The Latest on Syria

Newell Normand
Monday, April 16th

Pamela Faulk, CBS Foreign Affairs Analyst, gives up an update on Syria and what's to come.


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We're back in we're gonna get the latest on this Syrian. Situation obviously. Just announced this morning chemical weapons inspectors were denied access to the did. The site. The Director General of the Organization. For the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. Told a meeting of Leo PCW executive account council than inspectors had not been allowed. To visit the town outside the Damascus. And a did not get the unfettered access that they want a nay saying that it is. He central and that Russia and serious guys Syria excuse me mosque cooperate. And join us to talk about the situation and so much more is Pamela Falk whose a CBS foreign affairs analyst welcome to the show Pamela. Hi. Really pretty mind boggling. What it was supposed to be at gateway international inspectors were giving network which is Saturday. There's still attempting to reach this side of this suspected chemical weapon attack. And there's been a lot of finger pointing here at the UN today where. The Russians say this to say is that they're blocking out any one. And debate you and saying they're not blocking it by the weapons inspectors have been offer to. It witnesses to bring to Damascus in other words they're being prevented. From an on site inspection. So that it goes and what you're hearing from Korea to make literally as we speak to. To the British parliament from Nikki Haley the US ambassador that says Russia. Is just. Blocking anyone from the Al attributing blame. For what happened in Yuma area where. And had the lead dozens were killed and 500 injured and being killed. Is it my mind and this is my understanding correct Pamela wanna say that because. The Russians. VT Rhode. And resolution thank you that was the world applicable. At the is that means that the OP CW is only empowered to state if the chemical weapon was used in not to attribute responsibility. You're person I am mark that's exactly right now. It may be of chlorine gas that they'd be a nerve agent likes Aaron but that's baldor and power to do. And that because precisely. How Russia's blocking and and aim mechanism to attribute blame at the US. And that's why right now as we speak the US UK and France are trying to get other resolution yet again. And you prices now on board after these strikes. Which it doesn't look like there are but can say. Bear in there are there are going to allow spektr's. And also humanitarian. Aid and it's and also have a cease fire bill. There's a lot implicit threat that if UN doesn't act. The of these countries will the US has been very explicit Nikki haley's that it. If the UN the US will be justified in acting again. And of course you I'm sure you'll ever did chi said the US has locked and loaded for another. Military action if they keep doing. Yeah I heard a lot of terms of art over the weekend and obviously. But what we do know is that the Russian investigators have been on site correct. And what we also know is that a number of the opposition parties to prime minister may. Have been questioning her legal authority to participate in that is there a connection between what the Russians are doing right now. And trying to maybe discredit prime minister men. Yeah absolutely. Nearing an EUS congress I mean there are a lot of people more or. They get nightmares about what happened in Iraq where. The US does civil there were chemical weapons that weapons of mass destruction and an end date and find that there are at. And to there's no definitive proof that the Intel agencies that the US states. We're pretty sure. High degree of confidence the French say they absolutely no it was. It would some it was that god and the UK says they think Q why they like the inspectors. I'd be in the strikes were a war. Were conducted on the bases as far as the US is concerned. I'm on the basis of the fact that there be at the moment they're in almost fifty chemical weapons attacks. And several of them at least four when they beat if you land inspection team was able to get anything yet at least for these were. Outside and one of them was site as. And we can confirm that so. There have been what we know there chemical weapons attacks as bad as that we're not sure you know it is suspected chemical weapons attack this time until my. Basically the US and allies are saying enough is enough that there has to be an action when it UN won't. I was just getting ready to ask you that what what made it about this Duma. Bombing in this Duma site. Would push it over the line. Well as he thought they want me out and it military strike. In theory that these days before it is US UK France one. No one knows for sure this this this has ever in ever suspect it was Israel it's right on the doom it in southern. Areas so it's very close to Israel there aren't there it's about the fact that these chemical weapons or have occurred. And of course the main purpose that it is action. Was the fact that the Russians are suspected. Conducting it out as captain an assassination attempt to. The week thinking about former Russian. By Finland it's so I think when that happened the US and UK in particular said. Waiter at this as the first chemical attack. And the use of chemical weapons to kill civilians since forward to whip and Nazis so the idea here is known now. You can't operate this way without some kind of check they go to the land and Russia's blocking them and they say OK we try. And they tried sixth time that Russia blocked the six. And Syria and Syria join neo PCW. Relatively recently like 2013 fourteen of them like Iraq. And that was after another gas attack as our as our call. In in that inner room do we feel like that they've done anything that's meaningful blow to live up to the terms and conditions. Of that. And by the way it was in 2012 bit stay at district is. Yes let's say you're right I mean have both and it's finally became members it is kind thirteen fourteen bad. In what they destroyed Dominic called weapons stockpiles. Now we know and then they have perpetrated attacks so. What what it and I mean obviously it's some of them they also make it. Very cynical. Argument that thick chlorine is not part of the chemical weapons convention. Prohibition convention. Because chlorine you can get and local drugstore and have now. Chlorine used as a weapon it has to be very highly concentrated. Emerging canisters. It's not that we did not blow hard to GAAP and it's not Arctic convention and that errand dad and all the other dances. Now there and chemical chlorine used as a weapon it and so that's where this. Ability and means really cynical hairsplitting happened. But I looked at billion does variant is in day in the only thing you can saves port area all the is that I mean one would hope. There's not an escalation. Any kind of military action. But there was an awful lot of support for military action that they have no lives. And they tried this and has not a message and that was supported by Canon. And supporters just interest goes part of all of Europe by ego. I'm very few countries really felt it was the it was not the right thing to do. It in what has. Were you surprised by the leadership role that micron took from France. Our way into the idea and now being A of France has been at the forefront of a lot of these things Frances Berry. Very proactive in fighting terror at the yet you know they have a lot terrorist attack. And in my Condon. Very very forceful on these things since so what's really surprising. I certainly they've had their differences that the United States that climb and a lot of other things that 24 that's coming right up my current coming to. Mean it's the first state dinner president drops so. I think the comedy in bad you're out we can go in the United States regardless of differences. I've been very encouraged by the role that he's played in all of this and I think it's King and I think it's important to the overall security throughout the region. Yes absolutely and and the UK. Did not support it land President Obama tried. And other countries did god and so. I think there's been a lot of diplomacy annual change of leadership obviously as well. But the French. In population I mean it's overwhelmingly supported in France. Can you make where that is that made me stop someone from dancing narrow people mean a lot of people ask me. Why would he do that mean he's winning means BA. Syria I mean Russia and Syria have taken over most of the rebel. Territory and they keep doing it everyday no one's winning why. Guessing Europe people it just so it's just so tragic role. Abide in his father did these form. There and I think. Is real and the lack. Morality there and so. The international community pretty united on on doing some good idea. He's an interesting guy. Very charismatic he's certainly wants to can then he convinced president trump this stadium area. If pres trumpet. Disputed that little bit on the credit. He. Certainly I think what we should watch for is to try to get out truck packed into the Paris climate agreement. When he comes I think maybe it's tough. Polled by day. Well thank you so much Pamela fox CBS foreign affairs analysis that analysts excuse me we really appreciate your insight on have a great week thanks so much. Great thanks for talking nice seductive. They're saving her. Will be right back after the break we wanna hear from you 26 or 187 in Texas City 7817. What do you think's gone on with the fact that the Syrians. Will not let the inspectors and will be right back after the break.