Kristian's beef with Bobby

Kristian question's Bobby on his postgame take on Marcus Williams, and Hays Carlyon of 1010XL in Jacksonville joins the show to break down the Patriots-Jaguars AFC title matchup.


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Crews and an hour three here on WW Elena for dot com sports talk to cajun cannon Bobby Hebert big chief Deke Bellavia mark and add. On and on invoking my Bostonians accent. Not denied them and master control not let that no law tiger cock at the Bob clamp chow down. A look love the Boston accent anyway who took an hour three of sports talk about have a teaser for awhile. The bone I had to review the first off I got total so way too late that I. What I don't want him a brain freeze and and through to a check yeah. Could that atop an hour I got to bring this up with devoted to news in and not the holy week and a brain small I can't I can't like. I can't think about other things on. And I acknowledge that you artist saints' sideline reporter and mountains only one of 32 in the world so I appreciate debit. I'm using well Paul you point high because the top of the hour. You know you have falcons fans saints fans and they go back and forward. And now they talk trash and and I said well. The falcons fans are kind of saying the saints. Did they wanna be like us. And this is truly objective. Not only fan base. That the saints. Can not talk trash to. In the NFC is the green bay Packers. And I'm going bags as Sean Payton. All of us that he's in charge. The last dozen years. 2000 sakes and obviously. The 21 century. Commodity dogged smacked pages fans. No you don't have enough ammunition. You know I'm gonna win. But there is I bring this up if you look at records has 2006. The patriots are number one. The Steelers are number two with a few of this AFC that your dog but. The Packers. Of all the NFC team and headed to think sits who now thinks so we don't fifth best franchise. On a 32. Says 2006. So without its fans whoever is talking smack c'mon. That's why I say he he understand the scenario situation. Dolly fan base really sweet to me. And I'm not gonna mention dispute is on a word about an aunt of see how we get this suitable. Would be the green bay Packers and obviously with the patriots have accomplice to similar families those inlet they're not bitter rivals like the top and the Packers fans don't like bike is that the vikings fans of vice Versa. The blue and yellow shoe would. The Green Bay and get universe Wisconsin. You know you they know he's not added. Together and you appreciate one another ally together baba but yet to getter yeah yeah but that is is that a hostile environment that makes sense yeah. Is now like death threats ego played a bears. Are or when you go play the Eagles are just going by recent history. And that's a lot of years considering. That's a lot of football being played when you look at net a dozen years already Green Bay Packers embedded in the saints and NFC now Chris you can change the subject if you. OK so. Our public as you know man I want to tell you this but I I'll save on the record once again. I grew up watching you play football right I mean you were you were for all four as far as I'm concerned busy you know this drone I was out I wanna be clear okay. You were you're my guy grown up right and then now obviously having a chance to work we view now for ten years. I got I got so much respect for your insights in the game. And a larger point after their prison Gary bring them hammered out to me that was the point after you all in all on on Marcus Williams and look. Some of it was worn. Some of the what I what I what I wanna question you yawning and kind of growing on alone because he does to me and times the assets orders can be thin skin and we can only tell accountable right. So eat eat he kind of eased or shady in your point after comment I said no not on and say was it looks OK what should I said it looked shadowy and shady what looks shady that's what I wanna look shady. 'cause he dug today in his hand went down like an ostrich and net more and more I look at the play a hundred times. And when I saw some of kidney disease approach has had a timeout before. And it's only to others outlines a K one has to occur on this play. As a defender. Okay. Number one job easy gala and only get behind you. Like would occur at this and get a time zone kids in the I don't route though in Iraq and a rally will you squatting in the blow past you and not cut. Like what have a Jacoby Jones. Never the that the ravens and Broncos yeah. On the the playoffs Avaya the ravens and all of us I think it never admitted that the Broncos lost Peyton Manning. K Gil had to happen. Number two. Okay they need if you Google the king and if you'll arrange who want Kagan is a gig of that exempted the eight yarder Kagan at Google arrange an official or. You cannot pass an affair. You know I have an affair its so the more I look at Marcus Williams and he's screaming up. He's screaming Hokies doing his job he's back. And don't they jackets say initially when he's greening up in the coverage. When a famous screaming up like running real aggressive. And that is out of control. He's not a control and when it's them happening. I think you know you see the quarterback throw the ball without played received the of my claim to fame in 1976 had no as high school but I had eight interceptions in one season. I know hop quarterbacks think. And so when I saw mourn its ways Reagan doubled the ball and and the receiver who's in his own good it's dissolved concept. That he lost a flight of the ball the ball was right there would digs is gonna catch it. Because going you gotta peel back. Edges Gannon tackle amend mounds and he lost the flight a ball thinking it was gonna go way over. The final days is hit. Now what do we get interview more easily as an ominous signal I don't have to be on the air I was one or no. What happened. I think. He's so close to men hurricane hit him as pass an affair it's yes and and among the list of receiver either yes I can't get a shot and it right and a ball is is it. Because if he is if he saw aboard a football was. Caught on it could be you gotta slow round. You Cain ducky ahead and keep going and what news made it look worse than just a coincidence. Is that we need ducts. It came crawling saying oh crap. Well what would just came Crawley realizes. That. Digs is gonna catch that ball grind in all of a sudden. He gets doesn't usually does it a body blog in in these blogs so that's why I said I don't know. More artists Williams's to go to player to let that happen bridges if there have been. A backer of safety and you never know because who's playing who's hurt. At data being Raphael bush will no at the end of that Carolina Kansas game be picked and Raphael bush in this thing and Abby got burned through three times. Not that bad rap go bush as well. I don't know. EE EE plays hardee's and NFL player. But he is not amongst advance and and you know he's gonna have a nice career it is not going to be ever. Amongst the best like all pro Pro Bowl type player and I said this Marcus Williams in this particular game we had an interception. Andy he tied Lattimore would five pick steak about this right and I enjoyed our video so. Dominate as I said I. When I was so frustrated because millions of Britons say it's laws that would Belgians have been that it does look shady Marcus Williams is too good of a player. Tell lead that haven't I think had to Alter mid 21 year old brain fart. Considering how young is he has been and that's why they Ellis Oprah trip to the Marla Bennett I think I know what happened yeah okay and it's that. Curb your your disdain for up like an analyst Bobby. Again and again I'll look on to say it but you threw an interception and Eric Allen playoff game that looked like it looks like gallery is eligible that was an explanatory what happened. I I I've freaked out because I. And add to your right Reggie White sag we found safety and as an all crap that ticket rush is coming. And Eagles that that there again after. And you almost just trying to get the ball in the hands and so I had a veteran brain fart. But I was never going to be. All pro caliber type player who are as a -- little or no one year Kamel and you get five dollars one year but I went on the level potential. More than familiar professional athlete and soul but it wasn't himself it was not a pig six word that was a last played a game OK five but it was still important play and I did was and I can't hold yourself holds a Lecavalier right. I mean for a veteran quarterback at that time you'd you'd spent a lot of time in the NFL to yeah that's throw was inexcusable would you agree. But not a doubt that without a doubt and I did Taylor is not on the tape and a lot and I dodges freaked out. And the markets where does it tell you just Rico. And I'm just dug out how I view Marcus Williams. Net more about higher caliber players at that time considering. The position could be just called a timeout and they just told what was gonna happen. PA if I don't know that's an area they know Wayne and ally at the opening things OK fine but not heavy OK with 96 hours to digest this. Would you about a strong. On markets no no no it's so that was a little bit emotional thing what not a doubt analog and that's understandable I am emotional yes and no I just lie there's a lot of fans post on FaceBook a social media the same things they said some things about him that they regret it because it's so frustrating is so frustrating is just so close the season's over you so close with so far. We did not take advantage of Drew Brees being the quarterback. And you listen when I also know we gonna talk about this 2011. And this season. I don't know we don't want to reasonable do we should have been increased who bull's -- they were that good. And that does not from a home where local perspective as to when national perspective the saints had an ability I come back. Your phone calls Bobby John and Howard Gil wing Glen Kristin you're not a big six against fend them off. Of course he's a nice guy that's five foot seven. That couldn't run EDS signed up all the time in the forty and adapt its skeleton sit and hit it does this say that hobby yeah I would say kill us away McChrystal what do you have been. Bachmann run and I just had a right to you what are you will what would you have caused a 5050 chance I wanna caught OK I doubt that the president has with a it's a dead and Eric Allen got in my body c'mon. Non Jew then Bobby John Howard Gil Wayne Coyne and you 2504260187. Sports talk on W grueling enough men Dhaka. Another bone to pick anybody who later on about your phone will get to that a few moments welcome back to sports saw the cajun cannon Bobby Hebert Grisham does my phone hurt. About love it I'm kind of in all of it lower rows of batteries stays charged with two weeks and a half. How important on a cell phone thanks for patiently waiting Howard you're on W two well. It. Solid power would you guys. Hello Howard. Howard but Howard on hold and these kind of judges and we won and that's on me like kid David Carroll who love Jews. Stay on hole in this Gabby is sell deep breath and does come only they TL for body what's going on you on W robe. And then sacred. About it. It was. Struggling steeler Spain here three or four on the Steelers on. Three quick points number one or the one who swap occurred in complete. Eight at four to forty they got to agree to dig that too greedy about it. Opel. Aren't right. In point there that stupid ought. It with them and change ago didn't make that he. Bad strategy that was done. You know this the other scapegoat wasn't all this aptly put a 42 point Todd Haley the office according are. Probably not a joke but they hit the jackpot with one in the reception. What won him the ball out you know like the upper. All right the one it to take on it. Well we you know that I think would really was. An Achilles heel or. For the Steelers playing at home and I'd taken advantage. The home crowd full twelve game and a forty muted down 210. And he did come back within less than a device is could jump on the Eagles in the Eagles fans will know here we go again that's the pros it'd take. And does speak to the Eagles Chris got to read this takes 2295. Guys they bear about his playoff performances. He's sucked especially in a game against Philadelphia in 1992. No I suck at the Sagan have not the first half the first half calls unbelievable. The first time I was basically I approval would 200 yards. But the second half yeah I did so so be totally honest but I know. You probably never word champion in your life by. I want a couple of jams you then. Three championship games 12 iron to three. But it no matter what you know let a hybrid relatively high level. But are no I don't WS FL I am not scared to admit. When that happens in dealing with the human element I know is never on the take. That design that a couple times do you think somebody is on the taken this game that we are insinuating know what I'm insinuating people act like you've never happen in professional sports the human to go down a professional sports the matter what does ordered all of know Chris and I would hire me now another I mean I know it's Harry and a black socks off. I absolutely never heard Allen's garrison you ever heard. Paul horning enough her adult jail on an illegal hot rod Williams right here too late I understand Bobby I give it I just and and I so I never said it would nobody was on the take. I just said the perception. That it looks shady considering the caliber badly that you dealing wit on that particular play. That's all assay at now if you want a blown out of proportion with social media social media the king imagined it and social media. Bag what Paul horning in Allen's carriers are are you kidding the black Sox were wooden. Nineteen was a nineteen to 1918 no color eighteen point eight around there okay male is entirely Tiffany day and age to those guys were making enough money that that that's on line now. I think it's it's much harder by a player in the this day and aids that it was. Back in 191820. Assassinate to save that would never happen no in the modern it'll happen OK you know what happened probably five years ago. Professional soccer in Italy and officials were on the take local auto show go okay that that comply Oscars or is it doesn't mean all is well revenues it's a modern professional sport find that soccer doesn't bring in the revenue the NFL doesn't has weighed more lightweight vehicle while progressing OK I'll find out about here in this country in the NFL the they have very gentle lose that would bring down the entire National Football League Amarillo everybody has to be on the up and a religion and I never edges I'm dissing the perception. Come on next hour QB to QB saints quarterback drew rhesus now on our cajun cannon Bobby there. Replay from last night back to the phones we go Dylan Picayune what's going on Gil you're on W to do well. They go about. Well Gil I about it the other day. Monday Tuesday in my truck and had you know go to work instead which unit of what normal or was there and on and you compel. Which says whatever I'm a member and that. Yeah I I did a video that I explained it tonight the more I look at it is that not only the obvious. You know paying that he was trying to avoid pass interference. He lost the flight and a ball. If you look at the end if he knew was that close. That they're digs is gonna catch it. I think he kind of almost bids his bag backwards is somehow tries to make a play. And attack with the keep them embalmed. Vs just ducking I think he thought Gil I'd that he thought. The ball when he lost the flight was going way over digs his head. And that makes cents. Wind up running up Bridget I wanna argue that a bit I want it which it. Yet does so just look at that there replay and you could slow it down I'll watch it. Let's say a hundred times I don't know. A budget times. That and I try and slow Mo and see where he's at what he's thinking. And look who Wear the ball is in holly broke on the football is way too aggressor need to be more on the control. But not only now when he didn't affair. And only he knew where to help the ball is that at the end. Waning Skinner was growing year on W to grow. And testing and all we did not know. It just wanted it couldn't have been the subject that you can you know so huge billboard. Clinton has a block club and has a block day let's look let's be clear on that wing clipping is a block and in the back it's not clip. It's far store is Armani did throws on out he miss timed it and I think this is all about Alina we talked about it. He was trying to avoid a penalty what are you told that situation. Hey don't don't get a hit on defense is receiver don't get a pass and if your PI call because out of time down the vikings kick a field goal game over. That now waived all thing is and he gave the wrong answers in the post game press conference is the right answer in a different situation. Because that's one reason why his saints drafted him so high because one thing he'd get a university you'd tell he made plays on the football. He can intercept it hit as many interceptions as Lattimore with five. So when he said in the post game press commerce Anita make a play on the ball no. That's not the situation. You don't need to make a play on the ball could how many times you look at a hail Mary and you'd think you make it a play on the ball the ball gets battered up. We just had Franco Harris all last night Mehmet immaculate reception Jack Tatum try to make a play on the ball and got popped up. Frankel hires to get to Niles. So you don't need to make a play on the ball maybe might be tipped up would you need to do is beyond the control. In understand like Tony Dungy said he got a Bible Tony Dungy. Just tack them in bounds gains old that I have a chance scheme to feel. They're tortured. And they called a timeout it talked about it. They called a timeout to talk about it and what they told problem is sciele line. Here's a scenario nobody get behind you. You got attacked them involved and don't pass an affair. Because they only needed to kick a field go to win the game the other part of this conversation is you know it's again this sounds like come on making excuses for Marcus Williams but. What about the illegal shift call that cause. A testament from off the board with Ted Ginn junior. On well I'll read it that's obvious that I know but my point is that if you don't commit that foul. Right that I did answer to create and then on top of that they're there there's a double plays and that course a ball game the first series of the game for the vikings they clearly did not have a first down. They didn't challenge it. Well there to meet us some money in their present I've got a coach on scientists are going to challenge and guess my point is much you wanna talk about Marcus ways make it now you just not just you. The entire fan basic came down hard on Marcus Williams what about those decisions you always question as well. When you don't win a game yeah I always look back and a handful of plays I do what that's what I Sudan this OK let let me talk about is that it really talk like dollar to bring that I would drew. But we have enough time last night. Ted Ginn junior it's one or two things. He did Ted Ginn junior got to hustle quicker they get lined up. Our Drew Brees has to wait till he gets lined up. So he gets aids accommodation or Drew Brees and Ted Ginn junior screwed up. Because I was gonna be attached to yeah. The resident cheat on their I think drew I think that was well apparently is going to be kind of Russian orbit Ross thank. Because the vikings have a hard time match up a lot yeah it would they would Danny Russia within taking got to hustle more. Our jrue really needs to hole it is B. At pet's equivalent and not even have a second yes to be set there because you got it dead that is the right call on the field. And in them caught in the think that touchdown now what did not occur. On that 31. Tom Johnson was an assay Judah Barmes southern miss to the vikings he hopes to resolve these all sides yes to call that. Thus far despite did the scoring went presenting the got to tell resounding got points and a drive I'm writing a look at them and notes. It was it was a bad spot come on when he was a happy yard. For the bag Dallas fort now but Sean Peyton that's Linda coaches. Have to be quick British on pay to get challenged and challenged it. And they didn't senator just three plays right then. Good hating him bragging you know to be come down to what do carted into the game. Another clearly the ball game a third one looks decoration a double pass from Willie Snead down Tamara released needed next cute. Came up short. I wanna have a comment 03 awhile why we put on that I write I don't like Disney's wide open and not to mention. That's a time where you would you expect you expect because of that the formation of the saints showed the vikings gonna sell out on the run they're susceptible that to that. Now if you filed listening DNA you know shock batons. DNA he goes for the home won a lot on third one especially that point right plus forty that's the time that it has to gamble you don't gamble that at the minus thirty. That right there. That one player who maybe had the angle but it was still would have had the ball on the thirty yard line and I think Alan Tamara is good did you come and he's gonna figure that house touchdown. But you know what's crazy George how to of the NFL is really Snead he knew he blew it in a deep well. Did he handle adversity he always comes up when a big for the daycare is now you say would hit right in the hands he's he needs to catch it. Well what I'm saying he wasn't dwelling on it he said I gotta move past this and make a play is the game's not over. What did you what Hayes Carly all jaguar report at 1010 excel in Jacksonville at Hayes Carly are on Twitter jaguars at doing affiliates Italian next here. On sinks radio on W to grew up. I walked back to sports talk. Don't catch it what pays Carly all the jaguars reporter for 1010 excel. In Jacksonville jags are taken on. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in the AFC title game. Something about Tom Coughlin many knows how to get the jags to AFC title games along with Doug Rome there are there there a coach now what job they've done. Down there in Jacksonville assembling. Their talent and their their ability and now get the most out of those guys and they're there and is tell game underdogs. To say the least against Tom Brady and the patriots but then conceded jags back in there. The oppose seasons and while Hayes Carly on jaguars. Carl lion excuse me Hayes Carl lion jaguar report for 1010 excel in Jacksonville and Hayes and others no consolation prizes in the NFL but how ecstatic his his fan base based on you know the jaguar struggles over the last ten years. Yet cricket Buick economic and the jaguars were in an old or seventeen and 63. Over the lot part years entering. This fall and yeah it's been surprising no one saw this coming Blake oral really struggled in the pre season so much this so that. Back apparently started third preceding game which usually occur or spoke buys you guys will now. And yes so it was it was there. Depriving it got off to a great start we wanted. When they went into an emotionally charged he's been. And one point 97 and it just sort carried through. A lot of older pieces. Create and that is really been a month makes a lot of young Al. Nowadays. Look at a Jacksonville. Sacks in bill account like that nickname and you know we're all excited saints fans seventh best in the NFL aware of 42 sex. We're gonna Jacksonville 55 sacks any time you always say hive parties. Are in the fifties and you can NAFTA opposing quarterback is why bring it up. And it's amazing when you look at Tom Coughlin. And hi his involved with the jaguars and you consider. A when the patriots wanted to have a magical season. If I'm correct about this a lot of cities sag Tom Brady six times. So blow would that be special. And I know Jacksonville fans we would go crazy. In big and actually get acted sacked Tom Brady and you see that connection is similarity. Would Tom Coughlin being involved. What I did you hit the nail on the mean that that we needed the entire game that the jaguars are not able to make Tom Brady uncomfortable and pocket. I don't think yet much of a chance to two win the game having said that in the chat board knew a guy with a recipe that does work. Up first stopping Tom Brady we've seen it with that to call went in which you mentioned the New England to global. And Byrd when he fifteen. That Brady wartime hit him seventeen time. In a land and then at that point oh Baltimore Ravens team I hit him seventh time. And a victory and fox grows so. The rut the PE in the war really with the instructing them while they're total. It's a really just comes from four guys when you look at it different have been equally at Campbell. The sentencing anything go our way. If that have been down a dollar. And that the tackled well Jackson's. They've combined the four of them for forty art fact that even if you count 02 playoff game. So that that the print it's gonna rely on those four guys out or operating. And they're going to be hopeful. That they do not the bullet and they can drop them and the congress and in oak bank. Now hazy look Allen poured everyone obviously for the right reason you folks in the quarterback position. And you look at blade morals at times in games he's been unbelievable. You look at the regular season Ellison a strong finish in. Then you look at the bills game when he ran for more Ernie pass. Obviously to mistakes or if you get avoid his mistakes will be a big factor. But I I just think right now look at nine have points in obviously you wanna win the game no one cares but the point spread. When you playing. Behaves as to be a blade morals. Just has a steady showing. And I'm not saying even NASDAQ commas when he did against Pittsburgh. But not that Devlin now like the Buffalo Bills game notably borrows does his job that they have a higher chance of said the pages in the rose. They view it and it does can't come down mark suitably oral they're generally gotten on an option. His actors the decision making pocket presence the culprit battered this year not he was so last year. That that bill does that mean even though he's improved. It he's become very well quarterback they've seen options. And certainly the Steelers game might have been his bat in my view is. You know there was a question well down PG yell. On it or progression. On little green and ended up on for 48 green it was more check down. But it went for forty yard gain tour. Eight of fourteen on third down against Pittsburgh so you really outperformed well. And the crucial situations. And dies and it will play well in December he was quite oh. On an order tailed off towards the end people been getting on the ultimate beaver or a law in the for the jaguars. Is it ought they're at receiver down Robert that we want to point eight CEO admirably and operating fairly. You know. Average at best group of receivers he's got marquis the it was time lashes but it definitely in the he's got a fourth round rookie Indy what Brooke it was on short term why are meant you know a big chunk of the year and I think it re acclimated in the thing. It got our earned in the Abacha on a high ankle sprain. More possession receiver and then he's got you and Cole an undrafted receiver out of Kentucky what it. There was sort of start training camp to it and I mine Corey. And it's time. You know really a non factor though. A lot of it'll come down and yet or receiving corps the patriot. None of them are good enough for the patriots the typically target but battled the sort of work to the jaguar advantage you know perhaps because it. You know it sort of come down whoever borrow feel about that day. Now Hayes looking at the jaguars organization playing and the congress title game for just the third time in franchise history. I can riverbank. In the day elegant before a torn over Cintron to first since losing to the Tennessee Titans are in 1999 season. Then you look at Jacksonville. As one of four franchise that never play in the suitable another reason why bring this up. And do you think that the jaguars possibly has a chance at big orders Tubal of said the patriots. Too truly be ahead of the Kern the first international franchise. Considering how many games they play in London. I mean Zola London jaguars. Like the assistant city has who's been the Jacksonville. Considering where the jaguars Iran. In numbers did promoted the game internationally. Yet an interesting situation they played one game over at Wembley Stadium oh five years. And it's really good cash cow for them. But the key to that game and that helped stabilize the franchise in Jacksonville not normal shot. Chuck on that the owner is you know playing their one game in London but that sort of where there. You know commitment stop they don't really have any plans. Expanding. There at the epic play another game and wondered that they wrote about back. You know that he's in ticket sales and and oh put instructing it to Jack war world I don't know what kind of celebration in England yes but it did that it would be. When they first start going over there. There was really no crowded at all for the how important are the first couple years they played the Golan now and they actually pry fewer fans. There then and the opponent and really to be honest when you cover these game. You see all 32 different Jersey I mean there's really know. Traditional team that bit older. Football fans have won support. The (%expletive) or supported over there a profit in open court. And it won a lot streak in over there but I don't get it then in league franchise. Or make you know much ado about that they play a game at one that I think that that is not. That they'll look at it is that the celebration for a job and go in and you know if there are able to. You know put 120 minutes the great football. Pace car line. Jana are reported 1010 excel in Jacksonville the jaguars and teachers in the is telling him thanks so much ma'am I appreciate the sports talk here on saint radio on W upgrades days.