Larry Fitzgerald, Sr talks Saints vs. Vikings

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Friday, January 12th

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The saints vikings game coming up of course a final game of the divisional weekend. And then we're having had this gentleman with us our guests Larry FitzGerald senior reporter who covers the vikings and you. Meno of his son who plays football for the cardinals' Larry I guess city ideal some play again next year as he decided. Not yet decided he would good morning good to be review. These still vote traveling right now on. Clearing. Some of the pain and agony from and the new season ardently. And eighteen million bill this year. And does support group went through what three quarterbacks. In. The fear in Carson Palmer retired as head coach show Tuesday whose careers are over so. It got a lot to work through where he's thinking about it when he's ready over the world. You have been a sports reporter for the long time for the longest time and I think as so the first rule you've covered was here. Raiders in Philadelphia winning and the big yellow ribbon around a dome. You've got to believe and don't forget it was my bird first became. The first year beginning journalists. That never credential. Robert Baker plate of food out vehicles that you want Amare greater currency and happily get other. And in heels. Or at the falcons. In junior college in Saudi was starred for the Eagles. In this group or RO I would miss watching him. Get a chance to go try and win a world championship and it was sort of where or right there in New Orleans. My late wife was born there in New Orleans. Yes. Some connections so you run Larry covered the vikings for the Minnesota spokesman a spokesman rather recorder. What what do you know about the vikings that maybe we don't and how do you see the match up between the two teams. There bird determined football team and its might beat the bears defense. They've. My. A government since 1978. Minutes in the corridor so global yeah since 1970s. Started right there and laws and then. If this incredible defense team Mike Zimmer has the tremendous ability. To synchronize. Great. We're. Do boo vehemently. And that would lead giving guys in the right position. To recognize certain things when the ball snapped on and affordable map. And then we shall we here's. I think they six. Pro Bowl on that team and I did. It the ability legal tools support him. Also obviously yeah pension Griffin on the outside. There and the make up what that they have at linebacker Anthony Barr. Yen. Is that that some players are easy road. Era and behavioral and Apollo lock down corner. He's trying to you watch him on and so Larry and me in and around Cuba if you watch him on some video. It'll scare you. Dirty real physical and that's his game he's intimidating. Item our receivers to get comfortable at all he didn't do it but talk and he does about physically. Do indeed your finger on each in their report in total vikings there's no clue. Being number one on National Football League in terms of points. And in terms the ability to. To assert just give people that feel. They are on third down we think about the so. Only want our processor completion percentage. The ability to move to mix down should try to do for our. Only 25%. That was the National Football League console they'll ill 3.4. Please. They whip Dick column explosive gains plain old reboot sixteen. Or twenty yards. Or running back or wide receiver. They're fees per game there's 3.4. And it can do that the National Football League you're gonna get so the chance to win and that's what they've been able to you know give it most teams they equally. And getting single picture business and and one inaction employee programs in the Steelers. And receive some very good cookbook in during the year on schedule and voted not the law. Tell me about case Keenan some talk has been made of him never playing in a playoff game before and maybe the stage. May or may not be too big for money think. Well natural Google always what it is in this it is first experience not the solely in the post season. And mentally or out of figured out that. When those boat that reasonable right to abuse China and so forth. I've not forget the first game being in the viking wore moment I've got this incredible series Kane. That game was won by Sam Bradford. Brett there was accord he threw for three got her seat to the premiere and 43 arts. And the industry are very weird week that he got hurt and there is keen optical. The kid is using the reelect guide to seeing him. The only child to do he can do and he has been spectacular this see the vikings certainly wouldn't be. Playing these glow in saint. In a game like this without him epic charmed season and another bring that up to get there or Europe and more running. That aren't an oracle. So they kept it more open. Because of the players that stepped in cape kingdom being the big one. I kept Atmel. Larry floor relate to go how you see the game. Ending would you take a win I guess predicted and prediction is one amassed in the in my own clumsy way. Well they don't seem to agree that there are OK there's no secret to that he's more accurate quarterback. In Seattle Pro Bowl history and so are not crazy. I don't know that. If he plays well I deeply last week. Deputy the ability. To be Korean in the park. And to complete 70%. Of this. It don't matter would be pension plan against mobile. To street is gonna delivers clean water and so. That would be the answer right there return of the vikings played with Betty. And the saints gotten all. The bike in with the crowd in the game the rate you're going to be in trouble sort I don't think in. That's going to be game like. That because of the vikings are pretty. Predictably. And sank defense is good. But not great. The vikings are gonna win it. Larry I appreciate you time I really deal and I as a non ahead beyond we I think we first solve became familiar with yet. From you Super Bowl coverage when your son was playing in the game and so forth and hope we get to talk to you again. I would look thanks mark two long. Good some. Day you yell I hope you're wrong about the game now. Oh yeah pentagon data. That. You thank you my friend Larry FitzGerald senior reporter covering the vikings for the Minnesota spokesman recording his son. One held receiver I'll tell you that 755 traffic now.