Latest on the "boil water" advisory for the East Bank of New Orleans

Newell Normand
Wednesday, September 20th

Findout the latest on the boil water advisory issued by the Sewerage & Water Board this morning for the East Bank

This segments guest:
Paul Rainwater - Interim Executive Director of S.W. & B.


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We're back in we've been talking about president trumps address to the UN yesterday and we're gonna bring it. Closer to home now because we've had a situation as a relates to a boil water advisory. Issued to the east bank in New Orleans. And we have the Paul Rainwater the interim emergency operations center here with us to talk about that welcome Paul how are you. I. So watching give us the backdrop as a relates to this what's been called power fluctuation or was it a failure. Well well in this morning about them when he. You know we have five urban. Only to work in right now I would column turbine wind turbines six. Urban that he wanted you are turbans that provided by the corps of engineers it's actually number GG. It's not been operating like a regular generate a couple years now. But it would outline. Not quite sure why but it it was a we call temporary loss of what it is cynical sixty cycle power. In the that they operate occupied is of hours sixty cycle which is provided by Entergy. And then and also. Carol to water but also tweet cycle are so. When that wind turbines six went down cause. While the water pressure crosses east bank of you all. Forty we issued. You know this is water board. Powered team was able. Reaper back over into cheap and then during the course from back up but the current. We would load I think it. Gate dummies saying we thought you'd Asia because they're able. Watered by the authority thank you own your own recently lowered so right now. It causes it to try to figure out what happened where I run into barrel as. Wanted to repair the turbine itself. Is Hester out of but also bigger group calls lies so that. We can figure out who would you rate them mayor wanted to really looking. Root causes and figure out wait. Built in redundancy that this is and so that you can have. In two a very quickly all sides have issues like that. Knowing your expertise in known you know quick which you've done in previous. Employment. And it's set all important redundancy when it comes to. Machines. Yesterday. Yourself you know the reality today. In that you can think it is one is eloquent make sure that you have a good strong management system in place. That management system also redundancy in a situation like this and I think that it was one thing that we attempting to do think we've. Where's slowly accomplishing that is building competent managers who are transparent about information. Whether it with them and rank the ranks themselves are up to the mayor and citizens water poured into the public obviously. And then also just communicating amongst themselves sharing information. Within 2 minutes this morning I was notified that this could happen and we were able to start talking through what you happen within twenty minutes. You know we were. Back online using introduced our solar event with them you know. Within an hour we have achieved though he has water advisory actually issued to. One that we think it would they need to be won it in we followed back topic is what you wanna do like to make sure that you do right now. And making the right decisions and decided that it doesn't draw well that they think it got to negate it it was we thought it was important. But in no further into this thing. Well we know there is no you know in the airplane passengers and trying to trust is for quite some time with. You know redundancy for example you know we've got people passed by them until the water plant vacancy to large. Massive. You know powers that will. Abide some common. Late follow 28 team. If it ever happens again you have water available to provide additional pressure without that power source so. And then you know we all of that waste incinerators opera right now I dipper constellation. Around the city you know very well in the first on essentially. As it relates that you know there's the drainage issues you know obviously constellations intent space and so. Following. We appreciate the information you know can guests in just read reading attacks and everything is common in poor part of the frustration of folks is that you could be. In the middle of nowhere. Louisiana Mississippi. Anywhere in the sea water towers and for some reason we've never had him he would use gravity to help back filled. The systems so that our pounds per square inch stay above. Where it needs to be so we don't have these ball watered by trees. Well did not understand that that but I think that's one of the things it and merely injured recognize them. And work it was a it was a water for but. But the occult hammer out litigation project which is that it million dollar is under water. Program. To help avoid things like. You know that system here dates back they are long. An elite you know get the presentation at the mayor about power. Some of the turbans or you know bought beer and Calvin college's presidency. And so when you look at that delicate you know you. Acting now the plant and talk into the contractors actually looking at. You know equipment that's eighty years old obviously there's a lot of things get on in a very quick partial creative talent. And so on that's what do you know every day. So when we talk about these new water towers how much of the system is at actually going to repudiate. I bet that would provide watered these thank you if you look at what happened to eight example. For the loss turbines six Carol the water plant held pressure. Never went below twenty he has. And obviously you know. Without our help as income of oil that is seen here have a problem. As those two hours been in place then. These new columns in the lord what was not a golf. Those fears. Have been watered and so does Howard who provide them water agencies. We have a lot we have just turbans like one right now threatens six went down there. Another term on certain that the armored term for the water and so and so that's what the call came in as. You know it is in twenty minutes we. Entergy which is the pack a source. So didn't what is ours that it should walk. But again as ours well yeah absolutely when you can. Well Paula thank you so much for joining us and given us that information and hopefully we don't have to face any other ball water advisories. In the near future because that downstream applications as saying we're huge. Thank you really appreciate it. If you have something to say on this subject matter when we return first let me just say get him out of thirty from WW LTV. Will be joining us he has been reporting on this issue and would get his insight into this is Noual Norman on WWL.