Laplace man shoots & kills alleged intruder

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Thursday, September 14th

Tommy talks with Loyola Law Professor Dane Ciolino about homeowner who shot and killed an alleged intruder in his house.


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There was a shooting in the applause. He yesterday middle of the night. And somebody tried to break in no man's home. And according to Saint John Baptist sheriff Mike trade. The homeowner should tell when a very good news trying to bring in his house those things covered on our at least. They have video the whole thing that says you know notes learned over the DA but he was not arrested because a guy I was Bergen and who has house. This is what his cousin had to say. Who'd channel four's Jacqueline Quinn in a story last night the cousins name is Andrea Wilkens we wasn't aware nameless on breaking Samoa Joseph carnahan's. I don't want to offend somebody or see what bothers me about this is and understand a ladies grief. We didn't know he was gonna break DN. He probably did it because of the mode Joseph which means he was on drugs. And the guy's got a record where he was been in prison for ten years I think five of it was for she wouldn't. Or at least he shot five people in and night Levy was convicted of that on Christmas Eve of all things. Dane ceiling on joins us right now talk about stand your ground laws it's Saturday morning Dana you don't. I'm well. Mom wanting to struck me here about this story in the end it happens occasionally is that there was video evidence. To support what the homeowners said and while we talk about having video cameras to protect us from the bad guys maybe. In some way it would be a bad idea to have a video camera and home apart tech Q from the good guys if there's a question about who you shot how. Well it sure are obviously. Video evidence is the most compelling evidence. That you see now in court you don't hurt and all that many court acres but when it it is absolutely compelling. We obviously we there yet but the video. That supports the homeowners and those on the physical evidence in the with a sell it to the case that shouldn't be. But he misunderstandings and and beat. Homeowner was. So this sort. At least according to Asia opposite pretty clear case of self perhaps. And the police some. Said they found a belief analysts gone in the yard which they think might have been he cared that one of the two people. Oh when it comes and I don't mean it to drive this camera thing into the ground but. So many times he shooting sometimes hinge on politics and and whether or not you even have. Have done anything wrong you still have to go through the expense of hiring a lawyer if a grand jury again which could be influenced by the politics of the situation decides to indict you war. A DA because of the politics and you know a lot of this happens decides whether or not to even bring it to a grand jury. As an attorney and a very successful one would would you advise people maybe. To get a camera system to protect themselves not only from the bad guys bled from the bloc political aspect of shooting an intruder so that you'd be. Absolutely you read write and exonerated from the beginning if you were right of course. Yeah I'm opposite him camera systems are very expensive and they're odd did you ever use that system are quite. Are quite well by. But it is kind of like to gun itself and a town remain in Iraq do you hope you never have to use it right but if you. And then when you look at the car. And and public should use of the camera that anyone could they would want. In their car haven't bash will come to a court. You know whether. It doesn't allow whether you're responsible. Pulled over by a police officer to have crew or whether it was probable cause to be COLT go first. First grown and gone. Of course lots of policemen and Connors. On our videotape in the more nowadays by. But it all comes on as much separately the police are. There's dash cam video where he. Reached a cold though in the first case. That could underline lots of alt rock. In Arizona brunt of the cameras is. It was Louisiana stand your ground law are you presumed. Innocent I mean and that's a wagers burdens is pose a word that you're innocent until proven guilty but. Are you pretty covered by the stand your ground law someone is trying to bring any ounce. Well everybody of course innocent until proven guilty although. It. But he juries don't quite understand that and presume there accused Israel but. But when it comes to the end of coal Louisiana had them. Whole friendly. Are justifiable homicide provisions. In the entire country really mean there is a very strong presumption that you'd shoot somebody aren't the query into your house. Or even your car. Then there is very presumption. That you had a reasonable. Belief that they are shooting was necessary. And and of course they're the stand your ground provisions in them. And the justifiable homicide law that says use you can standard ground meat or was forced out no obligation to retreat. And the jury can't even consider the possibility retreat in evaluating the use of course was just are so. Very strong provisions in and obviously goes help this homeowner escapes. And and and and which it is several other takes. Past couple years we operate them in the well let's shooting where we sorry Ronald gaps are. Jumped on you so. Very strong. Very strong self defense in defense of property. Thank you Dana ending or miss and you want to end. Don't. Appreciate you time and have a good day and thank you coming on as always our.