Lee statue comes down today

WWL's Dave Cohen talks about the pending removal of the Robert E. Lee statue.


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Interesting that the work to remove the confederate. Statue of general Robert EU the will take place in the daylight today. Unlike the past when they removed monuments that. 8:30 PM after sunset and didn't finish removing the PG keyboard guard. Confederate monument hill almost 330 in the morn now. And when they remove the monument confederate president Jefferson Davis. That works started at 3 AM and was finished shortly after five days and still dark. End the liberty place monument was done about that same time. This time there waiting until the sun comes they want the light of the world to shine upon the removal efforts the war. Confederate general Robert. Far lasts. He'd had I believe then they feared they might be people have been generally civil there's been no. Efforts to rush the monument there'd been no violence there's been no craziness. Has been some back and forth trying in an emotion for sure. But to have people have by and large. Behaved themselves whether happy or unhappy at these monuments. And I really believe especially considering the fact that New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu is holding a news conference around 3 o'clock this afternoon. To discuss the completion of the removal of the confederate monuments and to talk about what happens next. That I think he was ready to let the world watched in broad daylight where cameras could have better pictures and video of what was happening. And it would be happening and in the. Heart of the day guys I think they're more comfortable with that now there are OK with that it seems to me the workers and much prefer they did that night. Because this can be really hot today marcher and government got hot humid all those stubborn you are the way the stories always carry amount has seen before was like in the dark and light yet you know so maybe you're right negative line this one history here it's it's the yeah monument is not a very large very tall pedestal it's also arts bouts flight of stairs. And from any direction to get to it and there are a lot of power lines and others saying it's and I in that area. That perhaps they decide it's safe to do I don't know if it's a safety issue I don't know if they want more attention. I don't know why they've chosen to wait in cell 9 AM this morning to really start the work. It's going to really put a crimp in traffic all around up down. Downtown warehouse district. As you get on any direction around the circle is going to be a mass and soon your commuting into the city from the West Bank. Or from New Orleans east I think there's going to be traffic impact. Later this morning. So Umar wanna get short before 9 AM if you normally don't have. And in my wanna beat that traffic troubles. And take care products will see. I just notice. I know a lot of people are very very angry. That there removing these statues yup it continues. And I know a lot of people are very very happy. That they're removing these it there are people on both sides of this very emotional a lot of people somewhere in the middle. From the to get there rattle hourly care or. Am bored with the issue too I just wish they get it done so we can stop talking yeah so there's this kind of everything in that spectrum. And one way or another looks night. By this afternoon. All the statues will be gone and then we'll start the process of talking about where will they really go. Hopefully the Merrill answer that question today. Now where will these statues and and what will go in their place to talk about how they're going to determine that the word is they're gonna wait till about 9 AM actuality. Try to take down that that you. They've waited aspect of the fifties that gently off of his pedestal to clean him and freshen Aman I heard that story so that this time they actually have some historical information on perhaps how to do that. And the bolts holding lead down are not as old as those that are holding down the other mind already them proved to be very difficult so. I think this will go more quickly than the others did but it's also got that. Paul I think they called and apple does not browser and analysts act that's the word I've heard and actually reportedly as a spiral staircase inside. I didn't all of that said yes please cheers and apparently lady you know and early 19100 you can walk up there. And you can go look out those tiny little windows right under at least eight. That was something that used to happen and then there was some safety issues. So but apparently there is of that that's their case and there's again a statue down probably will not be as difficult. This time as they have relatively new bolts are newer polls spells gone back to fifties. And some information. Geared soldiers that the idea of just plucked the statue often leaves the would you call obelisk analysts analysts. I've been to where I'd never heard before I I don't think got to go on and anywhere for I don't know I'm just not I don't know it's awful Baird is tickets to it yes we shall see. How that all plays out join us this afternoon sometime shortly after 3 PM. You're New Orleans Mayor Mitch Lander make comments about finishing the removal. Of these four confederate air monuments that was slated to be taken down modular tag estimated 78 salary it's not over. It's Jackson's Maxwell. And not many times. Can tell you that it was two years ago that the City Council voted to take down these form argument it took them almost two years actually do it. And there's been no discussion debate. Or ordinances filed to take down any further statues so for those of you fear immediately the minister ticking and others matches. It's not gonna happen at least not anytime soon. And there will be lots of public debate and discussion before that some attacks mandates 787 he says do you think people boycott the city. Because of the monument removal. Well the answer is yes some people will. But on the flip side there are people who will come into the city now just because they've taken down the civil war monument so I think it's a mixed bag how does that play out. I don't know only time will tell but. You know the old saying no publicity is bad publicity nuance has been and make it national headlines for weeks now with this.