The Last Lap with Larry Holder

Tuesday, September 18th
Larry Holder comes on the show to talk with Seth about The Saints.

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Section and I have time LA LSU is a fun team to watching you look at the head coaches that coach show has worked under you know that he has the wealth of knowledge and experience to tiger's the next level. His cajun style falls lot of the experts but he still brilliant man I there's a lot of truth is that by the way. I think that look we are humans and I have lived on the core and quote elite coasts I spent 25 years. On the left coast. And how Lotta love. For aware I'm from but I will tell you that there is a a lot of inherent bias just because of how people speak. Down here people sometimes don't take it seriously I better start taken Cotto seriously. 'cause I don't know many coaches that can run that Dahlan aegis did I mean really. There are few months things the only one but he deserves credit. Most are trying to not give him credit he's had this sect of LSU fans are coach Joseph haters out taller random joins me it's all Joseph Borough urged the officials. Home on. Little foolish right now and publisher. Stocks in seats struggle Ellis YouTube Larry older. The athletic dot com now that Larry older when it's gone on men Narnia. Good man now what do you make coshow dude this is it's an exciting time here for per capita cigarette should be anyway. Yeah and I or column after the game at all or call on Saturday. Basically. About the subject kind of that you wrote a pitched just talk about that it. And overdrawn constantly going to be punching bag it's never changed simply because and this coaching style. The way talks or her. And he's gonna happen validate themselves as a coach and look at this start. And certainly and I just think about it. It's the record since you know since I lost Detroit I mean now seeing the court. There. And watch Alabama on me so it's. You can not that guy doing their job and yet. He's still got another gauntlet ago and so you don't wanna jump the gun. But you got to be impressed I don't care like in the AM. You think he's the greatest thing in American history but got you are a slew of what he's done. You beat Miami and EP offered in both of those scheme by unity you are still it's being seen to be human site and beat them in all. I mean I Mira angered people have this caricature of him is farmer Fran from the water boy or something and Benoit diner you know please don't. He knows what he's done here such saints man and I won that I was trying to temper people's expectations in the first five games before that by. The saints team I only had a goal and three in two and I silica is a notoriously slow starting team I don't care how they want the football games as long as they get three wins before that by. A thinker bill BOK. But I haven't pretty Larry what do what do you make it not only the browns game of the first two weeks here. What that cavity that opposite temper expectations at all. Our problem now in our belt our athletic. We're using one word. From each of our beat writers here or property are we and we want to work to describe. The with the seems prognosis is each week. And I want worked on expect. Because I didn't expect that we can't buy did not expect and almost lose to Cleveland and it to you or anybody except maybe Bob hello. Things would walk and so it's it's open and I note on a bottle under the players and a lot firmer possible. I talked to a lot of the guys that game and all what they're telling me Ayers. He ain't it just a lot they've won and that it basically he'd better win and it almost like would bet a lot. Some great decoder that day duty that we only. It's gonna be on on Sunday. No victory Monday by any stretch of the imagination so it's going to be critical game. I don't think you'll be critical. I don't mean that he can now it's pretty critical in the land he the Asian. Yeah and it's important defense here just a little Larry bit. Mammy offense looks like they've really miss mark anger and I kinda thought that that that would be the case of people were stance not. Everybody but some people are Sally got out and command over if I Drew Brees will be fine. He's such a critical part of this offense marking your new CNN dollar. I agree on yet I would also say that I do agree with what you want people saying. Yeah I don't care what won it back channel among those called in some of those spent one network and so I think a lot of fun. And some other on. Or maybe it would be gone occur. The regulatory. For our Jonathan Williams there and you don't want Tamara back there too much there's no doubt in a good thing he comes back threat. In two weeks so you get through this stretch in the green want. To. Now rate. Is survived well. So it's. Although not law and I pick it's funny I asked her on arms because everyone basically know. And I. Well it's better than no right on trap ordered that the court. It. Could mean on the web and start Atlanta and yet. Back to subject are you think you wouldn't you wouldn't marking one of the better back. Him and talk to Larry holding here gallery holder on Twitter talk the world she talked and saints now are holder of the athletic now covering the saints and smell issue. On Imus saying it firfer. It's a mobile over a year now I guess at the saints just don't have those weapons in the slots or they don't have the weapons to tie it in and that may come back to bite him. Against your defense is tonight we certainly saw that against the browns here. They just they have and am sick don't have the tally your lyrics they got a stable guys from trick once Smith to cam Meredith and he comes back especially in the slot. Got to get more production at a spot I mean Ben Watson my goodness he's the angels won but it's not in it and I get it done seven catches for 63 yards and two games from that position. And you don't need implying. The U parentage and I'm not old has been normally but ancient in south term and Canterbury like 10 back yeah ought to all our and expire on them. On one player but that doesn't seem like opting car's cockpit Matt Leo and I think it also does assure you that. America not there yet and that that's not expected and they taught you what he's there ready to go. And that means there there are start at some point. I am mr. gore and it is a lot it's how we invite you to not be with you off not having an odd. I mean your way. Okay are sitting out portrait caught it sitting out there. It is not paying them much actually pay and there merit it can be expected in the coming could be could not do. Yeah I agree I think they are listed on about aspect of all. On those talk about the defense here to talk a lot of positives. And LSU in the saint Syria it was get into some negative here Matt I. Almost have to close my eyes and come across my three fingers every time I see a pass go up can crawl he's way. I think I've said it on this program many times I think he's a capable NFL quarterback. I'm not trying to just simply bash the man without any you know a reference here. But. We you cannot have a guy on one side of the field I think Larry that is that much of a liability. Downfield whether it's just getting burned by DeSean Jackson Lee in this stamp. Or he was the most penalized player in the league last year where do they do something with this position it is this or can Crowley up they're hoping he'd just gets better. I think they're gonna become a quiet and you what happened gleacher and a couple weeks yeah I don't think that in. Total turn on him not like they're gonna go out yet the days. Through someone to apply in the air. Attitude graphics economy and they're gone down there. Now with on those guys and then well on the team PGA William now them are from the lack of tournament. What you don't and it's also you wondered. Would be a repeat Jerry Williams are there in in page situation. Wrapped up there in that situation. I don't know because they want it like and a technical guy. Yeah you can Crawley. I think is a borderline capable corner. And that Spain would certainly like him. Warner in the track. You know you're and they signed Patrick Robinson bingo at that spot is. Kind of some knocks that people are gonna look back when he got lapped it up like a lot more seeing. These people still pay a lot more and go crawl it. That's more reason and it. Yeah I am not trying to just impugn the guy with a yen. But. You've got to be better at that spot I understand the NFL Larry you know this is not what it was even three or four years ago in that secondary it's hard to play defense to back. But you can't just give up deep passes after deep pass like and the new penalized on the ones that your. You're not yet burned on pass rush is another concern for this team is that Saddam. That is a product of the offensive lines they've been planners the C look at the much deeper problem. I think you. Or saw him on in your arm seamer Kourtney and him. By. You start trying to double him or not. And where they are out there and they're not similar in Jordan immigrant. Chocolate every the art beat them start. Children but the fact. Some little bit more pressure. It's Tyrod Taylor he barely starting quarterback in my probably should be start should. So. You know something that I mean. We expected more and things were a little more active on the eating. But they were not it at all the bullets. And amp. And that goes this weekend that line to the ball out quickly. It you know pass rush on him. He can pick on people and you'll be human target and. What can call and call picky and care more and more is on your cheek and a ticket yeah. And and tapped him no doubt by. Man indeed Marcus stem port obviously he was drafted to lease give them some production I don't know what that is yet haven't seen it yet of what's but he seemed from Davenport man I know it's just two weeks NN. But it's I still have maintains that in an appeal lots they got to get some from the guy they did this after this year in this conference. You're acting like he did in Peru we wanna wait too and he told me quarter declined but you feel like you're back but not. CNN every now. You know and no expectation art forum yet you realistic goal and an even you know they're not. At least for his own stage. It's called for roughing the passer penalty in the and I felt that should know about you but still it's something that. You wanna see company's common you know I think overall. We want to put it just on him one he would come out so I want it to jump on in order it. They've got auto. Course when it comes in Jordan. And all the guys outside. The last couple minutes of the game against Cleveland. In it's it's been easy pitch in pro quarterback. And no doubt about it Larry some would give a lot of fun over at the athletic Mac you can hear your voice. That the it's if that was their parents are expecting from all want very quiet ordered all right up and out it. It recovered currently seen Indiana well I would national runner governor Janet. All year now recovered Premier League crime and outline I don't know why. It does not. And you subscribe and it is at all. Which is. Think about 3330. Or so every major market. In the country we have writers and pick on an engine in some of the writers in the country each mark. I'm sort of dirty mile orbit. That's the name on business but you're. But not. Stop. And up data you store that he'll study botnets they covered it in and what Hillary. Also left the constitute an error there are all of occupant is start out there to sell it's yeah. Yes like yours like you're a young guy right out of college yen is doing everything he can't in all over the place on the health of my life. You got one hour Larry. Larry it's always fun man inciting incidents thanks so much oh that Serbian men Larry older adds Larry holder. On Twitter columnist now for the athletic. Covering the states covering. LA issue also what's big saints fans are you optimistic are you. Pessimistic. And think about this steamy and they're they're kind of on pace. For what I expected first five games in I have three and two. But I certainly didn't ham strongly against the browns and losing to Tampa so. These next two games are very big and I know that's cliche does every game in the NFL is vegan. They cannot start the season one in theory. And expect to be a contender in this conference seeding is going to be incredibly important. When you have the rams. And you have the vikings and that building where I just don't think you're going to beat them in the house the school built. Win and it's in January I don't think you're going to Lambeau. And winning in January we know it's going to be tough then a playoff environmental NN Atlanta. And certainly is defending jets seating is going to be incredibly important. Got to get at least one win the next couple weeks. And Atlanta or at New York we'll talk about that going forward here and I've got my NFL power twelve. Power rankings coming up here in just a little bit let's take a break. Fall line is open 5042601875042601870. Text line is a 7870 and here's a blur on the foods opinion people. Who will win more games this season the saints or LSU log onto WW dot com Castro out there and will update yeah. In just a little bit I'm Seth Dunlap the actual listened tonight. This is the last lap.