The Last Lap with James Moran

Tuesday, September 18th
Seth talks with James Moran about LSU, and expectations for them moving forward.

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Welcome back to the program not socks and LSU football some more LSU football again and suited heavy in our one bacteria now in James Moran at the smartest Moran on Twitter. Editor at tiger rag dot com and Jane is. Really busy here on Tuesday lucky to get him for about five minutes or so on james' cell welcome into the program and what he wrote an article this image spot on here. That coach O is proving basically everybody wrong and it seems like he's put a lot of fun doing that dance. Yeah I mean. Can be the most impressive thing about this LSU team it did particularly good on Saturday it's kind of a the mental toughness that they showed in doing it does won any but I think the the mental competency your football team does it got to be your collective act should I mean you talk about you know schemes the coordinators. The players is that they're thinking then that you're toughness comes to your head coach. I thought that through what they showed up Saturday I mean they got they got up and hot start they admitted take advantage of it but they could have them. For about twenty minutes of real game top flopped on it it got. He can now yeah. After the big pot blew up in the air base and went back for touchdown the other way. County scored that was the paint maker got that pretty much could yet. It is one of those days we look back at the opportunity they blew in you know kind of kick themselves about the about the chances they're like robot but yet it bought back in. I thought it was a credit the coach and I thought it was a credit to the quarterback who really trying to. But let them back and I mean. You know that better in the you know without counselor Angel itself you know at her for weeks and kind of cry about it. You know be in the underdog you know they were underdogs might pick underdog all their neighbor. You know picked to finish it in the west picked to win six or seven game and Alison they're sick in the country and they're going to be on terrorists than on Pittman had a curious how they if they keep that now that there. No longer the team that's trying to quote uncle being disrespect the but now that the team that people are chasing. Yes this a good points and really even thought of that Anglia and eye socket James Moran here editor tiger rag dot com. So some good tennis team beaten this year I'm talking about oats or ceiling here they've they've made playoff contender James. I don't know I'd that decide to reevaluate after they Auburn they beat Auburn so I mean it. Then they Uganda which considered them an SEC west contender. I mean you look at the rest of their schedule I'm not easy there and play. But there are three important games in my opinion well you know it's gonna come down that pre game stretch where they play. The Georgia Mississippi State and Alabama well it's been. You know can make note two and one in the church that. I felt like that's an awful lot that are PP in the state almost that it does other deeds just. Kind of parliament contacts there and but perfect if they can kind of handle that except let up now. But Louisiana Tech team I don't think there you know most of them but effective program that they're well coached there they're gonna come in there that could say that. They want their shot at LSU and they get a little misty that. You know pretty good life and a high school are. Japanese elegy score a lot of them to consider that. Effortless way to Alabama beat them like a drama doubt he'll that burst like scrimmage. And I got lower interest and I mean you know Florida that is very you know it. But that's never easy place to play in those games like games and Auburn. And it really we I mean you know I feel it's kind of been I think you ecology in his pregame urged. Without the part one would it be really our district to the game early hole. They've they've gotten through it in that got away to get it out of the deceit are you know we you wanna see more. Consistency and it absentee from the offense but I think what they've shown that there there mentally tough team they've got to. A really deep and they've got a quarter tactic to take place would be stale which advocates. More important in a quarterback that puts up on a huge numbers in blowout game. You look at the important broad some Saturday. But the time in the middle of their deal and rent went over the line backer on the seat he. The Al on third and seven at the Anderson in the slam or separatist upon so that. Definitely perfect for a you know all this approach this year but are the mean Biden noted it should yeah. Thrown the ball well if you like but it's him that when the game at the line you know they display it open and I think naturally more than it they want a quarterback so. I was sitting at a local kicker who's become political team. Allah because Hixon program mr. there is an island for a long time it we dissected Joseph Borough away endlessly here now for six months or so. I'll sit like four months. But it's all about the defense for me James and this is usually so good they have maybe the best defensive coordinator in Nash in that in college football nationally. He can't this unit carried him to just any highlights here that's my question if you got a defense that is that good. On the back he would agree Williams and hopeful was banged up a Little League got him. And even the defensive front even without Caleb on chase on Russian the edge there. Is to go and I I could see them just right Billy Graham and sent it to whims. The way. May work after losing chase started early press you know related to whether it's using safety easily open it. And Jacoby evened out in the you know it. It's a quarter Cary NC and parents commentator difficult flop like girl all the door. Critical revolving door slot and now kind of guys playing there. Right now in the area are better or get it. They really quietly steady play guys like Rashard Lawrence and great bulk of those guys that good. Carry it into how one Logan he's played well you know her fourth quarter on Saturday. That's a lot. You mention open that dog up and watch but I think I kind of like the quarter I think they can. Figured out make it work well I think that the mail at the first match up because there. And it and it. And really. You know to be you know pop off that mark repair or because they can do a lot of things. Methods segment of the art fair or. James hey I really appreciates the sand and I'm man takes a much stocks and actually. I James Moore and find his work on lion a tiger rag dot com great article on coach all take a break here when we come back. Talk moral issue in college football national perspective from Bruce Feldman I'm Seth Dunlap this is the last lap.