The Lafitte Fishing Report

Don Dubuc, Great Outdoors
Saturday, August 19th

Capt. Theophile says fishing's great.


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And I Louisiana man report was down Toefield which was brought about flam ball outdoors exclusive makers of zeros tackle boxes with an anti rust protection tough terrain as they think outside that box since 1947 and on to demean the USA. They've built a fish and a built the last. Until you don't this morning Allen the go to India made a special trip and had to say hello to you. Good morning and men and now and we're doing. Coup if we Liggett and greatest guys. Is those are not on the sound and that's you know her room and Alan heard about it that. It is that the England. The bigger than my being right on the big Natalie that's that the globe but would give me the nick is guys from the feed bands. Common economic domination Shimbun report and just negotiation is that not so. People ahead in the state in the G considering on the child and liable out there and count so. That it MS Padilla and on jade bird not only can honestly right now. I'm going to cut it and now get ski establish that there. So the strip and reporting bag it as we speak that's kind of lie out Spectra numbers kind of slowed up early. Nobody no change you know those kind of so as of yesterday morning nature they need to be that you. The debt expect him and it dropped. You know that there are around in a little fire animate here's there Sunday. They want a 52 child son and marriage day it will Alibaba which is Google it and get. Gonna get in those I would think that wasn't. And British right here in the Marshall out by Piero literally could opt. Out they. Sub. Yeah a lot of child rounds so. Canas strip and a car seems to be the most productive. Group is that a blade school or predicted that got a screw it got attention that. I'd chase on Saturday and Sunday like a little lake and opted capita backyard they've been they're not really. And I have a flag waves and AM here in a speech you're really pay attention mentally there. But biggest thing is new right now I am not west went. And now and then probably can only treat for not so this is not let's right now on a bad enough as an adult that. So much you and the plane and you can't. Buy it now that things. Well you create such visual images. I got captain Tokyo we got a listener here that's I've written and has a question Korea. I'd be okay says is there any bull red action in the upper beer Terry today he's going to moto or myrtle grove in the order with his son but only in a flat boat so we can't from the passes what do you suggest for him. I area yet that I mean that's one area like concentrated on the air that is the camera shall be salaam in a boat all of this focus on top portable it. So mean yet it then will not when you come Odyssey from summer group on us so well and now that are put in an op at a back in oh. The interior based in Beijing I mean focused and pay and stuff that it. Pretty has done activity for a boat traffic out though but that is a little well. Again and the pretty you know pretty big cushion. Big Croatian Google's. That now it went like this you know keep it going to be favorable way he's come out so. Well we talk about guys like you any kind of a little brief show as we knew that but apple and Achtenberg aside jet. People side so you can't see. You big fish get in it as part of the rebel couldn't can defy gravity that lead which side. Com it's clear. Any time mr. Roland bank in and spoke a little bit you catch it this year it is that he eat he got one cartridge at one gap could honestly. He had this is not under the age. The ebb. And backpack product that and he is we come and I got six guys immigrant out all up or there's only fissionable chubby talking out again. Located Shelly next week. Bandits and entrees and Hillary is a giant. Policy areas south of Louisiana this. There are the apps is crap about. I'd rather watch paint dry like yeah. He'd been but I mean if you want action in the bad judgment that bout that extreme you get props ever want. And on the flip side of that I'm actually. Indonesia well everyday more respect or China but are so going back and I can't get out big big Trout pitcher but this week because it didn't. Got a small yet they had. We hit. Probably conference to reach out yesterday and all. Right there are 1814 engine was promised small screw it all week but you know and that the opposite of that note finished unhappy let's not yet. Now that's typical for this time of the year earlier than those fish to downsize a little bit. I told somebody wants to get older you take the plane stay at the chalets stay at the Vista though go around and wants to deadly Geist commenting and all that. He again is he's steady in the Cuba. Yet deadly that it is neck and let them they did you did you go out we England though a vision Java based police. Expired yet we don't. When this this week that I would be back donut down on the broadcast the an avenue Vietnam and the that it gives you a tight ship in a compound that we can all book she's broken heavier now that's. Final four equal one. That's excellent for it give a couple of hours. Think frightening night you know. About it. But Bogota. We heard that. He sees. In that unit. You. And looks it. Who matter at this point counter appeal I don't know that I can get out of much hunt and fission like and and old and at. Or at school you it's it's definitely addictive you know it's simple tournament. It's red. I hear that women are better marked men and mentally I'll out I'm not then. I agree that they listened in it'd. I think if I agree got yet they needed not only that you've got to do and I Serbia and I can't condemn.