Leslie Spoon On The Atmosphere In Omaha

WWL-TV sports anchor joins the show live from Omaha to preview the CWS and give us the latest update on the Tigers.


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Thanks ever ask yourself from pulmonary coming up later in this hour also. Color earlier today on the fan in the pro with Deke and deuce talking about the kind of like the pitcher from Oregon State. And about his situation a little commentary on Napa tune in just a little bit this promise to head up to all law now and socked the Leisle spoon. The BW OTV channel four sports anchor she is alive up there and join and although the weather there. And Alice there it is pretty bad it's like a. Now. All the rain up there. Still some thunder and lightning but yet it was terrible there were. Multiple tornado warnings archer and touched down my hotel up and my window at whistling. Do you blame it on you right bringing this up from Louisiana. Probably. Canceled opening ceremonies. What a horrible units much work than that in the end we're all excited but really the club where there were aware of the away. Briefly until the storm packed. What's like up there recent a lot of LSU fan in me it gives the feeling that mr. again. Pizza today everybody got their first practice. At the park. Irvin had an hour for the fans out there and of course I'll travel well but probably only like thirty elegy and today. I'm at that the practice but I'm sure it can be bracket Amara now habit elegy and traveled to new more like a lot of heated. Came you know little bullies just sat there all they are all the practices how cool is that in the diet would stop and I'm not a grant illegal. I'd like to be honest I'd be a little kid at that I'd be like that just and it's an all in Paris that court. So. I usher if this Eric walker news and pulmonary says that he kind of injured his arm is making waves of there'd be heard about that way what are they talking about the starting rotation. Well what equipment and talk to the beat writer at one point and many at a press conference and talked on TV media. That we totally missed that sound like. You know there quokka and have to pitch we he'd just spent close Ballard are all right. So it's definitely an area wanted to go ahead in our ten. Eddie talked about haven't O'Shea cumin and relief tomorrow if necessary. But then apparently you know Eric walker along race. Permanent describe scrimmage on Tuesday that needed grade. Her by her beginning I think he went over six innings but then the next day he soreness and it's for our farm apparently. They that tomorrow they're gonna take it appealed Amare out. Haven't eligible and NC Alex field and that's gonna trying to decide the whole. Whole rotation just based on how real Smart but of course you know there keep talking about one game at a time Alex Lange is gonna start Camara and in and we hope he pitches like in another pitch and then. Technically there. India and that half of the bracket lastly easily get out of here after this that half of the bracket beats that Oregon State that state. LSU they want 49. Out of fifty gain twelve cultural series championships that there is loaded. It is and only export law are here. It's crazy you can imagine and one of the coaches act how they are borne out it occurred. Fourteen. B or. Even make regional. It's crazy and think about it I mean. It doesn't even matter record at Belmont. And and it cataract. Indeed indeed lastly we said we take a little idiots I really appreciate it and you're Boris organ that we're gonna check back if Libya and throughout as long as LSU is there really appreciated. All right let's get a follow on Twitter she's at Leisle spoon WWL. And you see her work on WW LTV again alive. Up there from Omaha and you herders say. Yeah opening surmise they got that alert Napa. Belittle or hear from the media group from the NCA aces safety is important to us was the first line of the the severe weather they cancel the opening statements in fortunate but it does look like the weather forecast for tomorrow some rain expected around 2 o'clock hour. Maybe that'll post in Poland that first game back but. Good job fears spread now two games in Omaha first game for speeches did to many of all the way to 7 o'clock got a a lot of time to get that first opening game meant so and not a lottery and expected towards the evening hours 20% 10%. Obviously about 5 PM on and so look I'm no Carl or Redondo but it looks like the weather will be. It's good enough to get those games and tomorrow.