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Tuesday, September 18th
Seth talks with callers about LSU, and talks with James Moran.

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Welcome back to the show got a lot of oil should talk about coming up at about ten minutes James Moran of tiger rag and then we will talk to Bruce Feldman. Of the athletic and fox sports about coach Joseph and about this. Rejuvenated. Resurrected program. But slow to around through literally when you're never gonna use the word rebuilding with L issue. Three you know we'll talk L issue here. Bottom of the hour and and interviews at 920 and 930. But should we started off talking my NFL power twelve. So what I do with my power rankings each week on that Tuesday I release these but they're not your traditional. Power rankings list I don't like to go one through 32. And ranked every single team in the National Football League I think that is tired they get stale I think it is pretty boring. And let's be honest here every radio program every web site every blogger. Heck sadly every Twitter account now has her own power rankings and I am I gonna do it like that so I've got what I call my NFL power twelve its online right now WW dot com we discuss dump our lives FaceBook chat and bailing these two. And I tell you. Who I have in the playoffs the twelve teams the dozen teams in the playoffs what it's all said and done. Six in the AFC six in the NFC and I rank those one through twelve so let's go ahead and unveil those. Now at number one the first time they have topped this list. The Los Angeles rams one thing's certain the me. The rams aren't a redo of the 2011 Eagles not the stream team they'll look every bit like the most talented star studded team. In the NFL I also have one of the greatest defensive minds of all time and young. Fiery. So vaunted head coach watch out and I believe. Dead at least right now. The NFC playoffs may go through Los Angeles at number sue. Jacksonville. And I say I feel like a proud mother lion here. Jaguar I guess I'm right now with this team because. I was one of the first people on this bandwagon I've been sick ever a couple of years now our law. This jaguars bandwagon. This defense. Just suffocated Tom Brady and the patriots like few teams have done before and this is a generational gradient and I don't care if you're tired of I hear me say it's ominous say it again ominous sail again and again until you realize that this is a generation league great defense of unit just like the leads and boom just like those Baltimore teams or even the eighties bears teams. One thing Armisen is a rain and I think they might get it this year yes it's a different era. Jackson like a city scoring records because of the way you aren't allowed to play defense now but. Jacksonville number two number three Minnesota up a spot from last week they were four. Hard to judge is the Packers the vikings after they played to the NFL's second time as many weeks this season but look what I saw us do that played toe to toe in Lambeau against Aaron Rodgers. I know he was hurt. But if you look at Vegas in the pre season Salim they had Minnesota losing so what tide is a net positive for the vikings number four Kansas City. Up a couple of spots from number six last week. I'm not miss Cleo here I don't know what lies ahead this season for this young exciting football team I did have them in the playoffs. Some usually some difficult growing pains with teams relying on young quarterbacks especially guy and his first. Each year under senator second year in the league for Patrick Holmes. Just got done incredibly tough stretch here. At the chargers at the Steelers their tour and well. Here's the thing doesn't get any easier the next four weeks this is they've got. -- real little bit ridiculous. Up 49 there's a column then they go to mile lie to Denver knowing it Jacksonville at New England. Yeah that's about the most rules opening six game stretch you can Abbott Kansas City at number four are nearing the number five only dropping them three spots here from two to five. Like this got beat by one of the best teams in the AFC. On the road and I can drop them far for this this is still Brady and Belichick and they're still to be playing at least on divisional weekend number six I got the defending champs the Philadelphia Eagles last week number one they drop here. Honeymoon phase or nick pulls over and in fact the starting quarterback job predict bulls also over Carson went coming back this week. What's he would he just lets you with this offense is. With winds number seven Green Bay that is even with what they were last week. And look I would miss out on kind of a lonely island here's one of the few people who don't think the chapter Packers are true NFC contenders. Yes they have Aaron Rodgers yes they displayed good draw against one of the conference favorites the vikings this week but a bit. Here's the the truth the Packers. Pre season were favorites in those two football games they were supposed to when those good football games. So can opt to the vikings. You don't it's UN Ngo and an anti Iman a negative here. Number eight's. The LA chargers up a spot from number nine at Georgia last week don't pay attention that chiefs lost the chiefs are gonna be good. The charged in what we thought there are gonna do beat up on the bills chargers are fine number nine the saints down a spot last week yes it's ugly. But it's a win and they'll win that is a way and that is certainly a win the National Football League I don't care I get it done. And considering I had the same starting to win. How terrible losses anyways the first five games like Adam lab three into in the first vibe for the by. Early ready to change my expectations for a yet. Yeah they're gonna need to split the next couple weeks on the road against Atlanta against New York Giants we'll be fine nothing to do that by three into. Number tell my list for some cinnamon ranked Cincinnati. I was never somebody who thought the bagels team was gonna employ all it's a dual habits like 345 win team. Now I sit there could be a writer on 500 this year with a few breaks early on this could be a playoff team. Yep I'm ready to put him in my list and I've got some Twitter follower from begging me to do that the resurrection of Andy Dalton coupled with the in process implosion of Pittsburg. I think makes the Bengals unbelievably. Right now anyways the favor in the AFC north about that number eleven also ranked for the first time Tampa day we are in heat. Fitzpatrick. Right now and I. Love it. I don't care saints fan you hate me for that I am loving it right now I wouldn't knucklehead that predicted the bucks to be the worst team in the league yet check my predictions that was made. They'll look much more like the most improved team in the NFL right now in the worst. And I Keller for this quarterback controversy when James once and comes back to Tampa at number eleven. I have them slight slight slight favorites right now members can change in a hurry but slight favorites over Atlanta and Carolina. To make the playoffs is a wildcard team. And number twelve. And remember this isn't a traditional power rankings list the state projection of the dozen teams that I think you're gonna make the playoffs it's all said and done. So my number twelve for me. Pittsburgh. Steelers are still winless they are over one and one. The nominee more than just a true weak sample here. Two completely bury one of the trendy pre season Super Bowl favorites I mean you're really gonna throw that dolphins and colts Texans titans that spot I don't think so. Dropping out of the rankings this week the Panthers and the ravens. That is my NFL power twelve but you can find that on line ads WWL. Dot com. Right now I can Ximian text with your thoughts at 87870. Or tweet at me or the station at WWL. Am FM cabana on Twitter to let's squeeze and won a real quick call your Josh in lake view what's gone on Josh. They didn't call. On the other court where you're I don't like there's been enough coverage on the the fact that call on would go out and brought in seem odd knowing that. And at one time out. Oh man. Yeah no other I don't know if you saw me Josh I was all heard that that was I don't know what was going on their I was pulling my hair out. Other potential patent those are rather than the time to take off I mean look at that on side kick but at the same time it's like you know. Run the ball well in money and that that kneeling on the ball and get on the ball second. Yes yes and I just think you are a 1000%. Right but it didn't know what Josh is talking about the saints had the ball would let about forty seconds left. It was second down and the browns only have one timeout here and it's a tie football game inside the thirty yard line. In every scenario you run the ball twice there. Call the timeout what about four seconds left and kick a field goal attire as time expires and the worst case scenario is he gathered tied. If you miss a field will you don't give the other team a chance to get the ball back. I don't understand what the world was going on there was shot patent I've defended Sean Payton many times as I think the greatest play caller in the NFL. The greatest offensive mind in the NFL but that was. It just absurd. It was absurd. No way through that twice their no way yeah the saints escapes. And that would have been heavily even to have Alan I'm criticizing a heavily have on non social media element heavily criticized by everybody if the saints have lost that game thanks for the call Josh. We will take a break you're coming back when James Moran to talk a little LSU football that is coming up next I'm Seth Dunlap. This is the last lap put him back to the program socks him LSU football some more LSU football again and suited heavy in our one bacteria now in James Moran at the smartest Moran on Twitter. Editor at tiger rag dot com and Jane is. Really busy here on Tuesday lucky to get him for about five minutes or so on james' cell welcome into the program and what he wrote an article this image spot on here. That coach O is proving basically everybody wrong and it seemed like you tell but a lot of undue imagined. Yeah I mean I. To be the most impressive thing about this balance sheet he did particularly good on Saturday it's kind of a the mental toughness that they showed in doing it does won any but I think the the mental competency your football team does it got to be your flex and it should now I mean you talk about you know schemes the coordinators. The players is that they think that there that you talk this comes to your head tocchet. Outbound through what they showed up Saturday I mean they got they got off to a hot start they admitted take advantage of it but they could have been them. For about twenty minutes of real game tops our topic is got. In detail yeah. After the big pond blow up in the air base and went back for touchdown the other way. County scored that was the paint maker got that pretty much it yet. It is one of those days we look back at the opportunity they lieu and you know kind of kick themselves about about the chances to elect robot but yet it bought back in. I thought it was a credit the coach and I thought it was a credit to the quarterback who really trying to. Well let them back I mean. You know that that India I. You know without kind of count Angel itself in upper for weeks and can't cry about it. You know be in the underdog you know they were underdogs might pick underdog all their neighbor. You know picked to finish it in the last picked to win six or seven game and Allison or six in the country and they're going to be on terror than on Pittman had a curious how they if they keep that it now that there. No longer the team that had a quote uncle being disrespect the but now that the team that people are chasing. Yes sister get points and really even thought of that thing Julianna socket a James Moran here editor tiger rag dot com. So some good can esteem beaten this year I'm talking about all it's their ceiling here they've they've made playoff contender James. I don't know I that I reevaluate after the Auburn they beat Auburn so I mean it. They've Uganda which considered them an SEC west contender. And you look at the rest of their schedule I'm not easy there and play. But they're pretty important games in my opinion well you know it's gonna come down that pre game stretch where they play. The Georgia Mississippi State Alabama. Well it's been. You know can they go to the one in the church that's. I felt like that's an awful lot that are people in the state almost that it does other deeds just. Kind of girl that contacts there and but perfect if they can kind of handle that success but not now. The Louisiana Tech team I don't think there you know most of them but the fact you could program that they're well coached there they're gonna come in there and they're gonna say it. They want their shot at LSU and again it'll misty that. You know pretty good bye and a high school are. Japanese elegy it's a lot of them to consider that effortless way that Alabama beat them like a drama down heal up urged by scrimmage. And then I got more interest and I mean you know Florida that is very you know it. But that's never easy place to play in those games finally began an Auburn. And it really we I mean you know I feel it's kind of been I think you account she's been in his pregame urged. Without the first one was going to be really our district to be in early hole. They've they've gotten through it in that got away get on the deceit are you know we you wanna see more. Consistency and it between two on the offense but I think what they've shown that there there mentally tough team they've got to. A really good defense had a quarterback that take place would be stale which advocates. More important and a quarterback that put them becoming huge numbers and blow out game. If you look at the important chromosomes that are. But the dynamo in the middle of their Dillon read went over the line backer from the seat he. The Al on 37 at the Anderson in the slam or sentenced upon and so it. Doesn't re perfect for a you know all this growth this year or I mean by it so it should yeah. Thrown the ball as well liked but it seems that when the game at the line you know they display it open and I think naturally more than one quarterback so. Attitude that the goal kicker who's become political team. Allah because Hixon program mr. errors in Allen for one time it we dissected Joseph Borough away endlessly here now for six months or so. While 64. Months. But it's all about the defense for me James and this is usually so good they have maybe the best defensive coordinator in Nash in that in college football nationally. He can't this unit carried him to just any heights here that's my question if you got a defense that is that good on the back and agree Williams and hopeful was banged a little bit you've got him. And even the defensive front even without Caleb on chase on Russian the edge there. Is to go and I I could see them just right Barry Elliott and sent it to whims. The way they've. May work after losing chase started early you know related to whether it's using safeties electorate they'll they. And Jacoby evened out in the you know if it's a quarter Cary NC an entire town standard nickel slot like girl all the door. Critical revolving door slot and now kind of guys playing there. That's right in the area are the better or that they. They've really quietly steady play guys like sharp Lawrence and great bulk of those guys that could. Carry it into how one Logan he's played well you know her fourth quarter on Saturday. That's watch. You mention open that's obviously something to watch but I think I kind of like the quarter and they can. Figured out make it work well I think that the nail in the first match up the better. Yeah and and really Smart and he had to be you know popular off that hard prepare for because they can do a lot of things. Methods segment of art repair or. James hey I really appreciates the time and I'm man takes a much stocks and actually. I James Moore and find his work on lion a tiger rag dot com great article on coach go take a break here when we come back. Talk moral issue in college football national perspective from Bruce Feldman I'm Seth Dunlap this is the last lap. I've got LSU's 2019. Football schedule in front of me you'll get to that in just couple minutes if we knew if we don't solely off next hour with that till issue announcing that schedule. Earlier today you can find the story online at WWL dot com let's go to the phone lines now though talk in LA shoot probably tock here is they should be that talk nationally right now. Wanna ride it has been so far for the tigers coach Joseph in the group go to Carlyle I'd send car earlier on WW. The right thing you like this is being peachy umi in gasoline ahead. All right. This guy gave coach Euro people go these are these street. If our quote under the greatest coaches. Of all Jimmy Johnson. You portal in Seattle. You know Pete Carroll Britt we what what is being hit. My peak earlier talking about yeah yeah yeah. Eco the speaker on Miami. And now he's Aqua. Oh great coach may keep it straight which are not approach. When he could be on board games. And they played. Independent vote their state was coach Bruce Speight and it. Did not know you did. Say. So. That recruit well. In bye to program. A few quick and co chairs and outward image eight. If bill. Respected they deserve in Peru you once did. It's just a quote to you later. Michael. There are currently. What they did the respect they desired. Yeah and well let me say this Carl I completely agree with you I'll let off the show deny it. Saying that anybody who still refuses to give coach Joseph credit for this three you know starts. So much a Scrooge is that is people and look. I find it very hard on the set of the Mike sometimes to admit I'm wrong but that is kind of a play Ian and not only the radio industry did any sports media should people don't want to admit they're wrong they bear their heads in the sand. And they don't see what's obviously right in front of them and that is. Deb this LSU football team is good and coach Joseph deserves a lot of credit here and you are right Carl I still hear people sale notices all battery and earned dollars is all about Joseph borrower cold Tracy and people not everybody I think a lot of people now argument coach or credit he saw pump some B loudest refused did and I don't get a Carl. What he talked about Mississippi State being in supposed to be a cop did seeing Arnold CNET. Are Archie you're becoming the art stadium. RL issue will be on the when they play. Right arm up in church tribute to gain what Georgia should be sought out there where no doubt audio sorted argue BOB. And they won. They are out there in. Our goal but these are war. But there. The inference is is probably the best in the Cotchery in all we are gonna tell what. Is the. No I I agree I grew up Europe come up against a break here Carl sorry about that combat. Like I agree with the yet this three. Remaining most of Eagle Games under schedule. All the column. Saying you're gonna win all three of those. I mean state new going to be texting and later on the sheer. Things line that nicely and just enjoy the ride for goodness sake. Let your selves enjoy this and not talking about. The majority defendants cannot talk and to be I'm talking to the people who are still our coach. If he's so up and just forget about that Ayers who cares if you're an LSU fan you should be enjoying this. Who cares whether you are right or wrong your or he's the right guy or not. What sports is about trust yourself you know soak it in our diet let's take a break here on the come back more your calls and I'll get to the old she schedule here. After the news I'm Seth Dunlap. Talking Ellis you right here on the last lap. Our rights hold on if you're on the phone lines we'll talk Gillis she's scheduled to lead off next hour and I've got a story here. About some NFL hall of famers you saying they're going to boycott. Unless the NFL gives them pensions. Lifetime medical care and a splits. An NFL revenue sounds all good. But they say oh no that's only for hall of famers. Not for every NFL player what's.