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Tuesday, September 18th
Seth talks with callers about LSU, and Saints.

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And welcome back to show our three of the program we've got to MetaFilter discussion coming out Nate Davis in the USA today sports will join us we go around the league. And a group of pro football hall of famers is threatening to boycott the hall of fame ceremony. Over what they say is a lack of tension medical benefits and really revenue splitting. But not among all NFL players and they say they argue and I should just be for the hall of famers. Probably its elements on a voice. Really agree with that part. I'm pro player import pro retirees here. But I think everybody Sheehan a piece of that pie if they're gonna get it's real and that just a little bit but a lot of talk LSU football schedule here just a little bit. At home games and really the entire schedule is released by LSU for 29. Teen. I hear some highlights here they open up against Georgia southern at Tiger Stadium and in the big one. Is on September 7 second week Gil go chewed Texas. They met as in Texas and LSU did back in the 2003 Cotton Bowl. But this is going to be the first time since 1954. I'm just 1954 of those two teams play in the regular season that's gonna be fantastic. That's going to be at Texas. We know the story lines there with Herman in coach uh oh I know texas' struggling now in an elegy seems to be revitalized. Kelly for Allen the other stretch that I saw here in the middle of the season what they've got a a really tough slates out for game five game. Stretch from October 12 to November 16 that. It's pretty darn daunting on October 12 there at Florida then their home against Mississippi State's I assume there on the road against mr. B stayed. Then home against Auburn that's October 26 is the Auburn game. And then you get the buy and bam. So you go October 26. Auburn at home then the vibe than at Alabama and then all of a sudden the skin looks like it'll be a lot tougher it's at Ole miss on November 16. You finish up couple home games Arkansas and Texas saying and we know Arkansas. Looks like they're gonna be rebuilding for a while there are we don't quite know I don't think yet just how good take Sam will be your two under Jim Ball. That's a really tough back calf. The roots it justice and he had the Arkansas game there on November 23 at home. But I you know this is just projecting is way outs. But again. We did this just the gamut here from October 12 on the and it's Florida home. At Mississippi State. Auburn game at home by at Alabama. And Ole miss Arkansas home home against exam them. The there it is us and other games they will play northwestern states and instate opponent like we usually do on September 14. The east game is at Nalbandian. On September 21. So that's sheer rotational Easton in their. And they also have an open day on September 28. Flared up until she's getting to find that at WW dot caught toys on the call your talk about the LSU scheduled 5042601870. Mike welcome to the last lap. I said. I have. Curious on your thought if you. Look at the schedule the next three gains are probably you know as Adobe is Gainesville plight so it seem like that would develop unique chance especially they're all that. Really gain experience. Ngo. And then the other thing I'm curious about suppose they've been just Alabama. And on the Tuesday defeat. Art feel right at the end of the year and there are three power. Peace that are undefeated. So LA issue would be one law what do you think its followers what happens with the play. Today just I mean that's too good question I liked the projection because we've seen those kind of things happen I mean look at Alabama when cabinet blaster they got in under that scenario. Measures to four outs reject that. I am just did as if you're talking about undefeated and a team who beats Georgia in the AFC championship game and gets on into. Obviously the number on spot got the ball well I think it ever pretty argument. But here's the thing I talked to Bruce Feldman about last hour. I just have a snake and suspicion. That the selection committee is going to be as hesitant as they can beat. By a from shutting out the big twelve inch shutting out the pacts all from the playoff. Including two SEC teams at. I'm not saying that if I was in charge of but I wouldn't do that if I saw a one loss LSU team and an undefeated damaging to the N Ireland tumbles and but here's the other thing but what's Georgia at that scenario is Georgia. I guess on that necessary you'd say they've boss still issue in the loss in the SEC dot against their two loss teams so. Yeah I mean we got to see now works out. I mean they won loss LSU team that his. I ran this schedule through. Beating Miami. Beating Robert in that scenario would have had him. Beating Mississippi State beating Georgia beating Texas NN and only losing to the morgue team in the country I mean. Pretty darn good argument. It's fun to think about. And far away from. The three against Richard talking about your right this is the if you wanna say there's an easy stretch. Would have little heart that almost game at home with how they're playing. I know they just got blitzed by Alabama and Everest immediate bullets. Louisiana Tech this week. Ole miss night game actually 830. Some very thirty. For not a man a fifteen SE thirty kick off. Next weekend minutes at Florida. On October 6. Then you've got that three game stretch following Matt Georgia at home mr. B stated home. Bye week bam at home. Ariana. Is seen as a sister Jamie expectations have changed so drastically in just a couple of weeks here. I don't. Want to. Get on that see saw I I don't like being inconsistent it's and being very reactionary on this program it's just kind of mind nature. It's really hard not to see this LSU team. Won in nine games plus this year. Barack animate this as a seven win team but I also had them losing to Miami in losing to Auburn in my pre season predictions so. Fun going down the line here and I had two wins and that's nine wins so my projects in US. Thanks for the call like. Our LSU coverage. This weekend it's will start at 1 o'clock with the Gulf Coast. Bank and trust tiger till game show right here on WWL herb Tyler and Kristian garic couple hours there that's followed. But IVL issue network pregame show with Chris Blair and Doug morrow. And then at 6 o'clock. It is it's game time and you'll be on the air until 11 o'clock that night it's so that's our. Game de Louisiana Tech L issue of the Saturday we'll take a break here we come back don't wanna talk about this. Yes proposed boycott by NFL hall of famers. And I think it is. Perhaps. Well intentioned but. Not very well executed explain coming back next I'm Seth Dunlap this is the last lap. Are there foods opinion poll online at WWL dot com who will win more games this season LSU. Or the states. While Johnny Cash your bowl update you on that you would ask that pre season and in fact we did ask that the pre season it was about a nine the ten splits. In favor of the saints is a lot closer earlier about a 6535. Split in favor of the saints we'll update you a little bit later in the show speaker of the NFL. Big news today cannon made headlines that made enough headlines to be honest. Was a group of pro football hall of famers threatening to boycott. Future hall of fame induction ceremonies. Unless these demands are met today and these are demands a group of hall of famers including a former. Running back can certainly hall of Famer one of the greatest ever Eric Dickerson and he's a member of this group sent a letter to commissioner Roger Goodell. And they are demanding a lifetime salary. Lifetime health benefits and they splits. Of NFL revenues. Now I was on board that. Until. Kept Breeden the story. Think Davis's. Effort every NFL player Ryan not me just just can't just be for hall of famers. And it and it I've. Flipped through and I kept scrolling BankAmerica I must have a drop but this article must be wrong they must kind of tight and I went to a different site. Same thing. This group. Is basically saying to Roger Goodell and the world because this letter was made public they did. That they believe. That only players. Who have been elected by sportswriters. Into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Should be entitled. To lifetime health benefits salary. Split of revenues. I think that is. Little tone deaf to be nicely I think it's kind of absurd. Every single person every single man who has played and put their body and really there wellbeing and life. On the line and played in that league and frankly in my own personal opinion is I don't care it was one week. Or fifteen years. I think everybody should have lifetime health benefits. A pension. Split of revenues a little more hit miss for me on the and I like to see the bigger details of that proposal but at least that much like Major League Baseball does. To say. That only the best players. Only those players that have been voted into the hall of fame are worthy of that. Is not it's. And I know people are gonna argue and I've heard this a few times today. Well they have to get their foot in the door somehow I missed is just going to lead eventually to everybody getting it that's a budget poking nonsense. This is a group I believe anyways. The hall of famers. Who. Yes they are the greatest football players that'd ever play the nurse that put on the planet but what CN thinking that they are better. Then everybody else who played around them in my view my humble opinion on this site I'm sure that not everybody who signed up for this. Agrees with that verbatim but that's how it looks and it looks really bad. It looks really bad because I am sorry. I believe that Bobby gave bear. And Deuce McAllister. And Zach Strief. And and every other saints player that came before them. Deserve these benefits that they're requesting just as much as Morten Andersen does. I'm sorry I do. To say that. Peyton Manning deserves. A lifetime. Salary. And lifetime medical benefits but his offensive linemen don't. Then his receivers don't. It's not it's. Phil players have had a major issue organizing. Their players' union led by DeMaurice Smith is the weakest among the major professional American sports it's not even close they have. Very little relative power compared especially to Majorly based bush certainly. The NBA the NBA is the most powerful of the unions and here sports wise in. America. And oftentimes they bungle. Things. That are very easy to get right and I understand this isn't coming from the players association. This was the hall of fame board of and it's not all of them but a group of NFL hall of fame players. This is just par for the course for NFL players just as I understand and see bigger export their more players the more diverse. So many issues that go into this this is really easy to get right if they didn't come outs and the NFL hall of famers who said they were to boycott future sir monies until. All of our players get benefits all of our players get lifetime health insurance all of our players. Get a salary. I think the vast majority of fans. Of people in this country that people would pay attention college football at a sports. Would be on their side. I have a feeling and I know that not everybody seemed to be on my side on this but I have a feeling the most people are gonna look at that and say. Wow this is a bunch of elites. Spoiled rich NFL former players. They just want more of a piece of the pilot himself. I'm not saying that's writes I'm not saying certainly the guys who played a prior to this there are. Very rich by any stretch of the imagination. He played in the 70s8090s. She arts. The most part. That's so it looks. I'm I am almost always on the player side. I MA player advocate on these kind of things and you know what my stance. Is pro player I am pro every player. Symbol life's not fair. Get it. The morrow and Eric Dickerson. Come on hall of famers at this rate it's really easy to get rights. To these excuse that you need more leverage here. I'm sure did some not a hall of famers a lot of non hall of famers. Are going to have the players back here because that's what they're going to the gonna side with the owners on this and say oh no energy shouldn't. Given that the policy papers their money on this vision denied the but of course most every player's going to. Beyond Eric Dickerson side going to be on the hall of famers that the problem is. They need advocates for themselves and this is just absurd. Steve courts. Deserves just as many a lifetime benefits. As Morton Anderson a Willie Roaf. Sorry this is what I believe. That bungled decision really really really really easy issue. Easy issue to get rights. And a hard one. And looser. PR guy who's who's in their ear when they're drafting these letters are no mountains a more Pereira and. To do this better get a detection and 985 NFL retirees out of money and trying their best to come up with something that will stick. Unfortunate that their argument will not fly. Tech from the final four MM with OJ they couldn't touch suspension I was like 30000 a month or so. Yeah as the medical benefits that I thinker than a huge issue here and remember Major League Baseball pitcher and I understand Major League Baseball undersea extreme season. They are incredibly profitable don't have nearly as many retirees are players to pay. Shouldn't be an issue for the NFL makes went over twenty billion dollar a year now. Get it right. Pack and move on from take a break here we come back I will talk to Nate Davis cynical writer and editor for USA today sports on toggle saints more also talked. Around the NFL and we all have our saints and NFL fill in the blank coming up in net. Just a little bits and our moment is then at top of the hour a little coach Joseph I'm Seth Dunlap. They should tune in tonight this is the last slap on WW all. Remember every Wednesday here on WW all you can catch a special edition of sports soccer. With the Big Three Bobby Hebert Deuce McAllister and Kristian garic live from Bo revised resort casino. In the sports book in bar so that is tomorrow winds stay. From four it's a seven you can talk saints and NFL can chill out there hang out with the crew. LSU and SEC when Bobby do sand Christians at bow revised that is 875 beach boulevard. In Biloxi and that's going to be followed tomorrow night and everyone tonight. By the endorsed Rancho on the oh she Sports Radio network and raised here. On WW well. Some toxic NFL now talk a little say it's also I'll going around the league I am an NFL football junkie I could spin and I am not too new here I can spend twelve hours a day on the radio just break it down the NFL. So I always love each week to bring in Maine national ran her to get a perspective from outside the bubble and earlier today. I had a chance to talk to Nate Davis of USA today. L Asia section back and forth a little earlier this. My good friends aunts and came to a realization here that it at least according to my NFL power twelve rankings. I had earlier tonight and I think a lot of people would say this now the two favorites for the Super Bowl right now. The Los Angeles rams and the Jacksonville Jaguars. If you what does said that two years ago people little laugh gather around if you would have said hey it's gonna be Jacksonville. Against the rams. In this super. While it's. Good. Talked a lot about how Jacksonville is. I'm just incredibly on the defensive side of the football on this program on the rams just looked every bit like the super team that they just might beat. A couple of quick notes here before get to our fill in the blank Elton brand's reportedly has been hired by general manager or as general manager. Of the Philadelphia 76ers. Former player there. And then there's a stat here this foot around Twitter and Major League Baseball stats courtesy of Edberg on Twitter at OG Ted verdict they're only eight position players in Major League Baseball history. With five seasons of nine plus seasons of war war is that advance static you know it is wins above replacement. In Major League Baseball it's basically all encompassing stats as how good of a player you are. In every facet. Hear the nine players Babe Ruth Barry Bonds Willie Mays Rogers Hornsby Ted Williams Ty Cobb Lou Gehrig. And it's. Mike Trout. And Mike Trout is only 27. Years old right now for the Anaheim angels. Incredible. RA let's get to our fill in the blank here we do this. At least once a week we tried to have a little fun this is like sports lives are you rebrand the sport slips. And basically Logan vowed to a master control tonight our producer come on in your Logan is going to. Give me a handful sentences here. Maybe question shoe with a blank or to a man I've got to fill those in governance and saints some NFL. Here at this download and welcome on end. Which got for me and that man. I've got you some questions mostly dealing with the saints aren't as usual. There are all statements of them are like really questions yes. Or we're gonna get straight RSOs do it. I think Marcus Williams given this season so far blank redeem himself the season. I had I will let me say will finally he has yet. It was one player last year so I know everybody's gonna use that phrase a Marcus Williams has redeemed himself I even think I'd look at and Santa thing I'm not even use an article. We posted online and he will it's just it's too early for that but he looks every bit like the guy we saw in training camp. Where he was flying around the football look like that sideline to sideline play maker so well but I will redeem himself the season. I feel blank about the saints beating the browns this past Sunday I don't find that I feel fine then. About the saints meaning the browns folks this is the National Football League. This isn't LSU. Against east north west Kentucky states. This is the National Football League it is difficult to beat anybody. It's incredibly rare to see spreads. Above two touchdowns. Shivers every week in college football. I feel fine I don't care if it's three point I don't care if it is a missed field goals I don't care they're one and one and that's all that matters. All right next one up blank right now is the saints weakest link. I must say. And tight end in slot receiver. Basically third down that target for Drew Brees and for is that what. Third down target for Drew Brees is there weakling and recently talking to Michael Thomas is all we have Michael Thomas is all world. But ideally. You'd like to have a guy in the slot ordered tight ends. Over the metal. Make it plays on third down that is what the best teams do with the teams that are among the league leaders in third down efficiency and don't have that yet. Ben Watson is ageless is 38 years olds. But he only has sort seven catches a little over sixty yards and two games and they really need Cameron Meredith a trick on Smith. In that that role on a trick on Michael maroni outside RA it. Our next and up the score for this Sunday's game will be blank with blank coming out on top. Your question parent. I doubles teams Atlanta and the saints that's the game on Sunday high noon. Kick coverage here on WW well but what each other's buildings quite a bit recently. That's a shuffle a man. I feel like gonna be a homer by say the saints are gonna go in there and win but I will say the saints Thomas say the safe just because I still think Keon O'Neill and Deion Jones missing those two guys. Is that important I also think miss marking some point and an important so. And talk a muscles out of us. Oh boy I have no idea ominous say. 24. Twenty. Saints win. Don't make the fan I don't wanna Mets I mean my official prediction later Obama fix saints on the Allen did a good football game. Aside from the saints I have the highest hopes for me blank in the NFC south. I just happen now I mean they've really is I know this is a slightly ahead of Atlanta and Carolina. Tampa you can't ignore to know and beating a division team and with how good Ryan Fitzpatrick is blank this answer may change in 34 weeks from now. Right now. I think it's Tampa. Just do. They look like. And I know this is incredibly crazy to say that it looked like the most complete team in the in the NFC south right now and that's only two weeks right now. Again they're in my power twelve slump I've got them as a wild card team in the NFC in announced may change that. Yeah and another one of those answers though like your told my cup we yeah that's true. Next monopoly years ago a couple weeks ago I got Wisconsin magnet yeah. A couple years ago it's unsinkable he's a little after an F. I'd grade Alvin Camara a blank for his performance thus far in the season I'll just spectrum to achieve an overall grade of blanked by the end of the season play you a lake scale what. If Grey's ABC elders came to me. And a laying into little more on the run game. I think he'd be a plus. I sort of give me a play it was eight plus in week one I say he was beat plus eight minus in week two. Oh great that's an a right now unleashing his going to be an a plus especially marking your comes back in and allows him soon. Do a little. Lighter workload. And Slough and abuse on the mark. This last one here might lane entrance and hot water spectacle but Jason Hill should probably stay a blank because I think. He'd the most effective there. He should. Stay a Jack of all trades we saw him returning a kick we saw him at quarterback we've CNN gunning on putts he should remain a the Jack of all trades don't pigeonhole this guy. Just because he's not gonna be the future quarterback in this saints team and I don't think he will be does not mean he can't be an incredibly important football player for them. So he needs to him be that Jack of all trades guy he still Goodman in different phases of the game. And he'll have a very long career as a good job and like match. That's our sport and all sports live from new segment sports let's Howard's take a break and come back. Moment of zen coach old fired up. Saints of things about the media national media anyway is a this'll be our moments. But coach Joseph it's gotten about are video in the locker rooms and blank you are no action was blanked them and you're wondering what that was about coach actually said the house about the national media. And their pre season predictions relish use of coach or moment isn't coming up. And a final look at our blue runner foods opinion poll on mine. Final chance to vote who'll win more games this season Ellis you're the sixth I'm Seth Doan laughs this is the last lap. Here's a final look at our blur our foods opinion poll at WWL dot com who has more wins saints are LSU 70% of you are saying the saints. Thanks for voting on that poll. As you do for our program thanks to Bruce Feldman Nate Davis Larry holder and James Moran on its if you missed any of the program remember podcast version of the show. Up usually within thirty minutes or so after were off the air every single night's WW dot com or the radio dot com map or apple podcast if you have. And I thought they slogans out to our studio producer master control thanks to Tim Zimmer the booking the show today. Thanks to Diane Newman our program director Helen's tanning our day producer and Thomas is our assistant program director I'm Seth Dunlap they sure listening. Mystery follow us on Twitter handing it off now to be on reality radio and as we do every single night we leave you with our moment is ending and tonight it is. Old Nokia you're saying. Oh nothing tonight okay well let me just say that's our moment is then. Do you go find it a hot social media is it is great so my moment is and it's going to be telling you to go to social media and find this. Coach Joseph viral video over the weekend. Where a player to player she knows I forget the player who was actually filming this kind of and caught me you know coach Joseph in the locker room after that Auburn game. Basically not basically he did say like them. Like them but the team whoop and Holler in the background any clarified today that by dam didn't mean Auburn. He meant the national media. Who has been so critical of him in this program. Look. What he got on it. A lot of people been very critical of coach show and on our specialists and again I've set the left thanks to everybody thinks TU. The listening Colin Texans today Canada off to be on reality beer radio. Back tomorrow same time same place.