The latest on Hurricane Florence

Friday, September 14th
Dave Cohen, in for Scoot, talks to WBT Charlotte News Reporter Brett Jensen about conditions on the ground as Hurricane Florence moves inland

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Do you wanna quit your job. It's our blue runner opinion bullet WWL dot com evenly split right down the middle. Of those of you voting so far has WW that Tom took last year for us and we'll keep updating you on the results at a lot of people. Half of the voting they have good Don you wanna quit you're job right now. Now it is Friday. Enjoy the weekend. I'm not enjoying the weekend is going to be a whole lot of folks along the Carolina coast and now moving inland in Carolina yesterday when we talked him Brad Jensen. And our sister station W BT he was waiting for the arrival of our hurricane and now it's is there Brent what are things like where you are now. Winter. Europe and rich are at it but it. I wouldn't want the art. And now dark side with him or went back but will only outlet but the more much book the group. And check out. What's going on what board go to the well now. There are pretty. Good. Are we will of god orthopedic. But aren't there and opened up. What has been were pregnant. Or. Was referred currently important not to recruit couldn't bring them back on earth to look forward. You know I remember vividly. My first Erica and I covered it was hurricane Danny. And went down on the peninsula of Louisiana in a town called portal passion plaque commenced parish and got in the it was amazing how serene and calm and quiet everything was cool when that other side of the I walk amen. Oh my goodness hell hath no fury like the other side of the I wall you're getting the feel that now. Yes exactly and there in the as well all trees that her. Old or 45 degree angle that. Like it not over. Portland and back away and it's like cruel to oh. So you're seeing lots of downed trees lots of downed power lines and you say towns are under 345 feet of water and we haven't even seen. A fraction of the rain that's expected from this thing it. Exactly right and tell all of them told the board of Wilmington maybe to melt Wilmington and it's at the end of the failed. And and so it was from the north giving it works. Surgeons. Way forward thinking about it and so it has been a report good right around 24 hours speak that's been. Under reported some very big time. Destination spot double lot of boating. Accident on the program so that we thought we go to Asia and though it's. It took popular designation but it is it's situated it's been under report popular war. About 24 hours. My goodness are now just looked at the radar. And the wind estimates and it looks like where that other end and I wall headed your way you get sustained winds now around fifty miles an hour. And obviously they're going to be gusting higher than that momentarily. Exactly and I put a little odd that night it seemed a couple of a couple of hours ago on the last it was their estimate and we're going to be. Right round he report to occur in most. For the foreseeable feature because right now that the eyes officially on the land right now and they expect to stall. And yet it. And so we're gonna do that's whether or predicting forty put the ring could has just been at it even work not that it's only moving pixel well. At that that's barely a crawl so. Obviously widespread power outages now I think god bless them breasts more than half a million people lost power in that was just the beginning as we. Wait for the item moved further inland. And people are gone for rescues who didn't get out because now they need rescues. Do you have any information from a thirty cent if they've been able to get people rescued or if they just have to wait. And sit tight until this barely moving hurricane does move. Well I do you know that the newborn. And a couple more. Well under water rescues. Well more unity I paddle boat to go get them. On to keep them out because of the flooding waters. You know and that there was one person. Who stated on one barrier island that was Gretzky that I saw. I guess now going non. Ten hours ago but be addressed. An important vote I can imagine trying to rescue some of them vote in the middle hurricane while those choppy waters but they did it again tomorrow for the pair violence but. I like that. Here in Wilmington. The flooding is you know molesting support the wedding is here yet but again this piece still the first. Twenty baht to 33%. Oh the ring like we celebrity and composed afterwards but it. But I know that the cajun navy which is a fleets of boat owners from here in the Louisiana. Has just the last newborn they were there rescuing people all day long now there heading to Wilmington and get ready to help rescue there these are volunteers to. Really it started with Hurricane Katrina when there was just a mad demand. For extra rescue workers these people brought out their personal boats they did a whole lot during Harvey there hadn't EU and Wilmington now. And I hear they've got a bunch of jambalaya with them and they're going to be feeding first responders you may wanna get in on that action. Absolutely that is. What are not sure it's political solution. It is without question my favorite color. Ethnic fruit. That's. That is the New Orleans ethnicity. It is a battalion is looking for a cheap and all that French cajun is all. My favorite. Food and usually it was an expert later. Great story that we can blow which people knew Kirk bell to appease the practically brought all symbolize. In that. Yeah you need to find that the big cajun navy and I'll be happy to feed you they feel the first responders and I'm sure they wouldn't mind feeding you to. Brad anything else you want to tells before we let you go and I'm glad you can gain it back to the safety of your vehicle as the eye wall starts the other hot half of the I while starts moving through that. Yet to do. A decision that you know. As you people don't understand is you know okayed. You know this is. This was all. Talking like it's the days not hours. And then expecting to measure the principle be not so you can see what happened. And I think the cajun navy and know the first responders are going to be very busy with so many people who at the last minute decided not to evacuate. Because it was just a category two and now maybe it's just category one and I'm doing air quotes when I say just. As we've seen these and the lesser storms that do more damage even if the winds aren't that bad and wickedly at Harvey last year. In out that the issue there was the rain and it looks like it may be for you again across the Carolinas and then move and into Georgia and Tennessee and a lot of rain still to come I hope it's not the three to four feet that they fear because if that's the case. Widespread unbelievable damages is is that it's. Where police say thank you if we need to Malcolm hooking up with a cajun navy give us a Holler we can we can trying to help facilitate that he definitely deserves some jambalaya. Greatly appreciate him and I semantic components to Pittsburgh. Credit Bret was taken with your little letter states say if Brad Jensen from our sister station WBT. In Wilmington, North Carolina. Got a guy who lives in New Orleans now who used to live in New Bern will check in with him after this and we'll get back to our discussion. About the great economy. And more people. And more people and more people quitting their jobs because they're either finding greener pastures or gonna go look for those greener pastures. That it buys it then I got a text message today 78 Tony says Joseph are full of wages are not top. And the success of business almost never equates to success of employees the economy is in a bubble and will crash by 20/20. What do you all all why do you all always interview neo conservatives from the ridiculously. Conservative Heritage Foundation you're a propagandist and even not gain not even good at it. Signed train rampant. Extra we appreciate attacks it's 7870 I'll address some of that after this.