Latest on missing man in Lake Pontchartrain

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Wednesday, December 6th

Tommy talks to WWL-TV reporter Katie Steiner about a missing man in Lake Pontchartrain.


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We're joined now by one of those that talented young reporters in the stable of reporters and I don't mean that disrespectfully channel four to eighty Steiner joints right now good morning Katie. I. Got. Up. Right. Okay thank. Thanks for taking time with a some Telus school I guess it's for people letter just tuning in the maybe Telesis story from the beginning if you will and where we are right now with a. It. A our. Now. Are. At war. I art. Are. Or. Oh. It. In. Their eyes and back. What happened at the mayor and app let. It out. That. Are. Out. Cool or not let. It. There. Are. Other and I don't know. Are there or out but. Right now. Or. I knew at that at all. Out. Currently. I tell. You all. Are outnumbered and. Are they said referring to Acadia as a re now rescue mission or have they changed it to recovery at this point. It will be. On. Them. The clip art art call her. Up. And let them or anything you know it. There are. Now. You. I mean it. It'll add to what you know what. Are you know it it at that point or regret. Kelly and we think right now. I think there are expecting more work on broken the back. I think right now. At their Brothers. Cart too when I attacked rather keep that you know my brother is like. I. I think I'm sorry Katie and I don't know duty where this fits into it or not but I'm reading the devil WL TV story that the two people that. Eventually wound up in the water with the car had caused a disturbance in the restaurant and then. There was some kind of problem with putting the car in reverse and driving is it do we know if the people that went into the water if there was any drinking involved there's there are some intoxication involved in the. I don't know and it went out that it would go in or. Else. It. Want to he would die god bless it alien and that man anti hero that did did did that especially for people have been causing disturbance and and throw restaurant and the reason I say that is. You know unity piece of data that's not your Plaisted to offer opinion I mean drag in of that that's mind. Public to do a great job on channel four you really do. You do a great job there as well enjoy watching it so good lie. Here are hot. And you went out whatever they're at work it out so well. Well thank is very an SE the say on keep us updated if you will please and if anything changes maybe it was called act. Court like Katie stating.