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Wednesday, September 12th
Seth talks about the betting scene around the league.

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Our number three the program welcome back. All talk a little screen like we did last night being no lights I think we'll put that conversation to bet I will say this. On our website right now there's an article the compilation from CBS news of that same chair umpire Carlos Ramos. Who gave Serena a game heavily in the US open women's final that set off. This controversy. The car multiple instances or uncovered. Where mended the exact same thing the last couple years on the accent thing but very very similar stuff in May be honest probably worse stuff and Serena and no game penalty. Mom like that. So I can get back into that yesterday I was in college at. I do wanna go around the SEC here coming up in just a little bit to get Scott Smith wrote this dot com talk a little fancy football. And then Ralph Michael's second half of the hour from wager talked dot com Vegas view on the college and NFL football games and then we'll make our pick six for the week but first. Let's go around the SEC like we do every single Wednesday here on the program. Start in the SEC US Alabama it's shoe and Ol and that the tide just past Ohio State. For the most ever appearances on the top of the Associated Press college football rankings the started all the way back in 1936. So they're making their 106. Appearance at number one. And that passes again Ohio State's. They looked good they look great just like usual on this week they take on almost. On Saturday on the road. Arkansas won and won it and hogs blew an eighteen point second half lead on the road against a non power five school last week it's got to be one of the most embarrassing moments. In recent memory at least for Arkansas. And then this programs out a lot of them recently embarrassing moments. Colorado State so they'll lost do it RD has now after a couple weeks some Arkansas boosters and and prominent. Supporters cheer restless with first year head coach Chad Morris I think it's way too early for that the its north Texas this week. Jeff for that. Auburn still though no surprise Syrian and LSU head coach Gus smells on he said last week it was a tune up. Tigers had to get better this week they got the opportunity to entrench themselves among the top tier the SEC it's big moment for them they are eight and a half point favorites here. QB Jarrett still done he's played him. I played well against Washington. You look at were on fire the first couple weeks. But hasn't thrown an interception he's been that we all of that offense. And we will see what happens here against LSU. That's me and that's daggers LSU chewing though it and we target this lesson and that will give credit to sense being human who says the boomerang fans here. This heavily turner doesn't quite feel like fans can make up their mind on expectations for the tigers this season just a couple of weeks ago. Most fans were saying 78 wins. Realistic that was before Miami now you've got a good portion of the LSU fan base saying they expect LSU to go on the road against number seven Auburn. And win a football game. That's your expectations than you've got to be on the opposite side of that double edged George got to be just wanted to they'll lose I don't have those expectations. And any case this week's going to be great barometer for progress in the and coach Joseph Aaron. Not about that at 230 on Saturday against. SEC west they haven't disappointed yet. 96 to seventeen it outscored their opponents the pits here. Stephen F Austin and Kansas State the two opponents Harley two powerhouses although that case state game was on the road. The relatively soft opening schedule continues for a couple of weeks are gonna face the rage in cage in each of Louisiana followed by. A road game at Kentucky and events not squashed off the softest people bottomless. Kentucky beating Florida last week for the first time today 86 we get that just second almost two and all not many people had Ole miss swift joins us start the season. They open at Texas Tech that victory there opened some eyes a bit better soak in all those good vibes and good feelings right now is not the last. Alabama's committed to open an Internet this week Texas NM one and one. And maybe the most impressive one and one in the entire country right now. And most celebrated news on campus was not honeymoon on the football field is passing Texas. As the most valuable college football program in the country at according to Forbes they're not number one on that list. On the field of any thing as a moral victory in the sport promise last week's two point beat Clemson. It's all there head coach Jim both Fisher. Muriel looks like he's put this rebuild in the premier. And and to be tough out it looks like it's about everybody this year. So that's the Wessels over the SEC east is around the SEC continues here on the last lap I'm Seth Dunlap thanks to a snow tonight. Florida won an online and know. Now wasn't supposed to happen last week the gators got beat up by Kentucky. Kentucky. Now I got to face a surprisingly tough tests at home against Colorado state of Colorado State is diligent they did Arkansas. So this gators team. Looks far far from the dark courses deceit Salinger that some people thought they might be this season no chance of that I don't think. Tougher Colorado State this week. Georgia to let go as expected. They look like the class of the SEC east after their curb stomping of South Carolina on the road alt dot South Carolina might keep that close no way. But are we heavy favorites next four weeks so that means must something really unexpected happens here they're going to. Head to Baton Rouge. Late October and face LSU as an undefeated team I am Middle Tennessee State this week. Kentucky til now what a week for the wildcats they got their first win against Florida since 1986. Unreal. Two really good looking runners by the way Benny snow junior seemed rose. To compliment the dual threat quarterback their Terry Wilson. Clay this year to three know after two and appear against Murray State. So they got this week. Missouri should know. Like what's the SEC a record a little misleading to a though. As I met fans can point on a map where Cheyenne Wyoming is Mike Miller while menus nor Shanahan is. And we'll see you produce with South Carolina one in one study by a brutal month. Pro Will Muschamp prove. Amanda Ford himself in that DJ Durkin press conference that he was. Defending him and then they just got absolutely humiliated by Georgia. Lot of gamecocks fans we're playing that game as a Bellwether for the program and a must champ. Does anybody really think must Japanese going to make South Carolina consistently relevant in this conference just think about that. Earlier we consistently relevant under Will Muschamp. Alex. Marshall this week or should get healthy there Tennessee one in line. Boy things have fallen a long way it rockets operate. Any rebuild there is going to be pretty slow pretty painful. So don't. Focused too much on that opening week let down number couple weeks ago against West Virginia national game. A lot better last week I know is a directional school. East Tennessee State de 59 to three. They lack a mold them and you accept this week. Can get painful rebuild for Tennessee but time. Pentagon they're gonna be patient I know ball sends a wanna be patient and got to be. Many still know commodores would be good against middle Tennessee and Nevada and elegant step up the way up in class on the road. Yes number eight Notre Dame. I'll tell you were talked Ralph about this that that game caught my eye because it's only NSA only. A thirteen and a half point spread in the game. That means. The is the sports books on Vegas either think one or two things they think Mandy. It is going to be a little sneaky competitive this year or they arts really sold on Notre Dame. So Notre Dame this week. Now 100 games and yes he's the epic that's around the SEC we'll take a break and come back we'll talk a little fantasy football Scott Smith the road of his dot com hop on into the program. And if you got a question to got a fantasy football question. You can send us your questions one or two ways you can give us a call at 5042601870. 5042601870. Or in Texas the question will pass and on the sky here next segment text line is 87. 870 I'm Seth Dunlap macro Scott Smith after this on the last lap. Al connect to the program it's that time of the week let's take Gail look. That fantasy football with Scott Smith of roto ms. he's on Twitter at as Smith FF scouts going on mantown at first regular. Everything going to accept friend who are originally that's certainly possible that a this week we're. You know four iron curtain and not know what Matt Stafford did I mean have no clue what happened they're destroying him after church amendment mariners shirt there. Matt Patricia looks like the frat boy next door backwards captain and a pencil and this I don't know what's going on that's going to be disaster I think. And isn't. The would you hire that guy if you watch in your building. Arnold being Arnold again. Really democratic men don't like coach entry to go to that opened up about well so. Yeah there's been one and bill O'Brien and I guess that's still allow up for debate they're still in the division titles two playoff appearances. So our talk about the quarterback's first here Patrick my homes shouldn't. Is this guy going to be elite from a fantasy standpoint in that offense is I had these about original lineup. The world if he is an already. Oracle think you have to look at you you take and Patrick on the typical tool there everybody does not he has the ability. Look at the history in the Trenton Andy Reid as a play caller also coach and historically been good. And Cutler can't hurry you know. Who are people on there re exactly how you're REQ. I mean he's basically a unicorn struggle in the police. You know he changed the way action in that Alex and for his career you know it's all well and good ball there. You know Larry Gilbert. That would yeah. He. Oh career and I and everything on earth for well it is up well for the year. When you add in an injury. You know try it out here and argue and you. The partner and meanwhile in would be that that third year. While in the. Yeah are all those guys going to be just very good and fantasy this year hunt Kelsey Hill I even watch since may or those guys is going to be kind of guys you you wanna start every single week. I think he'll kill our entire I think when it comes to chat block and it's going to be a volume issue there's just not enough ball to go around people that god. Happy weekend and week out and our thanks and lock in is gonna come of these odd man out on the few weeks but it. You know EU what you weigh in certain matchups. But we. I'd say go rest quarterbacks here give us some guys if you could where some guys you are starting this week who are some guys are certain. Are all aware guys that are like this week is Alex Smith again Indianapolis. I'm kind of gauge where I'm. Can right now he's right at number nine. That our imports that come Amanda thinks some of that weathered the academic gonna and a around the war in here but you talk about it in apple intern who has appeared this year there are quarterback he entered in the in the back. And then eat and there is whether it's somewhere and Alex is that they're intermediate and short game bird while he's away and expected numbers much. And you talk about it you know that call log back to cook collectively have 201 and one. Only you know cross oh career and I think that works laggard like that you artery in there Crowder and I actually grew up about her backyard. Think Alex Smith weather and the good matchup between either got a lot. About running backs Mae and some start. Will you wanna talk about. A lot of people are there Andrea that are here recruit these are and that now and and apply banged up they even. For use in the game. You know it meant is that what would never been on or get a guy like they're in their. In coop murders but. You know that are in the weight. Oh god. Yeah a bit ago he thought Yahoo! group it looked like the better back in the better it. And I think with all of the line injuries and then even you know you got more area in there in the in the I think the game well and it earned over that more would Yahoo! with. We're partnered in our what he caught up like the one that you don't get back you know he's another. When it well. On the court ball want to talk about well in a lot I think eager to distance is gonna. Eagerly you work well the year 160 charged yet at. The interesting thing about the book about watching the news once they shut it down after. Really are the there 11 not an outdated and out that it even a well written how much Edwards won by repeated. And I think they're and that we all. And you got that that was an excellent pick them where is another week where they and a lot of of the board that would long. Scott Smith zeroed of his dot com that S Smith fantasy football talk and fan so let's go to receivers here I think I got lucky and art and and last laugh and a Sealy I've managed to grab Quincy and noon loft the fantasy waiver wire you think he's going to be. A guy you can count on throughout the year in the sweet. Yeah actually went hard after the violent league law political are. Which you saw there would Limbaugh on the yet you saw. Where he called black you're you're gonna go to Iraq and change it could be all the book but all the orbit came out of the slot and you want to gotten big and have a lot of political ability. He was hurt last year had a breakout year there in about sixteen and I just saw that there was the war there were turned off or ball looks culpable in the intermediate and short route and and like you know and block the guy who had a lot of the only the go ahead of north that the catcher Gregg you know the ball. We've only got like Doug Baldwin if you're drafted him he's hurt now and he's saying as me opens Valium to be healthy all season long is this some guy if you try to get rid of some out. If you can find somebody annually and Angola and treat them I would I would definitely go ahead in trade commissioner. Kind of happened that Simonyi and your bench and look at forgot the waiver wire and Chris Dodd agreed to. We talk about them on the football preview sure that we did a little bit. And you know additional action at a big production expert involved in such and so. God when gonna go and get a chance just start he played odd person does not again the senate last week. But whenever he's gotten 50% or more now. He's actually put up around twelve or children Orangeburg and the or either which blue light around that that ran wide receiver who number I think he's got the ball off a waiver wire it is got the talent and it's going to be good opportunity here. SP in the waiver wire says there anybody that you think our audience of than the guys you just mentioned mission be keeping an eye on it there are still available. You know going walker went down and a lot of smoke but god has been very under Hillary are. He's not the big tight and that you would think 666 an animal like Jimmy or whatever. Keep more have a built like belts for the way you look at it that political spot keep that in mind set. And well all score and he did very well or all of it woke up mature and become bought me a draft. You know I think she's good god it's going to be a lot in. And indeed well within the confines of that offense that they at Rutgers and in the city and I figured out that it happened on a court date with some pretty much the main. God doesn't you know target their antennas you know you're going Walker's. Historically been we've got one and with near match and and they're going on data without recorded. Before really I don't wanna circle back around Ben Roethlisberger because he had one of the worst games of his career. Is he somebody you can count on fantasy wise any longer. Ben Roethlisberger is a guy count on but what people fail to realize is. You have to look at his home and away split key historically been bad away from the confines of that Burke. When he played that home. He actually put to. Wholly different numbers I actually that one number two quarterback this week I think she's gonna have a big bounce back game and I think whenever you play that hole. You go ahead and start him confidently when he's on the road game. That's when you look forward you know orchard quarterback you're second type of guy provided he doesn't have really really really good matchup there. The store we overlap for four years it is on the road record it. What other quarterbacks have those home away splits. There. You have a marked all the output by Edgar you know general XP game in. He it's papered. On the road it is not heard the number and the outlook it a lot of thought went into our way you know. Centered oh and they're actually home. You know it is there an underdog at home auto that's when they're going to be your garbage or is there an area. As it all so you know trying to look for all and you know we talk about the power over another guy. Especially with those with the Russian or achieved so last week is that Bert that's the type of guy actually when you're looked in the smaller you know on a weekly basis. Scott's order we will find you were meant. I get on it go. Dark also my like either each week on and it goes on each record there. That we are on the spot on your. Aren't Scott appreciate timeout touch and actually. Scott Smith at best Smith FF docket fantasy football we'll take a break here we come back let's go to Vegas went out in the desert doctor Ralph Michaels did. A big a's view on the NFL and college football games will we will do that next stick around plus pick six coming up I'm set Dunlap. And this is in the last lap. I welcome back to the show it's that time a week Tim's embers not here as we make our picks six he will make his picks tomorrow. Next Tim and I am and we have a guest speaker each week last week it was an audience member in this week it's an MB Logan who's our producer and master control today he ready for this is your initial foray here and do. And it takes six. Yeah I am bomber attacked back I'll last week and by the way I just wiped the floor. With everybody last year I think I ended two point games over 500 mess I was the only person over 500. And I am calling my shot again just like I did last year I AM saying a mile competent sports better on this program. A little cocky here. Premiere on him from Merrill and gets beggars because they don't get to Williams over 500 and like my chances here and for a one week. Well Marty got a lead now at three in three last week. Tell when it's. One and five and our guest speaker caller what two and six are now one game wind. On the guest picker and it's a two game lead on ten after one week so you ready for this. I'm sure you know what you're out so. You asked me if Alan and music behind as a said not change my mind and some music and this man this is it's you know it's the last segment of the night's second last segment of the night. Give me a little pumped up here. Star in the NFL those are the saints game saves against the browns what we do here is whoever's in front pass to pick first the other. People can fade so only golf they admit means you guys can go Oppo meeting you know make up some ground like the saints here. Just like Ralph said coming off a display a loss last week I think the saints Q healthy here saints apps minus nine now Lichen some no insanity gotten. I'll sort the saints here to be honest with you I feel like this loss that we just had is going to release invigorate them to. Push themselves out there are more. I feel like they're not going to slouch as much as they did this past summer film saints here to Vietnam with the our it division rivals here and this is a big game. Falcons and home without Deion Jones their linebacker without their safety Keon O'Neal bulls on injured reserve Jones may return later this year. But I think it is riddler I think it's panic time for the falcons and I liked the Panthers here. I really do even on the road this is a place and a team that they have beaten before. And it's for is down as I've been on Cam Newton. It looked very good and we won at least like a guy who's not making the poor decisions he's had in the past at least for one week so. How like the falcons giving a talk us you know like the Panthers getting six points here Panthers plus six Celtic. Carolina. I it will also take the Panthers here I I've it's if I work here and I can't really be felt that. Now a move to Britain floods earlier I was. I just don't feel now Felix gonna happen so yeah statement deficit patriots at the jaguars Ralph says take the patriots here I very rarely go against Ralph bit high end so high. On Jacksonville. And even Ralph said. Slightly leans patriots here. I think the jaguars looking to make a statement and avenge their AFC championship game loss last year that jaguars are getting your point here I think this is going to be. A close ball game and I like jags it'll. I'm ticked patriots actually. You can sign up Logan on the patriots don't. Covering covering football last year saw a lot of patriots games you know just. Too many patriots jets too many patriots games but I I came to you know I kennel like them and I I I really feel them mismatches here. I let's go over to college football LSU Auburn Ralph says stake Auburn I'm not going against Ralph this time I know that's a big line especially forehead against a defense like he'll issue has Seles she Guinea ten points. But I will take Auburn here and for the second it's. Time in three weeks and going against LSU so maybe I am the ocean good luck to debut immunity and Scioscia really be Allergan. A meticulous here I've a lot of faith that they can possibly pull this off before. Now police against the spread mean ten points is a lot no doubt about it not Ohio State against TCU. Ohio State is Justine monster right now they got a chip on their shoulder after the whole Urban Meyer. Zack Smith fiasco. Ohio State I think he's going to roll over TCU so I do like the baucus. I am as well with Ohio State here I should that should tell people line here it's Ohio State minus thirteen and a half via. That's it's a pretty big margins especially compared like via mail a short Auburn games like three and a half points you know. Yeah I'm I'm really feel Ohio State honest about bam that at Ole miss. You couldn't make this line high enough I don't think whenever it seems starts to feel little good Alabama is there to squash all hope. Three touchdown favorite is Alabama and that's not high enough Alabama on the road minus 21 and a I like the tide here the Allergan. I'm I have to go with with Alabama here on now it's just some about this matchup makes it wouldn't pick Alabama. All right let's sell around the room again so that's our pick six you and I both like the saints over the browns at minus nine we both like to paint there's a plus six at Atlanta. You like the patriots. At minus one at the jaguars Alec jaguars in that game in college football I like Robert M minus ten you like LSU plus ten. We're both on Ohio State at minus thirteen and a half at TCU and we both like Alabama. Three touchdown favorites panel that's that's our pick six to make his picks tomorrow trying to make up. A little ground here's he's already two games behind. I we will take a break wrapping up our show next including a moment zen from Alex Okafor states and I'm Seth Dunlap misses the last lap. Here is a final look at our blur under through its opinion poll on line at WW old dot com are you confident the saints will rebound against the browns load and marriage talking about he's not too confident. I am I on the yes side this 53%. Agreeing with me saying yes 47%. Are saying no thanks to everybody who voted in that hole. Do you miss any of today's program including any of our guests conversation drought Michaels on Vegas still Ericsson. Covers the saints for the advocate that was a fantastic conversation and around but our one by the way. Joseph completely disagreeing on my prize music please disagreeing become an annual bit and and slam on markets Davenport takes I was great audience eating manna. Brooks demeaning covering LSU and Scott Smith coverage fancy be missed any of those interviews and you've our show. Check out the podcasts at WW dot com radio dot com app. That's going to be good for our program thinks to Logan felt good master jewel thinks dims and are thrilled booked the show up thanks to our program director Diane Newman and hello this is Danny our tradition during the day. For helping out and thanks to you for listening. I'm Seth Dunlap sand so long and head it off to beyond reality radio and as we do every single day we leave you with our. Moment is Dan here is saints defensive end Alex Okafor. Talk about just how bad the film will look for that defense and how they beat themselves last week.