Is Lavar Ball pulling his son from the UCLA basketball team sending the right message or is it the right thing?

Newell Normand
Wednesday, December 6th

Is Lavar Ball pulling his son from the UCLA basketball team sending the right message or is it the right thing?  

This Hours guest:
John Brady - Former LSU Head basketball Coach


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Good morning New Orleans and the bad weather is here for once I mean we've been talking about the great weather with that we've had and we've been spoiled for several weeks now in the cold front is moved in and we're looking at sloppy weather through the week but Thursday night is going to be a big night. Big game in Atlanta. You wanna hear from everybody later on and show what you will be doing on Thursday night possibly. For the game and in order to make it's special we have a great show today and a third hour we're going to be talking about Jerusalem is Israel's capital smarter and not why. What are the ramifications. In the second hour we'll be talking about. Identity that up with this gamers at the gas pumps are you Payne who you actually believe you're paying for the gas. But most importantly. And where you have a special guest who I am very honored to you have disease. I've always thought of him is one of them. Best basketball coaches in college basketball got to meeting several times many many years ago he probably doesn't remember. And a bit and at John Brady the former LSU head basketball coach welcome to the show coach. Well appreciated you know of course our member a member. For Kids Foundation at least have a cup tournament at a chateau would. Mike your Randle much. My class so let's that you got involved in every year influenced. They'll bring credibility gap get up trying to mature by the difference and operational. Courts government review and update you and I have in common now we blew from dealing with the lead you to be more vocal. Absolutely perfect and Walken on a docs out of put it. An and hours just getting ready to go there I mean what a great addition to the team the voice of the tigers team we're Chris Blair and and you know broadcasting man's bag at LSU men's basketball which is going to be absolutely incredible. Well it's been fun you know on this and background info. Right now I'm dubious Ian three gave Tulane is playing southern. And when I have and I might do some things wood would cut Cox sports television and norms and thank the Taylor he's been great Chris players approach to work without a really like Whittle away. What she's good basic commitment undertook the to allow me to be part of the program. Traveled with the team do in the color on the radio greatly appreciative that haven't gone with. Well that's been my same experience here at WWL and I know that you look in. Will and any enjoyed that interaction as well. Oh yeah outlook in. Can bit you on revenue and people vote in the warehouse district in. It's it's it's been really good. I enjoy the city enjoy it wouldn't allow me to do things to do beer and Michael backboard the batters it was they've been really are. Well good deal of welcome back so let's talk about this situation Lavar ball. Has his son Lee Angelo ball as a member of the UCLA team they get this you know in in you've taken teams overseas. I write I mean they're huge upside opportunity for the young man in for the program in. Representing gun not only your university but the country. In and unfortunately you know and I've never said not my kid so I understand and un. You know they engage in shoplifting. Some 19100 dollars or so sunglasses in the Chinese take that real serious they show up with fourteen cops at the hotel room and eight. Cart him off to jail in eight days or in jail. And then this whole diatribe starts between you know. His father Lavar ball game panel wants to blame everybody else. Well you know. Throughout mark coaching career always try to deal with try to eliminate the politics and deal with what's right and what's wrong. And create this clearly as I possibly can't because sometimes. In today's world the blur between ride in on as has become. Too much of a gray area and some terms. Accountability. What's your response we're going to accountability aspect is. Has followed by the wayside in. And you've come up by that person can try to hold someone accountable. Fortunately they did wrong. I don't think there's anybody out there that things. That is going overseas trip presenting UCLA in being you know person. What the opportunity to play basketball that level and receiver out exposure. If they go there and shop we didn't steal everybody agrees that call now. What you do. When they get back to the states I would think any credible university. Would have to have some kind of discipline mechanism. In place. To. Punish the players and let him know that this is unacceptable behavior for EU urged are unsure what it would do the sign that I would be disappointed we did. And did it bother their hand in its seems so war that scene that UCLA is and or. Discipline somebody that's having the privilege. And it's a privilege. To play at LSU or play any. University with a three scholarship. To correct and acceptable behaviors so. And and and his father. As now even. Got himself and from having. Meeting with the media in a certain area after Los Angeles Lakers game cult result honestly provincial. I just think. I'm on it it really bothers me and let. All the other you'll UCLA. You would they were giddy when they. Oh. So they knew they had what can follow that took the deal with so sometimes. You know he used you get what you tolerate always been one in my state which you know you. If you allow it to happen your own gated if you know it you go out you get what she tolerate. And it popped up in this says that's for sure. You know wise person once told me that good leaders know when this thing no. And you know and you may very well be right but it you know one of the ironies here uses that. He goes out then after the coach. You know in in trying to create this orally in these kids on supervised they didn't do this they didn't do that and it cannot relate but the coach little bit. It's mr. Alpert. Who was a former basketball players while. You know very well in Vegas these guys are 1718 years today we didn't just turn them loose to go across town in a ninety minute window to walked in the limited area around hotel. And we told they couldn't go alone. If you don't know it's seventeen and eighteen and what's right what's wrong in. Shame on you shame when your high schools shame when your parents and shame on UCLA. But. It's not like they did know right. And oil and and in and so. LaBarge then says that there's no accountability on the part of the coach's name Aiken all of his money you know this and that and trying to. Create a smokescreen in in shift the blame. To the coach. You know and in and the coach just you know count necessity and he asked in the media asked him you gonna colony on the Callan and and ornery each and they know we're at a climbing the last couple assign. Well. If it is it's it's too bad you just I just think. In a while while other. Would have never Whitney. When. Shop lifted anywhere regardless of who supervision was under. He would never cited with. We need any any any wrong doing like that and I think. And I think this is what you got is this is his father on the political somebody else in and displace the responsibility and accountability aspect it's so. You know I. I agree with coach Alford is in in how police counted but you know if if they ought to between two diddley. I took the team to Hawaii. They had terms they could go out on their own but I've never been much change settled. Away. Don't shop look like you're out there is never bitter and never entered my boring you know. Cry social got to take a break if you stay with this who really want to hear from you guys to 60187 or Texas and 87870. Rim coach John and Brady former LSU coach in now will be the color analyst for morale issue tiger basketball give us a call this tool Norman under the bill. We're back we're talking to John Brady former LSU basketball coach and he's joining the voice of the tigers' Chris Blair owning LSU men's basketball broadcast. You know coach what are the reasons I wanted to talk about this issue is Lavar ball actually. In many aspects across the country as a relates to young kids coming up to basketball programs is revered he's very outspoken. Gets a lot of media coverage on behalf of his three children. One plan for the lakers won I was playing the UCLA and and one that's in high school. And I understand that the is due. Son that play in for the lakers was good basket are really good basketball player. And and continues to be such that you know. Him being in in and having folks look up to him has a certain amount of influence on kids. And in some respect I feel bad for his son because I don't know that his son's gonna have many options now that he's pulled him out of UCL line. Well. You know I don't know that but I'm sure their own program out there that will rule. Take the young man because you know sometimes the winning of the game has become more important. That trance and what you really teaching the young people yesterday. Growing played under use I don't know somebody will take but that that I get out here coach and a major program. And that young man did what he did overseas and that let you practiced. We are at two daughters 272 victory outraged him they are not perfect did not try to the best that is it for them. But at the same time mobile truck that they'll hold my two daughters accountable for their actions and and I think. That anybody. Take this young man they know what they're deity there go get an outspoken father. Such cones step in the middle what you're trying to do which achievement discipline your tree and it's not about one player when you Platt discipline. It's about the rest of the team and how they. And it and as the head coach if they bother with a high profile player compromise that your position. At the disciplinarian of the key and you'd lose credibility as the coach with the rest of the players. You're seeing the columns like all children. You you can't you know do things particularly the play caller complete. And give their best that are usually small children and in a grocery or the mother can have this a little bit late in the middle looked forward to their feet up in the year. And and the coach whoever loses credibility like that call these compromised himself cult he took a great player. That has he Hewitt father's outspoken like that. You can get yourself in a bad spot as NATO to be any program particularly major level. Yeah there's no doubt and maybe there is a team here in the United States that'll take him but it's obviously already. His reputation is reached across the ocean because the one of the coaches for the Lithuanian basketball league. Sent out attacks we have an opening at the security staff since they have experience industry. Not to make fun of it but you know they had no interest in in signing Lee Angelo. To a contract over there because obviously that coach gets what the problems may ultimately be. And you know part of the problem is is that. I've coached you know edit you know kids and obscene. The parents. Act a certain way and I always felt bad for the kids is you know they they can't controller apparently can't tell him anything. Yet he's out there are just comic trashing everybody we all look out for the best interest of our parents. However our kids excuse me bitching about it there's got to be balancing your approach and that's that your same as a coach there has to be that same balance. Well there's no question and I have dealt with prayers that were. More overbearing than others and it sometimes wouldn't accept. The disciplined. Needed to place don't own there's on what they did do. And I audit panel ever player right some players lead me because I was too did throw that are understand all that and a wasn't part B coach. But always. Always try to keep my credibility as it is true should be consistent and I thought bill would discipline so therefore I credibility without my players and and what an overbearing. Like and it console was sort of thing. You know you'll what did she got that the you know you could do so that's elected nobody to two weeks later it was not news but here everything is so instantaneous. Discipline. Con. It's just got overblown and that makes it more difficult when he took coach major level. With with players that are that are well. And with prayers that are over Bayern but it's more difficult now than it was mostly in the fifty years ago. Yeah and you know and I think it you see a lot of times that are unrealistic expectations. And you've seen as sign under you've been around a lot of coaches there are some coaches that are very straight up honest and say these are this is the expectation of your son misses were seen him at this point in time. And this is what we have to offer. And it and sometimes it's not all peaches and cream you know and he we just got to deal with the reality we can't stay on the obvious in the face and walk right around. There's no question about it and and you know when in my coaching career I would have a young man that would more com. There could be a war global basketball team and and with a walk all that means he wasn't recruited at that level and you could play major level. Well because he's reputed good yummy and good student out of lab animal but gee what would have little book called walk on was doing everything scholarship. Players were doing transparent. He should also playing because he's going through what the other. Absolutely coach I gotta get draw hard break we really appreciate you joining us but to hear from you okay thank you. Rebecca we're talking about the Lavar ball situation and is suddenly Angelo ball who played for UCLA as a freshman and he's now. Been taken off the team by his father and not sure where he's going now as a result of the handling of the situation in China where he was arrested for shoplifting we'll go to line one in talk to LaRue what say you LaRue. Now I appreciate it thank coach did it not been a lot of as a young man come up in sports and then coaches who improvement system but it. We've just witness stand that they ended the key is just got to bed this them to outlook bought. Outlet to. They embrace it with too little grove still don't pack strawberry to only. Am I dead broke my back there and it told about happened Barbara Latin different tack. But it eight years so I'm glad see debris was not my calling it a lot. And and and that's what the problem is today is Japan's most of the kids lose that day it. And allow out would be distant which he should have been discipline memo as like people would rather. Blame everybody else is that. Except to blame install it on himself but not raise these two out and proper. Oh wait. So that's about don't hang up. All of Gloria let me ask you pass my dad sounds a lot like your daddy was what I called the equal opportunity disciplinarian. He did believe in the village razed and a child and he gave everybody in the village. The authority. To beat my ass whenever. Oh within the same way. And it was designed and and it was too little a candidate there's no there's no re actually what should pallor. Like at the pack strawberry could only. Quickly analyze it that would be a reaction match. And and lack. I made mine in the go different direction. Now. Be at least. Yeah now. And it's a good thing he did go somewhere they could get himself. Particular I don't know what they don't bet Boston and no pitch battle opponent it back to himself for BN. A horrible. Our father figure in there and win the coach Alford tries to stand up to beat on the speaker ought to try and under your direction. It's. It's all wrong and and and of course I come down to a lot of things that you see in map that. I did you see I'm 62 years don't let it see it ally and and and that's. You're entitled to all of us. And which you'd say. My opinion only UK per at a school we took about spooks and mutated at a call Ed and this is the result that would do it. Well you know I mean there's no doubt that you develop this moral compass you know through all of your child rearing. Rick year write and add India in new familiarly. The unit there is you know. A place for the patriarch the father and a place for the matriarch the mother or not they Greece Greece suffered the ills of a lot of of that too many single parent households where one or the other. Is missing and unfortunately there's a place for each one. And and as Andy do you have a broad. And they'll wash and come up and speaking out and in. All of a sudden eat these people talk a prominent thank god he's he's simply speaking now about our our race in and it and it. If you let the child will mistreat industry will be the mother and and and prison system will be depth that will be paralyzed. And that's. Proven that to be back which he would just don't want. You know a new thing here that the economy makes it newsworthy from my perspective is that this guy really has put himself out there before the media this that and everything else and and look he's got three very talented sons that play basketball and and sky's the limit right. And wish them all the best I really kind of feel bad for the sun because she's now gonna miss. The UCLA. Basketball. Opportunity of a lifetime. You know. With a history of John Wooden and everything there I mean that you know UCLA's a basketball powerhouse has been from my entire life and you know vicious how do you miss that you know because your father and I think you struck on something LaRue that I missed. Is that Alpert stood stood up to be that father figure and I think we'll far resented it. And that's why he started attack in the coach and coach pat. And you gotta love this coached in the Alfred said in the statement goes we respect the decision he and his family have made and we wish him all the best in the future. Help is on of their. Politically correct way of saying. Hostilities the baby. It. Absolutely and it's it's. I'm open I'm thinking about maybe they. Played on the bop and I speak up and took two. Absolutely I think that's the guy and. And I want to think that a whole lot. Cam Newton day it went Cam Newton struggled panelists on off to whoever whoever had Mo money to get to a and it and and case that would be Albert I know that was. Was gonna want Adam east peace so called minister dot. Right right. So but anyway you know and and that's that's the reason we're talking about this is that these and not this is not the path the view you wanna take it as it relates to that the there's got to be accountability. And you know this back and forth with him and Donald Trump over what China water would not have done is no doubt in my mind like try opera not like trump. He played a role again those three kids out of that jail over there and get nearby home. And there there are so many stories about what you know what happens overseas. I mean we are truly is there any obvious in the face and walk and run around a we believe something else but thanks so much column LaRue we gotta get a break. Ultimately each Olympics what do you like probably not trump helped. Those children at home and a man in it thank you for. Absolutely. Doug had to break we wanna hear from you 260187. Or Texas at 87870. Were talking about the situation with the UCLA basketball team. Lee Angelo ball has been removed by his father Lavar ball and no will no longer play at UCLA will be right back after the break. We're back we've been talking about the situation. Of Lee engine low ball who was a UCL OUCLA. Basketball player who was arrested in China for shoplifting. And we had coach John Brady former LSU head basketball coach on earlier. And he basically talked about you know these kids say they may need to know the difference between right or wrong obviously some things are more obvious than others and it's all about accountability. And it is incumbent upon university to have a disciplined mechanism in place. And that's what UCLA was doing in trying to assess what the discipline was going to be fully Angelo. And his father Lavar came out swing and started criticizing UCLA the basketball program and in particular the coach. And the coach I think rightfully so just. Kind of let it go light water often ducks back and said we'll talk to you later we got a lot of one talked early shall Matt what's gone on arrow. It. Yeah it's well consequences. Aaliyah actions are believed they are rates for children. Children. Growing up. I don't think that this kid or there and realize the consequences of their actions. Hopefully they'll be polished all while some way. Let the kids. It dead the dead to spare me a lot more influence in war a lot of stuff we are seeing it. All moral life where money influence. Cute cute out of jail early in blah blah blah blah blah in to people turn. Like that. No matter what consequences see you there and at least incident mobile. And she is openly in the cart record this year and these people have no idea. Period no clue. Bigot no understanding. They went to school at political art would we taught can't support the actions. And it's always been like market soon. I knew a lot of political people they've taught not to appear that it went to jail they would stay. There for. All virtually every one. Has a no problem. Earl how many times at all across did you hear that you were gonna be a servant or others. The whole you know it's. I was a judge or grand it was like we were man for others which you know the one thing that we realized I think in is that where the center of known universe. Right. Well I don't think it probably did they clue as to what. How do you really exposed to act like I suppose to treat people. There and if you Google more people constantly. It's gonna come back to you. Ought might even come from you know call. It the bitch. And even on the good traffic still believe call. I believe it you don't pay dues. They do good things in law we people. The girl up I don't know about you not feel bad for this on I think he's been missing out that you actually an opportunity UCLA powerhouse in basketball great school great tradition. Huge history I mean it is. It's sad. You know that he is going to miss out on all of that girl thanks so much for calling we really appreciate your thoughts. Give mystical approach to six 187 near Texas at 8787. As we continue this conversation this is new rule Norman on debit Dario. One attacks line IM UCLA. Masters degree Holden the students' actions warranted severe discipline. That fathers miss guiding his son yes I too. Am an African American dollar. And I think that you know says at all and it's really not about the the race of the student of the race of the father the fact of the matter is I just really believe that. He's miss guiding his son in cheating him of of a huge opportunity. In his life because I think he's in the end it's more about the father than it is the son. We really want you to stay tuned. And you gonna really wanna stay tuned with all that's gone on with its gamers and gas pumps across the country every day another story is revealed. And people trying to rip off your money. We have an individual who's a certified identity theft risk management specialist to talk about the do's and don'ts and use your credit cards and debit cards and otherwise. Especially at gas pumps and and other areas to stay with us this is no alarm and on debit every else.