Kyrie Irving To The Celtics

The Cavs and Celtics made a huge trade during the NBA offseason today. Jake Madison of Bourbon Street Shots joins the show to break down the trade.


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Rock and roll our two somehow we've. Devolved into our youth ball into a Darryl Tapp roster making conversation we'll get to Scott in west Monroe. Are pretty gen our people this hour our player protests and National Anthem. The National Football League watered down we'll talk about that later on in this hour we also got to Madison coming up at 920. That must be trade with the cavs in the Celtics also Dez dealer will join us on that very topic are pretty jaguar people online at W to elect collar player protests. In the NFL. How are on the National Anthem watered down first or lead off this text though this is debt is is on the delta conversation. But your downfall sometimes you're quite contrarian. And really argumentative I've covered this team since they were beginning on 59 years old. Who's been inside the camp in previous years and don't talk about also take my advice you would be best served to not give yourself. So much credit. And listen more often. While I love it because when you work for will hurt for small who's even talking about comes Tyrod. So army there's no money to let him he said I'm glad Christians not to GM because he wants a cut young budding stars never once that I say I wanted to cut out putting on our trade exit. Here's the value of trade Anderson he can give you snapped a Darryl Tapp is strictly defensive end you could still have room for both of those guys beat all three of those guys because of how much versatility now. I still think there's a chance there's a shot I think of EB roll of the dice there's a chance that they might flow with the idea of trying to float. How could the Mohammed on the practice squad Althea Ali it's illogical and I don't think it's a law how likely. Possibility but. The two defense wins on the opposite side of Cameron Jordan. Path have surfaced it's clear it's Alex Okafor and holy key cop boat one had a sack. One had a wholly totally anti cop that was drawn on him because of the pressure he got. On add on that backside so. The merits of delta outlook come opened the discussion I'm just telling you from the guys at that route as this text or -- look. I've covered this team for nine years icon and a little bit about how they think Al what they think about. And he's roster cut down the Alley value veterans of that have given them snaps in the past opposed to. Counting on rookies I think it's very logical stance for anybody to think about that they can't put all our agent and a basket of a rookie when that's unproven now. I could see an instance where he's on this roster perhaps he's not even a roster we want a Wii two coming back that's a factor but also. When he's on the roster he can be an active perhaps perhaps the games are active for only have to gains and then. Don't give train just in time while the Mohamed one of the two to get ready. Good to play significant snaps down the stretch. What here's my thing. It's hearsay and that this is what the saints are going to do because they don't in the past I'm not gonna argue with you on that because you've covered this team however. If you're saying that the the wise and prudent thing to do is to keep Darryl Tapp. Darryl Tapp on this roster then let them to throw down Mallard drove down here I'm not saying that's the case I'm saying I think this is how they're thinking about it and to the the they're going to keep the like do I think it's it would be a wise move now and look to be honest and you. I kind of feel like it's 5050 I is not a lock but I just like Darryl Tapp right now. The way they're thinking we need to see more marketing monitoring Anderson OK you know available yes now that this is locate. The reason that I'm kinda making a mountain here out of Darryl Tapp is because I think this is an. Emblematic. Of the problems of this front offices had in evaluating talent over the years you're talking about a guy in Darrell breaking tap who has. Four sacks in the last six seasons of his NFL career playing defensive ends as that is where. I do not care what he's playing as a role player bind. He does not deserve a roster spot over guys like Mitch eleven over guys like I guess she said mama's gonna make it and so history Henrikson on this roster Gillette and you put on the practice squad. With the way his plan he might not make it through waivers to panic and you know what. Mitchell Levin do. Certainly contribute more as we've seen on special teams and Darryl Tapp that what does general tab gonna do on this roster nothing like he's done nothing the last six years of his career last four years is correct. It's insane to me. That this team who's in. Semi rebuild mode here in trying to rebuild quickly would keep 832 year old defensive end nick can't rush the passer. Can't play special teams and you can cut them Burt literally. And an adult terms nothing you'd save a million bucks and I understand that's a drop in the bucket. But that's still a million bucks and you know what that does that million dollars you know he's a this year it rolls over to next year. And with how cash strapped at times this team has been you can probably use that million dollar is sometime including mr. it's insane to me. That this team. And fine you wanna you know tell me here that I'm wrong this team's gonna keep him that's a bit done OK probably beyond that point you cover this team and you know but I'm gonna tell you that is. Aid drama. Decision to keep Darryl Tapp as a defensive men in the NFL it just isn't just flat out is over guys on this roster. Yellow as far as you point out that they've made bad talent. Evaluations of the last handful years you're right point that out but this is an A they've missed on draft picks and he missed on. High priced free agents that's the bigger as the bigger point I'm trying to make here is that. The it doesn't cost you anything ultimately to keep this guy over there roster spot which you can create elsewhere if it if you keep. Five receivers how does that how does that help your defense aligned if you keep one last linebacker which is possible. How does that how does that create a roster spot for Scott west general you want to be a duo. Guys so much under. There ought to happen not gonna make this squad there's no possible way 32 years old. They need to go with ENT that talent in my hotly it to me. Reminds me place second or third year achieve your goal is to explode now about you get EPO. They keep it low or that it would enrich them on the mysterious you know medically our whatever it is protected list. He got there but that there there's no way they keep their no pot. If they put one of those guys a mysterious. IR delta is doubling Megan is Tina. Without a doubt he's making his team but under that I don't know that scenario. Now limping its. They can protect one of those drastic Reseda it to maybe get some would be that we want it would be don't. Keep them there. Like it eat you get a court said. Is that what forced forced just six are these very two years old and a value. Look at the look at what it's cost me here's what I invite you to understand Scott. Under the CPA firm. Veterans of 989 years plus the NFL PA is paying that the saints are paying his salary. There's so so he's off the books he won't even be equated the top 51 salaries that go against the salary cap this is a free is is as a saint a look at. A free service for player that yes is a veteran he hasn't put up great numbers. But this guy is the the heat along if you look at every other NFL roster I'm sure could find five or six Daryl taps on other rosters that are that. Don't produce great numbers but provide pretty valuable snaps because of experience and play decently. Has a role player and sometimes or even inactive he's on the roster. Or. Play moving on what you just said Scott. Here he's a back up there's not there's not. Nobody in the NFL is deep across the board. Because of the salary cap like this. Nobody is Dayton is in an ideal world we'd like to have. Fourth five stars a defensive end it's not gonna happen. Every every every roster is predicated upon those role players. And lately in when you brought up the idea that the saints. Mike put tray Hendrickson or how could he Mohammed on this mysterious why are you putting Darryl Tapp on the roster by doing that. You know what I say it's a message that I'm talking about I think you can pretty. Completely out of. I don't know what I'm saying is that you know create a pool that would create a spot for for Darryl Tapp you'd have to buy numbers. Well he can but what went way I am it's it's a bit dirty player and I'll keep that why it's. And Jordan oh really let up Caylee Marie jump in here because this is your your hit on my next point here Scott he got cam Jordan peacock ha Hendrickson. Mohamed an open court that is five right there that's that's five since a DE. OK how many and how many defensive tad defensive tackles are gonna keep you've got Shawn Riggans David on him Mata. Tyler Davidson I think are all locks to make this roster the right and then you've got match eleven. You've got its bad Tony McDaniel. Tony goes on in his proxy that that's a that's fine but it's so you can you can played between her. You can play the Tweeter in ink and get Trey Anderson give you snaps inside a wall Kim Jordan he can also give you stats since I only go to NASCAR packs you can you can tell me I am. And I completely disagree with what you said it looked on the patriots roster that the packers' roster of the steelers' roster the Seahawks roster and they have guys like Darryl Tapp. And around the league I'm not the parent into the seats are not in the same stratosphere right now as those elite teams but every but teams. That are in similar to uses a saints they have guys like Darryl Tapp the reasons why the saints are are in the position they are we know why we know why but that's the best to gain that they have the flight. Take Massa coming up next pelicans and be right of former she just dot com. Big trade Cleveland and the Celtics we'll talk about it next here on W two duo. Basketball take Madison that Milledge Jake pelicans and NBA writer for Burma street shots dot com breaking up a bit of a a fight here between me incest. Has dealt that's the old return to that Jake thanks for being the the referee meant present. Yeah. Look big trade. In the NBA today carrier ring album clearly goes to the celtics' overall breakdown the trade compensation and your thoughts on who got the better end of the deal. You know to make sense for both sides Cleveland was in a predicament where city wanted you be treated not being there anymore. So they were trying to get a good return for him. Which is helping that situation with names oh are we are appalled George Streeter Hewlett. Oki C the stars beat the Indians and the very good return and a after it was you know he wanted to be of good for Cleveland. To get a return of my age I was gonna replicate. Partly year been scoring more bigoted fear strong defensive PNG Crowder was one of the better hunter Meehan BA. And that Brooklyn picked unprotected. He still potentially going to be a top three top five it. In this upcoming NBA draft after this to the bigger you return forgot that they don't want to get involved at all so this makes sense would be more. The reality on the potentially thirty million dollars at the end of next he's the kind of going to be forced into the situation that the falcons were in. We have two holidays here where it which is going to be overpay for the production needs. In the liabilities he brings with them. Here they buying extra year we need someone either being under contract for two more years. He had about the at this point what got me sent there when you look at it the treatment from both sides. But actually we're we think this treatment vote. Teams worse in the short term I think atomic in the huge liability on defense he saw available on playable in the late in the fourth quarter gains for the Celtics in the playoffs. You're gonna go to a team LeBron is sort of be impartial and scoring mode but that you get worse defensively. Because that they make up for some with Jake Trotter though not really hurt the Celtics yet they get. It's a league scoring barrier reef is gonna about the same number of points per game. But I it on with it but they wouldn't Jae Crowder in the on this summer and there are treated even wrap leeway they are you best perimeter defenders this summer. If they're like Cleveland in the Eastern Conference final the real questions come. How'd they Leu abroad and being down they act I could do that last and I am not sure they have that the upcoming year. So do you think Jake. That's. SE I guess I was gonna ask you do you think this changes the dynamic but it sounds like you don't think this changes the dynamic at all. Now though really I. About he still look at the have been the favorite this year the road yet it certainly going to rip about the power in the eastern culprits were not there yet. If you look at that we projections C updated. The they act as a game where they work and Celtic. Added about one point two wins they're saying. This coming year I don't think it is very much I don't think. You know people that the pop in culprit who music so. Eastern Conference is gonna do the rule. The cavalier and say Bob and overtake him in the final play of the warriors. This. The couple years and that their point guard can depend in late game situation again but be quick. Arteries absolutely atrocious on defense in the league court he's written one of the finisher around the rim repeatedly mystery but at a certain point you're gonna need this slowdown but it under. Great content that Kerry. And that was it even rap music Crowder I wonder other going to be able abuse. So in Boston though and Brad Stevens system. He's proven he can develop defenders were earlier talking about a winning K Gordon Hayward they brought in. Is an above average defender here do you think that hit that system the Brad Stevens system. Will work to his benefit may be developing more as he's going into aged 25 minutes. Seventy or in the league. I don't want. It players you know actors simply don't develop the skills and we've seen people change their game but just doesn't seem to be higher every year he has. He got when he cheated on you don't look very good defensive players around him. And he's still a net negative on defense that might be configured in school which scored. When the but all the sudden you know he's not going to be stop or slowdown at Kruger players you've got who do it that the commitment from these guys. Aren't wired that way mentally beaten deep into one of the better coaches in the league you get out of me go to Popovich. And Rick Carlisle we've seen in the past are able to do that. The skeptical here until like he would. So it's not gonna Jake Madison pelicans and NBA writer for Berman street shots about this huge tire re Irving to Boston trade here on double coverage. Really quickly and then I ask you follow what do you think that Isiah Thomas is a superstar in this league. You know yeah I. Think right now he has I don't know his window and abuse superstar it's going to be he's going to last very long EO of the few guys in the you know the few pieces in the strange that it wouldn't have mattered it is on the carrier. I can't comment with the one who was in the MVP conversation last year and Kyra you're being what it. I think you could get very geared with his age and can be you know under six foot in the NBA bet that. Cern near I think you can close the windows sooner rather than later. This guy who. At every point he's been doubted in the game the last pick in the draft. And no one thought you gonna make this point and he has and he proved everyone wrong so crews be wrong again you know in this situation I'm not going to be surprised. Yet here's my thing local abroad and this experiment here Jake. He has not had to win now with the lack of a major star and maybe we say Isiah Thomas is a star here bit. He would ball same carries better rate you put them up just while one you'd rather have carried then that Isiah. You know back. I don't think the harder it is necessarily. A player in the NBA welcome back beyond. Sure but now LeBron is forced to win it without a true true like a top twenty player ish. For the first time since his original Cleveland days right it's going to be interesting. He doesn't have a Tyree doesn't have a Dwyane Wade or Chris Bosh around and this is going to be LeBron James show. In the last somehow Isiah Thomas replicate those numbers is that I'll climb on skipped Lee can do that point nine points a game. I don't think we'll get to that point but I think if you can give them a little bit over 20/20 you port that they will be greater. You're not factory Kevin Lowe who you know as early this shortened of the stick in Cleveland that'll be even a couple of players either certainly though it kinda. Stick to what you're saying that ordered an MBA players are still there is strong talent on the team kind of program these guys especially that you agree in Dwyane Wade. Which it sounds like they're rumored you meet BP's he desired ladies are the direct. It's going to be abroad need to go back to being dominant LeBron hate heat over. It is not going to be where there's another guy in the finals targeted going to be able to score forty plus point to back to back games for the. NBA writer for Burma Sri shots dot com itself we appreciate it meant. I who won the trade between the cast and the Celtics final four. 26018 semi tech's 8787 sets fired up he's got six warriors. No I'm serious I don't want to one that strayed because the cavs didn't get better with this Jake said that nobody is closer to beat them. And heartless nature thought to a teacher expansive thoughts on this also gave an Algiers committee if you can weigh in final four to 6018 sending who won. The cavs are the Celtics in the straighten houses upset the landscape in the NBA not in the Eastern Conference we'll talk about it next. Here on double coverage on W to do well enough in the W. I welcome back at seven Christian here on double coverage who wanna carry German trade between the cavs and the Celtics. First though would go to Dana Algiers you're on W to do well to date. It would. It would be the MB. Quote gentry bad hire. Dips incompetent. GM. You can patent it. And at two straight lose in the a moment. This is deep as a man that was a that was and I just. Keep. Do players. You know you don't do well. Would play. At. An. Ankle back on. I doubt that occurred to talk about it we I would imagine it. Met in the lights. Like Jews. That Cuba. Thank you very much Dave telephone call got a text or 878775. Are shooting 5434. Cleveland robbed them in a big way you disagree that how did Cleveland robbed them in a big way you're talking about a guy who's going to be 25 this year. In Tyree Irving who's turning himself into a true superstar in this league and he's still developing but he's on his way to that I don't know how you think Isiah Thomas. And getting some you know role players in return in any inning closely Kyra Irving. Is going to give. Detroit excuse me Boston long term and I said Alaska this they support through Boston that. Is going to run that conference after next year this is going to be bosque the news conference for the next. 56 years after this season and everybody thinks LeBron is gonna leave the rest of the Christian who won this trade. Single state warriors is the second best team in the league. Just got worse and that's the Cleveland Cavaliers so they're the ones who won the strayed. Cleveland's not close the Seattle Michael Thomas who's a look at it again and that largely defender. I don't want I know I don't mind Isiah Thomas here's the thing though he has not had a season. Like he did last year and I don't think he's gonna have another when I think he's peaked and I do not think carrier Irving has peaked I think that Isiah Thomas will be fine he'll be a great distributor. And he'll also be great scorer playing ops that a LeBron James it. Again he cannot defend and that was the Cleveland's problem last year especially when they got to the finals. And it's maybe the biggest offensive machine in this league has ever seen you tell me basket when he had championship now. Now it is not guilty it's cattle move go to try to defend the star power of the of the warriors and in the office today they have needles and that's. The thought process why how I mean you you lose your second biggest star and you're getting a players is not as you just diary valued and I'll carry you out there you don't think even got the Toms as good as carrier readers that cater you know does that kind of shows are. The cavs start to think about life at that LeBron James. How to how how to rebuild densely it has some ammunition to do so. Send this text in the final four cavs won all day can the Celtics say they got better yeah op. They indicated they got a better player in return I do not understand this you largest haters I series is goes back. To everything that I heard it during the NBA finals and during the playoffs we just had. Cavalier and LeBron apologists come out of the woodwork in this city I do not get it I. I just do not give it I'd years not being objective if you think that Charles amend bills going on here on W the rule Charles. Crist ducked her elbow great job our. Thanks not. At night here on the culture so. Proceed and expand their sit at the saint waited too late stating I hate to go in the game. Say the plan that beat that's explain what a lot of in rupiah in an effort to get work enthusiast yeah. Did that carry hope you know we fight that 79 seat in the three year. And you can't get help the other real estate. Could help them. Oh. All thing. A lot of things refers about a year your general question is can their enthusiasm that they display that win on defense in their energy that they display and a win on defense. Against the Los Angeles chargers can spill over in the regular season and the answer that is yes. More importantly the confidence as the biggest take away if there's one that you can definitively say about this team. Here in the pre season forget about all are that is the defense improve though linebackers legit as a pass rush there gonna turn a ball over. We don't know that yet announced it's the basis but you can you can say that their confidence is clearly bigger and better than it was even a year ago in the pre season because. There haven't demonstrated except success now. They're there they're they're proving that what they're being taught. Is translating into on the field success and he minutes of pre season a win success breeds confidence yeah they're gonna play a. Better team here in May have the first two in the Houston Texans match deceit. What they do this Saturday and this will be the game game three that the stars who play more than they do any other pre season games so this kind of legal litmus test for me the defense has been really good. Admittedly this offense not very good for Houston so it's going to be more about that saints offense against the number one ranked defense from last year and Houston Texans split. And I just I'm more confident and I'm sound set up an optimist about the season in this team and I get a little more people what the injuries christening little more optimistic his regular well. I've Alison come off my record prediction. I am optimistic that they're gonna have a better defense like I feel good insane I got a text here 87878. Let's see what Cora Kyra he does would know LeBron 2636. Set the response. Public Tyree doesn't know LeBron on me what does anybody do with an old broccoli I don't know what you're trying to say there of course any. With in a vacuum without LeBron any players are going to be worse he makes everybody around him better. You don't reviewer Chris how has that ability he's doing whip. Are well lets your question does he have that ability yet I'm not sure but we need to see if you've. I think everybody forget just how good Tyree was on a really really bad team young in his career up there in Cleveland. I carries going to be fine and he's going to a team that has pieces he's going to. The second best team in the east is not like keys. Our goal incident the Phoenix Suns are some of these he's the one of the Boston Celtics you all like odd. But horses go haters I hate you all a little tongue in cheek there can be call. Everybody's Boston haters out there I know and and sane people are haters but I do think what I've seen here I don't not know why. But a lot of our audience are just complete LeBron and cavaliers apologists edges do like look at this objectively cannot tell me that the cavaliers won this straight you wanna say it's even find it's even but certainly the cavaliers tonight to better and who's you know our dog. Who so familiar in our dog no hard dog into Texas to do once when he forcing. Andy Bedard have been trying to figure out for months to Seth sounds like in. It's the nor dog Andy. And I know I am Google you know Bernard dog now as this I don't know this could be a trick yeah oh let's look at doubled for our safety naval dudes are very most of my comeback also Ellis shootings a star no surprise. We'll talk about. That next as well. And heads denied. Beds and our dog from the office says the Celek. Well do I. I'm not quite that obnoxious. Little army of hi my shortcomings as well I mean his man broke you just mad that I'm IMAX this time no Darryl Tapp thing since we don't know if you're right and if I'm wrong here. And here you know this is so we got another cavaliers apologists here for me to three while the trade does not improve the cavs it begins to address laugh after LeBron. And Irving the smugly insist and see here we go the and so who's I didn't smugly insists any thing I give my opinion smuggling insist the cavs loss of trade. Is premature at best who set the cavs lost the trade a sit in Gwinnett as a U wanna call even that's fine so again. You listen to what you what you wanna hear a guy and I'm through this text though Marty fired up. Basically they're inevitable departure is you get a reasonably assess while underestimating the value of a potential lottery pick from the potentially worst. Team out. Just like the value cannot value weighted I can't reasonably assess what's going down so damn electric have a congress now you know but now I'm over your tapped. I'm over these cavaliers are just. I'm just your whole NORAD Assad had tonight and what is going on here too like the solar eclipse like burn everybody's eyes I. On the Internet articulate got a text earlier you know say that I'm argumentative and and on on this and I'm arrogant on this and that and really. And people just in this narrowed the text about which we like to do we electing gauge our audience here on the show excuse me. When you when you Texas we won and I you know hey we read your text and we also have thoughts on as well so apparently recorded this text I. But that that's the fact that I evening gauged him in a conversation Needham argue with them you know might know hum have a conversation with the and yelling at you I didn't use all caps I didn't use exclamation points. Honeycutt. We're having a conversation nice. This and I I'd use it gets me when people say oh you smugly suggests or you can have an opinion on sports and talk. Radio that is what we do you wanna have an opinion violence wiry detects you can also call and but don't tell me I can't have an opinion bro are gal river this is come on my meal full and our dog and everybody we're not gonna have an opinion on our next topic. Danny yelling named as the LSU starting quarterback no surprise there I mean. What it was in the show yes admits it but like I can't sit up here and tell you I'd love to give you some contrarian. Take on this are some like oh my gosh why I can't believe they'd mean Danielle like I did not come into the sink thinking. Oh miles it has a really show how real shot to unseat Danny yelling as a starting quarterback this is something I could've predicted in May. What right I don't know response assailant morning we'll see miles Brennan practice try I was seriously by the way tomorrow gonna show and looking warn you now. Three weeks removed from the media practice been housing help and how that hurt Ellis you know what do they gain. Gain anything we'll talk about that more extensively Ramona but I mean they gained a lot of upset or at least confused and immediate people coming up next hour Matt Harmon. Fancy writer for in the backyard banter dot com fans football sleepers in the saints in the NFC south and thousands best time to break open the topic is sure fuel. Player protests as last year started with Colin Capp regularly be clearance of the day before he totally diamond this topic. I've reached a point where I'm over that. Vitriolic. Kind of hate I had for what happened last year a couple of count governor I'm on record did not like it right I'm over that. Like way way over the past see an area that and aside from the fact it. I didn't agree with the platform which she chose right. And I still necessarily agree with that platform I and I know all of its push back on and that's OK but what I wonder now. It comes on the heels of really what Charles Barkley can't talk about his. There's there's so much more commonplace now Ali started to get watered down and what I mean by that ISIS'. Are we talking more about their whose protest thing. Than actual cause of what they're protesting about. And I think they've reached a bit of a bit of that crossover that he'd where where we're starting a really pay more to 220 my gosh now there are. Twelve players on the browse that are that are kneeling. For the National Anthem. And we have Chris Long supporting Malcolm. For the National Anthem I think to do the real conversation years. Are we focusing enough on the issues that they wanna highlight. Because now it's more about the protest and the other part two and two for me isn't whether or differ on this. I just feel like there's a certain segment of it and NFL fans including me that is. That has been turned off by this and I ate look at sports is how I look at it Nazi you have to look at this way. I look at sports as the one bridge that we can all Wear with whether we. How what whatever our color our skin is when whenever social injustices we. Feel are or not are not going on is the one bridge in communities and it it it brings communities together on on that Sunday a matter where you're from a few from the Ninth Ward are you from. He from the woes east are your from Metairie are you from what the West Bank to you from the North Shore. United on that Sunday unite on that Sunday in the superdome and kind of bridges all lose its arrest and he gets rid of all those things that we might be thing about otherwise. And I just. I just wonder if age the message is being lost because of how many protests if there watered down and I kind of just feel like it's turned off a certain sadness fan base that doesn't want that interjected and there's. Always. Been a place for social change gone back to Jim Thorpe gone back to Munich on back to the miracle on ice it's been political. It is Vinny platform for social change and to think that this is some kind of weird to. You know millennia old. Error the thing that's going on here I'll link is being honest either ands. It's it's not going away by people all stadium that people who say well OZZ go away we need to bear it's not going now the have Chris Long like you pointed out. White players joining the black players in these protests at Justin Britt for Seattle or Cleveland Browns. Yesterday urged couple days ago as worried as it was yesterday as well it's not going away and it's. Boy you're really confused by and I have come towards the middle. As well on this is I think there are valid points on both sides of this argument and I think we can have a civilized. Discussion about this SOS so I talked about the sewer on the program or the one good thing to tell on this the past year is I think most most is not well. But most reasonable people have come towards the senator and they can see the other side when you're on one side or the other of this. I am here but I was on the outside right come more to the middle now you and I had many good good comments about this are good discussions about this the one thing that I I am I do not get. Right now. Is why calling cap for next deal. Deal Lee is hitting it. Even history unity and social media on sports talk shows why we give Marshawn Lynch Michael Bennett. Malcolm Jenkins. Chris Long Justin Britt free free pass free passes nobody cares but can't cap for nick is still being burned at this. Proverbial sleeves the first one did it he's at that that's that's the reason why he's the first one ended. Now that it's like he's take he took that all the bullets for everybody else kind of pulled back the curtain and allowed others to to do that look in that sense and that sense. And all I'll I'll give Kong governor credit. That was a brave thing to do to be that got I I'm not saying I agree that doesn't mean I agree with Vietnamese it wow. She he committed takes it takes a nerve to build that and pull it off Allen and pots to accompany next here on double coverage on W two up. Hear you talk about wool lead off with view your batting number one next hour also that's a fancy football conversation coming your way some Little League World Series stuff that Tim drawn from a faced. I don't know Matt Harmon at Martin Matt Harmon underscore be wide beat Tennessee right afraid of old I come. Set to join us next hour as well and I didn't know. That there's a petition new worlds who replaced because better Monica monuments with Britney Spears monuments. The sub I don't know it's so funny is petitions itself I out or let's say do it might find Britney set yet. Under under the the tower at that an attack. Double coverage rules on the on the beat him to.