The Last Lap with Scott Smith

Wednesday, September 12th
Seth talks with Scott Smith on the betting scene.

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Al connect to the program it's that time of the week let's take a look. That fantasy football with Scott Smith of wrote of his he's on Twitter at S Smith FF scouts going on mantown differs Riga. And everything going good except for and then I originally that's certainly possible that a this week we're. You know for certain and not know what Matt Stafford did I mean I have no clue what happened they're Detroit metro church amendment administers it and. Matt Patricia looks like the frat boy next door backwards captain and a pencil and this I don't know what's going on that's going to be disaster I think. It. Isn't. They would you hire that guy you watch in your billing. I don't think I don't see her again. Your way to protect it and don't get coach entry to go to that opened at about well so. Yeah there's been one and bill O'Brien and I guess that's still allow up for debate they're still in the division titles two playoff appearances. So our talk about the quarterback's first here Patrick my homes should. Is this guy going to be elite from a fantasy standpoint in that off Minsk is I think he's about original lineup. The world if he is an already. Oracle and yet but look at you you'd take and Patrick on the physical tool there everybody knows he has he has that ability. You look at the history in the Trenton Andy Reid has as a play caller also to coach and historically been good. And a little hard you know. Who are people on there exactly how you're REQ. I mean he's basically you'd court for you police. You know that he changed the way and efficiency that Alex and for his career. You know it is so well and all their exemplary public all. Out now with these. More he. Vocal leader and I think everything on earth for well it is up all border for a year. We got in an injury. You know traffic out here and our regular. That either of them watch and would be that that third gear. While it. Yeah are all those guys going to be just bury you in fantasy this year hunt Kelsey Hill I even watch since may really guys it's going to be kind of guys you wanna start every single week. I think he'll. Until there are being part I think when it comes to term lock and it's going to be a volume issue there's just not enough balls to go around to all those guys. Happy weekend and week out in Europe thinks and lock in is gonna come of the odd man now a few weeks that. In that you have a few hours in certain match. Play but we. Let's say go arrest quarterbacks here give us some guys if you could. We're some guys you are starting this week merchandisers at. Are all aware guys that are like this week is Alex Smith again Indianapolis. I'm kind of gauge where I'm gonna can right now he cried at number nine. That hurricane ports that come in and I think some of that weather are we gonna go and a around the lost in a year when you talk about Indianapolis intern who has appeared this year there are quarterback. Trent went in the back. And then even there is whether it's somewhere and Alex let. Is that they intermediate and short game very well so either way and expecting them very much and you're talking about you know the colt's linebacker corps collectively have 2011. Believe you know cross there though career and I think that works under like that you arteries and Carter papers Richard you grew up in a matter vacuum. Think Alex Smith whether they're good matchup that we either got a lot. About running backs man that's some start. Will you wanna talk about. A lot of people are there in the area that are there to greet you the spot and that and but why got banged up they even. He's been an it. You know it meant is that whether it ignited the one on those or get a guy like there in her in to root for it. You know they are in the way. Oh got. Yeah a bit ago he thought you know would it look like the fact that it. And I think what all of the line and yours and even you know you go where Easter period in the I think the game well there and it earned over that Mort what Yahoo! it. We're partnered up what he caught up like one that you ought to get back even numbered. When it well. On the board a ball what about quote a lot about it I think eager and he either eat that worked well the year pattern that you are yet at a it's been about the book about watching and he wanted to shut it down after. Really with their one and whatnot and outdated and out that it even now but. How much rumored this. One or by repeated and upping their and that we all. And you've got that that on the back and pick them where it's another week weapons and a lot of we don't live long vote on. Scott Smith zeroed of his dot com that S Smith fantasy football soccer fan so let's go to receivers here I think I got lucky and art and and last lap fantasy league I've managed to grab Quincy and noon loft the fantasy waiver wire do you think he's going to be. A guy you can count on throughout the year in the sweet. Yeah actually where art up there in the bottom of league who saw political our. Which you saw there with them gone on the you know you saw. Where he cult or use your commander in Iraq and should get could be all the stuff. But all the pork it came out of what you want to gotten big and has a lot of political ability. He was hurt last year I had the great years there in about sixteen and I just saw that there where there were turned on them Donald looks culpable in those intermediate and short route and like you know in the pocket god who had a lot of ability the go ahead of the north up to catch a break par via the ball. We've still have a guy like Doug Baldwin if you're drafted him he's hurt now and he's saying as me opens Valium to be healthy all season long to some guy if you try to get rid of some out. It you can find somebody annually anger and treat them I would I would definitely go to an entry don't mention your. Kind of haven't Assam on into your bench and looking for god awful lie and Chris goblins are very difficult we talk about them on that. Football preview sure that we didn't look it and you know additional action at a big production expert in golf instruction and so. He got when gonna go and get a chance just start he played are pertinent to the again I last week. But whenever he's gotten 50% or more now. He's actually put up around twelve which of Orangeburg and or duke which look like around that that went wide receiver and number I think he's a guy that a lot of waiver wire is he got the talent and you're going to be good opportunity here. Speaking of the waiver wire says there anybody that you think our audience of than the guys you just mentioned mission be keeping an eye on it there are still available. You know going walker went down and the other missile got in Denver and Hillary are. He's not the big type and that you would think 666 an animal like Jimmy earned whatever. Keep more probably built like bell for the way you look at that political spot. He's got a 92 percentile or score and he did very well or all of it woke up metric that the Khobar you know Sandra. You know you see that god it's going to be a lot in. In Indian Wells within the confines of their offense that they Iran that are in the city and I think you know god it happened when you know on court papers who's pretty much the main. God doesn't you know or is there antenna you know you're going to Walker's. Historically been we've got one and we're in the and they're going on down without recorded. Before really I don't wanna circle back around to Ben Roethlisberger because he had one of the worst games of his career. Is he somebody you can count on fantasy wise any longer. Ben Roethlisberger is a guy pitch count on what people fail to realize is you have to look at it home and wait split. Keep historically been bad away from the confines of the Burke. When he played at home. He he actually put to. Wholly different numbers I actually have on the number two quarterback that week I think you'd would be about acting and I think whatever he's playing at home. Ugoh and start him confidently when you're on the road game. That's what you look for it you know string quarterback or use your second type of guy. Provided he doesn't have really really really good matchup that distort Leo to a third four year it it. On the road mattered. What other quarterbacks have those home away splits. They're. You have Omar the but you know general XP game in some you know it's papered. On the road it's not heard the number and the B now that a lot of times when teams are actually you know. Sector of iron in there actually home. You know it is there an underdog at home auto that's what they're going to be your garbage are going to carry an expansive football so you know a couple of look for all and you know we talked about the power goes another guy. Especially with those with the Russian or achieved so why we spent the bird that's the type of guys controlling when you're in the smaller. You know on a weekly basis. Scott's order we will find you were meant. I can. Also. Like either each week on and it goes on each year. That we are on the spot on here. Aren't Scott pursuits timeout such an excellent. Scott Smith at S Smith FF docket fantasy football we'll take a break here we come back let's go to Vegas would add to the desert doctor Ralph Michaels did. A big east view on the NFL and college football games will we will do that next stick around plus pick six coming up I'm Seth Dunlap. And this is in the last lap.