Latest on the summit with Russia

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Monday, July 16th
Tommy talks to CBS military analyst Mike Lyons about President Trump's meeting with Vladimir Putin.

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We're talking about the president. And Vladimir huge net. Heading there from the summit right now or meeting whatever you wanna call lid on that played even sure what it is. Major Mike Lyons joins right now to talk about I guess Russian American relations the president saying that. Wouldn't be such a bad thing you get along win them. And that is some. Some people saying well there's no way rush you'll ever be our friend that someone Putin is in this war. And the president better watch his stuff good morning major a year. Thanks ever taken in time tell me about the military aspect of all of this is a president commander in chief Russia longtime adversary. President says he's food and is more of a competitor than an enemy will do what's gone on here. Well I mean who he is sending them think about the perspective of our enemies to try to do our enemies is destroy them and make them surrender and I'm listening to pundits this morning that things like. The rest of declared war on the United States and an over the hacking of the DNC sir I might you know really note declaring war used to be a big deal in this country and it was. To congressman and people actually responded and did something. I think from the military perspective here is that got into delivered Russian President Clinton think it's correct in that regard because there they are competitive on on the market. But what's important the fact that Russia is really the only country in the world that totaled an existential threat to reinstate its nuclear arsenal and could destroy the United States really the only one out that's out there to do that so we have to do that from now perspective. I didn't have a deliverable might be this extension of the start treaty that we sign in 2010. Expires in 20/20 one that would restrict the development of nuclear weapons and adding more to you are so I think that's something trumpet wanna get done. So in terms of the president saying you know one and I don't think there's going to be a Perry Mason. The moment here where is easy dad you know idea right you got me we did it. And then some O'Neill says in him about. The extraditing the twelve. Foreign agent says there's no way in hell it's gonna happen is there. Now I'm not gonna happen in. You have to you know and really wonder what the Justice Department was thinking by doing this before our. The summit I think they were they were trying to help the president and I'm not sure I think you get to court trolling around somewhat because. They basically died did so that they know full well would never stand trial will never get a hold and they work. And you know they integrated to put the president of weaker position every time it stood at the past few summit the president he. Which emissions and came into China working Jenna North Korea and other pollutants he's touring with. A world leader of the country that doesn't have to worry about what's going on back and its homework and don't count and I didn't democratic electorate like I mean I don't think that. They can comment about. That is what I have proven that you know today as but the bottom line is our president always been different position of weakness in the very beginning because. Probably just do it just got reelected in in the back to deface. What the people who think. There was an open Mike moment was where President Obama than President Obama telling me DN. Campgrounds and man's name major and yet again. About tells led to give me a little -- room on missile enormous set about do you remember. Yeah I was backing in to win it. Twelve before the election that they needed some. It's based on negotiations. Four I think a lot of that due to start treaty I think there were doing. Andy doing and that he neck at a big the whole Obama administration had a big cap and out they'll Russia for them from the reach certain and it's perspective and and and did the president play and we didn't do anything about quite yet and then what would you could argue that Obama made the right decisions that goes to visit with starting the third world war. Russia and it can crack me up I'm not sure that I would say no actually I think you Obama administration thought the same way right now. The same people that were not critical back there and are now putting it onto something he's got to be more forceful it's such a well more he can do. Well the president said this happened under president Obama's watch which you did is there's something. They were they aware of it indeed is there's something more aggressive than they could have done. Well today they took him out of the GA days. From the military perspective we actually this administration and have given defense of weapons to Ukraine the previous administration did not. Those days again and did nothing more you can do other than go to the United Nations try to do some kind of and that's something they're a bit to Russia. And chemistry council would would just the only thing that happened in the United Nations. So again a day you have these put up or shut up and try to put troops on the ground and go pick them out there and and I was going to do. And that was my question is to use say give Crimea that Ukraine needs is not what do you do then. You're stuck by their government because exactly at night I know her so well. That's his real declaration of war and not know the fact that the DNC service got hacked. Com by a bunch of people who you are Smart enough to go after individuals that didn't you know there were first in and didn't recognize what it's going to passports so you know again. The league were throwing out these dvds it's sitting there and and and we had a good start to what. Within what we're really defined not simply one of them is this an act of war concept and how we're gonna keep it doesn't we can't stop question do anything we just have to be willing to put our depth troops on the ground do. Is it clear I have the cloak and dagger through the day is given way to. Keyboards and and mouse does. For sure and then that this this this dimension. Domains that exists to lately and he's in air space now cyber inside the has oversight to all the floor. Domains are which you know it dominates and has superiority in the fourth. But that doesn't do that insistent that cyber domain we got peers we've got appears like you're reading into it appears that the north Koreans. Then and and as I've apologized to the North Korean side. Forces during the live inside the North Korea that I don't know if you don't know there's no doubt by geography here so. We've got to wake up and recognize that that trust to gain. Any kind. Dominance in the states. Let's get a lot we're gonna have to put more resources towards it and not focus just on the physical aspects. It just think that make the United States great netstat that exists between our two oceans and to close everything the physical land. Assets but this cyber threat I think in the is that this is the worst thing really could start the third world war. Thank you major I'll be run home. The third rolled in there and I have a good day I can't thank you that major Mike lines CBS military analyst.