Last day of summer

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
Thursday, September 21st

It's the last day of summer and Hurricane Maria is off the coast of the Dominican Republic. 


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When that let's go live and direct WW LTV is pinpoint forecast center and say hi to the very real mystery here apologist Chris for a incline the very real. He had the manager Chris it's no good anyway yeah no fake neurology you'll hear Chris this absolutely not a they did is definitely still on now although Alltel yeah. I the last week or so it's been like eighty here downtown when we do this and today were in the seventies for the first time in awhile so they at least it's a little bit cooler. This morning right here in downtown New Orleans like three degrees cooler at at the we'll take we can get absolutely it's a small little things in life. The makers happy it's a real change in temperature and added a matchmaker right right exactly right but we're still in the throes of summer even those is the last day in summer day. And lest they fall officially begins at 302. PM tomorrow. With a high of ninety zealots my fault and among users Owens. Yes the mud is is staying with this for the next several days ranges that we have a pretty decent shower yesterday afternoon right over the city. It looks like rain chances today you're a little bit less open we're gonna see quite as much coverage around for this he quite that type of heavy showers that we had a red yesterday but still clutching at about 30% chance for showers today hi Brent ninety. As were just talking about firstly a flawless tomorrow but it's still going to be a high of ninety degrees about a 20% chance for Fridays are wrapping up the week. And heading into the weekend not bad about a 20% chance for showers Saturday Sunday ran a 30% chance of highs upper eighties to near ninety degrees. Looking ahead. Again we're talking about this yesterday morning our next cold front that's kind of beyond her seven day. You're still looking at a cold front coming up look it it it looks like it's gonna happen maybe Friday of next week so have to go outside of our seven day forecast. And we don't like to do that and I'm I'm I'm I'm being optimistic that. Maybe get kind of a week. Delay an hour of fall on the Amanda maybe just imagine a cold front so we were taught classes. We have that story yesterday right warning yeah an Eyewitness News. And we were all imagining the cold here it didn't work now man I was still sweating and that's what I can imagine being on the beach I can imagine the waves lapping up to drank home me and sue me right right I can't. Imagine that it's ten victories to win degrees cooler stuff it's tough to get rid of the huge missed. In your mind that has sweated so many mistakes made its revenue it's evident they were laughing so hard they spilled their imaginary coffee and I caught and driving them. Another prisons angry with David Blake firm telling them he was eating an imaginary cinnamon bun with icing and butter is now they want on that in real feel a summit sprawling when he was talking about the cinnamon roll with icing Ian bought it and buttery well I was imaginary get him on one and I beg the imagine there are recognizing Israel and the senate presence as they should have an imaginary bowl -- applause because these people are concluded that affect. A pastor. Right. What is up winds hurricane Maria Maria is off the coast of the Dominican Republic north of the coast so it didn't make landfall there but. It's close enough that they're experiencing some hurricane force winds heavy rainfall. It'll continue moving toward the Turks and caicos and southern Bahamas over the next few days and by Sunday into next week it'll start paralleling the East Coast. Still uncertain if it's gonna make a landfall along the East Coast but. Folks they're gonna be watching it pretty close as we get into next week. Maria is not a threat to the Gulf of Mexico at all he's anything right now to know where we're looking quiet for the next. Canas seven to ten days pretty quiet in the tropics for us. And actually looks like maybe the tropics in general will start to kind of slowed him a bit at least over that kind of five to ten day period. Does look like we're gonna see much the way of any other further development once were dumb with Jose which is still sitting off the coast of New England. And then we're done with Maria at may have a little bit of vote. Lol in the tropical development. It kind of funny that Jose still spent and out there is paktia and Lee have already know disappeared on yeah we and we're still talking about it as today's storm is still there can't Allard gone we've got Adam with Maria right but that doesn't look like there's any and on the near Toronto on the horizon what is left of the Lee is still on the Atlantic but it's being given only. 10% chance of development so we're not like this anything from the relatively inexpensive mr. meteorologist. Chris Frankel enliven director of the pinpoint forecast senator.