The latest from Wilmington as Florence roars ashore

Thursday, September 13th
Dave Cohen, in for Scoot, talks to WBT Charlotte Reporter Brett Jensen about conditions on the ground as Hurricane Florence inches ever closer

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Thanks for joining us glad I could be in for skewed today. And glad you could join us 504260187. Days a phone number to call if you wanna talk about any of the topics we've had during the skewed chair today. Well that'd be the governing by social media fear that I just expressed. The proposed law allowing congress to outlaw. The eating of dog and cat. In all fifty states only six states currently do. Or our talk about Amazon this week expanding grocery delivery to New Orleans and nine other cities joining Wal-Mart and local grocers. In home delivery of groceries. Is that a sign that we are growing only lazy. Or just finding better ways to be more efficient with our time we'll get back to the discussion right now that I wanna head on over into the Carolinas where. Reporter Brett Jensen is standing by. Brett is with our sister station WBT. In Charlotte Brad where are you right now on what's happening there. Aren't bidding or go to war which. Route to or all. Gulf Coast and that instead of Java. I probably 31. And that sort of picking out we're to a sustained wind. But our exit by all of the power and the the story full and that's because of little but the it. Yeah we can see the eye wall is now creeping co closer to the coast. But we're still talking hours before it gets to you and Marty seeing these sustained winds over thirty miles an hour. Absolutely and the problem is there any mention it is it is coral and the big concern. I would thirty minutes ago you update the actual working in seven. Or when he's Latin thing yeah it is so good wouldn't it be our report due to. If you're if we were these because the storms. Miles one. So yeah where you are is just may be getting the the worst of it when the I walk around there sure are but you're talking about. Several states that will be dealing with the impacts that of this very large church. Exactly and mean. It is a lot. Into it at the most people think I'll. From category to category two great thing. About. Because the whole group of the west or hole. The more experience and it's a little bit but it's packed it's so now is reaping the ball. And it's not moving very fast but the greens potential. And win or even wider than it was a candidate was looking for which it stronger opponents whether a much more minimal parts. You know when Katrina actually got here and there's a lot of discussion that it was barely a category three. When it came ashore here now in Mississippi. When we saw thirty foot wall of water pick up those casinos that used to sit in the water and throw them. All across the beach enroll them over the road. You know there was that kind of thing that I kept picturing and this fears and I had that feeling and it and anyone who's been. Waiting for a land falling. Hurricane economy get that. Feeling that sinking feeling I know you guys have to have that right now waiting to see just what this is gonna do. And you have to anticipate the worst and hope for the best. Well you're absolutely right now and pretty sad thing the scary. And too light two and thirty. And the port of stroke or how many people have not laughed and her you know because they don't know it's a barrier island beach in that. You know the ocean and and we took and so the problem is it and I in it and be part about it that's torture remember she's too much here. Well it would be. Sweet spot into the brain is that the clone war are flat land no huddle. Just like that went into potential or I. I just don't understand and that they're out you know what Katrina repairs were to be settling. While the people's string it much like the one you should. And and it's sad because. We know that. People. Don't wanna leave homes they don't wanna go and you know I fear are now they Katrina was thirteen years ago. That we do have a lot of hurricane amnesia but no last year we had major storms doing. Amazing damaged and people had to see that in no way but people are hesitant to leave tonight I think about the 18100 people who died in Katrina. And I think about all the people. Who died in storms last year. And if I guess it's just human nature for them to stay do you think it's because it's not a category four and I'll now. That he would he would since it was downgraded the that's why so many people decided to stay. I think you're a 100% correct because. Usually. What comes from on a ticket catastrophic. Later in order Rico refused to continue to do what I like it was water. Puerto Rico it was devastated equipping them that category five. The suspect it to a category two. We just had a hurricane category one category to look at what ago. We don't buy it. Mean people forget. That hurricane hit here it was three years ago over two million livestock. And forms were completely rule and and they're just not getting back up to speed here we go here what forty mortgages or. Yeah I hope that those upper end of the predictions don't come true especially where you have of the hill country and this is moving into the mountains because then you're talking mudslides. Landslides. You're talking about fast moving water coming down those elevations. You're talking about unbelievable. Flash flooding so. Again. Brad I'm glad that he checked in with us and I'm glad that things aren't too bad yet could you got a ways to go you said what two maybe three more days they think before this thing even gets out of the Carolinas. Yet and they gave it have hurricane sustained where score up to predict. Brent we appreciate it I know will be listen in for your reports and chicken back in with you be safe be careful I remember during Katrina that moment we had to make that decision when was it time to get in. And as the eye while I was coming ashore and we felt the worst of that thing it was at that point I was told by the emergency managers. You'd come in now where you stand out. I went into. If I could. And I Brad banks and I keep us posted and hopefully. The folks who stay have the wherewithal to survive and ride it out long enough before they can actually start doing rescues has denied the storm they've announced it won't do when he rescues. Right actually had to order or Tibet which it took to bury. And his record. Oil market sent to study. What you want it to you know what it tribute. Because. They just know how difficult it's going to be trying to people little green or can't sustain it for three days. Does that look you know traumatic ultra but if you but he says that quote will give you were rickety. And hopefully there's still alive when they get there I remember officials here urging people to get a sharply on permanent marker. Regular game on your arm are your stomach course somewhere so they can identify you when nick employee out of the water because. Otherwise it may be very difficult let's open wasn't. And it actually. And there are using that particular one and one particular. So it has been shelled a barrier that has been closed and they told him that following. Make sure you write your name and actors are four in a sharp. Has said that people sought to be told that but I understand people's reluctance to leave home have you ever been through an evacuation it is not fun but neither is being through a major hurricane thank god this isn't a major hurricane but it looks like he can have some major impacts could be catastrophic. Let's hope it's not Brad B say thanks for joining us and thanks for being out there and and reporting for everyone. Brett Jensen from our sister station WBT. He is in Wilmington, North Carolina where there are awaiting the worst. Hurricane Florence to come assured I'm Dave Conan for skewed.