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Tuesday, September 18th
Seth talks about LSU, and Coach O.

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What some New Orleans what's up across the gulf south what's up to you listening wherever you are. At WWL dot com of the radio dot com apple welcome money into the program we got a good one for you today we're gonna talk a lot of that oil issue. And coach Joseph certainly the saints. And the National Football League Larry holder's gonna join us at the bottom of the hour. Nationally we'll talk to may Davison at 10 o'clock hour. As we look like the saints in the struggles the first couple weeks from across the NFL. And some surprising teams to sun maybe not to me remember I said the chiefs are going to be dark horse contenders in the AFC with pat mahomes for the season boy do they look like that. And in Jacksonville staking their claim to the AC thrown. Knocking off and what knocking out the not the right way to put that beat down. On patriots that game was 3120 awards Mac close jaguars the best team in the AFC. Looks like yeah. The road would chew the Super Bowl the acie might go through Jackson must going to be really tough for that defense. We lost so. Doc to James Moran senior editor tiger rag dot com covering LSU football about the steep and that's what I wanna start off with here. And LSU fans if you wanna call and you give its meal little bit. About my comments before that I was a little skeptical. The coach show area this year Bremer I had him at 77. And a half wins I think I took the over its seven. But I semi take the push here that's certainly looks like it's gonna go over and way over here. And it's. The every right coach Joseph has every rights. Chew. Kind of pointed us like he did in at a beside that I forget the player but the post game video in the LSU locker room. Well and he was basically saying that they nobody believes in us. And there is like up bleed them moments in the locker room saying it would nobody believes in us and he's been coming to meet the last two and a half years. As saying I'm not worthy of this job and really be his entire career people have been saying that. From his previous stand here in the SEC at USC and he's in the interim coach there back here to LA issue. And boy wade did you everybody. Look a little foolish. Who doubted this team and coach Joseph now now I will say this. I will say this. Every single program people listen to this program everyday you'll notice make him back Dampier. I hit said that for the last six months every single day. Then we have to wait and see what happens on the actual gosh darn football field. Before you make final judgments about this LSU team. I thought it was in. Credibly unfair the keyboard bit ready to bury not this program ready to bury coach before they even stepped onto the football field this year because of what happened in recruiting maybe with John Emory air of whatever over the summer. Or the win prediction totals from Vegas serious TN. People or read eater rat off coach Joseph it was way too early he wasn't getting a fair shot from a lot of people. Now I've I would of be the first one to admit. The last year when they were struggling RR RO WW dol dot com saying. If that boy and get a little worried here that LSU might be mired in mediocrity a little bit. Because of the step back may have taken it doesn't look like that now. And anybody whose nots. Realizing. And not giving the proper respect and credence to the guy at the top this program. Coach at George Jauron. Got some serious self reflection juke is I won't tell you there are a lot of people sitting on my side of the Mike. In this business weather radio or television or prints. That refuse to ever admit their wrong. If they ever do admit they're wrong it's kind of a half hearted. Admission know what it may say yeah how was wrong bytes of actually right because of this this this mess. Anybody is saying coach Joseph doesn't deserve credit and I've heard the gamut of stuff the past 48 hours or not this. Coach Joseph doesn't deserve credit it's actually day Iran and that defense. Coach Joseph doesn't deserve credit sexually ends meaner and in Joseph Borough. Nonsense. The book would stop with coach Joseph they were losing if they were sitting here it won in two after week three. They're three NL and he deserves this credit. I don't think they'll issue is a national championship team bit. Does or did. The fact that they're number what seven in the nation right now. And certainly look like at least a threat in the SEC west. It's pretty darn incredible. In this division in this conference and with that opening slates. Two top ten teams. Neither of which were in your building. That's about the most impressive start to college football's season. That you have ever seen I'm not making any projections for down the road but I don't think you've seen a more impressive start to a college football season maybe ever and I'm being. Just smack dead serious about that. Know what Ella she was done here. So let me be the first to say here. That it looks like I always wrong. When I had some doubts about the direction this program was then it. Now I will shake like I said don't come out he was sick and all you're ready to bury how underrated a variant. I'm a senior on my show every single day same on the got to wait till they play the actual football games. And let me say to all of the fans are people in the media that still wanna play. Scrooge here. And talk about all the pessimistic stuff. You are denying yourselves. A lot of fun this football season. This season for LA issue. Regardless of how it finishes up regardless of whether they win an SEC championship or national championship or make that playoff or not. This is going to be one of the most fun seasons at LSU fans. Would have any very long time. It started a few weeks ago and it looks like it's gonna continue for awhile so it if you wannabe. Pessimistic in you wanna be Scrooge. And you'll be all Madden disgruntled still because he didn't like the higher you wanted to not tired Jumbo order one and in the higher. Todd Herman lament how that's gone now by the way for Texas. Then that's fine. You go Sox are often near corner put your head down and be all mad. I'm gonna have a lot of fun with this season. And I think LSU pants the vast majority of big and. You're gonna have a lot of fun Willis is well. Our act let's get the program starting a lot LSU to talk about today we will talk saints. Here in our number one Larry holder coming up at the bottom of the hour and my view on that is look a win is a win is a way and we'll get to saint here. And just a little bit let's socks and LSU with you I'm Seth Dunlap and this is the last lap of the phone lines are open a 5042601878. Go to the phone lines Marty in Metairie that's going on man. It's we say in your opening comments. Should be 04. Ball law. I mean you. And so great thing. Is. When we search for. I. Was excited about. How we it's I would like to figure out why but let's look at all those things where she coaches in our city or. The most impressive thing today that he did that aren't are sort it was when he realized. His mistake. In Detroit game. About that change the ways yeah well. And what he did. I'm not what most people you mentioned that thinks 00 most mentioning at all sure what. When he was doing well that you. He did have it as is. Now. Used to about this thing the arms and light the cut its. This guy has opened up. Would try to. Joke yes an army it was. Eric. I agreed coat Joseph Torre right now. Well so what you're all the breaks. Out and being there. All they can put the camera or. Call arrow. Oh there's no doubt about it Marty and thanks for the call appreciate the other comments up top there think very much. But yeah. And let's say I'm not taken anything away from Dave Randi who by the way. If he's not a head coach like next year or the year after I understand the contract he's got here with LSU and attainable and money. He's going to be a an absolute. I think. Could be an all timer head coach and call tomorrow wherever he goes and you deserve a lot of credit for that defense. And certainly and stringer does for opening it up like you said offensively they they couldn't just play the old L issue. Run on first down run on second down and then bow your heads and pray on third down. They didn't do that in your head open it up. So I'm not taken any joy of them and all well I'm just saying is if LSU little lost against. Miami and Auburn would be blame and oh yeah a lot of credit here there's no doubt about that let's go to Carl in New Orleans Karl here on WW. And echo words and nobody. What are. So neat to be here where the wind. Oh lord if when he when he went out and cheer cheer. Because. In order. Next sacred open championships. He's ordered. In the culture and a that I coach Joseph. Yeah. You know he's oh remote. These kids because that's what the kids that they. Want. People. There is. Jeanne that he did it ended. Yes he does you. And you know he has right now he has an equal record I believe though with Nick Saban against top ten teams. The last two and a half Beers. Iraq Carl hot by the way. When I Agha was just oil on this program a couple of years column more and a couple of years ago now but. When he was the interim at USC I was the first one to say USC made a huge mistake by not hiring Mac guy. Now I wasn't against the oh higher mean checked the tape here. I said million shot just like I've been sailing out I'm not one of those radio host city is a firebrand guys it's committed. Let's say whoever you hired as the State's terrible hire. Before they Maxi on the football field I'm not 1 of those guys am I gonna call higher bad. Before the hire whoever like coaches actually coaches football or basketball games or whatever it is. I did sets but I boards one of those people who says man I don't know firing a smile right there a less miles right there'd just be careful what you wish for and saw said. And while what they were spore now certainly a program that looks like the arrow is pointed in the right direction and that is a huge cliche but. I hate using cliches on the program I think you know I mean a lot more hair lipped in Covington you're tuchman LSU go ahead. Base I need art I am good up. Well you know we've we've got beat LA teams that have an adult Allen. You know for years and under C you know it seems like these these guys you know course they got this have a lot of talent on the team. Maybe they'll Covert she was coach innovation we're going with them. Hmm. Yeah a lot of I don't achieve I mean yes. No doubt about that low key kidney. I mean the expectations in Vegas three to six and a half or seven depending on the sports book. ESPN Adam is six and a half wins. So yes by definition that's gonna be over achieving. Here's section 504 sep eleven listen to your show for nearly ten minutes and I haven't heard you mention the Idaho vandals big win against Western New Mexico University not mad. Just disappointed Larry guy at 56 Nintendo vandals against. I'm one of that section knows that was a play by play voice but he never Sabato a long time ago. I here's the text from the 504 huge LSU fan and not trying to be a pessimist. But even though Auburn was a really good when late penalties really help the south. Also the team didn't look too good against southeast and and maybe in my images leaders everyone thought. Well I mean come here 504 that's looking at the glass half empty side of every single angle of their three wins. Seriously. You're talking about them beating two top ten teams. Away from Tiger Stadium. And then shutting out southeastern 31 to nothing I understand the offense had problems in the second half as both 31 nothing shutout win. Nobody's expecting mr. program to be Alabama. Right now. Police nobody should be expecting them to beat Alabama right now. But man they look good and like I said at the top. Enjoy this quit being a pessimist quit the trying to say are trying to convince yourself the Coachella still not the right guy. Regardless so long term whether he is there isn't right now he is he's proven that this year right now he is the right guy. Period. And it's if you allow yourself. You're going to have an incredible amount of fun watching this football team I think throughout the rest the season Georgia home mister B stated on. Alabama at home. And I think they'll be. Creeping up on 910 wins lords also and done Elise. I'm Seth Dunlap who read back 5042601870. Is the phone number 5042601870. This is the last lap on WW. There's text from the 502. According to strength of schedule top 25 teams playing LSU's schedule would have a 19% chance of being three and now. Don't know if that's true or not sounds about right actually settle higher. And as an incredible gauntlet they just ran. And insanity here have fun now with a cell issue season I see is still people. One to be pessimistic about the issue one to look at all the negatives which I mean I don't have the three you know when you're trying to find negatives about this. That's just people of refusing to admit I guess but they might have been wrong about coach Joseph on the still wanna plant their flag there. Now I think you're gonna. Deny yourself. A lot of enjoyment this ball go on to the phone lines Joseph in man to bill what's going on joke. Really. My name in Auburn. Yes Miami and governed by the way anybody let me I got to her she Jobe. This is a Texas longhorn fan Joseph is the ultimate LSU catered the go ahead. RKE Miami in all sports story. Real competition here in mural on the road in cold pound friendly you know. Not much competition there. I'd say more competition there. Now in. Jail immediately to gauntlet like. Your Texas Longhorns Al loss to Maryland on the road and then scraped by Tulsa and home Joseph. They beat a terrible USC team. At home at home by the way at home at all. Do you back it and I am possibility. Union College life on all. When I seen it in well Joseph Ali come on and trash doc way where you say I did USC was going to be a cause long playoff. I'll not. Know that is not to Jo-Jo. That's debt. A doctor tomorrow GO. Check the tape I have my college football power groupings USC was never among them not wants. Sex and a nice time LA LSU is a fun team to watching you look at the head coaches that coach Joseph has worked under you know the he has the wealth of knowledge and experience to tiger's the next level. His cajun style fools a lot of the experts but he still brilliant man I there's a lot of truth is that by the way. I think that look we are human and I have lived on the core import elite coasts I spent 25 years. On the left coast. And how Lotta love. Four where I'm from but I won't tell you that there is a a lot of inherent bias just because of how people speak. Down here people sometimes don't take you seriously. I better start taken Cotto seriously. 'cause I don't know many coaches that could run that Garland Regis did I mean really. There are few months things the only one but he deserves credit. People still are trying to not give him credit he's had this sect of LSU fans are coach Joseph haters out taller random joins me it's all Joseph borrowers the officials. Obama on. Little foolish right now and publisher. Stocks in seats struggle Ellis YouTube Larry older on the athletic dot com now that Larry older but it's gone on man Narnia. Good man now what do you make coach show dude this is it's an exciting time here for per capita cigarette should be anyway. Yeah ally or column after the game at all or call on Saturday. But basically. About the subject Canada wrote a pitched just talk about that it. And overdrawn constantly going to be punching bag it's never gonna change. Simply because and this coaching style. The way he talks are. Current or. And he can validate themselves as a coach and look at this start. And certainly and I just think about it. The record since you know since I lost Detroit. Dallas seeing the ball. There. And want Alabama on me so it's. You can not that guy doing a better job and yet. He's still got a not a gauntlet ago and so you don't wanna jump the gun. But you got to be impressed I don't care like him AM. You think he's the greatest thing in American history but got the ground. We know what he's done. You'd beat Miami and EP offered in both of those teams by the end of the year to sixteen teams ATP tournament site and you beat them in ought. I mean I Miro angered people have this caricature of him is farmer Fran from the water boy or something and Benoit diner you know please don't. He knows what he's doing a sucks saints man and I won that I was trying to temper people's expectations in the first five games before that by. The scene steam I only had a goal and three in two and I silicon zig notoriously slow starting team I don't care how they want the football games only get three wins before that by. I'll think they're they'll be okay. But I haven't pretty Larry what do what do you make of that not only the browns game of the first two weeks here. But look at it the opposite temper expectations. It's not our problem. Now in our belt our athletic. We're using one word. From each of our beat writer at look property partly and we want to work described. The with the seems prognosis is each week. And I want worked on expect. Because I didn't expect in the Tampa did not expect they're almost lose to Cleveland and it or anybody except me eat all hello. Think what you and so all it it's open and I note on a volatile I don't players in the locker number uncle. I talked to a lot of guys that the game and all what they're telling me years. They are a lot that they won and that they basically it that her win and it almost like would bet lots. Some rate order that day that we only. It's going to be gone on today no victory Monday by any stretch of the imagination so it's going to be critical game. I don't think you'll be critical. Eye toward the sea and now it's pretty critical given the heat that the engine. Yeah and it's what it's a defense here just a little Larry bit. Mammy offense looks like they've really miss Mark Ingram and I kinda thought that that that would be the case of people were stance not. Everybody but some people are Sally got out and command over if I Drew Brees will be fine. He's such a critical part of this offense marking your new CNN dollar. I agree and yet I would also say that do you agree with what you want eight saying. Yeah I don't care what won it back channel the most call in some other than one war and so I do think though about Iran. And some other on that or would be would be. Occur. The regulatory. For our Jonathan William there and you don't want our back there too much there's no doubt in a good thing he comes back threat. In two weeks so. You get through this stretch in the Korean won and he threw. A great. Survive well. So it's. Although not law and I pick it's funny idea I asked her on arms that everyone who basically opened. And I. Well it's better than no right on the front trap ordered by a court. Look at me on the web and start Atlanta and yet. But back to subject I'd do you think you wouldn't do it in the parking and one of the better. Him and talk to Larry holding here gallery holder on Twitter talk the world she taught and saints now are holder of the athletic now covering the saints and smell issue. And I'm saying it firfer. It's a mobile over a year now I guess at the saints just don't have those weapons in the slots or they don't have the weapons to tie it in an M may come back to bite him. Against your defense is and I think we certainly saw that against the browns here. They just they have mute am sick don't have the tally your lyrics they got a stable guys from trick once Smith to cam Meredith and he comes back especially in the slot. To get more production at a astronomy Ben Watson my goodness he's the angels won but it's not in it and I get it done seven catches for 63 yards and two games from that position. And you don't need implying. You there and I mean I'm not old has been normally but ancient in an upturn in. Canterbury like 10 back yeah off all our. An expired and on one play but that doesn't seem like in car's cockpit Matt Leo and I think it also does assure you that. In America not there yet and that. That's not expect it and they taught you what he's there ready to go and the that are there are start up. May have misread or and it is not seem like it's how we invite is not a beat you ought not payment. I mean your way. Okay are sitting out portrait caught sitting out you're not paying them that much actually pay in there merited. And beat them you expected in the community got. Haven't seen like I think they are in Nevada Specter of all. On those talked about the defense Syria talked a lot of positive. Snooze LSU in the same Syria it was given to some negative here meant. I almost have to close my eyes and got across my three fingers every time I see a pass go up can crawl he's way. I think I've said it on this program many times I think he's a capable NFL quarterback. I'm not trying to just simply bash the man that without any you know a barbed reference here. But. You cannot have a guy on one side of the field I think Larry that is that much of a liability. Downfield whether it's just getting burned by DeSean Jackson Lee in this stamp. Or here's the most penalized player in the league last year where do they do something with this position it is this or can Crowley up there and hope that he I'd just gets better. I think they're gonna become a quiet and do it happened bleacher next couple weeks I'd I don't think that you know. Total turn on them but not like they're gonna go out yet it days. Through someone's apply and there. Attitude graphics economy and they're gone out there. I don't work on those guys and then well on the team PGA William about them are from the lack on some terms and which you don't and it's also you wondered. Would be a repeat Jerry Williams are there in in. Crop. Wrapped up there in that situation. I don't know because they want they like him as an Ecko got. Yeah you can crawl. I think it is a borderline capable corner. It and that Spain would certainly like that. Quarter. In the trash. You know you're and they signed Patrick Robinson bingo at that spot. It's kind of some not that people are gonna look back when he got lap or not like I'm seeing. These people still a lot more and go crawl it. That's more reason not to. Yeah and I'm not trying to just impugn the guy with a yen. But. You've got to be better at that spot I understand the NFL Larry you know this is not what it was even three or four years ago in that secondary it's hard to play defense to back. But you can't just give up deep passes after deep pass like and the new penalized on the ones that your. You're not getting burned on pass rush is another concern for this team is that Saddam. That is a product of the offensive lines they've been planned or is this a look at the much deeper problem. I think you. We are talking Emma you and your arm seamer court and the union. By. Teams that start trying to double team him and not. And where. They are out there and they're they're not in Jordan and every the art art beat them so our children. Bat in some of the more pressure. It's Tyrod Taylor he barely starting quarterback in my probably should be start should. So. You know open. I mean. We expected more and things were a little more active on the scheme. But they were not at all the bullets. And amp. And go this weekend that line the ball quickly. It you know Patrick's on him. He can pick on people and you'll think you're gonna target and. Can call it and I'll pick you and care for more is on her cheek in a ticket yeah. And and tapped him no doubt about. Mean I indeed Marcus stem port obviously he was drafted to lease give them some production I don't know what that is yet haven't seen it yet of what's but he seemed from Davenport man I know it's just two weeks then. But it's I still have maintain state as an uphill lots they are gets some from the guy they did is have to this year in this conference. Yeah like he Peter Peru we wanna went to and he told me order against the run but you feel like you're but not. CN every now and you know and no expectation art forum yet you realistic goal and in the season you know they're not. At least for his own stage. It's called for roughing the passer penalty in the NFL that share notes about yeah. But still it's something that. You wanna see open common you know I think overall. We ought to put it just on him one is from out so I want it to show on how the Icrc is not a lot of course when it comes in Jordan. And all the guys outside of the last couple minutes of the game against Cleveland. In it it's it's beneath it can for a quarterback. And no doubt about it Larry some would give a lot of fun over at the athletic Mac you can hear your voice. Yeah. If that was your current your current offer more very quiet ordered all right open out it. If we're covered at least seen Indiana now. I would national runner governor Janet that goes all out recovered Premier League crime and outline I don't know why. It's subscribe and it is at all. Which is. Think about 33 or four to every major market. In the country we have writers and they're gone in and getting some of the best writers in the country each mark. Sort of dirty mild or put that's the name might be some you're. But not that athletic top and out data you store that don't studies spot at saint ever it's an end what Hillary. Who also lap that constitute an earlier in all of our Internet start up there to sell that your you know what. Yes like yours like your young guy right out of college yen is doing everything he can't in all over the place and also I want that because they are you don't want our Larry. Larry it's always fun man is audience and thanks so much oh Serbian men Larry Elder at its Larry holder. On Twitter columnist now for the athletic. Covering the states covering. LA issue also what's big saints fans are you optimistic are you. Pessimistic. And think about this team yeah they're they're kind of on pace. For what I expected first five games he and I have three and two. But I certainly didn't ham surely against the browns and losing to Tampa so. How high these next two games are very big and I know that's cliche because every game in the NFL is big and they cannot start the season one in theory and expect to be a contender in this conference seeding is going to be incredibly important. When you have the rams. And you have the vikings in that building where I just don't think you're going to beat them in the house the school built. Win and it's in January I don't think you're going to Lambeau. And winning in January we know it's going to be tough been a playoff environment to win in Atlanta. And certainly is defending jets seating is go to incredibly important. Got to get at least one win the next couple weeks. At Atlanta or at New York we'll talk about that going forward here and I've got my NFL power twelve. Power rankings coming up here in just a little bit let's take a break. Fault line is open 5042601875042601870. Text line is a 7870 and here's a blur on the foods opinion apple. Who will win more games this season. The saints or LSU log onto WW dot com Castro out there and will update yeah. In just a little bit I'm Seth Dunlap then shall listen tonight. This is the last lap. Here's an update on leveler under foods opinion poll who'll win more games this season. 62% are saying the saints 38% are saying LA issue are we asked the same question. For the season started. And I think that was a 9010 votes for the saints are things have tightened considerably there. No doubt about that remember that nation Sunday the saints take on those dirty birds in Atlanta a conjoined Bobby Hebert Kristian garic free special. Countdown to kick off live from the blind pelican downtown. On saint Charles avenue that day so that is Sunday ten minutes to noon and at the blind pelican 1628. Saint Charles avenue. On the flagship of the saint straight here WWL. I've got my. NFL power twelve coming up. At the top of the hour we're gonna have to break for Newser a little tight here this hour. But my power rankings coming your way Iran after news or stick around for that and we will talk LSU football. Would James Moran and nationally from Bruce Feldman of the athletic that come join your just a little bit. Break it again I'm Seth Dunlap this is the last lap on WW all. Our rights my NFL power twelve rankings are gonna build them live on FaceBook operate now ahead on to the levee Devale radio FaceBook page we'll chat there. And then we'll see on the flip side of this race Kimball unveil them. Next straight here on WW.