened in the Notre Dame saint Thomas a quiet this game in that championship game. The Notre Dame pitcher Heath the rule as a 13235. Pitches. Was left in a couple of batters too long. Saint Thomas acquire NS had video evidence of this and their coach Baer and Morgan results of their athletic director submitted there. Appeal to the LA it's just say that just by reading the rule. You would think well okay yes this is a state title game this rule that seemed pretty cut and dry and you know it's assay. As a rule was broken by Notre Dame who came back to win that championship game. But by the rule which have been forfeiture of that game now yesterday I think is when Derrick Morgan. And say Tom's plans and everybody involved got the letter from the LA to say it was made public today. By the LHS daily Il mailed this out to the media and and here's what they said. In an until they said. We're respectfully responding to your requests it goes on to say. You did have just paraphrasing you did have the video evidence we agree he threw more than 125 pitches they go the pitch count batter by batter here. And here's what they say at the end while we regret that this happened we do believe that this was an honest human error all parties have been extremely cooperative throughout this review process. Moving for the LA it's just a hopes to ensure this does not happen. Again. Basically they go on to say that the results of the game is going to stand silly LA it's a CA not enforcing their. The rule at least by the letter of the law. That they have now full disclosure here I reached out of the L it's just a a couple of times I invited them on today. I did not receive a response from the LA it's disable would love to have them on to give their side of the story. But it's as promised right now speaking of coach Morgan coach Derrick Morgan joins us on the program trying to head coach. A saint Thomas quite as baseball and also the athletic director. At saint Thomas acquires and just full disclosure here. He does do some work force in the falls on our prep football roundup show he doesn't calls and forest so we talked to before. The coach Morgan how you doing today it's got to be accountable whirlwind of a couple of days. Did it's a little different. Appreciate that. Having me on the little bit different. In me giving you a little touchdown I'll letter score update brought. You realize. Yeah indeed so I kind of give a synopsis of that. I'm did this take us through what exactly happened you were obviously out there on the field what have with a spitz get when you noticed this was going wrong. And I guess how you went about reporting this. Okay. So. Obviously you solving gamer so score and the inning. Nine inning game Notre Dame did when. We were there that your record for all that that pitchers in in the first inning and and he started offers different religions. Credit. And not doors seven shutout innings that that burst. So we're getting into the ninth inning obviously taken the lead. We try to start make it a little calm I eat either getting tired you know whatever we go to bat. Or product in that scenario. Aware we have the high level debate and we have the top line up law. And we have the winning play. And there at ever take 122. Pitchers cash at all. They were to walk or better and Alia or Shaq. And and that we have the plate and he is now hat. 120. Ot pitchers. Armed he got through order where it opted to respect that person the rules that he. All eighteen minute that matter I'd won an option agreement that. Jack and all. One C. But pitcher. They take amount that it has been ordered. I walked back to Q urban assault or. You know Doug Herbert or away from the crazy atmosphere in the game. Very loud chants. I go back look Jamal why aren't you make changes you know we're back in the game. Some good here maybe so. And that aren't around they leave there and Turkey lead the map and I still there are saying guys on the map. I think in Oregon guy journal looked around nobody is saying. He art matters that lombok not start screaming. Hate that edged out there that it got so bad. Stop the game that that get to use there might want to stop the game up again. Well. Not pity okay being BOR release are not completely involved. Are right. She'll weighed down on. And I am actually yelling at our count guy to go out there. And and did what brought in tellem he's fit. And you can clearly see you on video. Because it was old that in order to check their pitch count daily jet today. And they took a visit you know you have brought by two that it counter and we did not. Right now archer economic Reid used the legal age. On the Q eight team baseball real bullet and play real pitching rules. Each team will be provided would be required. To get some more optimal for counting pitchers. And the whole team will also provide an initial pitch count. Your quarters will compare pitch count at the end of each inning paddy spot designated by the whole thing. The home team I'm records. The guy so I'm not sure how it's possible. For media court coach to keep running out there every inning and check it out. I that and let them back here because in the game. I cannot check in. Good. I meant you were through our. Third not to mention while we're. Mental or are metal or check in there might not obligate. So you know they. They take out that outlived it. And acted it out only. I went to the trust bought that game actually Mitt. My you know our pictures and our guys. That see it you know the same time. You know a volume of like a long time. And you know I go out there. And walk up there I'd say. On the pitch count I'll pretty call in organic. You know very emotional about it. I really don't agree. I know market counter I know my game changer. Am I in where we're at all and he threw. So the late. I'll make sure that you have I want to Euro records. I'd like copy. And some kind of turned me. And says. Make of that though she laid. And you'll miss thing here your celebration came picture which got. Or resent. That would you know debate a game GB. You know the camera you can tell all the way someone could be wrong organ remember you. You know we're gonna go back look. And obviously on the way home we did. And we realized that they had. That account. Though let me reintroduce cedar coach it's coach Mirren Morgan head coach of saint Thomas acquired its baseball. You'll controversy here with that they were the runners double loss to Notre Dame in the championship game. Notre Dame was found their pitcher to have gone over the pitch count rules 125. That's how many pitchers allowed to have your by the finish off a batter. If you go over that you're supposed to beep. Removed from the game after that the pitcher for Notre Dame was not. And coach Moore again and saint Thomas acquire and it's a filed an appeal and here's the part that I'm a little bit confused about here from the L it's SA coach. They said. Here after the deal is simple actually you were writes you your pitch count was right they had a video evidence and indeed they did go over this pitched out. Now do I have the strong isn't that that wasn't the rule doesn't it state that the minimum penalty for something like this will be forfeiture of a game. Same page to go only screen based Templeton. Paid sick between. In making it around and buy it at our role there or at the game of violation occurred. And the virtual server one game suspension. And the violation they're wide body jets today which was where I'd buy them. This rule applies to all our city. And our games. It will be used in regular. As well. So what certain he got the letter and I think it was probably the same letter. That the was released in the media here to see your bids to you and your signed here. Ed did you receive any caller any word from any ball and I and our anybody appeal it's a CA explaining their decision. I. This is a tough situation at the very odds and you know more on that night here so. After the game at a normal. I immediately called the person in charge of they ought to pardon not. Naming names. But we had a talk games she's very very real. And I look back I'm pretty sure that that this occurred. Check. Where usually that all part. And that I'm not an all day. You know on here and argue about it and they Leo was I mean though which aren't and I did tonight. Our coaches we stayed up to a private and water watch. We actually lady. The video. Game inning by multiple any wit are getting change you can actually pull off each pitched like it. And we did go to reed army all morning. And weird and and others in some questions that that product concern Trent the first thing I did watch it. The wrong place. And I Hayat and wrote about it the rule put in late. To make sure that approach. Does not yours which in scenarios. Where they may think more or. And that others are doing you know. You know at the beginning or something we might. We might make the guy grow our org or try to break the rule lower or whatever. It is that important time. Today. I don't know what their pitch count or what their at that time I that there hit counter. Chat boards and chipped day and I also know that they're game changer had more the case. Any way whatever. I think it went thing that ever doubt what. You're doing. Yeah. In. Your pocket and that there. Oh you're right here. Much. You're you're actually. Document in the day. Where are watching. An attempt at counter for an opinion piece of paper write down tally marks. It he's good art right fortune in that niche or looked down and pitched. That that acts that. I guess they mean an air but the matter factor in my opinion. Child you know pick user wrote when he is in. Front page and I agree. Or lack. To really unfortunate situation a coach how our Alger senior staff how's your kids handle on the situation. You know October apple dot com Ers are oh. Well I'm. Not sure that not at all. We stepped in law. There is no but about today. Trying to work through it like law right latter alliger. And what does she Wear and you know it is it is. Well pat choose a date on or. Not our media. Not then local principles. Coaches athletic directors. Keep order that. Yeah they're great at that. And that there mean once again. At the bridge are now. Now that. By the matter or it was broke. And there's a question mark so outlook broke her reward. You go back. An outlet at. I just don't. And there. And obviously. I would think just say that they made a mistake there isn't room for improvement there's about it but hold a and it tended caliber click or at our and that never publicly piece of paper. With flat morsel that obviously. Was was not right right the but you know another thing I want bursting told me when I go about it. There's that war war. It did someone call you everything in and tell us out. Nobody ever told any. As a matter fact we went to the press box out there even a pitched out and we had that account they you'd shut the war. Jeannie and about Hewitt already oh. GT eight and in back. Well I got marked out of a lack the communication right deal by. You know. Do the ruling achievement there well. Everything. All back at it over the that might fare well it would make that it's human hair as being an Alderman a human error. Human air power equipment you human air. It's just unfortunate that it's this game. Like your life. Where a high level or with video cameras more and more media more every if you don't act now we'll be back. Indeed coach will have to leave it there it's very important situation and I appreciate you sharing your story here I do hope. That's by sharing this story DL let's just say we'll never have this happen again I hope this is something they can rectify coach Baer Morgan really appreciate again. Your time tonight and again thanks for gender sort. I appreciate that I guess that you got them have remedial. Coach Derrick Morgan head coach of saint Thomas quite as baseball. And also athletic director at saint Thomas minus and by the way. Again this exact same thing happens in the Claiborne Christian grace Christian division four championship game not to Padilla disable we've asked them to come on. They're still welcome to ensure their side. Earlier tonight it's the Boston Celtics. System and greater than player perhaps. What looks like so far thirteen point win tonight in game 2107 and I force a Celtics up two nothing in that series. Remember it was a 25 point thumping may put on the cavs in game one. And look I've said this on Twitter and the more I watch this and don't just jump on the bandwagon here have been talking about this. All season long folks. Would Brad Stevens mind and his system there. Imagine that Celtics roster. With Gordon Hayward back. Carrier ring back. With some believe in free agency or trade like go maybe acquire Leonard's. Maybe don't like Tyree is so it's Tyree E. Coli. And now roster with that team in that system don't think that's a roster. Anomaly to dominate the Eastern Conference that may be challenged the warriors and an NBA final sooner rather than later I do. I'd. Also tonight looking NBA draft lottery was and I haven't talked about that yet but it's the suns when the water sewage here. Are your top. Ten picks. Sons kings hawks grizzlies. Mavericks magic. Bulls. Beat cabs. Knicks. And the sixers. So the cavs and sixers there is some talk there that hey pretty lucky here nab a top 23 pick it didn't happen. So the bottom feeders in this league. Get the picks that they wanted sons kings talks agree is mammoths. In that fifth the first five picks. Pelicans will pick 22 to balance notable so they will not have a first round pick. LSU fans look LSU baseball may beat northwestern states 99 to five a little more important to mat games because of how they'd struggled. This year and really no margin for air as far as a regional business concerns. They'll play this weekend so I'm just this week on Thursday Friday Saturday. Against Auburn and a critical. SEC series on the road. Also LSU fans you can be the first to know the latest on the tigers sign him now for our WW all sports alerts she just text the word sports. To 87870. Message and data rates may have plan please don't text and drive if you wanna get scores be street also except for sports sign up for our scores alerts. Stress related nights we'll text the scores tech signers of the sports one. That's just getting final scores and updates throughout the big game saints pelicans LSU in the regionals. Text the word scores. Scores to eight semi semi silent and Allen to. Take final break here armaments and coming up highlights. From LSU's win over Northwestern State or wrap of the program also have a final pin on a pretty mas opinion poll. Who's the best team and Abdullah right now. Saints are as the Eagles pats rams vikings or somebody else celebs analog on WW dot contest about. As you do for our program hates him you may quick update on the opinion poll if you can we have a normal show tomorrow. Look it's going to be show me time for LSU baseball and assert critical three game series against Auburn. On the road on Thursday. The tigers need to win that series. To solidify their regional big chances and its rockets warriors game to have a live updates and analysis of the Western Conference finals. We'll talk more about to Boston built a true contender with that system to challenge the warriors in the future. The series is kind of proven that they just might be able to do it thanks attends hammered tonight at master control thanks to our guest Matt Moore weren't sharp Baird Morgan. And Ryan FitzGerald thanks to thomas' and Helen Centennial during the day for help and out. Our final day and on our opinion poll who's the best team in the NFL right now are pretty must opinion poll. 42% of you say the saints 26%. Saying the Eagles that's gonna do it for our show I'm Seth Dunlap thanks for tuning in all day long you're the best we leave you as always with our moment of zen. Courtesy the LSU Sports Radio network. Here's some highlights from tonight's. LSU baseball victory over Northwestern State.