The latest on LSU's QB situation

Bobby, Deuce & Kristian talk with WAFB's Jacques Doucet about the two quarterbacks missing from LSU's practice today, then Allen Waddell joins the show to discuss Brother Martin's alleged recruiting violations.

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Often run into our fourth and final hour here of sports talk to cajun cannon Bobby Hebert Deuce McAllister saints' all time leading rusher pershing Garrick here we get. Coming up this hour jog do say sports anchor reporter for WA MB. In Baton Rouge both Lou on the RC east and just having Millen both a quarterback absent from today's practice reports say they are weighing their options look at their transfer options also Allen would dealt. Howard W all prepped insider. And Alan G Waddell step in here and a little bit. Who Louisiana high school athletic association has launched an investigation in the Baltimore and athletics regarding potential recruiting violations by crusader football coach mark ponies. Will delve in that I'll explain more come up to the bottom of this hour right now to the phones we go Mac east. Ability Unita to go to Patrick you've been holding onto all okay downs aren't yet had a blood count on the guys that I live on the app Patrick execute basis. You don't you someone about it what you Matt Murphy recordable. Thank senator exaggerate things in the local than. That's all right I wasn't intentional by any means I'm just bad at math. I could Kristen. This one determined to go and do you know I'm a Portland defeat real quick. On their home in there and be on the phone it was great. Thanks greatly to meant so much. At and graduate them I'm retired sergeant. You know I won't come down LaBranche and liberal as you know I'm repair or retire or that sort thinks it's equally. Program. I own them. The article that have been well you bet you my perspective in my insight on it Helmand. Now I know how it's been hot button topic that under their bodies are talking about it because. That been coming into this is dead they're put on it and little thinking it all began you know in the rule. And on the committee you know it is and you know week week but there is another. And none of the game but the hit my opinion they get it. Because an amateur you guys that they knew Helm because when our Kate. You know we capable import you know we you know we inherit social apparently in her yet nick nick on the matter. By being a parent that's what I'm talking about right now. More acute with him. Would actually pay it would happen because you know what we. Know we can view that we need tech. And they cling to a lot yeah. Exactly and that so it is my point one sane. The rules committee. Well right this time because that way. You know bump it and the game. He. Equipment and live under the aren't they can get ejected in it and keep my you know what they're gonna be so. So many. In injury so much more helmet. On him look at the players that can be sold much more likely not come to check it. Now I'm you know I'm gonna keep China. From key Qaeda. In in the in the article is gonna be more prevalent in war and and and yet or welcome but it intrigued him. Well well packed I hope you're right Patrick nope actually got taken the approach. Because some look and for the future of the NFL. And what I mean by that. The guys are going to be playing 20/20 52030. So that's basically. Have a dozen years plus our analysts say a dozen years. That. They gonna be educated enough Andy you know learn to tackle what was wit their shoulder. So I think. That it would not be a major issue. Because. How they were taught taught at a young age. I think we are creatures of habits. And and and how are you were coach when you're playing pop Warner. Although Lee junior high going far now. House I think UC more or more players involved and Drew Brees is is promoting this flag football to learn the skills that they gain. And end all of you get maybe in high school you you learn more tackling. But that to me be take out the Helmand in the formula. You will learn to tackle of what you shoulder at a high level. And that will be still aggressive football. That we love. But it might be a transition period. Throwing you have the old school guys considering the future players and I think it's all gonna work out because we love aggression. We love tackling. But the deal wanna see top notch tackling at a high level. About you have to be taught that at a young age weary united tentative. And I think he can occur but it might be a process. Now we gonna see would then allied. Lifespan. With some sort of speak that is not going to be like. All weighed down the road I think it's like a transition of I have a dozen to dozen years. Patrick they see your phone call good taken nothing for being patient I apologize dolby stranger. -- do say joining us now sports anchor and reporter for WA FD in Baton Rouge was going on stay here. I'm real excited I'm on the air with you about football heroes obviate there he's out there and Christian you're critical to. I'm for eagle I appreciate that they debt. Hey I'll solo world our season Justin Miller both absent from practice they look we make of that. I think that what's been reported. Is it accurate epic book guides are contemplating. What you were their careers may it's running on all gonna be our spotter keep going time and Jonesboro. On the yacht on paper to be a starter. I think that they be making an effort to equal well marquis around. Don't they don't want him belief. You know just like Nolan did GA. Been around for a long time discover or that they seriously burned them. Ever pouring you know human and really you know point you either you get a line at just the element the biggest game. Probably not so. What it does on a yuppie you for what you that there. Order back in apple ordered to an order and not my idea it like you eat at least earlier round that they that they want a development like. The dollars John mine is fanning McMillan has graduated and there's the have a degree. Yeah poppy security Sawyer yeah if Diaz graduating go away and Kelly once. I mean I data approach because. Miss and realistically is coming to an NFL Null. But at least she guided degrees so he has his priorities and daughter. So given an opportunity he loves football he wants to play. Can toll said that. If Tom advising on north sees his family. Come on. Listen they might have a package Fareed LSU but you gotta change position. You know I make it as NFL quarterback. That might be a rude awakening but you're not gonna make it you wanna get paid don't you what it did need. To play football. When you gotta understand you gotta humble yourself. To get on the field whatever it might take it Tim Tebow didn't humble himself to be a major back. If he'd amid an age bag of play on special teams he could be an NFL player. But he did not humble himself so he's trying to make the Mets he's not gonna make the major leagues. But they're the thing about Tim Tebow he was athletic enough. To be an H back and you've driven a special teams that did that might be the same thing with the saints Jason Hill. How can you make it they gave eight. Missing you wanna graduating get a degree and go forward still listen RC's. He gave tribute at a high level. Our appeals whatever you wanna call it and he can have a a package him and LSU and all they want him involved. But at Mama's Family. And I'm involving him. OK how can I get paid. And then National Football League level. Are whenever professionally. To get paid to play football game. Yeah about the point you know in Quito. Began it or not that got the domestic Easter march 8 place to. Does the national TV audience yes he does he get it church. People do very rush. You don't know well. You know Bob that we got there we go we're not watching cheap war when they watch that all seven or eleven Ottawa but it ought to struggle with accuracy or IE or blow it. He's a great kid a lot and we recovered at the Beijing to overcome those you'd be encouraged but yet he pointedly eat. Bill that is dirty like he'd decided or. You know he denied and at structure right yeah you know they aren't a spot for him and a you know I don't discourage him from playing quarterback but at this point at that or cut the outfield let it that the package. Huge like they thought about a muddy picture there that you'd. Doctors say the B they have B reporter at sports anchor as jock do you say on Twitter. Jock no line apparently for the for the scrimmage didn't didn't look too good didn't come out to positive he's eating a fix that what's the issue there. The person is on went the Rotary Club and Ochoa girl caught them at her campaign. Some guy stood up the Tokyo pop that you want a very quiet all the and I looked on the ticket that they are there and adding expanded. It definitely. Either Taylor. You know apparently thought that go and find out about who arrested brutality never told the coaching staff and then. And personable and Kate were you know history where we're or Madonna by eating it over terms yet there. You know Coachella at the open on a lot of it apparently they are struggling now. Granite. Maybe like that Bobby is what the united going up again they'll patrol and All Saints eat that up right silky heat that it'd be. Pretty salty he didn't get a lot of people trouble. Yet coach knows that well we were going yet he ordered willing to eat at the corporate speak at the one week so we need to think straight to yet. They are struggling. In the running gain it change it back or not. Or the ground with nick brought that audit were later it. You know to these other guys. Two win football games but they watched. I notice is an odd question but do you sense any pressure. Around maybe the players I know the coaches can handle it and deal waited but. If it is it's odd because they haven't you played a game but I think they know what's at stake as well. Yet Newsom mean. They've they're saying he'd block out the noise like autistic you know coach wrote that I can't tell guys. They all what are the possible social. XT at the yet he let. All lean on them a secure your old and grow our salary back there when that. I think it's corny or ranking is that little cranky and it's nick Sabin first year due out. So. There's not a lot expected at the scene that it's odd that the block out boy it certainly don't in any glory in the first game and you're going to get that. A Miami team that they get you to that aperture and the for all you know edged you get a breeder in south eastern Canadian junior rode it out to offer it certainly worked for brought the back or. While the there are a top gain. And you can cabinet you know you can have a rupiah at the age he's gonna be beaten her. Are calling on Hillary. You know audience that number with a home game against Georgia Alabama Kurtz the port this is the the borders yet. Now what is shock along those lines. Somehow OK coach at all in the tigers' start out two and one. Pilots say play the percentage is like LSU's chances more against. Miami in Arlington Texas vs playing. And orbit but do you feel like boy I don't know if I've ever seen in this analogue remember. Tebow because I was a big game at Arlington and Jerry's world when they'll play in Oregon Ducks. And they are ranked fourth but they had the honey badger. Who knows unbelievable. Considering that's significant when they had their Oregon was fourth in the nation you look at Miami a top ten program. But isn't this almost like a bowl game that. Blog we got to get off to a great start in this could be a meaningful one and only the bill doesn't have any bearing on the SEC. Civilly because. Expectations. Of where Miami is at and who you played decay called the season. Yet know now. You could have the entire country watching that game on Sunday night or Labor Day there will be Alba go to work the next day meet up again a lot of he just around the country watching that game are very proud program. Are bound aid that LSU. It that they order that you collate each vote you out and alana. First year forty or get it it would work they're cute they're quiet on the field and in the tunnel. At all that remember. Yeah. It it is a lot of a lot of pressure that first game Bobby also you know collect at 2014. Where Ellis was plain error or is copper rallied more gains. But it Ian that they bought them all and its people so that network and eaten up with their there's been so it. It'd be there as thing boy what you grow up you know our map these just what an amazing. Football where you now and eleven a eclipse the player would literally change gain. Meaty meaty on the beat out an Olympic team but they're urged. Jacques do say WASP sports reporter and anchor. And shot what does Paul and everything about a new scoreboard it's gonna entire city of Juarez and at the box. About what Chris oh and are used to have football but I hope we're not new but it you guys in jail we luck out there are back. We believe what you say that it could should he liked it. And in doing that does not appreciate the ten. It's sacred about a guy. Yet he only got so our body getting out there and yeah yeah yeah audit audit all this fund has a lot of fun. Well Doug delegating. Eight if any he would have been better off you ward no assurance that the clinging China and I know they do a better job big because I hide my fat well. It's not thanks but no it is jock guy I think Christie got happy fat now you know you know relationship. Happy and all that well we are good because before he was all you know I go quick to an avid to you within a year. Huh. You got to mean cellular disgusting immunity. No no we just got off the resident fellow delegate back on the auction today you gotta get back on the horizon I'm gonna run meant thanks is more sought here on WW LI MF in the dugout. I big news in the LH SAA high school football movies in high school athletic association has launched an investigation and abroad Martin's athletics. Regarding potential recruiting violations by crusader football coach. More on east and the school's alleged an unspecified number of unnamed athletes were being recruited. Bible these including those he reached out to at an annual Slidell youth football association camp. That's this past not a past June in Tony seventeenth and it was and so basically cobbled nor short schools. I think Salmons part of it as well. Complained about. No I'm I'm kind of pair freezers for you complain about mark Bonnie shown up to issue football camp and and talking to some of these players a bow out. How great from Martin's program is in not to mention they brought will clap along after he got drafted here this past June he was aware NC enter LSU here gear but he is weren. Some brother Martin here look. I think to says sour grapes written all over it. I think it. Some schools approaches if there if they live within my my district are my zone. Those are my kids and that's that's that's that's a flawed way of think about because I talk to coach new cell to module early today he still less to discuss that live on the West Bank. Doesn't mean he eat that he can just go all out on it automatically their mind. He still has to quote unquote recruit those kids to stay at his school and happens and a lot of weight to fit on bill yeah yeah I so. My point there was it just. It just has sour grapes written all over and I want you to Al Waddell and algae would help. On Twitter part of our opera football roundup crew eats every Friday night nobody knows more about high school football in this state and Alan Al thinks of Simon. What do you make of this do you think that there's a legit. Be fear I mean it seems to me every time a high school coach is gonna go far of any audience they're going to pump their program. When the deal I mean to mark britney's brother of our lives. Williamson and other idle idle one step at. Or I am and you know happy Buick has what you record community. And though there aren't paid to go work Kampman. And local is in. I'm simply on the side of community who try to more short compact with a point out they're not include other big part epic eat at a B. Slidell useful walker Asian kid goes by the more. So I mean I don't know Leo. It Nepal and the split. You know I mean like right at the weather. But it took three player and then it's perceived that. More ponies in and Andrew Martin had three players otherwise would win two North Shore or or Salman. Well you know Allah but I'll look at it I mean are you socialists are you are capitalists I mean I don't know if you are parent of a talented kid. I mean. Why not go wherever you'll. Target date right now when all of them and then go play with the things mid jackal. Was my neighbor Amanda though his is Kidd. Was a stud baseball player and he went to jazz. In them getting a scholarship to rise that we all know Rice University to start off in the college World Series at their babies. So wouldn't you want. As apparent. That whatever is best the kid and that opportunities so that's what I mean. A lot of times when you look at. Okay he's stacking jeans whatever. But I'm looking at opportunities. Especially palm apparent and have a kid that talented. Got a big. Is the one school is somewhat different than a lot of police and contradictions so tradition. And people. I mean so that was on the North Shore on to a particular call. The current. Crop and. Yeah that's the holy cross family yeah. Like so you know it just I don't know and I do not understand the beacon. That there. School depending if you. That is not from the slide area. Let you know if your card bunnies you know an opportunity to be younger. Organic growth in Europe here I mean our program and got the last year. And I'm not big wanted to appoint a senator or your local or any other sport Ellis future we'll share or about. So our governing will look at these guys can can Wear super high schools will be weak. We look at the most important thing down here Alan is that we all know is that we went to college easily with a high school. Back toppling when you think the money. And that what we've got it coming I mean they. Certainly the electorate say. We. Want. I'm gonna fool. And if there was an article. You know to see nobody hit I don't know what I you know how hard topic is certainly open and door locked because you know. They're there yet. Ordered school outnumbered in the. Well and Alan that was my next question what were your thoughts on what happens. With this current situation you know how how old dude. I don't wanna say you police pseudo patrol would be taken to find these tickets on typed suspension. Or to slap on the wrist. I really don't you that's what that little bit about it aren't we brought here which you were. You brought from. Nevada. And came out or anything you want the we. Recruiting or being. I don't know what happened in the third in the. The precedent that moving forward or going all weather did our political past. Ten. You know small rec league parks or go in and watch cheers and cultural and we're. The property of certain about it and Mike is that you what happened we cannot have it at all. You know brought mark in the early one of the program you'd you'd think about your out there are you know there. Apple certainly great bowl and at every corner. Are they back off so. That may explain it not nearly what they're ignored either opt out cohort the bully got me to. Be below. By the company and other organizations but I don't in the back and what happened on the decision. Now is going to their apartment in our state of what happened at these these small you know that the Warner and I are very. Al Adel an analogy would Dell on Twitter RW well prepped insiders here on Friday night's two outs in the early. Pro football roundup Alan it's worth pointing out again. More police was invited. To this camp wasn't that show up and just start talking about his program he's invited and look. For the it's SA AA I'll be honest I'm a bear with me examine off with a rant but I have absolutely zero confidence and they're gonna deal with any this rationally whatsoever. Whatsoever they haven't done in the past there there history shows me otherwise nine doesn't show me otherwise and look I've had new excelled DiMaggio. Nelson Stewart on this very radio show. And there they're talking about their program so does that is that recruiting no it Sammy whenever you're gonna ask the coach are put a coach in Florida law an audience. He's not gonna say others archer. You're going to put on the East Coast is they can't talk at all. They can go to any these camps either of them invited even if it's free and I didn't meet I'm Tammy what are you expect them assay. He's not gonna. Me Nick Saban is not going to be out there go on. Hall hon don't come alive program it's terrible any chance he gets he gets an idea how good this program is saying they were these these coaches. Richard noted that also that we want our people go you're coming out there. And the opportunity in cooler but they're actually yeah I mean yeah I mean let them know that respect. Oh and now both on and all those guys made their program. You're in the top of their good couple of this is. I don't know that the public. They think that they have taken a picnic at a point that now that the eloquent. You know they're a part of this bill part of this twos you look at what's going on more B and more ponies is personal life right now with this kid is just. This is tell I kick them when they're down. Don't you know that you know Iger and without. It all good practice I'm not going to pull off of somebody yours but the audit would. Is likely an op appointment of our important for the government situation. Right debate that it can't compare them the god of war the good news for the program. It is the top Republican that can't put our church. While Al but I look back and I was fortunate in 1977. To win the state championship when it was probably. You know private schools are Camaro get past the Catholic district. In the quarterfinals. In old school was saying all we beat large vision shot to go on to play once it's on Monroe with Puerto finals but. I can remember the pride in the community and I think is does come about but it has to be the three decision. He came before is the point. If anyone what do came out to me are a number of south of food athletes at that time in the late seventies. To go to private school like Vanderbilt in homeowner. Or ED whining pivotal. We'd of been like no one remembers in our community and Elena played in my friends. You could see well. And it's in this thing. You know the choice that you making considering maybe an opportunity can have a private school Burris a public school. So commuters should be a decision. That individual makes would themselves and their family and not forced upon. That I know is a big thing to play represented download by its outlook luge. When that winning this championship is so I think whether as the North Shore solid short Catholic district. Give the opportunity to an individual Annette net their family to play pro ready wanna play for why would you be hate. Monday this is a witch hunt at the highest proportion this is a which sun period. No other way to put it that I know Allen might not say because he's got talked a lot of these programs and schools or I get that and and you on those campuses Allen. Every every week but it just seems like that to me this looks like a total witch hunt and I would say to sell land Tia nor sure the other schools get a better program. May make your program better. There are not your kids just because they live in your zone doesn't mean there automatically will. Well I've got our kids Debbie Allen thing about this perfect example. You know was NFL player duke. This is recent. You know was NFL player. Any of this date and went to Penn State and succeeded a high level. Michael Martin Michael Martin you know he went to high school man the event of a public school when no private school. So many either. You know. You can't give players are not pull away and you might that's what you gotta make decision I want him involved in the community. Well maybe I'll want a better opportunity. At a private school whether it be Saint Paul Menard cure. A whenever you come that a Catholic district. The bottom line is he got too many people involved. Wit ended individual player of gambling that they don't need to be involved and can meet with the best opportunities and individual athlete. And their family to go forward and take advantage of that opportunity. And and just live that'd be whatever is gonna come out gonna come out well. You know at the door Leo where. It's now like politics yard a year you don't want out of its very on the other and you have somebody that you're united way you look at it because. You know. It did not get similar topic to an agreement on our panel wrote that op. What. It is topic won't come out. And again no matter what they like it's not that somebody that I really don't eagle on the look at Sony is that would be or more or is that on other tournament. Yeah I'm I'm with the Allen Al Adel algae would Dell on Twitter covers pro sports pro football on Friday night's part of our pro football roundup and Al real quick. What do you say so what what confidence do you have any oh I just say the thing about this rationally. I don't I don't know all the factors should I mean you know pick one of those deals that they conclude that they Warner. Incompetent you know didn't recover from the slaughter and the current about a mart make it in the air and noticed that. Either some type of I had to aid other Cubans are digging and they are sitting on it and the other mr. leopard at the plate is. Somewhat of a level playing field and that would not come the oil was I don't know you know they've had so much change to delicately on the last year. I really don't know which direction although I don't know. Al they'll see a talks in a couple weeks and it did for you knowing it is beyond their improbable. Art art art art right our thanks Al. Militant deuce Bobby. Listed as they would tell you know it's a bunch of BS. If your kids this dine. And as an opportunity. Okay you look at two players. Playing international global I don't know there's his treatment and a little bit about it. Look at people. The below the starlight Baguio and Atlanta Providence outstanding stud who went to jazz. Right duke rally. From the West Bank goes to John Curtis. Now my understanding. If you'd people's family. Our duke Riley's family. Why would you let divested bomber an opportunity for him it no matter what I ought to go to school. I like the best opportunity for my kid if you truly. Now you might say when it salvaged what about the community know. I look at afternoon my family pay for pay for my bill I'm looking out like that but my family so that's why listen. I I could shake the haters on that. Because you might say well. He grew up here in this in that blow you know maybe a kid and have the opportunity. That a duke rally or do you realize it's always going to be a touched. Two ways in a lot of things that you always try to do practically Nolan and if you've got an affiliation with they know the school. At. I'm not going to go. With only is your own if I know won't L issues to speak about election president comets and what is the but. It's normal to the courtesy of if I'm going to be speaking at slot dale. Nine times out of ten I'm not going to talk about my school if I have another affiliation. But if up windows X me then I think that that you would normally do so but if I'm just addressing. This latter organization then I'm thinking the key is for coming out and look this is how we would have done it NSA it's but I'm not there to probe promote. My particular school if Demme access via. Deuce by Christian rap and up on sports talk next. Got a junior in the world is trying to get to you as well this is sports talk here on W to grew up. Deuce Bobby is in the right there. Form tonight. Relative thing is everything is politically correct cage what's fair well it's not fair this about how about a public you know miles that's fair. I mean I know a guess at a point where is so ridiculous how to budget is out of left field let out a bit above but these other alleges competing I don't care as usual enough earlier gonna brownie you listen to me yes and no I don't care and you public private school but you do is win meant to me. It's a matter of public via I mean just like all week guys who was unfair is that fair this until it. Satellite telephone on your doesn't does sound like those schools are reporting more on Neeson. And Lamar and Peyton Peyton Asia sells like how we can't beat them so let's go our you know we're not good enough two. Put it put together a solid programs so let's is rattle people. Well the biggest if you don't get that's where I created individual player review a little North Shore. Why can't you go to school where I want right I mean come on emphatic kid that talent then I mean I'll want the best opportunity Parma strongly that. Mean I don't know hate hate me. Got pushed out here thanks to mark an artist master control. Steven Geller is all problems put together the program deuce Bobby Christian here on sports talk back catch it tomorrow at 4 o'clock following saints practiced at 850. Simple file now deuce do your thing and handed to the candidate yet who's gonna get grown I'm. Thanks for the call ought to picks Bobby. Let's have it are right on the way you lazy dog and I'd be able at.