Levees needed for the Westbank of Jefferson Parish

Newell Normand
Friday, April 6th

Levees on the Westbank of Jefferson Parish will go for a millage in a vote. 


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On April 28 of this year and 2018 in just a couple of weeks the voters of west Jefferson. Will have an opportunity there is going to be an election. As a relates to a Milledge increase. Four flood protection and the south Louisiana flood protection authority west. Who manages. Eighty miles of levees and flood walls 33 miles of rattle these 47 miles of her key qualities 67 flood gates and 35 dials to pump stations two's doctor gates. And the list goes on hormonal on his proposing this Milledge increase in order to. Be able to be in a better financial. Position in order to maintain and do the job. All of the improvements that have been made from the by the court excuse me. In the aftermath of Katrina and joining us on line is John Munson a regional director of the southeast Louisiana flood protection authority west. To tell us a little bit about this that's coming up welcome to the show John. I knew where. Good so. You guys manage a lot of protection. And obviously this was done by the corny aftermath of Katrina a lot of this war in and now guests there needs to be targets are revenue source in order to maintain this all of all of these improvements. They're trying to calm the system com there's about twelve years without some of these levees have been replaced. Has flown about maybe 78 years as to what turned over to the state. And we just over generate enough revenues to our. Maintained. The levees world. So this was up put before them the voters back in 2015. And then and was rejected. And I understand at this time yell at picked up some endorsements from both BGR West Bank business and industry as well as the home builders association so what does it mean to the taxpayer. In you know in a very specific way. Well I think this is important to that taxpayers in the West Bank to maintain the character detection system. So that you know this is so far billion dollar hurricane protection system and whispered the primary purposes you know to keep homes and businesses are. Fall from people come on church also. Passively to. Jefferson Parish adopted them properly maps. And a lot of folks just pharmacy. Lower pleasure to bring. So what what do. So it in that what actually happened to some of the residents on the West Bank. I really did a flood maps. This so well on the west bank and arm perhaps some damage here from the church parish. Flood plain management. On the whispers there have about 72000 structures. About for the properties. Went from an 82 and acts. Some folks in the change about 26000. Properties and the change. And then about 4800 properties had a negative impact which means that went from a a good in the zone to an option goes to. And who. Who will this will these improvements changed those those folks status at all. Well the the pulpit matched take. Hurricane levees into consideration. So when the corps of engineers built the levee system they actually serve on the levees. Be mud and adopted that certification. And it's because of the certification. That we have a new provisions for it without sort of levees. That he closures were mapped to a nonexistent. So one of the questions that always comes up I think that you all are proposing. And how many mills. Itself or point some fob mills. Over to you appeared. So over ten year period but the facts are. John that this maintenance in this upkeep is not gonna go away is that. You know also the hurricane protection system was designed for fifty years of life so that is our perhaps worst. As you mentioned earlier in that we live in at delta and its thinking and so and so. Are the Horner you level of protection increases over time. So just to put that into perspective Levy that was does on the 2007. Panel height of about maybe ten feet requirement. By the year 2057. That requirement will be thirteen in half almost fourteen feet. So as we traveled to charm these levees not only that they have to be raised to keep up with some settlement. But they also have the race to maintain their hundred year level of protection. So Ed. One of the stats that you point out is that a home stead exempt property valued at a 151000. We'll see an increase of 36 dollars a year if this tax pass if this Milledge passes. That's correct is so calm. That is which had been information that from the real church and what that translates should that particular home. It is about it two dollars and in some sense increased per month. Thermal. And and knew if if this passes the war we would begin win. OK so that things that we earned from the twins fifteen. Referendum. Was that. You know. That the taxpayers want us to see us start construction on the project. From the home restart we are seven and a half million dollar Cecil to borrow we took six point three million that we had and capital projects fund. And we actually thought that rebuilding. Four projects on the West Bank. Two in which are almost complete and the other two will be complete sometime later this year. So what is the biggest challenge for you guys. On in the authority is it. There is at the Riverside or is it the golf side of of the hour. It of the hurricane protection level. The most the most critical one is via Turkey protections. On the river levees were built on natural impacted that there were created over two option the river levees to settle this past past her to protection levees to. Most of the hurricane protection levees on the West Bank were built from scratch after Katrina we really didn't have much of hurricane protection system one west. Chose those movies are so much faster rate. Actually it down that is the most critical. Most critical levee system. OK so April 20 2018. The voters on the West Bank get to vote on this Milledge increase for the maintenance and not keep from both their hurricane protection levees flood levees as well as the the river levees any final thoughts on. It's a just. Rear Currie did these funds will be solely dedicated forty capital maintenance of our hurricane protection system. All running this is John Munson regional director southeast Louisiana flood protection authority west thanks so much for joining us on the show John. I thank you.